Republicans Supporting Gun Silencer Bill, Dems Pushing Back

Gun silencers or suppressors are used by hunters and other gun owners them for hearing protection. (Reuters/Photo)

September 13, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Congress is debating a Republican-backed bill which would make it easier to buy gun silencers.

South Carolina Representative Jeff Duncan introduced the Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act or Share Act.

It aims to give more public access to federal lands for hunting, and make it easier to purchase gun silencers.

Duncan said the bill “cuts through the red tape” of owning a silencer by removing them from the National Firearms Act, and making the background check less extensive.

Democrats have voiced their opposition, saying making silencers easier to obtain would endanger police officers and the public.

A vote on the measure is expected by early October.

  • RetMilGuest

    Why are my posts deleted? they don’t violate the comment policy. Is it because I’m not spitting venom? What gives, moderator?

  • RetMilGuest

    Irresponsible article. How many Democrats, the majority, a minority? Did any Repubs oppose? Is this partisan news? I thought it was One America, for Americans like me that put America first before any party. Not trying to be a dk, but this article umm sucks.

  • …remain calm and return fire

    Don’t get your hopes up, this bill will never become law.

  • Roscoe

    What the bill is about is gun sound suppressors, in other words mufflers, not silencers. Silencers are a left wing loon myth as they simply do not exist. This is about saving the hearing of people who enjoy shooting targets, playing gun games like 3 gun competitions, or hunting and allowing them to hear without ear protection and not suffering hearing loss. Right now suppressors are very expensive and out of reach for many because the government adds a 200 dollar tax and a 6 month wait as your paper work goes through. This keeps sales down and due to the lack of sales volume prices high. Whether you like guns or not this bill is about hearing loss and nothing more.

  • Mike HSV

    It only took 51 weeks to get my Huntertown .308 Kestrel. Hope this passes and I get my $200 back.
    Pretty flippin stupid.

  • Scott Giblin

    OF course the Dems. are pushing back how can they have their dictatorship if the people have guns, let alone guns with assassin, cop killing silencers so a browning 50 can be fired right next to you and you not even hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe

    Come on Democrats. Just think how much sleep Chicagoan’s will finally get once the bill goes through….

  • Native Born American

    I don’t agree with gun control.

    But, on this one the first thing that comes to mind are criminals and street thugs using silencers when they committed crimes. Without the noise to attract attention no one will dial 911.

    • JV Hooligan

      Did you ever hear a weapon fired with a “silencer?” It’s still pretty damn loud. As stated, they’re not silencers, they’re suppressors. Silencers are a Hollywood myth.

  • Jock E Shift

    Democrats, go figure. The same gun grabbers who call suppressors “silencers” also refer to magazines as “clips”, and any semi-automatic rifle an “assault rifle.”

  • Attritionist

    I’d like to see more gunmakers integrate them directly into the Firearms permanently. Though I wouldn’t say widespread circulation is exactly ideal in today’s environment. Can you imagine being a duty officer in downtown St Louis and having these around every corner?

    • Attritionist

      Maxim 9 is selling an integrated 9mm made in Utah, but I haven’t seen the price tag

    • Attritionist

      Of course once the idea gets put out there with the specs, China will probably rip them off and start selling them on the mass Market

  • Jackie Nanney

    Well, If GOP wants it and left don’t, Guess who will win! Nothing has changed,

  • Ray

    When did this become a priority?!

  • All American

    Now if you want to silence a gun there are several ways to do it.
    Shouldn’t Healthcare and Taxes be prioritized????

  • danahan01 .

    Screw suppressor cans, let’s have conceal carry reciprocity!! If your drivers license is good in all 50 states, why not my conceal carry permit??

  • danahan01 .

    Screw suppressor cans, let’s have conceal carry reciprocity!! If your drivers license is good in all 50 states, why not my conceal carry permit?

  • Bubba Gump

    They need to get to voting. Rinos are running out of time and voters patents. Suppressors are a wonderful addition but it is still advisable to wear hearing protection. Wish I had one years ago, now don’t shoot without one.

  • John Frings

    Since when did Liberals start worrying about something endangering the Police….

    • Mr. Deplorable

      LOL! So true!

  • CLS

    this is no different than the left arguing against mufflers on cars

  • CaliforniaConservativeMAGA

    I heard the dems want to add a noise to knives.

    • Mr. Deplorable


  • TYvets

    I don’t care if you own a bazooka or a tank as long as you don’t point it at a human being.

    • Mr. Deplorable

      Some humans need it pointed at them.

  • Henry McKay

    If the Dems are so worried about police officers then why not openly declare groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter terror groups? How many police officers have these groups harmed in the past year? We know these groups open advocate for violence against officers. The Dems have a problem with violence perpetrated by their supporters, everyone knows this.

  • Waya Hedia

    Some states, like Washington charge $200 or more to get a suppressor. They’re going to lobby to keep that money coming in. As Democrats. You can still get one, but the money train will have stopped for them.

  • Waya Hedia

    As if Dems actually care about police officers.

  • Andrew Moore (derka derka)

    What’s wrong with you crazy libtards? Are you against hearing protection or something? Do you think the world should be deaf?

  • Real

    Making suppressors illegal unless you had the tax money protected the cops is what they are saying. I need several to keep the commune happy. Very easy to manufacture item. Can’t hardly wait to put one together. My dogs don’t like loud bang. They wimper and hide
    for hours. If the door is open they’re in the house and that’s a no no.

  • Don jon

    I shoot with people that have suppressors and it makes a 308 bearable but by no means Silent, dems just want to do their normal thing with any EVIL gun BS, even RINO’s are going to be hard to convince what they really do or don’t in the crime world.

    • Andrew Moore (derka derka)

      And they are to lazy to actually go to a gun range and find out for themselves…..

  • Robert Adams

    To reiterate what others have said these are not silencers, just mufflers – sort of like that on your car. You can still hear the car’s exhaust. It’s just not as loud.

  • yumadlh

    Some in congress need a muzzle.

  • a non

    Why don’t we just dispense with all of this pesky weapons regulation altogether, and give everyone the right to own a nuclear bomb. A 2nd Amendment right, yes?

    • Andrew Moore (derka derka)

      No, stop being an idiot libtard, a nuclear bomb is…..well…..a bomb…..nothing in the second amendment says you can own a bomb…..but it does say you can keep and bear arms….which has already been debated by the SCOTUS and agreed upon that arms mean like firearms of the military.

  • FreedomStorm

    Dear LOONs,
    There is a significant need for firearm suppressors, that being hearing protection. I’m 71, used firearms my whole life. Whenever possible, I wear hearing protection, sometimes BOTH inserts and muffs, but still have encountered hearing loss.
    Suppressors are also valuable in the field when hunting. They can offer a follow-up shot in some cases, which would not be possible otherwise. They also offer other hunters in the area shoot opportunities that they might not otherwise have.
    Of course, all LOONs state that we should NEVER have such ear protection or hunting improvements. Of course, they are never near any such noise, but they must stop it none-the-less. Their reason is “CUZ”.

  • Babylonandon

    No one gets that the MOST important reason for a “silencer” suppressor is so that a person defending home and family does NOT get his or her eardrums blown out when firing at a criminal inside the house. These devices do NOT stop all sound – they just reduce the volume enough so that your eardrums don’t get blown out your nostrils when some thugs kick down your door and you have to keep them from butchering your kin.

  • SaidNO2Liberalism

    Nullify the NFA, period!

    • Phil M. Kelley

      What is the NFA?

      • FreedomStorm

        National Firearms Act

        • Phil M. Kelley

          Thanks. Mine was a stupid question. I should have looked it up.

  • the tekster

    Suppression is actually a matter of physical health. If you put one on, you’re able to more comfortably shoot in a range or in nature while hunting without needing hearing protection, reducing damage done to your ears. It definitely does not “silence” the guns… AND AS ALWAYS!!! Anyone with nefarious intent is going to get one, or make one, and not pay to tax stamp to legally own one. I don’t think someone who is intent on shooting up the police has any care in the world whether they obtained the “silencer” legally…

    • William Thompson

      Still should use hearing protection even with the use of suppressors, the gun range I go to requires the use of muffs even if suppressors are used because the firearm is still loud enough to possibly damage your hearing.

      • Andrew Moore (derka derka)

        That and other shooters don’t have suppressors….making the noise at the range dangerous for hearing loss.

      • the tekster

        If you’re going to a range, always wear ears… Not everyone else at the range has a suppressor. The ranges I go to are public ones and no requirement for ears. But people will be throwing down fully auto machine and sub-machine guns and some large .50 cal + sized rounds down range. But out hunting, no ears please… If i can help it. A suppressor would do me just fine. But yes, in general, and varrying by suppressor and gun/rounds beung fired, they can still be loud enough to damage your ears.

    • PGCDan

      Don’t forget the unintended effect of less recoil too. What a great invention they are, i love mine.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Actually, this is legislative defense, trying to preserve ill gotten gains.

    Removing suppressors from NFA actually makes it HARDER to nail NFA itself in court! It makes it HARDER to see it tossed out as the nefarious and crystal clear abridgment and infringement that it is in its entirety.

    It is a CON to bill this, to present this as if we are being given a gift – with something that ALREADY belongs to us in the first place!

    Would it be a gift, a “makes it easier to”, if we were talking about a Book, say a Bible?

    No, that would show how FOOLISH this is.

    If you support the Constitution, the Second Amendment, then you should OPPOSE this move to PROTECT the NFA!

    We should not be removing suppressors from the NFA.

    We should be eliminating the NFA itself – because the NFA is Unconstitutional on its face and in practice.

    • High Desert

      I couldn’t agree more, but what are the odds of this gutless congress allowing unbridled manufacture and sale of machine guns and destructive devices? Maybe in Trumps second term when we’ve primaried out all of the RINO’s and traitors, but it’s not presently possible. I’ll take it as a small victory and then go out and buy them for every gun I own. The Ruger offering is very appealing.

      • PGCDan

        Try silencerco. I love my Omega. Couldn’t be more pleased and I’ve shot quite a few brands.

    • Andrew Moore (derka derka)

      I agree, but a war is not won overnight and is only won when you win the strategic battles…NFA will fall eventually when enough has been stripped from it that it is basically useless.

  • KevinR.

    Suppressors, not “silencers”. Just like a pistol has a magazine, not a clip.

    Suppressors are used for hunting in some European nations, it is to reduce the sound of the shots to not disturb those nearby….

    Here, we can use them in the same way, and help reduce damage to hearing. You should still use hearing protection, as the noise is reduced, not eliminated…

    unless you use subsonic .22 ammunition, it is virtually silent, but even with that, you still have some sound including the sound of the slide operating, or if you use a bolt action rifle, the working of the bolt.

    Suppressors are not firearms, they are not deadly, they can not hurt you,,… as many Democrats seem to think.

  • RobertBierce

    Since when are Democrats interesting in protecting police officers or the public?

    • Andrew Moore (derka derka)

      If they were they wouldn’t have been protecting ANTIFA for so long.

  • disqus_D87XRi0Gy7

    To hear those a s wipes say it endangers Police Officers is the ultimate insult to intelligence after all these people have taken part in over the past 9 years. It is a liberal and democrat who have labeled all police officers and endangered their lives, I just wish I could throat punch a few of those morons.

    • Mike in Illinois

      This endangers their sales to local governments of Shot Spotter.

      They got money to launder man! Cmon!

  • Just A Guy

    Since when are dimocrats concerned with officer and public safety? Apparently, you can abort unborn humans all day long but you can’t own a suppressor? Amazing! And by the way, they’re not “silencers”.

    • allright

      What you mean I can’t put no “silencer” on my 9 with a 15 round “clip”, yo?

  • Andrew Moore (derka derka)

    Goes to show what demoncraps know about silencers….They don’t understand that I can make a homemade silencer of the same quality in noise suppression from a common everyday automobile oil filter….IF I wanted to hurt law enforcement (which I don’t because I support them) I wouldn’t need to PURCHASE a high dollar silencer to get the job done.

    • allright

      And you would go to jail for a long time, while the “doctors” down at planned parenthood abortion factory can kill babies and get paid for it…some screwed-up times we live in, boys.

      • William Thompson

        You still have to register the adaptor that fits between the firearm and automobile oil filter when it is purchased even though those adaptors are cheap.

        • Andrew Moore (derka derka)

          Not true bill….simply put the adapter on the oil filter and don’t mount it to the weapon….There is no registration for oil filter adapters.

      • Andrew Moore (derka derka)

        I am just saying…..the democraps are about a screwed up bunch because they don’t think there are simple solutions to complex problems already out there and available…

  • William Thompson

    A real “silencer” only reduces the gun report by about 30db in real life, so why are democrats so against them? By the way silencers in movies and TV are very unrealistic in the way they really sound.

    • Andrew Moore (derka derka)

      Try to explain that to the dumb azzsses and they will look at you all cross eyed and confused.

      • Beedogz

        But I done did seen it in the movies!

    • William Glass

      The Demorats are against anything with the word “Gun” associated with it. No doubt they wanted to ban the old TV show PETER GUNN (until someone pointed out the spelling).

      • Pezgun

        D@mn, so that’s what it is!

    • PGCDan

      The term silencer is really just a semantics thing unless you take the word literally. Silencerco labels theirs as silencers, but I’d agree, they should be listed as suppressors as that’s more accurate of a term. My Omega drops the db’s down about 28db, which is pretty good. Comes down to about 130db overall.

    • jenshadus

      because they don’t shoot. They want to disarm the public, and do what the Bolsheviks did in 1917

  • Hottotrote

    Drag these power freak Dems to a shooting range and make them stand there for an hour. They will not be be to hear, not that they ever listen anyway, but they will understand if not except!

  • 7.62×51

    they’re suppressors, “silencers” are what ignorant leftists refer to them as, they don’t silence anything, just reduce the DB level

    • allright

      Exactly. But don’t confuse the “it’s in the movies it must be true” half-wit leftists with facts.

    • jenshadus


  • High Desert

    Just the savings from preventing hearing loss justifies removing the existing regulations.

    • R A.

      There must be a LOT of deaf thugs on the streets of Chicago.
      The way they hold their “pieces” sideways, ghetto style, it probably takes them an entire magazine to get one solid hit on their homies

      • ezemyr1

        That’s hot.

    • Eric Adams

      That’s an excellent point.

      • The Deplorable Joe Rocchead

        I wish they had better ear protection when I was firing away in the CG with the .50 cal. Tinnitus sux. Being the Trainer ( left and right to you non military types) on the 3 inch 50 didnt help either… circa 80~85 huh….?

        • Phil M. Kelley

          you would need one hell of a gunsmith to come up with a suppressor for .50BMG.

          • PGCDan

            They make suppressors for 50bmg, just haven’t seen one for an M2. Gemtech is one of those manufacturers.

        • RMCS Ret.

          Boy howdy! Tinnitus for sure sux. I think the 3″ 50’s were the worst. They had that sort of snap or crack to them that none of the others had. They 8″s and 5’s just went boom, but those 3’s had a sound all their own. The .50’s were’t too bad either, at least when compared to the 3’s. None of them were what you would call kind to a person’s ears.

          • The Deplorable Joe Rocchead

            Radio room was under the gundeck. LMAO Thank you for your Service SC! These were old WW2 guns made to scare the crap out of the guys you were shootin at.Hand crank up down left right. Loud and lots of fire and smoke. We used to pick up our ammo at Staten Island, most were from Korea stock. 5inch 38’s were on the 378’s. If they would have mounted one on the CGC Tamaroa / USS Zuni, first shot would have blown it overboard.

        • Real

          You could have stuck a car muffler on the end of that 50 cause cars gotta have one why not the 50?

        • famouswolf

          I was on the 3 inch 50 too…dating ourselves, aren’t we? think that’s where I got my own tinnitus, it seemed ear plugs didn’t help much. Whereas they always worked well with small arms. I have mixed feelings about this, but in the end I would have to support it simply because gun control is always a slippery slope. One success, no matter how reasonable it might sound, would embolden the gun grabbers. For me, that’s ’nuff said about it.

    • Don jon

      But the libs don’t want you to shoot or own a gun.

      • Real

        They don’t want you to drive a car without a muffler either!!!