President Trump Looks for New ‘Path Forward’ in Afghanistan

President Donald Trump waves while boarding Air Force One at Morristown Municipal Airport, Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017, in Morristown, N.J., for the return flight to the Washington area. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

August 21, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The Trump Administration is hours away from announcing a possible change-in-strategy in both Afghanistan and Southeast Asia.

President Trump will give a prime-time address on Monday evening about his plans for Afghanistan and South Asia.

This happens after the President discussed the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan with his national security team on Friday at Camp David.

The group reportedly came to a decision after a rigorous review process.

The President’s address will be delivered from Fort Myer in Virginia at 9 p.m. Eastern.

  • whoselineisitanyway

    I really tried to get through all comments, but my brain is tired.

  • cdb

    President Trump has already created a new path forward for our troops. First off he eliminated the asinine rules of engagement Obama put in place. Our soldiers no longer have to stand by and be shot at, before they can defend themselves. If someone does fire at them, they are no longer limited to responding with equal or lesser force. In a nut shell, our soldiers can fight a war instead of being police officers standing around as targets. Obama and his asinine rules cost us hundreds of soldiers being wounded, and killed, all to appease his muslims buddies.

  • I find it interesting that since the president’s decision to move forward in Afghanistan, that the RINO’s are now backing him along with Pence. Odd, considering what they were saying just days ago. There’s more of this to come that we still don’t know. Maybe, Trump said give me the wall and I’ll give you your ground troops. We shall see.

  • acoolone

    It’s a sad day in America when the American people can’t express their views because left wing news propaganda stations only want their view to be heard. The best way to shut people up is to shut them out. And that is what so -called news stations like MSNBC, and other so-called feeds like MS are doing. Also many so-called news feeds that have popped up like Salon and others will not let you respond to their stories. Look for this to get worst next year. The reason is because the Democrats are in big trouble in the 2018 election. 28 Democrats are up for re-election, I look for 5 or more to lose their seats. These left wing news outlets are going to do anything they can to support these Democrats.

  • Javanne

    Finally! A president who recognizes the axiomatic statement “there is no substitute for victory.”

  • Javanne

    Thankfully, Gen Douglas McArthur’s legacy has finally been revived.

  • eladtoor

    The problem with the President letting the Generals decide how to conduct all our wars, is that the Generals are going to decide that those nations whose leaders live in plush, grand palaces, are ‘terrorist’ countries, whose palaces are going to make great headquarters for the Generals after they start the wars against the ‘terrorists’.
    Just as they did in Iraq, where ‘our’ Generals slept in pillow-top beds measured in acreage, and gave speeches about the ‘hardships’ of war from the tops of massive marble staircases leading down from their bedroom suites to their disco-styled barrooms surrounding their indoor Olympic-sized swimming pools..
    So lookout, Monaco, as I’ve been predicting for years, it’s only a matter of time before we start a war with Monaco. First, because it’s a war we’re almost certain to win, no matter how many eff-ups our Generals make (since Monaco has no army), and second, because the palaces and casinos will make comfortable ‘barracks’ for our General Officers.
    And so the “War Against Terror”, and “For The Pentagon and the .1%ers” will continue, endlessly.

    • eladtoor

      (And if the world ever runs out of ‘terrorists’, the Pentagon and the .1%ers will be sure to create or imagine more, since their deals are so lucrative and essential for their survival)

  • CitizenKane

    I suspect that P Trump is giving Mattis/Tillerson time and support to
    try a new approach. With very clear internal understanding that if it
    doesn’t work, we are out!

    This is not subliminal submission to his generals. .

    P Trump is supporting his guys which is what any CEO will do – up to the point in time that what they are doing isn’t working.

    Trump did same with Ryan and McConnell………………..

    This is how a CEO operates; he listens to the people he has hired. Until their advice doesn’t work.

  • …remain calm and return fire

    Executives delegate, Trump has delegated his presidency to McMaster, Kushner, and Ivanka…..and who knows who else

  • jarheadwife

    We don’t need more troops there…We don’t even need the ones we have there already. Erik (the) Prince wants to privatize it…he knows full well US operations have been privatized since he, the Bushes/Clintons/cia and their contractors have been there growing the drug/arms trade, oil pipeline …who the heck do you think has been getting those trillions, they have. Along with pentagon peacocks, not troops who have died and been maimed though the slog that was never meant to be won in the first place. They have lied to us enough. We all know what this ‘war’ is really about. There is NO war there. The Prince is wrong and so is Trump right now. Enough…no more troops and bring home the ones there now. Send in Erik, his family, Senate and Congress, their family, the Clintons, Bushes and Obamas, Trumps and his family…we have had enough of lining the pockets of these globalist death dealers.

  • cipher7836 .

    I’m confused. Is there a goal to our efforts in the Middle East? I thought I knew what we were doing there but I’m not sure anymore. My heart goes out to the military and their families. I keep thinking that this reminds me of Vietnam. So please know that I’m not trying to be a jerk, and I guess I’m showing my ignorance but I think a lot of Americans feel the same: what are we doing there now? What would a victory look like? What’s our goal?

  • Jules

    Thanks President Trump for supporting our troops still over there with minimal resources. We must defeat and obliterate ISIS. Wishing won’t make it happen.

  • Billy Bones

    Check out the speech on CSPAN

  • the3rdmanhearsall

    I am tired of our men and women protecting and dying for goat humpers, poppy growers and terrorist that are raised to hate everything that stands for freedom and not for the butcher Mohammed .
    We are not ever going to leave that sewer…Our unborn children and grandchildren will be protecting these creatures I would gladly neutron bomb every man woman and child of them off the face of the earth.

  • …remain calm and return fire

    curious, Trump didn’t do any analysis or have a plan when he campaigned to stop pouring our blood and cash in to that hell hole?

  • …remain calm and return fire

    when does Trump announce he’s closing gitmo? yeeeehaaa!

  • Rafael Ponce

    According to history, for thousands of years there has never been real peace in the region of Afghanistan since before the time of Alexzander the Great. For the last 16 to 17 years, America has spend more time fighting in the region of Afghanistan than all the wars America had fought put together. Just like Vietnam, end the fight and come home we have nothing to gain in Afghanistan. As a 20 year Veteran, who served time in the Middle East, end the War in Afghanistan and bring all those wonderful young people home.

    • Ken R.

      Whatever Trump plans for Afghanistan has to be at least a little smarter than the things that went on under Obama. When Hamid Karzai was their president, he decided he wanted a fully-equipped helicopter like our president’s Marine One. But because export laws prohibited using an American copter, they started with one from Russia. By the time the extra features were all added, it was unable to lift off because its aerodynamic power was insufficient. If that weren’t dumb enough, why would the Afghan president want to fly in a Russian-made helicopter? When he knows from experience that his country is full of mujaheddin conditioned to shoot down anything that looks Soviet and ask questions later?

  • cloudslicer


    What is our objective in Afghanistan?
    What are the responsibilities of its neighbors?
    What are our responsibilities?
    What is a reasonable yardstick for success?

    I demand clarity from senor leadership on this,or else I say we get the F&^%K out of that hell hole consequences be damned.

    • Steve Garay

      These are questions that we should of been asking years ago !!!!

  • CDG

    Ugh. I truly hope the Pentagon Brass have a deeper plan than simply sending 4000 more troops back to the Land that Time Forgot known as Afghanistan. I read elsewhere they want to get troops back in direct combat roles and not for just support or training of the Afghan army. A few troops get killed, the Brass asks for more, a few more are killed, the Brass asks for still more until we are right back at 2010 levels or beyond. This is what took place after the Oct 2001 invasion. The Vietnam war was fought in a similar way against a similar enemy. 1. Trainers, 2. Air bases, 3. Combat troops to protect bases, 4. Combat troops to take the fight to the enemy., repeat ad nauseam…..

    82nd Airborne Division
    OEF 3 2003

    • Monica Sylvester

      Thank you for your service and I’m embarrassed to ask but what is’OEF’ ?

      • jarheadwife

        “Operation Enduring Freedom”

  • jfbtx

    Here’s a thought – does anyone find it interesting how MSN and MSNBC have turned off any ability to post comments on their sites. I think it’s because they like ANTI-FI don’t want anyone to have an opposing view that someone might read. The left has gone off the reservation really. Anti-FI is as anti-freedom as they come. They are all hate groups.

    • All American

      They push propaganda and surely do not want any truth posted that will show who they really are!

    • CitizenKane

      A close buddy is an avid commentator on the NYTs site; he is pro Trump.

      He tells me the comments at NYTs are overwhelming in favor of P Trump on almost every issue – from leaks, collusion, C-ville, Afghanistan, etc.

      Trump supporters are everywhere, and in this day of digital news there is no way the opposition can hide.

      The left maybe able to intimidate us from speaking out in the workplace, public square and elsewhere, but when it comes to internet news they shut themselves out by shutting us out.

      2018 is looking good for The Trump Movement and MAGA.

      God Bless P Trump.

    • Javanne

      Fox seems to have done the same thing.

    • Tim Jacobs

      They didnt do that. I just went to both of those sites and you can comment freely. Sounds like youre spouting fake news. Trying to upset other uneducated republicans. Damn shame.

  • TP

    Time to end it!

  • eladtoor

    Thank ‘goodness’.
    If there is a ‘god’, as soon as today’s eclipse is over, and the world returns from total darkness into light, the entire Trump debacle will disappear, and the US of A will return to semi-sanity.

    • Steve Cihomsky

      You mean the semi-stupidity under Obama… The $9 trillion debt man and the creator of ISIS, and the promoter of racial division???

      • Tim

        Yeah, that guy.

      • eladtoor

        That (anything) was better that the total stupidity since 20 January.
        It’s difficult to believe that anything, even HRC, could have been more effed-up than The Donald.
        Though that’s the way I bet, and took a chance on Trump. It is symptomatic of the failures of the US that those two were the ‘best’ choices for President.

        • ForeverTrump

          Total stupidity? You want total stupidity princess????
          Here ya go!!

          I only heard about Hillary Clintons email account when I saw it on the news.
          The Taliban is not a terrorist organization
          I just heard about Gruber before I came to this press conference.
          We have ebola under control.
          Clapper gave me wrong Intel. It’s his fault.
          I promised to end the war in Iraq and I did.
          I never ordered the Taliban swap it was Hagel
          Not even a smidgeon of corruption
          I only found out about it when I saw it on the news.
          We won’t negotiate with terrorists.
          I will have the most transparent administration in history.
          I have Shovel ready jobs.
          The IRS is not targeting anyone.
          Benghazi was about a movie.
          If I had a son.
          I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.
          You didn’t build that.
          I will restore trust in Government.
          The cops acted stupidly.
          I am not after your guns.
          The Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk.
          It’s not my red line it is the worlds red line.
          Whistle blowers will be protected.
          We got back Every Dime we Used to Rescue the Banks, with interest.
          I will close Gitmo.
          I am not spying on American citizens.
          ObamaCare will be good for America.
          You can keep your family doctor.
          Premiums will be lowered by $2500.
          If you like your plan, you can keep it. Period.
          We’ll put it on C-Span.
          57 states.
          Your taxes will not go up unless you make more than 250K a year.
          I will cut the deficit in half in 3 1/2 years or this will be a one term proposition.
          The recession is over.
          I’m not an ideologue.
          We will get to the bottom of this.
          I will not sign the NDAA bill.
          Reverend Wright
          Bill Ayers
          no lobbyists in my administration.
          I’ll go through the budget line by line.
          Fast And Furious.
          I’ve never met the uncle I used to live with.
          I Barack Hussein Obama pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America

          • eladtoor

            Sounds as though you and HRC have the same genetic structure, and never evolved from single cells.

          • ForeverTrump

            Sounds like you keep talking out your ass. Put a butt plug in princess.

          • eladtoor

            You are obsessed with the word ‘princess’.

            Probably because you yearn to have been born a girl.

            Probably because you keep getting effed-in-the-face.

            Probably because you never wipe the only other place you could get effed.

          • ForeverTrump

            You are a total loser princess. you keep provingh that fact in every pathetic comment your dumb ass makes.

          • All American

            Amen Brother🇺🇸

          • You can’t argue with a commy, you must kill it. It just wants to attack elected officials ON FLAG DAY IN OUR CAPITAL. When will you get it?

          • ForeverTrump

            Believe me, if I could kill that commie he would already be dead. When will YOU get it princess??

          • Stop running real conservatives off this site, “real” conservative.

          • ForeverTrump

            What??? Born stupid or acquired the trait recently?

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          • ForeverTrump

            Ok, you were born stupid. Thanks for letting us know.

          • disqus_YUkN6t8TYO

            and the list can go on! Obama is the worse thing that has ever happened to America, the most corrupt, dishonest worst president America will ever have! He got voted in with over 5 million illegal votes…

          • ForeverTrump

            I agree. Jimmy Carter thanks him for moving him off the bottom.

          • Tim

            Somebody did their homework…….

          • ForeverTrump

            After 8 years of that failure of a president, that stuff is easy to remember. The people of this country better never make another mistake like that again.

          • Dan Clarke

            Let’s also have a look at the murder rates in “sanctuaries”. And then take a look at the “Organizing For America” violence across America. I forget, which U.S. President most recently won the Nobel Peace Prize… does he still go out in public? We’ll be doing a whole lot better when he calls the real President and says “I love America… what can I do to help?”

        • Not A PC Guy

          Your brain is a total eclipse. Nothing to see there. Completely dark.

          • Grateful415

            Above is typical of those that simply cannot face the truth but would all to readily bevieve the Lie!

          • eladtoor

            You attempting to look at my brain is comparable to an idiot who attempts to stare at the sun without special glasses. No wonder you see only darkness, you’ve gone blind.

          • ForeverTrump

            It has a brain?? Could have fooled a lot of us!!

        • Dan Clarke

          Thank you for finding it so easy to be thankful for 500,000 new jobs, $7,000,000,000 in new capital for American business, big holes in the ground in Syria & Pakistan. Please let your village know where you are.

          • eladtoor

            Every ‘new job’, every dollar of ‘capital investment’, means more profit and more money in the pockets of the .1%ers, the con-folks who control and have purchased and effed-up this nation and it’s ‘leaders’. The group which The Donald is groveling to join.
            Those ‘big holes’ are filled with the shredded bodies of women and children, and the hopes and dreams of their families. Their villages are our villages, and vice versa.

          • bwgirl

            Don’t forget 4% GDP!!!

            They said he couldn’t do it, but he did!

        • You are a terrorist and I hope Trump keeps his promise to kill your family since you care not for yourself.

          • eladtoor

            Whatever spawned you was certainly prescient when they (it, whatever) named you. I assume there’s a whole family (colony, gang) of Schmucks. Your condom bills must be enormous to prevent more spawning.
            And I’ll bet you slip and slide all over the place when you have a party.

          • Doesn’t change your fate, toilet paper thief.

          • eladtoor

            Aha! Now I understand. You live in a place where none of the rooms have seats on the toilets, right?

          • No you don’t. No.

          • eladtoor

            I’ll bet you don’t say ‘No’ to the guy who lives in the lower bunk.

          • I don’t think like you. Gross dude. You’re gross.

          • eladtoor

            You could be president…you ‘think’ as The Donald does.

            The BBC reported today that Trump looked directly at the sun, without glasses (And they ran a picture to prove it).

            Jeeez, for the first time in his life, he saw the light, and now he’s blind…..just as you did, and are.

          • I think you need to focus on you for awhile. It shows.

          • eladtoor

            You do not, because you’re obviously not able to, ‘think’.

      • Rafael Ponce

        A men!

    • Don G

      Amazingly Liberals are able to look directly at the eclipse without solar glasses, it is something about the power of their belief and feelings, I don’t fully understand the science behind it. But apparently only liberals can do it, no one else should try or risk permanent damage. (Just a joke, Liberals, please don’t look at the sun!)

      • ForeverTrump

        Let them look. LOLOL!!!!

        • eladtoor

          It’s almost like sunset every day (night), when the big light in the sky goes out!!
          Or like since 20 January, when The Donald blocked all the light, and darkness reigned.

          • Not A PC Guy


          • eladtoor

            (If they wake up, they’ll probably tell you to quit up-ticking yourself)

          • ForeverTrump

            I hate to inform you princess but your obamacare medicaid policy doesnt cover your Trump Derangement Syndrome. You will die from it. LOLOLOL!!!!! GOOD RIDDANCE!!

          • eladtoor

            ‘Scuse’, foreverstupid, see my analysis of your ‘princess’ complex. You’re tiresome…adieu.

          • ForeverTrump

            Excuse me nonadsbore, see my previous comment telling how dumb and
            stupid you are. It holds true now just as it did then. You are as
            pathetic as pathetic gets. Sucks to be you.

        • All American

          They are already blind to much

    • Monica Sylvester

      Yes there is a God; He is keeping the USA safe with Our soldiers and with President Trump guiding us.

      • eladtoor

        Is that the same ‘god’ whose self-appointed ‘representatives’ here on earth rape children? And threaten their parents with hellfire and ‘His’ damnation if they don’t ‘contribute’ enough money in response to their extortion to let His reps live in style in castles and drink fine wines and eat fine foods while they are sexually corrupting their kids?
        Or is your ‘god’ one of the many others, all of them figments of greedy and/or inane men and women, all of them who profess ‘godliness’, while BSing their nefarious ways through life?

        • eladtoor

          PS. If Trump is ‘guiding ‘you, you are also going to need a seeing-eye dog, a hearing-ear dog, a thinking-brain dog, a feeling-heart dog, a morally-aware dog, a people-caring dog, an honesty-loving dog, a BS-detecting dog, and trust and follow them, and only them….. and hope-to-hell that if any of your dogs ever becomes ill, Trump has simultaneously fallen into a deep, deep hole from which he can’t crawl out.

        • Monica Sylvester

          To answer your question, no it’s not the same God.

          • eladtoor

            Thank godness.

          • eladtoor

            Thank ‘godness’.

  • eladtoor

    Attn: Editors: “The group ‘have’?? reportedly ‘came’?? to a ………..?????
    Suggest you hire pre-school graduates, instead of whatever you’re doing.

    • TexanForever

      Interesting that this has been corrected. The new dumbed-down grammer: (Everybody gets an award.)

      He has came,
      He had came,
      He will have came,
      He would have came,

      As editors, words is our business.
      Better men than we have came and went.

      • eladtoor

        I assumpted that they might has considerated that they camed to a havebeen, unproper, nonclusion.
        And has they thunk of going out of whatever business they’re in, and caming into one that have no words, or otherways don’t need no editers?

  • eladtoor

    The Vegas morning line is offering 8 to 5 odds that as Trump starts on his new ‘Path Forward’, he’s gonna fall flat on his face in a pile of his own excrement.

    • STILL TRUMP!!!

      If it’s left up to the Looney left he will, don’t hold your breath.

    • ForeverTrump

      You did exactly that right princess?? Wipe the crap from your face princess.