Roughly Half of Norway’s Welfare Recipients are Migrants

A woman begs for money outside a shop in downtown Bergen, southwestern Norway in this file photo. (NORWAY-ECONOMY/ REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov/Photo)

OAN Newsroom

A new report reveals roughly half of welfare recipients in Norway are migrants.

According to the country’s labor minister, mass migration is one of the main causes of poverty in Norway.

This comes after Norway’s welfare administration reported the majority of migrants don’t work, opting to live on welfare benefits instead.

The labor minister said migrants account for over 28 percent of Norway’s poor, even though they only make up slightly over 16 percent of the country’s population.

She also fears the migrants might form what she refers to as a social underclass.

The language barrier, poor educational backgrounds, and lack of financial stability are all cited to play a role in the number of migrants relying on welfare.

The labor minister said authorities must have more migrants learn the Norwegian language and join the workforce.

  • Harleydeplorable

    All refugees must be returned to their homelands!

  • randal varry

    let them eat pork

  • jk

    Sounds like Wisconsin in the 1980s and early 1990s, before they figured out they were not taking care of their own, but were taking care of newcomers from Illinois,etc. Welfare reform changed all that.

  • PatrickJ

    The history of the world is full of instances where countries have lost their culture and way of life because of invasion. It will no doubt continue. Every country that has a strong economy is a target.

  • 7LibertyForAll

    They are not migrants……they are invaders who are destroying each country in which they swarm. “Migrants” is very PC and not acceptable a term for these filth.

  • Diver

    I wonder what percent of those on Welfare in California are Imigrants?

    • PatrickJ

      I don’t think I want to know.

  • Andrew Moore8

    ROFLMAO……How is all that multiculturalism working out for you tax payers in Norway?

  • Mike

    Learn the language? How on Earth do you teach a parasite to do something contrary to its nature? And social underclass? You bet. They’ll rise up, cause chaos, hunger strike and riot for “better living conditions” and their right to not have to conform to Norwegian culture and the UN and other Merkelites will support them in their cause while calling the Norwegian government cowards and insensitive or threaten sanctions… for calling them and their subculture out for what they are.

  • nfcapitalist

    To say, “this isn’t going to end well,” doesn’t take a Nostradamas.

  • No Mas

    My Viking heritage in Norway, devolved into soft and stupid from the rich oil fields that pay the way for globalist narcissist idiots to make stupid decisions for its people!!!!

    • nfcapitalist

      Vladimir Putin will save them… is that the plan?

      • No Mas

        The right plan would be to send them to their home country.
        DO NOT PASS GO!

  • Suur Kurat

    The foolish Norwegians have created a permanent underclass that will haunt the nation forever.

    Don’t feel sorry for the herring sucking Norwegians who chose this fate for their society.

  • FoolIggy

    Norway is lucky they have so much money their government can take it from the working class to support all these FREELOADERS!

    Of course these migrants opt to live on welfare benefits! The countries they fled from had annual incomes of under $100 per year!

    Giving them $300 or more dollars a month is UTOPIA but forces them to live in groups to pool their money to subsist in these more expensive countries.

    Then they can start to work to TEAR DOWN the very country, government, and people that supported them in order to create the way of life they fled from!!

    Europe is being overrun by a cancer that the governments gladly import to their demise!

  • Javanne

    Norway wanted ’em. They got ’em. Trump should be holding up Norway as an example of why he is right about controlling who is allowed to immigrate into the US and why everyone else should be kept out, rendered unemployable by big per-head fines on employers who employ illegals, and sent back, families and all as soon as they are found and the court process gone through.

  • Harold Swift

    Migrants are smart…come here, live free.

  • ginjit.dw

    Who cares????? They are committing suicide, and they don’t care, so neither should we…

  • Derek Dominico

    America is getting there unless we wake up ! The democrats+gop establishment’s idea of amnesty, open borders and fake immigration reform will eventually put this great country to more deficit and probably more free Loaders !
    Support Pres Trump + MAGA !!!
    Drain the SWAMP !

  • Thomas Henricksen

    Norwegian socialism – true ignorance at its finest hour

  • Stan d

    Economic vampires

  • Scott Snerd

    “According to the country’s labor minister, mass migration is one of the main causes of poverty in Norway.’

    No surprise, there. This is just proof that we are vastly overpopulated as a species and we need to get rid of a billion or 2……i KNOW where we can START.

    • Bret

      From the beginning of the earth to 1800…that is how long it took for population growth to hit the 1 billion mark. 3 billion by 1960. Now we have 7+ billion. This is why there are so many Libtards! It’s all rather scary.

      • Scott Snerd

        Yeah…I KNOW….we ARE being FARMED as resource/revenue generating animals by the cabal/shadow government of the world.

  • turnipweed

    It’s disgusting the way a people allow their government to commit genocide. A once proud, intelligent, hardworking people have allowed scum to destroy their people and culture. The leaders of Norway should be dealt with like Mussolini, Caucescu, and Qadaffi. Americans will weep when their pet dies, but will not shed a tear when a great culture is murdered. Shame on us!

  • SaidNO2Liberalism

    95% of welfare recipients in California are non-American citizens. Norway has work cut out for them to beat out California. Sarcasm intended.

  • Tado

    Lucky bastards.

  • sue

    It’s all the same here in the USA
    If there home land is safe to return
    then they should go home..

  • scrumsey

    Stupid people and their elected governments…..

  • boca1

    Norwegians must feel guilty for all the rape and pillaging they did back in the day to invite the same for themselves today.

  • Harley

    Living on welfare = Plenty of ‘free time’ to make babies and bombs.

  • fidobite

    No!! Say it ain’t so!! sarc/off

    The most frightening thing (for Norwegians) is that 16% of their nation is now Moo- slime!!!!!! Bye, bye Norway.

  • The other Donald

    They should receive only pork products ,toilet paper and crusader memorabilia

  • One_way


  • granddad1

    BS/ No immigrant legal or otherwise should receive welfare benefits. They should be reserved strictly for the citizens of the country. If theses so called immigrants will not learn the language, work and integrate within one year they should be on a fast track to deportation. No country can afford to support these leeches.

  • Angrygenxr

    Sounds just like Rhode Island!!!

    • Legion

      Sounds like California!

  • Angrygenxr

    You can’t even dream this stuff up. Good for Norway. They must be so proud not to be discriminating against anyone. Lmao.

  • Mawb

    Why should they work when they can get free money from your citizens Norway? Enjoy that socialism Norway!

  • Jade Marks

    All migrants are illiterate and unemployable. Scourge of society. They have no intention of learning the language and being productive members of society…all the EU leaders need to be lined up and shot.

  • Disgusted Citizen

    Tell me again how more of these people would be a benefit to us?

    • FromThe70s

      They would brighten our diversity rainbow, with explosives.

      • 7LibertyForAll

        THAT was a stellar comment!

    • Huks

      They must be. Obummer said so.

    • Edman

      I’ve never been in favor of eugenics, but in this case it could be beneficial.

    • Andrew Moore8

      They would change your eye color to blue……One eye blew this way…..the other eye blew that way….

  • LB

    Gee, no one saw this coming!? Learn the national language. Work??!!!. For how ong now has Europe been bashing the US for it’s “immigration oppression” and our “xenophobia” attitudes? Shoes on the other foot, all of sudden, it’s all about assimilation.

    Good Luck Norway. They live better on welfare in there than they were living doing whatever they did in whatever hellhole they came from. Better living with less effort. Norway is nirvana. Good luck convincing them to do anything but make trouble.

  • Chris m

    Nice and cold there also, I love it ! Hey, send them to those idiot places that say they need them for “the labor pool”!! Poor poor EU, muslims jammed down the throat of countries whether you like it or not. I believe Poland has pushed back, and says NO to any influx of these losers.

  • Robert E Lee

    Welcome to America lol Was omama president in Norway too?

  • GeneralMayhem

    Just doing my job to make sure truth is what we see – HEADLINE SAYS “Roughly Half of Norway’s Welfare Recipients are Migrants” – HEADLINE SHOULD SAY “Roughly Half of Norway’s Welfare Recipients are Muslims”. You’re welcome.

  • Sui-Juris

    Cut your immigration quotas until you can reach parity with available jobs and the number of projected jobs. It’s not brain surgery. Every nations government, with respect to their taxpayers, ought to do the same. Large welfare rolls in the face of available employment is a slap in the face of the taxpayer and a waste of money.

  • Robert Adams

    This is where the US is headed. Build the wall and tighten up the qualifications for welfare and the penalties for abuse.

  • boca1

    wow, $5 for 2x .5 litters of coke, now that is messed up

    • granddad1

      Liberal country = Liberal taxes.

  • Joanne Fusco DeStefano

    these lazy uneducated piss drinker’s are ruining the once nice Countries…..send them all back

  • Living_The_Dream

    Christianity states we “we feed the hungry, cloth the naked, shelter the homeless” and follows it up with, “in as much as he have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

    As individuals, I completely agree with helping our neighbors and those in need. But when it comes to a “Nation” of people, I believe it would be better for them to receive assistance where they are and build them up, where they are. Goes long with the statement, “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach him out to fish . . . .” and you know the rest. Why doesn’t the WORLD rise up against those that are causing the migration, and force them out? Let innocent people stay where they are, let them keep their homes and communities etc . . . . People need to STAND UP for themselves. Some innocent people may/will die, but evil needs to be squished like a grape under a big ole boot.

    • Localdude

      Exactly…NO allowing those in of military age either. They go back to their ‘nation’ and fight – as was done here. We can support and train, send aid – build schools, dig wells, farming technics, whatever – over there. For to long the ‘Christian nature’ of our population has been manipulated to its own demise and the resources denied their own children and grandchildren….Now – even the Christians are persecuted world wide. All of the billions spent – all of the migration tolerated, to what end? The devil tricked you my friends, to use your own language and ideas…the devil tricked you.

      • Living_The_Dream

        Thank you for repeating what I said. My exact words were, “. . . . it would be better for them to receive assistance where they are and build them up, where they are.” That means in their own country, in their own communities.

        I have not been tricked and I have not been manipulated. I am smart enough to make decisions on my own, andI have the faith to receive Divine guidance in most circumstances. I, with every other person on this planet, have been given “agency.” I’m just glad I live in a country where this agency can be exercised.

        I count my blessings every day. I have a farm, many acres of land and the resources to provide for my own. My family has helped others “get back on their feet” and improve their own lives. Granted, I can’t help an entire nation or the 100s of thousands of refugees, but I can help those that cross my path, and it doesn’t have to be a lot. Most people, in need, are grateful for even the smallest of contributions to their welfare. If one possesses the opportunity to contribute to organizations, that will send needed resources abroad, then it’s a choice to participate. You don’t even have to be Christian, it’s just the right thing to do. Let me repeat this; I can’t help everyone, but I can help those that cross my path!

        • 7LibertyForAll

          And it’s an individual decision…..not to be made at the central government level forcing all to submit to the theft of the fruits of their own labor.

        • Localdude

          yep. we are on the same team here. I hope most pastors project your sentiments moving forward. I was speaking of some general actions and attitudes that I have observed over the past several decades. It might make for some good study and reflection. But I have said for some time that I am not sure the villagers, especially the men and elders, have really appreciated the Christian efforts in their countries of evangelization efforts etc. (not to mention a pope who clearly comes out of s. american ‘social justice’ ideologies) Also, those efforts link up with a lot of other ideas and events over the past several decades, there are several Christian groups heavily involved with ‘refugees’ and bringing them here…huge subject for this post. Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas. (I’m really not sure what those young males are doing in ‘refugee’ camps, its laughable if it weren’t so obviously absurd)

    • Chris H.

      They don’t work they don’t eat according to Paul in 2 Thessalonians 3:10,11. If these people have no intention of learning the language and going to work to support themselves and contribute to the country then return them to their former environment.

    • BillVA

      I used to feel that way until I saw what Obama did to our country, and what Congress continues to do to it.

      Exactly how does one “stand up” to institutionalized corruption?

      I don’t disagree that we have a right to manage our own borders.

      But if those people find a way to fix a corrupt government, I hope they share it with us…’cause we don’t have the answer.

    • rily

      Well, if this continues, and they are allowed to continue to come here, we will be “Living_The_Nightmare”…..

  • Marc S.

    The US will be well onto the same road if we allow more and illegal aliens into the country

    • granddad1

      will be —-IS on the same road.

      • Mr. Maga

        WOULD BE if hillary were elected…

        • FromThe70s

          Save comments that frightening for Halloween, please!

  • Marc S.

    They are turning the country into a third world country.

    • Uncle R

      More like a third world period…

  • landy fincannon

    On the brighter side.
    Their national debt is only dollars according to the national debt clock

    • LB

      Their total external debt (which the US calls national debt) is $623B. That’s pubic and private debt combined. That’s 169% of GDP, or 117,000 per person. It’s only the brighter side when you compare it to almost every other western nation except the US.

      • rily

        Yeah that’s pubic all right!

  • Aldo

    Imagine THAT !!!!

  • Aldo


  • Heremeroor

    They were forewarned, they knew what they were getting themselves into,…I say, let ’em pay!!! (Loose reference to Airplane)

  • Scott

    Liberal confuse dumb thinking at work there and its here in America with illegals and Democrats created the mess with NO borders and just let them in and vote. .

  • Fergus

    Do you think the Norwegian tax payers are happy about this?? NOT

    • Sure, Not

      As long as the oil & gas keeps flowing (and perhaps a bit of cognac/beer/etc.) they won’t create much fuss. But when the revenue slows…

    • GeneralMayhem

      The Norwegian women like the Swedish women no longer are safe in their own homes and communities. Like France and Germany, they have Muslim gangs following their “prophet’s” example of a perfect man’s lifestyle and harassing the infidel women who are nothing more to them then meat to be dealt with as their loins desire.

  • Varangian Guard

    Hmm, imagine that. Welcoming Cities is instructing their sub contactor beneficiaries to train the refugees in the USA to do the same thing.

    Shocking isn’t it? As I understand it Welcoming Cities has the best stronghold efforts in those communities that identify themselves as Sanctuary Cities…..sure it’s just a coincidence…

  • All American

    Israel is the only Middle Eastern Country that allows freedom of worship.
    Western Muslims living in the most free and wealthy countries in the world are leaving, or returning, in the thousands to the Arab world in a search for meaning in their life – or an Islamic revival that fits within their traditional cultural religious values.

    • Varangian Guard

      They have no intention of leaving. Their intention is to transform everyone and everything into the same schitt hole they escaped from. Peace is the eradication of the infidel or at least their subjugation and taxation for admitting that they were wrong in not bending to Allah and Moohaamitt

      • All American

        You think if the Middle East didn’t run like Dubai they would flock home?

        • Varangian Guard

          It isn’t the ruling class here in the states. Dubai is also full of westerner engineers to do their dirty deeds in building trades because they can’t seem to get to work in their gold plated RR’s, it’s the flowing robes and boy hijabs, they get caught in the doors when they close them

          • All American

            There you go but making billions in the process

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Israel tolerates religious freedom? Nope. They tolerate Judaism in Israel.

      • All American

        Oh pardon me I believe there are Jewish Synagogues, Shuls and Temples, Muslims and Mosques, Christians and various Christian Churches, Samaritanism and Druze, Baha’iism.

  • Gator Jaw

    This what happens if you hate common sense. NOw your country is gone

  • Edman

    It sounds like it’d be cheaper to send them all on a one-way trip to Mecca and let Allah care for them.

    • granddad1

      Except Saudi Arabia will not allow them into the country and they know why.

    • Huks

      Or on a one way trip to meet Allah.

      • Edman

        Brilliant idea!

  • Sane_Person37

    The koran says the moslem will live off of the infidel.

    • Varangian Guard


    • randal varry

      the koran knows that muslims are unclean leaches

      • Sane_Person37

        Don’t get your point, but as an aside, I have read and believe most of the koran was written before old mo was even born. So, it’s even more fake than most people know.

        Sure an attractive piece for sadists, rapists, boy rapists though.

  • Henry McKay

    Only half? Wow, that’s much better than I would have thought. Send them all back, with either a carrot or a stick.

    • Sure, Not

      The carrot is why they came in the first place. You’d have to offer even more money to get them to leave.

      • Henry McKay

        True, personally I was hoping more for the stick.

      • Huks

        Offer a bullet and they will leave on their own and fast!

    • All American

      I would want to go home to raise my children in the land of their fathers

    • Ty

      I agree with you, it’s probably closer to 90 %. I’m sure they fudged the number as much as they could to get it down. Figures lie and liars figure.

    • LuciusAnnaeusSeneca

      It looks like it took Norwegians longer to finally realize what a problem the migrants have become to their economy and society. Their government agencies, including the police, are well-funded and effective, and the government welfare agencies seem capable of keeping track of immigrants. And perhaps they just looked at the mess neighboring Sweden has made of itself letting the Muslim hordes in and was thankful that they did not have the same problems–yet. Norway has its oil wealth, so maybe took longer for the migrants to finally make enough of an impact on their welfare system. Or, for that matter, on Norwegian society and civic culture. Or maybe they looked south to Denmark and saw what was happening there.

      And now the Norwegian government recognizes the problem, perhaps too late. 16 percent? That’s a lot to suddenly be informed that they have to learn Norwegian society and culture. The minority who come from other European countries are certainly not the problem. Most of the 16 percent are from the Middle East or Africa, and will resist assimilation because of religion or culture. They are now of sufficient number and presence to pose a threat to public security and internal stability, if they decide en masse to go the intifada or jihad route. And if Norway is anything like other western European countries, the Muslims have made enclaves and no-go zones throughout the major cities that are now ideal bases for fighting the religious war against the country and its Christian culture, or what is left of it.

      • Andrew Moore8

        They are no longer referred to as Norwegians……they are to be referred to as Islamawegians.

    • HarryObrian

      Much higher in the US, no wonder they recently reported Norway as the place to live… Ha…