Trump Talks Tough on Iran in Meeting with Italian PM

April 20, 2017

Washington, D.C. – Trey Yingst, OAN Chief White House Correspondent

During a press conference with Italy’s Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni on Thursday, President Trump indicated that he plans to hold Iran accountable for failing to live up to the nuclear deal forged under the Obama administration.

The deal was put in place to reduce the nuclear capabilities of Iran. Each month the US government reviews how well the Iranians are doing and issues an internal update to the State Department.

While President Trump did not indicate the status of the most recent review, he said the Iranians are not fulfilling their end of the bargain.

“Iran has not lived up to the spirit of the agreement.  And they have to do that,” President Trump said.

During the campaign, then candidate Trump was an outspoken critic of the nuclear deal, saying that the Iranians would not actually be getting rid of their nuclear capabilities.

Standing alongside the Italian Prime Minister Thursday, Trump appeared to double down on his views surrounding the agreement.

“As far as Iran is concerned, I think they are doing a tremendous disservice to an agreement that was signed,” President Trump said.

In addition to discussing the issue of Iran, President Trump brought up the fight against ISIS, the G7 summit and Italy’s commitment to paying 2% of it’s GDP to NATO.

President Trump is slated to travel to Italy next month, where he will meet again with Gentiloni and other US allies from around the globe.



  • Janey Carter

    Time to kick some butt!

  • golfnutt8

    Just found out about One America News from a colleague at work. It is refreshing to find unadulterated news that isn’t politically biased by outside sources

  • Mike Blake


    You are a breath of fresh air. From what I can tell so far, your reporting is about as factual as possible and you don;t tell us how we should think.

  • John C Raby

    I am gratified that the jackass liberals haven’t found this sanctuary news lout let for normal people. It is refreshing that there is normal healthy conversation taking place here.

    • R A.

      All articles by Trey Yingst are awesome; so refreshing – not from Reuters!
      Thanks Trey – you are a wonderful journalist and I love reading your articles here.

  • perfecto fernandez

    He has been trying to do everything that he promised during his campaign. He is a sincere man to his words.

  • Peter Starken


  • Janey Carter

    I hope he sticks to his word. Iran sponsors terrorism and we don’t want any more terrorist here.

  • Jay

    And no more pizza in my hotels says Herr Trump”

    • R A.

      You remind me of a wart.
      Never know when you might show up.
      But unlike warts, you ALWAYS seem to show up whenever PRESIDENT Trump’s name is mentioned.

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