Puerto Rico Utility Chief Resigns as Island Works to Restore Power

Puerto Rico’s electric power authority chief, Ricardo Ramos, resigns after the territory’s governor declared power restored to 50 percent of the island. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa, File)

November 18, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The head of Puerto Rico’s electric power authority is stepping down amid questions about the island’s slow repairs following Hurricane Maria.

Ricardo Ramos resigned Friday, just days after the governor declared power had been restored to 50 percent of the island. The executive came under fire after he approved a $300 Million dollar contract with a small energy company to repair the island’s damaged grid.

Ramos reportedly said his decision to resign was personal and unrelated to recent media coverage.

However, sources say the island’s governor was frustrated with Ramos, reportedly calling him a “distraction” and saying his position was “unsustainable.”

  • Johnny G.

    So, what happens when all is done and fixed? Should we trade the whole island population for another country? Maybe someone else would do a better job of running an island like PR.

  • Tom

    Repeal all welfare and affirmative action.

  • Mr. Maga

    so let me get this straight. you’re telling him to fire the company that he hired to fix the problem, and now you’re mad that it isn’t getting done fast enough??? yup, these tools are a bunch of hillary voters.

  • landy fincannon

    I have to admit the first deal had the smell of nepotism

  • JR

    What is funny is that in every disaster you have all politicians claiming that the right thing to do is to cut red-tape. Well, cutting red-tape means no-bid expensive contracts. The Whitefish crews were in the island in very little time, with their own equipment. That is never going to look cheap.

    Let PR fix itself. The emergency is over. The only long-term solution there is for them to allow the free market to work.

  • Kelly Hardy

    I didn’t realize how lefties those folks are…they need to be working to help themselves instead of mouthing off to those providing handouts…

    • Jack Steffen

      PR is a liberal Dem stronghold, just like Chicago or Detroit, with similar corruption, financial malfeasance, etc.

  • R.L.

    As always leftists just resign. No punishment , no penalties.

  • …remain calm and return fire

    he probably reached his siphoning off cash goal so now he can retire to Hawaii….sweet


    No difference between PR and our largest cities who have embraced corrupt Socialist Democrat policies and governments for decades, driven themselves into insolvency and the foolish misguided citizens suffer the consequences. US & PR citizens, take back your country!

    • elevenoclock

      The problems in cities is lack of real news. The people only see and hear the liberal news stations that keep telling them things are wonderful.

      They rarely tell the voters about the real crime stats, and the State of the Union successes under President Trump.

      After being forced to move my parents from N.Y. to a better place, I was forced to endure the fake crap news for 3 days. I felt like I was in a third world communist state being fed the news the State wanted people to hear.

      • Jack Steffen

        My son plans on moving to Albany NY soon. I would try to talk him out of it, but sometimes people have to be allowed to make their own mistakes.

  • Disgusted Caucasian

    I’d like to know just why the hell do we possess that corrupt POS island? It does nothing for us yet it sits in the middle of hurricane alley and is a huge financial liability.

    • ElKabong453

      It’s a tax dodge.

    • Jack Steffen

      Corporations love PR because it’s a commonwealth and not an actual US state, therefore it has no state income taxes, state corporate taxes, regulatory bodies, licensing agencies etc.

      • Dan

        Virginia is a commonwealth sooo…

        • Jack Steffen

          That’s just a name in VA. Sort of like “The Democratic Republic of North Korea”. PR is a commonwealth – a quasi-independent entity that occupies a shadowy gray area between statehood and independence.

      • Claude Burgess

        Corporations used to love PR when they offered tax incentives, but they don’t anymore. PR absolutely has state income taxes, state corporate taxes, regulatory bodies and licensing agencies…Actually, too much and too many, that’s the problem.

        • Jack Steffen

          How can they have these when they are not a state, and don’t have a voting member in Congress? Yes, they likely have taxes for certain, but they aren’t state taxes.

          • Living_The_Dream

            Puerto Rico’s government imposes their own set of taxes, which is extremely high. I lived in PR from 1996 to 1999, while stationed there in the Navy. Our civilian contractors were given a deal from their company, that the contractors would only pay the taxes up to what they would normally pay if they lived in Virginia, and the company would cover the rest. “Highway robbery” at it’s best on that little island, but the U.S. federal gov’t gets no support from them. The PR politicians keep it all, and they’re still a financial mess.

    • Jack Steffen

      Also, PR was the “spoils of war” when we defeated Spain in 1898 – that’s how we came to acquire it.

  • Informed

    This post hurricane disaster happened because the Puerto Rican government had and has poor spending priorities. Infrastructure spending to provide reliable water, sewer, and power should come second only to public safety. Every other priority, including education, has be third or later.

  • Varangian Guard

    Any further questions he can be reached at his new palatial pacific estate in Malibu

  • Phil M. Kelley

    Puerto Rico’s local politics is unbelievably corrupt. Witness that during the height of the recovery effort a local boss told the general in charge of distributing relief supplies that everything had to come through the boss, who would then distribute as he saw fit. The general told the boss to go to hell and delivered supplies directly to the areas affected

    • Varangian Guard

      They were sandbagging supplies until the appropriate media coverage was available for a photo op. Once done change locations and do it again providing the illusion of widespread relief.
      At the same time the elites in San Juan had their utilities, power, water, movie theaters, and even had the local McDonalds open. Old San Juan was still making big cash at the popular tourist venues as well.
      The people suffered while their officials put on a show and pretended to care about their constituents. The people are still suffering and now the media is gone, so the PR Gub is just sitting back for recovery quote bribes to further their existence

  • Tado

    Puerto Rico.
    A sink hole.
    A leech.

  • Scott Henke

    Whatever happened to the San Juan Mayor?

    • grandmother5

      Good question. Corrupt Cruz?

  • Twinkle Toes

    Corruption at it’s finest.

  • Pezgun

    It’s hard to be successful at graft when everyone is watching.

    • grandmother5

      That’s hasn’t stop some people.

  • Tommy

    A big growling dog! Ramos doesn’t know whether to scratch his watch or wind up his…

  • Christopher Binkowski

    Time to work – so he just quits.

    • Ldavis2349

      Typical democrat! They only take money – not fix stuff.

  • landy fincannon

    Avarice is common human fault.

    • Rick3

      And one of the ‘seven deadly sins’ (aka Avaritia)

  • Beachguy53

    Puerto Ricans did it to themselves. Keep voting Democrap. Kick them into the sea.

  • Localdude

    …well, I am sure this has something to do with RACISM!…yeh…

  • irjsiq

    Corruption! Seems Ubiquitous to govt’s everywhere! PR has ‘high-graded’ monies from vital infrastructure needs for likely Decades, while taking on incredible debt!
    The USA will sink under Our Debt, when Interest rates rise, which they will!

    • JR

      You are right. Govt everywhere is inherently corrupt. When we have been hit by a Cat 3 or 4 hurricanes our own mismanagement and corruption has been exposed.