Report: White House Fires Remaining Members Of HIV/AIDS Advisory Council

A red ribbon in recognition of World AIDS Day hangs at White House on Dec. 1. (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

December 30, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The White House is dismantling it’s Presidential Advisory council on HIV and AIDS informing the remaining 16 members of the council by mail.

The decision to fire the members on the council Wednesday comes in response to six members walking away over the summer, resigning in an enraged op-ed published in Newsweek.

Members of the council said they weren’t given a reason for their removal, but acknowledge the fact many of them were Obama-Era appointees, and that administrations often want to appoint their own people.

The council’s executive director, B. Kaye Hayes said, “Changing the makeup of federal advisory committee members is a common occurrence during Administration changes.”

She added similar moves were made by both the Obama and George W. Bush administration.

The advisory council was created back in 1995, to advise the secretary of Health and Human Services, in creating programs and policies pertaining to the HIV epidemic.

  • whoselineisitanyway

    Man shall not lie (sleep) with man. Woman shall not lie (sleep) with woman.

  • grandmother5

    Glad it closed down. I think most people with common sense had more affect on HIV/Aids then this department. I didn’t even know about this do nothing department. I remember my doctor doing an HIV test with the rest of my testing. I didn’t know until I got the report back. I like my doctor more because he did the test. If every doctor ordered that test maybe eventually it will be knock out. I had blood transfusions during major surgery and I believe that was the reason he did the test.

  • Tyrone

    Good bye to more non-essential federal employees.

  • eladtoor

    Obviously, you are trying to top my ‘ignorant comment’, and, by gosh and golly, you may have done it!!

  • ja ko

    totally useless, fake, 6-digit salary jobs created by previous wasteful administrations

  • Doug Whiddon

    What is the CDC for?

  • Trump Fired them, he didn’t replace them.
    Huge difference from the past, thanks again Trump!
    Draining tributaries to the swamp , gotta love it!

  • Sara

    Why have this council when it should be handled by the Center for Disease control. Another excuse to waste taxpayers money. What a sham

  • Gray Bryson

    next dept of education

  • shafawn

    Fake jobs

  • iwontell

    GOOD RIDDANCE – less GOV messing and less money down the drain………


    agreed. But the squeaky wheel gets the committees…

    • Douglas Amos

      Here’s 1 for you. California has decided to release 20 million neutered mosquitos into the environment. How much do you think the bureaucrats got paid for that? Just can’t make this stuff up.


        okay….just who got the job of neutering those bugs??

        • Douglas Amos

          Probably 1 of Diane Frankenstein’s relatives

        • Jonathan Johnson

          The Karate Kid, but he had to get a special tanto blade made.


            ah so…how very enlightening…wax off??

        • SWSapphire

          Well, the bureaucrats got paid… but don’t think they actually did the work.


    Wouldn’t think this problem deserved it’s own committee considering there are many diseases that affect more of the population.

    • captaingrumpy

      Barry increased the committee size because he had to look after his gay friends and lovers. And give them jobs.


        it looks like old brown butt did that for all of his “friends”…

  • mark abby

    One small step of cleaning the swamp. I sure hope that being government workers they don’t get some hefty pension for that do nothing job

  • Pyrthroes

    The Advisory Council on AIDS advised its clientele to acquire AIDS by choice, claim victim-hood, then piteously address the Council for compensatory damages in redress of grievances.

    The more taxpayers coughed up, the more damage claims the Council paid.

  • Donald York

    Fire ALL Obama appointees !

  • eladtoor

    This is just another example of the Trump governments drive to outlaw intercourse among the members of the US populace.
    The Donald must have signed a secret presidential finding that eliminates “Effing in the US, except by the government in dealing with its citizens’.

    • Proud deplorable✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      “outlaw intercourse” Idiot blocked.

  • “The” Bobguy

    Why Counsel of 12? What ever happened to a working committee, with someone in charge, that allocates work requirements and they meet once a month. Did it in the military and also as a contractor.

  • Letmesay

    So the secretary of HHS needs help in creating programs pertaining to HIV, you would think that’s their job ..the Obama administration did not practice multi-tasking. This is one reason among millions why we call the Democratic Party BIG GOVERNMENT.

    • “The” Bobguy


  • nfcapitalist

    Time for like changes at the DOJ!

  • FLLoeffler

    This should have already happened! ALL OF OBAMMIE’S APPOINTEES SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED IN THE FIRST WEEK! This includes ALL of those in the corrupt “Justice Department”.

    • Letmesay

      You are right , but I suppose that procedure has a protocol. Otherwise I do not see President Trump not taking action sooner.

      • “The” Bobguy

        Seriously. I thought appointed staff normally submit their letters of resignation and ONLY stay if if asked. With the BO (like using that) bunch, they probably chose NOT to submit letters. At that point, the new Trump administration should have given out “your fired” letters to who ever they didn’t want to keep.


          They were probably told to stay as long as you can and cause as much trouble as you can. It takes times to go thru all the departments, agencies, rules, and regs to get it done. It took obama 8 years to put the scum in place.

        • SWSapphire

          At some point, yes.

          It would have been very difficult to do so at the start. Just look at the firestorm of Russia, Russia. Some Dems were harshly criticizing Pres. Trump for keeping Comey, b/c they didn’t like Comey… until Trump fired Comey, and leaked false info was printed. Then they begged for Comey to be able to investigate Trump.

          Some dems are unbelievably dimwitted. If a person does a bad job w/their own candidate(in their minds), why wouldn’t they want someone who was good at the job to look into the ‘allegations’ ? Maybe some were more devious than dim. Figured if he ‘messed’ Hill up, then for revenge against Trump, would illegally mess things up for Trump, handing them the impeachment they so crazily still want.


      so you think shutting down the entire operation is a good thing? It takes time fll

      • iwontell

        Hell why “FILL”………I’d bet we could cut Gov 50% tomorrow and no one would notice.
        Save the Taxpayers money…….


          I bet we can’t afford to cut it 50% due to the population…
          323.1 million as of 2016

          • elevenoclock

            The population doesn’t need those 50%, nothing but a way for liberals to enhance employment numbers, wasted money.


            You really have no stats to back up your assertions, it is just your opinion. so meh

          • elevenoclock

            No Stats??? When the government is forced to shut down during the annual Democrat vs Republicans battles the USA doesn’t fall apart. In fact no one notices the governments absence except the media and loud mouth liberals.

            Who needs stats when you can actually see.

      • gottalovethenews

        Presidential Commissions are usually an incredible waste of time, resources, and money. . It is a recognized tactic by government bureaucracy; if you don’t like an idea, or don’t want to make a decision you form a commission to study it. Then the commission “studies” it to death. If the commission does issue any reports, they are rarely acted on, sometimes not even read. And yes, they spend lots of taxpayer money. However, it is very prestigious for all those politically connected, upper class elites to be able to say they are on a Presidential Commission, so I guess at least someone gets something out of it.


          agreed…it is a scratch your back scratch mine scenario that is played out many times in DC. The commission rarely studies anything. They hire “experts” to study, let the furor die down over the issue and then release their reports aka ‘experts conclusions’ to show us something it being done. Only we have moved on to other things.

    • Sandy Harris

      T’aint that easy, McGee!

  • Gaspar Lephonge

    Here’s some AIDs advisory advice, keep another man’s schlong out or your Kiester, women, don’t date bi-sexual men, dope fiends don’t share needles, and ban Gay’s from donating blood unless passing and HIV test.
    There, that would stop the AIDs epidemic in it’s track!

    • Arnold Maize

      Gay men think they are infallible. Most are now advertising they are HIV POZ but undetectable. Now, HIV – people have this “once a day pill” called PrEP (Truvada). It is not 100% effective. They assume it will prevent them from getting HIV, hence the good ol’ days of multiple sex partners and using no protection.

      • Dotsie Watson

        It is not the fault of us straight people that they are gay.
        If this were about psoriasis or some other not-politically-charged thing, it wouldn’t be news.
        Why are gays always screaming for attention? Live with it!!!


          gotta’ have the drama…

        • elevenoclock

          Where are the homosexual scientists finding a cure and should be paid by the homosexuals themselves.

          • Dotsie Watson

            Just have boys and girls with gay urges become Catholic, then when they become of age, join the clergy and take a vow of celibacy. A solution being used for years, “mostly” works.


        well, I look at it as one way of cleaning out the shallow end of the gene pool.

        • iwontell

          Well with the advisors gone — – — that may help hurry the “process”…….

  • Andrew Moore8

    My HIV/AIDS council can cure the AIDS epidemic for free and save the American taxpayer lots of money….it is very simple…..Don’t have unprotected sex…..Problem solved…..if you don’t adhere to my AIDS/HIV councils advise then you are on your own.

    • “The” Bobguy

      Don’t have unprotected sex (whether hetero or gay)…..Problem solved…..

      Minor not supervisor edit.

      • Andrew Moore8

        It also solves our abortion problem as well…..I killed two birds with one stone using my council…..The American people need to have me appointed to serve them.

      • iwontell

        Wow the divorced rate will…………well you know………..hee-hee

        • Andrew Moore8

          If your married and you don’t heed MY HIV/AIDS counsels advise, if you get AIDS/HIV or have an unwanted pregnancy then you are on your own….You wouldn’t get tax payer help to help with your condition nor will they pay for your abortion…..if you divorce because of that then so be it….stupid is supposed to hurt.

          • SWSapphire

            Except in the case of blood transfusions. H/e, your plan would eventually take care of that tainted blood supply, as well(if it hasn’t already been done.)

    • FromThe70s

      Same people who simply can’t afford the cost prohibitive 99 cents per condom to keep the alphabet soup out of their systems have iPhones, I’m sure.

  • Dakota

    Planed parent hood spent 30 million in last presidential election against republicans

    • FLLoeffler

      How much of that was taxpayer money?

      • Dakota

        All of it what a country

      • tedlv

        None, of course. Taxpayer money is kept separate! /S

        • Jimmy O

          HA HA HA HA HA! You are killing me!

      • tommer

        every dime

    • Tina Golden

      Still didn’t do them any good lol

  • Dakota

    They do nothing but rake money in and surf the internet and work against republicans

  • Andrew Moore8

    So much nicer seeing Christmas decorations on the White House rather than it lit up like a gay bath house rainbow.

    • mark abby

      Ha excellent! I agree

    • SWSapphire

      Yes, recognizing AIDS w/the red ribbon, not lifestyles that promote preventable aids transmission.

  • Mountainhiker

    Clearly this is part of draining the swamp, need to purge out ALL Obama appointments to fake positions and “councils”. Lets face it, an “enraged op-ed published in Newsweek” had to show an attitude issue on the part of the FAKE council to start with.

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      The Ad Council NEEDS TO GO too.

      • iwontell

        YEAH everyday I hear some MORONIC AD that pissed me off and ends with “comes to you from the Ad Council” etc etc or some BS words.
        Whoever they are HANG THEM.


      I don’t remember being outraged, only laughed caused the idiots who resigned were not missed.

  • SpfldJimbo1

    Didn’t even know there was such a Council……so I guess I won’t miss them!

    • CCTexas

      Yes, but they had a salary! Why would anyone need some 22 advisors for HIV and AIDs? Kind of thinking maybe one or at the most One and a Half. The Half could be some Progressive somewhere. I am just not sure which half should on the panel. Kind of thinking the Right Half.

  • landy fincannon

    An out of control government
    becomes an Insatiable beast.

    With an annual budget over four trillion, we are there.

  • imntacrook

    Made up jobs for the bureaucracy – good riddance.

    • Tyrone

      They are part of the non-essential federal employees.

  • grandmother5

    Question. What exactly did the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS do? How much money did they make doing it?

    • seawulf

      And have they made a single bit of difference in the HIV/AIDS issue in this country?

    • Dotsie Watson

      They advised Bill Clinton to have Monica and his other chippies checked regularly.

    • Daninfla6th

      Probably experimented on various new methods of HIV and AIDS transmissions.

    • iwontell

      And the answer is: WASTE OUR MONEY………..
      Wonder if the Gov has Advisors on what color Shoe Laces and Ties to wear?
      If so……they must GO TOO………….whew
      Hell if Donald wants some “advice” he can call me for FREE and I likely know as much as the PAID ONES.