Rep. Kihuen: Pelosi Knew About Sexual Allegations, Still Supported His Campaign

December 7, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Democrat Congressman Ruben Kihuen says House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi knew about the sexual harassment allegations against him during his campaign, but still endorsed him anyway.

One America’s Rachel Ribaudo has more as evidence piles up against Pelosi amid her recent backtracking.

  • Native Born American

    So it’s true, when she speaks she lies.

  • sanman99

    Democrats- The party of Dumb and DUMBER, Chaos and Mayhem, Lying and Obstruction, Greed and
    hypocrisy!!! AND now the party of PERVERTS!!!

  • jenshadus

    Wonder when the ball is going to drop on her? But she’s too stupid to do anything legal or illegal.

  • Joshua Campbell

    So who is the party of women’s rights? Democrats…?? Not anymore.

  • tonyH110

    Pelosi, one of many but the main, reason why we need term limits on Congress. ‘We the People’ should demand it!!

  • a voice of concern

    I would know if Pelosi is always drunk or she just acts that way!

  • a voice of concern

    Its time us guys had equal time on this subject! all you offended males out there that have had women/girls stand next to them and rub their breasts on your arm, or brushed you with their buttocks as they squeezed by when there was enough room for three people to pass by or purposely leaned over to pick something up that they appeared to purposely drop to expose their breasts with a low cut blouse?
    I believe All of these sexual encounters are indeed sexual harassment and are workplace harassment. I would estimate that that these incident happened NO less than hundred if not thousands of times in my career.

  • Justume Samson

    …………… about that hero of the demoncrats: “Why don’t we talk instead about (anything that doesn’t resemble the truth) blah, blah, blah………”

  • Nick Rose

    This is the same party that wants people who have a penis using the restroom with our daughters.

    The Democratic Party of stupidity and perverts.

  • sanman99

    Hell yea, the democrats support EVERYTHING against American values, morals and ethics!!!

  • Terry

    A Democrat Conspiracy! Pelosi seems to be in on everything from groping to sexual harassment, and says nothing until the world learns “Nancy Knew – and The Boys of the Left Keep Groping and Screwing”! Bill Clinton is proud of all Democrats in Washington.

  • cdb

    Demosocialist don’t care if their candidates break the law, in fact they encourage it. Breaking the law shows compassion and understanding to the criminal element, giving them another voting block.

  • Warpaint

    This is what acid flashback look like at 75…

  • AshJonson

    Drive her out! And bankrupt her in the process!

  • iwish

    Our beloved President was so right that Washington DC is a swamp.

  • Tom Tom

    The mop I use to wash my floor looks better than her do.

  • Tom Tom

    Pelosi is a piece of work!

  • KD

    she must go….she has been accused…..therefore she must resign……thats the process the demwits want right? lol

    kill with the sword…die by the sword!!

  • Bill Smith

    She’s NUTS ! BatSh** CRAZY !

  • peanut1000

    $220,000 paid out to cover up this abuse at the request of Pelosi the pig.

  • Stafarian

    Pelosi is an agent for the devil.

    • airstart

      Why would the devil want an agent as stupid as Pelosi?

  • Victor Nazarian

    Perhaps Nancy Pelosi should stay right where she is. She’s obviously done a great job of shielding Democrat sex predators and promoting one side of the political spectrum, regardless of the harm it’s done to the United States and it’s citizens. If she stays where she is she can continue to do what she’s done exactly the same way as she’s been doing it.

    She was in control when Democrats gave up control of the Congress and I think she should continue just the way she has. It gives the whole world a familiar face to associate with the failures of the last decade and with luck, she’ll keep doing the same things she always does.

  • Larry

    The old swamp princess has to go yesterday. What’s the hold up?

  • nfcapitalist

    Clearly Nancy Pelosi is senile and struggles to put words into meaningful sentences… the Democrat party needs a new Soros puppet on his payroll.

    ANTIFA… read the words on their logo aka ‘flag’…. their message is DESTROY CAPITALISM.

    So what is the alternative… COMMUNISM.

  • Bama Bill

    Trump had better have taken away her airplane! I don’t want to pay to haul her to CA every weekend! She should have to take the train, and pay for her own “Bar bill”! Maybe she would totally “Pickle” her brain then?

    • nfcapitalist

      Congress is one of the three branches of the federal government… Trump is the Executive Branch, Congress, well…, and the Judicial Branch…. which is going rogue too, basic refresher, Bill… Trump can’t take away Congressional perks, he can and does expose criminal behavior but then treason is becoming the new normal as seen with the cover-up in the FBI and DOJ… ‘Uranium One.’

  • Bama Bill

    The Dems are nothing but an arm of the Mafia, as are the unions. They do as they want, and are protected by laws they passed allowing the “Unions” to legally intimidate, assault, injure, and even kill! When are we going to get rid of those laws? They are “Immune” from prosecution! Like a darn “Foreign” embassy employee! This is NOT RIGHT!

  • jill

    When the Supreme Courts ruled that marriage was no longer only between a man an women, flashing the WH in all those colors the gates of perversion was released over America. Daily we see acts of sexual perversion in the news, teachers and students, parents and kids, politicians, preachers, etc. God have mercy on America.

  • Sylvia Avila

    No Surprise! Pelosi has proven to be very good Liar and very Corrupt indeed, she is part of the Swamp. Time to get id of her, to bad Californian’s keep voting her in? Why? Because California part of the Swamp to.

  • TooToo

    I do like this news network.

  • hobartneck

    Of course she did…

  • A marcus Young

    She has become one of our greatest embarrassments.

  • Al Lejdly

    Bu-Bu-But Roy Moore is only accused and he’s an Icon of our country! Oh, that’s different.

  • a voice of concern

    Pelosi reminds me of an Aunt I have who is drunk 99% of the time

  • Evan

    I recall a LOT of extravagant and unnecessary business trips back in the 90’s and early 2000″s. She was a regular jet setter on the peoples’ dime.

  • Evan

    Since there doesn’t seem to be any limit to how far back the muck raking goes, let’s see how she fares the scrutiny How about going back into HER e-mails, although they have been chloroxed by now, I’m sure. Or how about 40 years of expense accounts and tax returns? Maybe some infidelity or unseemly “deals” in Her closet? She’s been around since they built the pyramids, so I’m sure we could find something.

  • Richard McMeekin

    All of you – whoever can honestly claim he never made a sexual advance, touching, kissing, feeling, groping, etc. toward a women needs to step forward. I do NOT believe even one man will leave the formation and step forward! Remember, and I am a Conservative Republican, when you point the finger the straight reverse line points straight back to you. Oh and let me add this: I can’t step forward because I am as guilty as the rest of you who are still in ranks with me.


    The dnc , the party of hypocrites interned west coast Japanese, supported the kkk and segregation, killed our young minority men in viet Nam, now wants us to believe they support women? If hilliary were in office Weinstein her husband Spacey , lauber would still be out there molesting. They get rid of a dirty old man and a comic grab asser, but take care of “ their guys”.i think all women, are sick of bill and hilliary clinton and their “ what has your sex life got to do with the job” bullsheet. They need to be investigated for Rico, after all the evidence of Comey, fbi , lynch, primary fixing, paying Russians, selling our uranium etc…

  • Tado

    Catholic Pelosi and Jew Franken.

  • Buck Ofama

    Nancy, you suck

  • Roscoe

    Nancy Pelosi dreams about sexual molestation as you know that old hag has not had anyone physically close enough for sex in many years. Putz Perez and the Black Muslim are not leadership that will win elections and neither are Pelosi and Schumer. The DemoRATZ need new leadership that cares about America the country.

    • Al Lejdly

      That left a snasty image in my head.

      • Roscoe

        LOL! Me too!

  • scottincary

    Methinks all of this sex scandal stuff in the democrat party is just a tool being used by the new younger more progressive swamp creatures to sweep aside the old more establishment progressive swamp creatures/dinosaurs….

  • Twinkle Toes

    Bubye Nan, wish I could say it’s been nice.

  • Native Born American

    And she lied when ask about it.

  • Andrew Moore8

    Just more flip flopping from the libtard snowfelchers…

  • Marc S.

    I think pelosi has lost it.

    • john smith

      You think she has lost it? When did she ever have it?

  • cdtal

    Pelosi represents herself only. She changes positions with the wind.

  • Marc S.

    We’re all so Happy that the DemocRATS are champions of women’s rights.


    It’s ok, bill , hilliary, pelosi feinstein etc…are immune from this. They can lie be hypocritical ( Feinstein opposes the recognition of Jerusalem, after she drafted the bill in 1995?) rape, cover up, fix elections and do assinine things ( vote first read it later) and have political covering. But if your a dirty old man from the south, or a grab ass ex comedian, or a Republican you have a different standard. Remember Republicans did don’t put trump in office. White women and rust belt democrats did. People are getting sick of the dnc hypocrisy because it means they intentionally are lying to the public.

  • Sam Butler

    Perhaps Pelosi likes Ribaudo, no problems!

  • intimeforthedime

    She was probably on the tip the entire time.

    • Commander Balok

      Thats just plain nasty!

    • ar05076

      I just threw up in my mouth a little bit ..!

    • Andrew Moore8

      Now that was funny….sick and traumatizing…..but funny none the less.

  • rily

    Oh sure, “don’t rush to judgment”, unless he/she is a Republican, or a Conservative, or a Constitutionalist, or a Christian. What a lying hypocrite!!

    • Andrew Moore8

      or white.

  • RockyMt, CO

    I can’t wait until it comes out how close Pelosi and the Clintons are in pedogate. WikiLeaks knows.

  • Letmesay

    I think she should stay in office till she dies for now. ..she is looney as a dingbat. Her party that way will stay occupied with her.

  • Recapitate

    Pelosi is the personification of expedience.

  • Bogeygolfer

    Pelosi was always at the front of the line supporting Bill Clinton as well. She and Hillary are big contributors to the problem. To them, politics comes before character.

  • john smith

    No, say it isn’t so! ……. Pelosi wouldn’t do that ………. would she?

  • One_way

    She is an enabler! The POS needs to be removed from office!

    • Andrew Moore8

      Why? Think about it….her and her knuckle headed BS is exactly what we need. The more she speaks the more her party loses….Keep her in office and keep her talking…we can only win big with her speaking and being hypocritical.

  • Kiptron

    Once again the high road is a dirt road when the Democrats travel on it.

    • 2EdgedSword

      LSD, Mushrooms, and now Pocahontas has introduced Peyote

  • Frank Meccia

    Come on it’s obvious why she backed him. He is Nevada’s first Latino member of the U.S. House and Kihuen described himself as the first Dreamer elected to Congress. Pelosi wanted that, to show her diversity. Now, that there is so mush going on with sexual harassment…she is going to stab him in the back

  • John Burns

    what is happening right now in our politics is akin to mob rule. what happened to the rule of law. either we get back to, innocent until proven guilty, or we are doomed to the loss of all of our freedoms.

    • Andrew Moore8

      Funny how that is only talked about when it is the libtard left being prosecuted….but when it is the right it’s perfectly fine for the libtard fake news media to convict on sight.

      • John Burns

        it’s not about the right or left. it’s about the rule of law in this country. once the progressive/communists break down the rule of law it will be easier to continue to take all of our freedoms. one by one till the end of liberty.

        • Andrew Moore8

          You cannot have the rule of law when it is one party and libtard media convicting through social media on the other….And we all know that the libtard left isn’t going to abandon their libtard fake media…..sooooo….

          • John Burns

            in 1946 the communist party in the US changed their name to the progressive party and communists stopped running on our ballots. progressives became republicans and democrats to blend in and continue their movement to take over the US from the inside. they have been at it ever since and have been successful infiltrating all parts of our government, local, state and national. Donald Trump in their first huge bump in their road to completely taking power from the people of the US. about half of us woke up to what is happening and Trump was elected. now we have to continue the struggle to take back our heritage and our freedoms. as you say, the media, our “free press” has been corrupted and has made it much harder to get the truth to the masses. the founding fathers, knowing how important a free press is to a free people made a right in the !st amendment. now we have to take the press back and it won’t be easy. the powers that be are working against us. people who even talk in private about this are ridiculed, treated like “conspiracy nuts” and minimized by liberals and a whole host of those who are really just useful idiots who have bought into the “progressive ideology”. i mean, who could be against progress? right?
            the progressives (communists) who are behind this understand human nature very well and realize they must keep US divided for their plan to work. they are using every tactic in their playbook to further their cause and nearly succeeded nationally in our last Presidential election. remember how Hillary said how she was a proud progressive? she didn’t mean progress in the way most Americans thought, she wanted to follow Obama to seal the deal and finally take power from the people. this struggle isn’t finished. all patriots will have to wake up and stand for freedom. if your candidates or elected officials are proud progressives you have to vote them out. doesn’t matter if they call themselves democrats, republicans or independents. when they realize they have been exposed for the subversives they are, i’m sure they will try to change their name again to continue their attempt to rid the world of this notion of freedom for people and power of people over governments.

    • john smith

      Agree 100%, innocent until proven guilty, or we as a people are doomed. Never in the history of this country have Americans been guilty until proven innocent, that’s a slippery slope.

  • grandmother5

    Just like Hollywood, everybody knew of all of the harassment and said nothing. No difference in the political world. Why didn’t Pelosi speak out about it? I think it was because greater plans were in the minds of the democrats. Sacrifice a few in order to put the plan in operation. The plan will have something to do with getting President Trump out of office. They don’t like him because he is not like them. Can’t be bought, not a corrupt politician and he calls things the way he see it. Waters has been very quiet lately. What about the cowboy hat lady in FL? SjL not even making comments in her hometown. Al Green was stopped from screaming impeachment by being voted down. Something or someone told them to shut up.

  • Jenny Jirousek

    Wow, that can of worms you, Pelosi, and your other cronies opened, sure has backfired!!!!! LOL!

  • Ed L

    Appears to me of the kind who would eat their young

  • All American

    Hahahaha 🤣


    Mueller subpoenas Trumps kindergarten play partner

    • All American

      Mueller and his cronies (inclusive of Barry, Clinton, Lynch, Comey etc.) are Americas $8,000,000. +++ tragedy. Is the DOJ doing anything?
      Not that I am aware of, however the DOJ is taking time presently to investigate Planned Parenthood’s sale of human tissue.
      Which item would the taxpayers agree is the most pertinent at this point in time??
      Then there is the $21 trillion missing from the FED!


        HEAR HEAR
        again the leftist using deflection to turn our attention away from the theft of billions of dollars

    • grandmother5



    pelosi was black mailing franken for some foreplay at least

  • AshJonson

    She’s next to go.

  • David

    Nancy Pelosi doesn’t belong in our government in any capacity

    • Tony4US

      Neither does Chuck Schumer

  • Diane Coto

    Of course she did. No big surprise, but such a sickening double standard.

  • marcthepig

    Pelosi keeps wondering “why not me too?”

  • Glenda Hammer

    Pelosi supported Bill Clinton in spite of his sexual assaults and rape charges. Then she supported Hillary for President, after Bill’s victims came forward and told of Hillary threatening them and their families with visits from the Secret Service, plus threats of physical violence, if they ever told the truth about her rapist husband.
    Then there’s the millions and millions of dollars Pelosi and her husband made from Insider Trading legally, because she’s a Washington politician

  • henry

    Way to go Nancy. You always seem to end up on the wrong side of moral argument…..coincidence Im sure

  • sgt joe rock

    dirtycratic pelosi is caca

  • MAGA woman

    She’s due for some plastic surgery.

    • grandmother5

      and her mouth needs to be looked at. Are her teeth loose or as her jaw being yapping so long it stretched out?

  • Robert Sullivan

    Pelosi = HYPOCRITE!

  • PatrickJ

    Pelosi now looks so old it is actually scary. I mean we all grow old, don’t get me wrong. But there comes a time in everyone’s life when you should be sitting by a warm fire with a good book. Or something like that. Pelosi is way past that point. I’m a Republican Conservative, and even I am embarrassed for her.

    • PatrickJ

      The duplicate comment is no fault of mine. Disqus is having a problem this evening, I guess.

  • PatrickJ

    Pelosi now looks so old it is actually scary. I mean we all grow old, don’t get me wrong. But there comes a time in everyone’s life when you should be sitting by a warm fire with a good book. Or something like that. Pelosi is way past that point. I’m a Republican Conservative, and even I am embarrassed for her.

  • Tony

    I wonder how many knee pads autographed by Bill, Sourpuss went thru on her climb up.

    • PatrickJ

      Your comment borders on profanity Tony, and profanity is not permitted on this site. But then, you do what you feel best.

      • Tony

        Where is your mind? Explain why you would say that, in detail please.

  • J. Waltam

    Nancy Altzheimer couldn’t possibly be aware of anything associated with reality. But keep her in office. The crone is a perfect Demo.

  • Jim Hatfield

    Take into consideration the extreme number of sexual predators that live in the area of San Francisco that she represents. This is all just normal behavior to her.

  • Mike Drop

    This is hardly a revelation. Piglosi has always been a flake and a liar.

  • michaelparsons

    Pelosi was hoping she would get a grab.

  • Fran Harrell

    I love seeing the shoe on the other foot for the Democrats. During the campaign, all they could do is trash President Trump and pretend that they were so perfect. We were the deplorables. Now they’re revealed for what they have been all along.

  • Jarhead0311

    Politicians as a whole are pretty bad but these people are truly disgusting. History will judge us harshly by the fools we have in office, on both sides of the aisle, but mostly the demoncrats.

  • Randy Forschner


  • Robert Sigler

    So in his mind everything is OK. I always start my day by dropping a big Pelosi and wiping my Harry Reid!

  • Crazy_Jake

    Cant wait till Chuck and Pelosi are both gone…gone gone..

    • Swampdrainer

      Term limits….otherwise Kool Aid aficionados in California and New York will just keep on voting them in.

  • PatrickJ

    Our government and many of it’s leaders on both sides of the aisle have become so corrupt and immoral as to have become a national embarrassment. It’s really something that the American people themselves have to endure all of these swamp-related stories over and over again on almost a daily basis. But to realize at the same time that the whole world is also watching right along with us, makes it even worse.

  • hobartneck

    The Lizard is caught yet again.

  • Living in the Times

    You have to have morals in order to be offended by lack thereof!!!!

  • Roy Beane

    Well Frankengroper is gone, so now maybe we could find a man or perhaps even another woman to come out and accuse Pelosi and Schumer of sexual hanky panky?? Hmmmmm

    • RfromTx

      that’s an impossible wishful thinking !!Bdelloid rotifers reproduce exclusively asexually, and all individuals in the class Bdelloidea are females…

  • Alan Lindquist

    what will it take to get rid of this women ?

    • Swampdrainer

      Fair and honest elections. That ain’t happening in California.

      • Fran Harrell

        Of course not, the liberals will get their illegal aliens to vote.

    • hobartneck


  • Swampdrainer

    But…..he’s a Demoncrap and is entitled to “due process”….unlike Conservatives who are guilty no matter what!

    • Living in the Times

      Love your name and avatar!

  • …remain calm and return fire

    that’s called enabling…..Pelosi is an accessory to abuse…she must resign.

    • hobartneck

      Jeez; don’t hold your breath !!

      • …remain calm and return fire

        her female colleagues must demand Pelosi’s resignation otherwise their protests are shallow

        • Sergio Bungholio

          Who? Gildebrand? The majority of them are just as complicit as sloppy choppers

          • …remain calm and return fire

            true, but they have to keep the sham up

    • zeitgeist

      This statement is irrefutable!

    • Sane_Person37

      She was probably hoping to be a willing victim.

      • …remain calm and return fire

        the other side of the witch hunt…

      • Stan Thompson

        Yeah I think you hit that one right on the head, it’s been a while since she got lucky. It never happened to her because she knows she’s pretty much wilted up and used but she could hope for it, nobody’s paying her any attention.
        So sad. .

        • Sane_Person37

          Those that scream the loudest.

        • jill

          She is under the Trump curse….watch what is going to happen to her…pay attention…. God is tired of this mess.

        • Twinkle Toes

          Ewe gross 😖

        • Bama Bill

          I think “Has not happened very often lately” might be more correct? I can’t believe what some people will do under the guise of “Sex”.

    • Scott Vance, CPA, CGMA

      AMEN is is on eof the BIGGEST SWAMP RATS

    • “I’m a Rooster!”

      A fine, upstanding women such as herself is again verified as a charlatan.

    • disqus_Rb9KvZy7uC

      sounds good she has allot to answer for !

    • Russ

      Actually she makes it easy for President Trump with her nonsensical remarks.

      • Twinkle Toes

        You are very polite I was thinking “ignorant remarks”

    • kaiju

      This fossil can’t remember where she is from one minute to the next. If she still knows anything about anything I’d be surprised.

    • chatty cathy

      She should. She won’t though. She’s a crazy woman.

      • jill

        She may just get crazier too. God is tired of all this mess. He knows how to handle her without her even knowing what is happening, Hillary is another one that He is working on. God is cleaning up America. America is God’s country and he has chosen President Trump to work thorough. Slander President Trump and you bring a curse on yourself from God Almighty. Now that’s scary. I definitely don’t want God after me! I purpose in my heart to keep my mouth shut about the Trump administration. You might want to think about that one. Megan Kelly is an example….

        • Twinkle Toes

          I think HRCs health is going down and I don’t think she has the energy or capacity to be president. Thank GOD, we have President DJT.

    • Varangian Guard

      Being incompetent and bat shyte crazy certainly hasn’t gotten her ousted, I’m doubting that being complicit will do anything

  • Sylvia Avila

    No Surprise their! Pelosi lies about everything she says. She has become very untrustworthy! I just want to know about this slush fund, the Dems had to pay off their victim’s? Who is on that list? They used Tax payer money? Yes, Pelosi knew about it and went along with the whole plan. Time to really clean the swamp. Pelosi and her gang of very corrupt criminals all need to go!! NOW!!

    • Lensgrinder

      You know you can tell when she’s lying, her lips are moving

      • No Mas

        Do her lips move with all that “upgrade skin stretching” lol

        • chatty cathy


      • Sylvia Avila

        Yes, she seems to lie the minute she gets up! she really needs to go, she is part of the Swamp!!!

        • lastconservative

          I agree but San Fruitsicko will just put in another uber wacko nutcase.

      • Dalsaint

        @Lensgrinder…. now that was funny.

      • chatty cathy

        Lol..if you can even get a grip on what she thinks she’s trying to say!!

    • jill

      Not only do they need to go but should be punished. They used tax payer money to pay for their sex act? No, make them pay it back with interest. Cut their retirement fund and insurance out. Flash their faces on billboards stating crime and make it a felon under house arrest with ankle bracelet for years. They swore to honor the constitution, did they? That is what they do and have done to many American’s. Send them to the street without any help from the American people. Make it hurt. That is what they are doing to American citizens. Cutting health care services for our veteran’s and older folks who have fought for the country and worked a lifetime to pay for something such as this? Millions paid out to cover the sins of the above the law perverts. Shame…Make them pay in the most disgraceful way.

      • Sylvia Avila

        Yes, you are so right! We the American people are tired of all the lies and corruption in our so called Government. Time to Stop! their madness!

  • AtomicFury

    The moral compass of any Democrat always points below the belt.

  • FLLoeffler

    What more can you expect from the democrat party? This proves in one way they are better than the Republicans!!!! They stick together! The Republican party, My party for fifty years, is like a multiheaded snake! The elite never Turmpers and then there are those of us that want to see this country move ahead!

  • HillCountryTexas

    The grandmother believes and shows the belief in the thought, “The ends justify the means”. We see this over and over again. If the Democratic leadership thought that a republican would replace any of these sexual harassers, then they would not be pressured to step down. All about maintaining the numbers.

  • Bill Smith 999935

    Anything to keep that seat in Congress.

  • Will Fish 4 Trout

    Draining The Swamp, One RAT at a time! #MAGA

    • All American

      How rewarding!! Drip, drip, drip⬇️
      🇺🇸MAGA MASA🇺🇸

    • Bama Bill

      That will take forever! Drop in a few “Daisycutters” and get it over with!

  • C B

    The Liberals are eating each other . Their Party is fragmenting . A few think the sacrificing will cross the isle . That’s a Joke ! At this point we have to look at this ! What are the Liberals going to name their New Party and who is going to be their Leader ???

    • No Mas

      Gillibrand is sure trying to take over.. she suckled on the Clintons tee tees and now has her own pant suits…

    • All American

      Most don’t know what the word “Leader” means. Those that comprehend the meaning are few and far between!

  • Legion

    Pelosi’s head is getting closer to being on the chopping block

    • Aldo

      I CAN’T wait !!!!

    • Flagfriend

      She absolutely needs to stay. The implosion will continue with her at the helm, and the credibility of virtually every democratic lawmaker continues to be in question as long as no changes are made. If she is replaced with some squeaky clean youngster who has no baggage and talks a good line, then focus will return to the GOP, and that would not be a good thing.