President Trump: Scalise “In Some Trouble”. Praying For Victims

June 15, 2017

Washington, DC – Kendall Forward, OAN Political Correspondent

The rare act of political violence Wednesday, disrupted one of Washington’s few remaining bipartisan traditions — the Congressional Charity Baseball Game.

Thought the game will go on, Majority Whip Steve Scalise, remains in critical condition at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, a level 1 trauma center.

Two other victims are also recovering. Matt Mika, a Tysons Food lobbyist was shot multiple times. His condition has been updated from critical to stable.

Crystal Griner, one of the responding Capitol Police Officers, was shot in the ankle. Capitol Police say she is in good condition and did not sustain any life-threatening injuries.

Scalise underwent his third surgery Thursday, which was anticipated when he first came into the hospital.

He sustained a single rifle shot to his left hip. According to MedStar Washington, the bullet traveled across his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs, and causing severe bleeding.

After his visit to the Congressman’s bedside, who he called a “true friend and patriot,” President Trump tweeted, “Rep. Steve Scalise, one of the truly great people, is in very tough shape – but he is a real fighter. Pray for Steve!”

Later, President Trump said, “it’s much more serious than we thought. He’s in some trouble.” The President also credited Scalise for bringing unity to the country.

Scalise has received an outpouring of prayers from members of both parties.

Thursday morning, Minority Leader held back tears while she opened her press conference with prayers for the Whip saying, “our hearts are broken over the assault that was made really over all of us but personally over what happened over what happened to Steve Scalise.”

  • Thursday morning, Minority Leader held back tears while she opened her press conference with prayers for the Whip saying, “our hearts are broken over the assault that was made really over all of us but personally over what happened over what happened to Steve Scalise.”

    Waydaminit! Pelosi thinks that the democrat who target republicans and nearly killed Scalese was an assault on “all of us” congress critters? She’s evidently suffering from dementia.

  • anne stromberg

    Many many people are guilty of sedition. Read the Sedition Act. IMMEDIATELY bring a few of hose who are clearly guilty up on charges and we will see the others run for cover and FINALLY our president can concentrate on what he was elected to do. WHY ISN”T OUR JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OR FBI doing something NOW?

  • Grant

    Progs are cancer.

  • Durak

    Political violence is getting much less rare.

  • Tado

    Seriously serious?
    Bernie Sanders should be incarcerated.

  • turnipweed

    Scalise is out of ICU, why is this article still up?

  • Tado

    “One less egg to fry…”

  • granddad1

    All crimes of violence are hate crimes!

  • Stacie Stevens Markham

    These morons should be charged with a hate crime. Kathy Griffin is where I would begin…Madonna would be next on my list. And then I’d set my sights (no pun intended, or is there?) on Stephen Colbert. Mark Ruffalo is a hate inciting moron who should be promptly shut down. Or maybe we’ll all just get lucky and the big one will hit Hollywood? Preferably at one of their elitist, self congratulating, progressive hate fests where they’re all gathered together under one roof.

  • a voice of concern

    Thank you President Trump. You are the most stable and genuine person living in DC right now.
    The dems have reached the end of their highly agitated state of confusion!
    Incompetent people not only never know that they are incompetent AND they never seem to comprehend the difference between professional’s being patient and a Lack of Fortitude with absolute resolve.
    Just because they have purposely motivated their unhinged supporters to commit assassinations doesn’t mean they themselves are exempt from being assassinated.
    Once the ILLEGAL population is reduced to eliminate the 2 to 3% voting advantage on the two coasts, the dems will be all be thrown into the dumpster of history.


  • iwish

    If Scalise is in the same hospital that Seth Rich was in for a simple bullet wound, which the dr. said it was not life threatening then his family should have him flown to a good hospital.

  • BHB

    Unfortunately, it is hard for bullet wounds to ever heal completely. Scalise and the others were victims of lies spread by CNN and the rest of the false news media as much as the nut that fired the shots. Probably more so. How can people at least try to get some payback? Perhaps the fun cure for problems like false and inciting news stories is to create a website that shows networks, media personalities, advertisers and falsehoods. Then, label products with nicknames that describe what they are, such as Socialist Ketchup, Gun Confiscating Detergent, etc. Then buy products that advertise without such nonsense and follow normal American outlooks. Track sales statistics and hope for declines in CNN sponsor sales. There is no more reason to subsidize media enemies that there is to give food to North Korea or cash to Iran.

  • Harry Wheeler

    Scalise was not the closest Republican to the shooter, the 3rd baseman was. Scalise was playing 2nd base. Scalise was working on hard on tough laws to take down child and human trafficking. Is there a connection? If the shooter wanted Republicans he would have shot the short stop, 3rd baseman, pitcher first. They were closest to him.

  • Donald York

    Prayers for Congressman Scalise and the others injured. I pray for those who display all this hate towards those that they don’t agree, and, finally, i pray for me.

  • tj Hessmond

    This is the result of replacing journalism with Applied Dialectics. What used to be news has become ideological subversion. It’s good to observe other news sources such as OAN, who are not focused upon Antithetical Warfare.

    Until the current media is no longer party to ideological subversion, America will continue to witness subverted radicals such as Mr Hodgkinson perform similar or worse acts. Ideologically subverted radicals are no longer rational nor reasonable thinking individuals. They become warriors (soldiers) fighting a war in antithesis against the identified enemy (the Thesis). In their subverted mind they are completely justified in their efforts as a soldier to fight against the enemy and to destroy that enemy any time any where and with any means.

    The first amendment does not provide the media the authority of subversion in antithetical warfare. Antithetical warfare and ideological subversion are warfare tactics and should be viewed harshly and narrowly as such. Media who engages in such tactics, should no longer be classfied as “the press” and therefore not protected under the constitution as such.

    • Pezgun

      Well said. The 4th estate is indeed a 5th Column.

    • Ken R.

      The authors of the Constitution and Bill of Rights were not capable – not even the two famous inventors among them, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson – of envisioning the degree of power possessed by modern broadcast media. If they were, I think the First Amendment might have been written differently.

  • Margaret Keller

    I am praying for Scalise

  • Margaret Keller

    I am praying for Scalice.

  • Freethinker00

    The left is bigger threat to average Americans​ then radical Muslims. Not that I am surprised. Government is there God.

  • Freethinker00

    This left wing violence has to stop!! Release the secret service on these fools!!

  • Ronald Allen Hudson

    Hasn’t this gone far enough? We need to get behind President Trump and stop this nonsense.

  • olcurmudgeon

    Dear Republican: Here is That Apology You Keep Asking For:

    To those Republicans demanding an apology after the senseless and horrifying shooting in Virginia, here you go:

    1. I’m sorry that your mindless support of the NRA and its goal to
    put a gun in the hands of every American has, no pun intended,
    backfired. I’m sorry that someone exercised their “second amendment
    remedies” against you, which must come as a surprise given your advocacy
    that it be used exclusively against Democrats and progressives. I’m
    sorry that because of you, a person with a history of domestic violence
    and/or mental illness is not restricted from owning a gun.

    2. I’m sorry that your callous disrespect for the last duly elected
    President, who won both the popular and electoral votes, has been
    turned against your man. That, while still far short of screaming “you
    lie” at a Presidential address before a joint session of Congress, you
    feel as though your man is on the receiving end of scorn and ridicule.
    That you denigrated the office of the President, forgetting that at some
    point you might occupy said office. The proverbial chickens have come
    home to roost.

    3. I’m sorry that you have been so successful in destroying public
    trust in the government and its relevance in the lives of ordinary
    Americans that people feel like violence is the only way to have their
    voice heard.

    4. I’m sorry that you have supported a man that pressed hard for a
    healthcare plan that is, in his own words, “mean” and “hurtful,” and
    which will deny healthcare to millions of needy Americans.

    5. I’m sorry that you turned a blind eye, knowing all that you
    knew, to the fact that you were consciously electing a perjurer, thief,
    compulsive liar, and an admitted sexual abuser. A failed businessman
    who has sold you the most vile jar of “nothing” imaginable.

    6. I’m sorry that you have reset your moral compass to align with a
    man who has no moral fiber in his being. Who has demonstrated that he
    has no commitment to the institution of marriage, which you
    superficially value so much you would deny its benefit to people whose
    lifestyle brings you discomfort.

    7. I’m sorry your party did not have the political backbone to
    stand up to self-serving narcissist whose primary goal is clearly to
    benefit himself and his family, at the expense of the American people.

    So there is your apology. Choke on it.

    • jc Dalia

      Dear Deluded Democrat: Thank you for your non-apology. We appreciate how effectively you listed and prove our opinions of you.

    • Sure, Not

      Clearly copied and pasted from a fellow kool-aid drinker, but for fun, let’s take it point by point.

      1) The NRA has repeatedly backed restrictions on gun ownership for dangerous, mentally-ill persons. Have a look at the last 40-50 issues of American Rifleman and you’ll see.

      2) Wait, so shooting people and dismembering effigies “falls far short” of calling someone a liar, even on the floor of congress?

      3) BLM started on Obama’s watch, not as a result of the Trump election. I celebrate the cause of BLM, but there is an unfortunate trend to violence in those rallies.

      4) (Tempted to skip this one altogether on the basis of not responding to nonsense, but…) no health care plan discussed in recent memory has denied anyone’s right to health care. The current shell game is essentially a question of who pays for it.

      5-7) None of these have anything to do with the incident in question, unless your argument is that Republican congressmen deserve to get shot because of the President’s character. If so… I think you owe us an apology.

      Choke on that.

    • Visualverbs

      Dear Liberal Fascist Democrat,


      Everyone with a Brain

      • cat fishing

        lol well thats another way to say it! lol

    • BHB

      You have bought into the same foolishness that got the Sanders supporter to commit attempted murder. What kind of idiot thinks that somehow the hate-motivated rifle shooter is representative of the NRA members or conservatives and not more representative of Sanders’ people or liberals n general? Think about it. If the millions of NRA members were in any way inclined to commit violent acts like the Democrat in the Dug out, you would know it my now.

      Look at the liberal shooter’s admitted motivations, look who put them there and look at the disregard for truth. Wise up.

    • Pat S.

      Well he got one thing right….he is a SORRY individual.

    • Pezgun

      Speaking of choking on it, just because it doesn’t specifically tell you not to eat Koolaid straight from the package doesn’t mean it’s recommended. No apology needed nor quarter asked … or given. Our turn to apologise will come as well. Hopefully, we’ll be able to match your astonishing level of sincerity.

  • jc Dalia

    Simply awful. I figured something worse considering Scalise remained “critical”.
    The lying, instigating MSM, “celebrities” (yuck), and leftist democrats own this. They have glorified and supported this level of anarchy and violence.
    Ardent prayers for the victims.

    • olcurmudgeon

      Yeah, nice story bro. Remember when a bunch of little kids were
      murdered in school? Wonder how the survivors feel about going to school.
      Oh, I get it, you don’t care about them, they are “fake victims”.

      Its not the left who has been glorifying violence and “watering the tree of Liberty” or thinking about using 2nd Amendment rights all of the violent crap the right is famous for…and now that one of you has been injured we should all feel so bad .

      Projection is your MO try some truth for a change. all one needs to do is point to Byron Williams, Eric Rudolph, Frazier Glenn miller, Gordon Kahl, Jarad and Amanda Miller, Wade Michael Page, James Von Brunn, Scott Roeder, Jim David Atkisson….om and on

      • jc Dalia

        Your comment, absurdly misguided and dishonest, deserves no retort.

      • cat fishing

        someone needs to pray for you! I am not a religious person.. but WOW you have got to stop listening to the main stream media.. go search web news.. and go search for info to support stories and learn how the government is supposed to work .. then see how its rules have been all being circumvented. It makes me sad to see people who really do not see it. This administration has a lot of work to do to get things in working order. The socialist freebie thing is not working.. bigger group TAKING than paying in as baby boomers retire next decade plus.

      • a voice of concern

        It was an NRA member with a GUN who ended most of those atrocities by liberal dems that became unhinged from the vile rhetoric and hate speech from the previous christophobic and anti American president.

      • turnipweed

        OK, just for that nonsense, I’m praying for you. I hope you don’t melt.

  • thank u

    PLEASE PRAY AND POTUS SEND SURGEONS TO GUARD HIM 24/7 with 2 of you’re trusted surgeons there together. HAVE the power to override others. This is the same hospital Seth Rich ” died ” at. If you are not aware of the surgeon, that first attended Seth, and his statement .. i implore you to find it.

    • Spud51

      I have the same reservations about this hospital, but knowing that Seth Rich died there just makes me more uncomfortable about the situation; I think that your recommendation to the President is an excellent one.!! My prayers for Steve and his family.!!!

  • Trumpkin

    I am happy to hear the other victims are going to be fine. I will continue to pray for the Congressman Scalice and his family. I believe President Trump is sincere with his concern for the Congressman, as for the swamp dwellers…..your dog and pony shows aren’t fooling anyone. Bernie Sanders (and all the other power at any cost politicans) should be charged with accessory to a hate crime.


      All this “HATE CRIME” talk and actions should have been resolved as soon as they were presented…..Starting with Madonna and her threat to blow up everybody in the White House.

      But by letting her get away with that just allowed or rather encouraged all those other NUT CASES to start spewing their EVIL…Example: That Griffin broad…..OMG! And then that God awful play.
      It is waaaay past the time to STOP all this HATE……Way past!

      And Yes, Trumpkin……CYBER Prayers are being sent to Congressman Scalice and all others that were hurt in this horrible attack.

      • Trumpkin

        I totally agree, especially with that Kathy Griffin. WTF. Really this lady needs a therapist. Anyway, to tell you the truth I don’t see the relevance in hate crimes. Do people commit crimes because they love the victim? To me murder is murder. You take a loved one from someone that’s it. Adding a title to it does nothing. Seeing what goes on with the government, if this was reversed you know President Trump would be totally crucified. I should have communicated it better the first time. Thanks!

        • thank u

          Trumpkin, I agree and suggest charges be filed. in fact at the wh site u may wish to look at some petitions on this and other things. Sadly, a therapist won’t help her, she holds ‘ideals’ of the left and a cry for more attention. She so got that, thanks to our outcries. Madonna should imho, be prosecuted.

        • Augen Hund

          Kathy Griffin is irredeemable, IMO. She is well known for vindictive, classless opinions.
          The unfunny comedienne.

          • Areminder

            The left is full of them.

          • Ken R.

            I was successfully ignoring her until all this happened. Probably too many people were, (in her opinion). This was an attention-getting move and it worked. She probably figured that the people whom it offended weren’t fans anyway, (being conservatives), and that those who were fans wouldn’t be that greatly offended because they were already anti-Trump.

        • Tom P.

          Kathy Griffin is a symptom of the Leftist Cancer in our country (and in the world). She is an outgrowth of that cancer.

          We need more sources like OANN. Fox News has been emasculated.

        • BHB

          Griffin said she only pulled off the head stunt to be funny. It hurt her pocket. So, that is the funny part.

          The fact that her sick anti-Trump stunt cost her is a political and social sea change. Now people are getting sick of that stuff and the payback begins.

        • Ken R.

          “Do people commit crimes because they love the victim?” The French would say, “yes.” Sometimes. They have a legal category of “crimes passionelles,” crimes of passion.

          • Trumpkin

            Thanks for your response! Take Care and God Bless!

      • tj Hessmond

        It’s not a Hate crime…. Mr Hodgkinson was a subverted radical, who underwent the identical subversion tactics as those use upon what are coined “terrorists”. Individuals who have been subverted to the point they become Zealot (radical) are no longer sain nor reasonable people. Therefore, attempts to reason with such Subverted (Zealots/Radicals) is futile in most cases.

        A prime example of such ideological subversion via Applied Dialectics, is the antithetical war waged against the Jews by the 3rd Reich. Gobbles ministry in much like key American media today, who have the same purpose (subvert Americans), Move those subverted to create a state of crisis via acts of War.

        The end result of Applied Dialectics and ideological subversion is always to Destroy the Thesis via Antithetical war. In the case of the 3rd Reich 6 million Jews (men women and children) were slaughtered (Thesis destroyed). If American Republicans think their lot to be any different than that of the Jews, they will find themselves dead wrong.

        Let the Antethical War continue, and many masses will eventually suffer the same fate as Mr Hodgkinson and Senator Scalice

        • Ken R.

          Interesting ideas. I don’t blame you for having trouble with spelling “Goebbels.” I know how to spell it but I’ve never been sure how to pronounce it. Fortunately I rarely have to. No one I know talks about him. Suits me.

      • gmailjerry

        we will have to send Sean Penn to give her another beating and tie her up for 3 more days in a chair if she opens her mouth.