Report: DOJ Warns 29 Sanctuary Cities to Comply With Immigration Laws

FILE – In this Nov. 2, 2017, file photo, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions delivers remarks about defending national security at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. . (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

November 19, 2017

OAN Newsroom

As the push to end illegal immigration continues, the Trump administration warns dozens of sanctuary cities to comply with federal agents or risk losing aid.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions reportedly sent letters to 29 jurisdictions last week, saying they must prove they are cooperating with immigration officials by Dec. 8, if they want to receive federal assistance.

He adds sanctuary cities adopt the view that protecting criminal immigrants is more important than the safety of law-abiding citizens.

Earlier this year, President Trump signed an executive order directing the DOJ to deny grant money to jurisdictions choosing not to cooperate with immigration laws.

  • Let My People Go

    I have lived in Calfornia for 65 years, and have seen this state deteriorate as more illegals transform California into a socialist oligarchy that has put us $1.7 billion in debt, and has produced an 11% unemployment rate, the highest in the nation. Jerry Brown is hell-bent on destroying the most beautiful state in the union, and at that he is doing a terrific job.

  • anotherday

    Well, I want to violate any law that I don’t agree with also.

  • Lou Main

    If I was running the US Government I would do exactly like the government of Spain is doing to Cataluña section of the country. Fire and jail all of the politicians including the sex offending governor.

  • Lou Main

    If you haven’t noticed yet, the illegals have drivers’ licenses, own homes, and yes they vote. That is why this state is so screwed up. I doubt if all the liberals understand the ramifications of opening the borders, allowing illegals to vote and drive with a fraudulent license. They are really that stupid and I do believe that most of them are inbread……………. retarded, imbecilic morons! That is putting it mildly.

  • Fedup65

    Pinhead officials that allow Sanctuary Cities in their States should be removed from office immediately. No ifs, ands, or buts. Pinheads like Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown that say their states are Sanctuary States should be impeached and jailed. There are laws for a reason Moonbeam. Weather you agree with them or not. Look at the shape of your state, The Homeless, The Crime, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and the ever incomparable Corrine Brown Twin, Maxine Waters.

  • Bobby Green

    I hope this isn’t a red line like obama’s line. It sure would be nice if someone in this administration actually went through on a treat.

  • Living_The_Dream

    Voter ID is a great law and we passed it here in Missouri. Guess what, you want to vote in Missouri, you have to prove you’re a citizen first. Happy to see these criminal cities being held accountable. Last time I checked, POTUS outranked “Mayor & Governor”, so I believe we need to withhold the aid and imprison the elected officials that want to break Federal law.

  • Okie

    no mo mony

  • ArbyJay

    Jeff Sessions is FAR worse of an AG than I ever expected. All talk, no action, no spine. He’s chasing marijuana abusers while America is falling apart thanks to illegals.

  • c a


  • Bama Bill

    Worst state in many ways. One being the 8th grade test scores. Reading and math, under 25% pass! They don’t even test science! Their CARB (Cal. Air Resource? Board) causes me to buy small motors like chainsaws that meet their standard! How about my right to “Open Carry” in Alabama? If I drive into California I go to jail for having my gun on my belt. Cars made for CA only! Nuts! We have “Right to Work”, they have “Open Borders” and sanctuary cities. We need a wall around California.

  • Austrailianterrierlady

    good, if they don’t cut the money throw the mayors , governor in jail

  • Donald York

    Right move President Trump !
    Secretary Sessions warning needs to be upheld.

  • Tado

    29 sanctuary cities who have their own set of judges, police officers and city attorneys – do not enforce immigration laws?
    What kind of cruelty is that?
    Do they deserve their calling?

  • semperfipar

    Well, it begins. The government is back on the path to enforcing the laws of the land. Wait until they get around to illegal marijuana.

  • onehonestvet

    Just think, when California is hit with NO Federal Funds anymore one or both of two things will occur. Taxes will have to increase to cover the shortage then all the middle class, if there are any left, will pay OR they will continue into bankruptcy and expect the Federal Government to pay! None of us will get off free as they continue to flaunt the law. They need to be prosecuted – every Senator and Governor should be tried and jailed for illegal activity OR you can let CA succeed along with their HUGGGEE debt.

  • Chilibreath

    Count me as one of the angry AMERICANS who is concerned about the fact that we (the US) can’t control our borders. And truth be known this fact (in and of itself) is not so bad intellectually, but the reality is we are (1) allowing illegal aliens to enter our country freely and openly, and (2) when they have children born the in the US they (and the children) become US citizens. This is definitely not a good model for the future… much less the past.

  • Clearlysane

    Oh there ‘s Jeff! Wasn’t even sure he was even alive anymore! Now to get him to look into the 20 or 30 DC scandals.

  • Kelly Hardy

    last I checked it was a federal crime to knowingly house and protect illegals.
    Is state Government above Federal Law?

  • Dave Lewis

    I’d like to see the list of cities. Name them… shame them…

    • onehonestvet

      They are of various sizes and range from LA, CA, Phila PA, to Quakertown, PA to name a few. These stupid smaller towns don’t seem to care one bit for their citizens and feel it is their “right” to protect illegal ppl in town (see Quakertown for example). It won’t stop until the citizens make the politicians and local school boards fall into line and back into their real domain/area of government.

  • AmPat

    For any area that doesn’t comply with ICE just send them in and deport EVERY illegal until they do.

  • sanman99

    I live in CA and hope the feds remove every dollar given. It’s the only way they will learn how to follow the rules just like they expect us too.

  • Michael Klevins

    That includes every metropolitan city in California, being controlled by the our worthless Gov Moonbeam and his minion state representatives! Can we flush these people already?

  • landy fincannon

    Here in Texas, we have a saying about words ” you got the easy part over with” Jeff the time for warnings is over with. DO IT, DAMN IT.

    • Huks

      Yup, or “ya got the talkin’ part done.”

  • C B

    Well …….. If the DOJ follows thru and or the Cities don’t comply , I will show you 29 Cities that will not be hiring Police Officers and probably some Firemen . All the Big Liberal Cities rely on Government Grants to fund their Safety Forces . Not that it would make any difference in the Violence and Crime anyway .

    • All American

      Let their “leaders” figure it out. You get what you vote for in all states!

    • iwontell

      I SAY “F” ALL GRANTS – aka Giveaway’s

    • Bama Bill

      CA is bankrupt already. Their “Union” govt. employees pensions can’t be met. Work 20 years, retire at 45, and draw full pay for 40 years! The don’t actually work, just have a “Position”.

  • ginjit.dw

    Enough warnings…We want action!!!

    • iwontell

      Let’s see, at least 3 or 4 Politicians are the ones causing the problem………
      PUT THE SOB’S in jail till they comply with the LAW………..
      After all it’s “CONTEMPT” for not enforcing the law…….so FIRST IN LINE is MOONBEAM BROWN.

    • HarryObrian

      Too many Soros and 0bammy judges still in the system for any of Sessions or Trump’s people to enforce loss of Fed funding. The government has to take control of all the identity theft being handed over to the ILLEGAL ALIENS that allows them to exist and receive any money from the Federal government. Let the cities pay for them themselves. Too many fake Social Security numbers and no way to know what’s real without a major program to get rid of the SS number. Until something like that is real nothing will change.

  • ginjit.dw

    Enough warnings…we want action!!!

  • Lou Main

    California is the worse state to defy the US Government but when they need money, for example, for help with the wild fires they came crying to the US Gov for help. If I were the US Gov I would tell California to go pound sand…………………… They want to split from the union, let them then see who crys………. Help, Help, just babies.

    • Steve Johnson

      California politicians at all levels seem to care more about illegals than its own citizens. Maybe illegals are voting there along with the dead.

      • iownlsu

        what do you mean? maybe! More illegals here than in mexico and central America

        • Vera Orsova

          Banana Republic of California makes sure the illegals keep voting the slime back in the office again, and again…and again….and again

          • Tim maher

            Certainly. They have figured out that they can vote themselves free stuff from the public treasury at the expense of American citizens and politicians will keep dolling it out as long as the aliens continue to vote them into office. Unfortunately, democrats don’t have enough sense to see it.

          • antiliberal00

            They know this as that is their plan. They let illegals in to buy their votes and the rest of the taxpayers get stuck with the bill and the crime,
            If the feds would start locking the city officials up and sentencing them to 30 years at hard labor, this nonsense would stop.

          • Austrailianterrierlady

            don’t lock them up execute them traitors are suppose to be killed

      • iwontell

        I can’t recall ANY POLITICIANS from CA worth a DAMN….and especially 4 or 5 that are total MORONS….total DNA “F” ups.

        I won’t include Reagan…….he wasn’t “from thee”

      • Tim maher

        I’m pretty sure that is how Hillary can claim to have received more votes than President Trump. I bet by the time you exclude the illegal alien votes from CA and NY she has significantly fewer votes than President Trump.

        • Deplorable Dirty Harry

          by millions

        • iMacBob

          Don’t forget all the dead people who voted in those liberal states! LoL…

          • Tim maher

            True. We’ve known for years that the dead vote democrat.

      • ProudAmericanVet

        Absolutely all those illegals are voting !

      • John G.

        The Motor Voter law makes voting by illegals in California a near certainty. No proof of citizenship is required. Merely check the box on your voter registration form that says you are a citizen and you are good to go! No proof whatsoever. Everyone needs ID to buy beer or cigarettes. Why not an ID to vote?

        • Bama Bill

          Because the Dems would lose the elections. Simple. Remember Hillary is from Chicago, and look at how wonderfully their gun laws work. Almost 3,300 shootings year to date, and only two “White/Other” assailants? In Chicago black lives do NOT matter. The mafia has run the city for over 100 years. The unions were taken over by who? And who donates over 90% of its money to the Dems?
          Mafia, Unions, Dems, all synonyms. It looks that way to me.

      • Bama Bill

        They are! When large cities like Philadelphia record more votes for the Dems than there are registered voters! How can they deny voter fraud. In Detroit they drive thru the hoods with vans and pay people $20 to go vote for the Dems. Go back and vote again using your last name from a prior marriage, dead relatives, the dog. All to get more “Free stuff” and government jobs.

      • mlimberg

        They do for sure.

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      Stop warning and start punishing!

      • jlsharks1

        So right, less talking and more action.

      • iMacBob

        He’s more of a mouse than a lion!

    • Robert Adams


    • TexasDeplorable1134

      Maybe they can use all the illegals to assist with putting out the fires. Win/win for them.

  • Recapitate

    I believe the funds at stake are only from DOJ not other parts of the administration.

    • Bal Doneusa

      From what I understand…that is true. There are many statuary payments that must be paid under law. These would mostly be grants that are issued by the DOJ. Often, money that would normally go for a line item, will be spent on something unrelated if grant money is allotted to that line item.

    • onehonestvet

      But, even that is a good start…see my comment below here.

  • Farmerob

    If Trump wants these cities to take him seriously he needs to hire a tougher guy to replace Sessions, he’s a good guy but he’s about as scary as Mr Magoo.

    • Vera Orsova

      How can Sessions be a good guy when he is doing his damnedest to undermine Trump and bamboozle Americans into believing that he is on their side? He joined the D.C. swamp and is very close to be labeled a traitor. So far, I believe, he is President Trump’s biggest mistake.

    • Bal Doneusa

      Jeff Sessions is a cagey old country lawyer…he is lining everything up…a huge surprise will be coming. You have to listen to his testimony before Congress last week. It will be like dominoes falling once he starts.

  • Javanne

    Won’t happen until the Supreme Court blesses Sessions’ policy.

    • kaiju

      Unfortunately these piss ant circuit judges have way too much say so in this country.
      They certainly should pay a hefty penalty when overruled by the supreme court.

  • Dwayne Cantrell

    I want Hillary prosecuted , we’ll work on sanctuary cities next year .

    • kaiju

      I want to see the hag tortured for information, prosecuted, and served justice with extreme prejudice.

      BHO needs to follow her, and Slick Willy needs to follow him.

      • Tim maher

        Water board maybe?

        • rooster

          she’d love it if you used vodka

          • Tim maher

            Hmmm. Now there’s an idea. Vodka boarding. Her favorite national drink.

          • Deplorable Dirty Harry

            only if russian

        • kaiju

          That’s pretty tame, but just for grins we could start there.

    • iwontell

      I’ll pay for the rope.

      • The Deplorable Joe Rocchead

        I will send the a 308 round, No rope needed. SHOT for TREASON.

        • Deplorable Dirty Harry

          DDupleks Kaviar 26L
          should take the place of all death penalty systems

      • Scott M

        Just let me know where she’ll be buried, I want to dance and pee on her grave 😉

      • Bama Bill

        I’ll take volunteers for the firing squad. But we’ll need a large stadium to hold them. They’ll all furnish their own rifles and ammo. Doubt there will be anything needed but a mop to clean up?

    • Tim maher

      Agreed. Prosecution of Hillary needs to be a priority!

  • brad m

    I really hope that funds held up from sanctuary cities for failing to comply!!

    • David Bagdasarian

      I do too but I hold no hope for common sense because these liberals have excused themselves from the United States and have moved to the Soviet Socialist Republics of Idiocy.

  • Just A Guy

    Rest assured liberals and RINO’s are losing their everlovin’ minds. I suspect if they actually made a real example of one of those cities the remainder would fall in line. While this is great news, all things considered regarding the DOJ I can’t help but remain skeptical.

    • aldoro

      Ball less sessions has to PROVE IT to me before I believe him.

      • Bama Bill

        Trust it, he will, we Alabamians have seen him work for decades.

    • Vera Orsova

      Jeff Sessions said a few things, fairly unimportant and unimpressive, but so far, that’s where it ended. Just words with no action to follow to prove he meant it. He is like a Sleeping Beauty who wakes up occasionally, mumbles something, and goes back to his deep slumber.

      • iwontell

        Gov takes time…….we can’t be sure yet what he’s up to…………
        Besides there’s a hundred years of work to “clean out” and he’s not been there a year yet.

        However you can be sure the “F” MEDIA will have a heyday the fist time he HITS SOMEONE ON THE HEAD.

  • All American

    12/8/17 wait and see. Many cities will either raise already exhorbitant taxes and cause a Revolution, declare bankruptcy or they will abide by the law of our land and flourish.
    We will see who’s wearing their thinking caps!