President Trump Condemns Iran Govt, Calls For Unification Against Regime

President Trump said on Oct. 13 that Iran is not living up to the “spirit” of the nuclear deal that it signed in 2015. (Associated Press/File)

December 30, 2017
OAN Newsroom

President Trump voices his support for Iranian citizens following mass anti-government protests throughout the country.

The President tweeted about the protests on Sunday which have been described as the largest push back against the Iranian regime since 2009.

President Trump also tweeted portions of his address to the U.N. earlier this year, calling out Iran’s government for implementing oppressive policies on its own people.

“The good people of Iran want change, and, other than the vast military power of the United States, that Iran’s people are what their leaders fear the most,” Trump said. “Oppressive regimes cannot endure forever. And the day will come when the Iranian people will face a choice.”

The President’s tweets comes after protests broke out this week in Iran, with demonstrators opposing alleged government corruption and it’s involvement in regional conflicts.

Meanwhile, protests continue for a third day in Iran, despite staged rallies sponsored by the state.

An Iranian news agency said nearly 70 students threw rocks at police, and chanted ‘death to the dictator’ on Saturday in front of Tehran University.

High unemployment, inflation, and government corruption have fueled the protests which broke out Thursday.

Political demonstrations are rare in Iran, and officials are usually called to stop violent crowds.

President Trump tweeted support for the protestors Friday, saying the Iranian government should respect their people’s rights.

  • Javanne

    If Trump can provide material assistance to the Iranian resistors both in and out of the country, and make credible promises to support them both during the rebellion and after, these protests will morph into what happened in Syria, but with better results. The Russians will stand back if he tells them under the rose that the US views the mullahs as becoming an existential threat to the US, and will let nothing stand in the way of the US goal of destroying that regime. That smacks of the Cuban missile crisis which Kennedy handled so admirably at the risk of WW III, but I don’t think the Russians would be any more willing to go that far over Iran than they were over Cuba as long as they do not see the US threatening their Syrian base.

  • NotSure

    High unemployment, inflation, and government corruption have fueled the protests which broke out Thursday. Seems to be an epidemic from socialist and communist nations.
    Thank-you Trump, I am sure your words are encouraging to the Iranians since the U.S. has been so silent for the better part of the last ten years.

  • PatriotInk

    Romanian dictator Ceausescu was giving one of his lying speeches when he heard a disturbance from behind the crowd. The noise, and the people making it were his military that had joined the Romanian people against that ruthless genocidal maniac. They took down all of his security, arrested him along with his equally malignant wife, tried them, and immediately executed them by firing squad. THAT is what this citizen wants to see in Iran with their sick Mullahs, and their authoritarian maggots.

  • C B

    A good Iranian is one that lives in Iran or one that goes back to Iran ……………

  • shafawn

    President Trump is what true American leadership should look like.

    • NotSure

      It is the closest thing we have seen since thirty years. He is doing a bang up job in my book

      • shafawn


  • JL Ziegler

    I thank The Good Lord that Trump is in power. You rock President Trump, even [most] Iranians love you. They cannot say it or they get their head cut off, but secretly stars in their eyes. As stated, the whole world is watching.

  • Richard

    Barack Obama allowed the terror
    group Hezbollah to sell $200 million in cocaine annually in American
    cities to facilitate Iran nuclear deal.
    Multiple DEA agents speaking anonymously to Politico have
    confirmed that Team Obama spent eight years derailing a multi-agency
    investigation targeting Hezbollah, in order to facilitate the
    disastrous Iran nuclear deal.

    In a nutshell, Obama allowed Hezbollah
    to operate a multi-billion dollar cocaine distribution and money
    laundering scheme IN THE UNITED STATES to “soften up” Iran for
    nuclear talks. Every time the DEA attempted to take action against
    Hezbollah, the Obama administration threw up roadblocks. Obama let
    Hezbollah establish itself as an organized crime operation on
    American soil, so that he could score what he viewed as a “foreign
    policy win” with Iran. Google it yourself, make your own

    • NotSure

      With that realization, it makes much more sense now why Obama offered no support to the protestors of Iran in 2009 when at least seven lost their lives to gun fire. Or why he stole tax payer money to pay the quasi terrorist organization to release hostages. Yes, it was stolen, there was no House of Representative approval.

    • PatrickJ

      True story.

  • Javanne

    Trump is showing his feckless predecessor how it’s done. Given the mullahs’ responses, Trump’s tweets must be getting through the cyber blockade the Ayatollahs are trying to impose, and are hitting the mark with the Iranian people. May this grow into an outright, successful revolution.

  • tophat1984


  • GregB

    Finally other countries are realizing that freedom is not free, you must be will big to fight for it.

    • NotSure

      Iran has had this realization for several decades, shortly after Carter aided the installment of the Khomeini and were willing to fight for it in 2009. No other nation would provide them with support not even in words alone including the U.S. Until their demonstrations ended in seven being gunned down.

  • Varangian Guard

    Unfortunately behind the scenes their is a theocratic Council which tells the government in the public eye what to do and when to do it. The Council’s view is that peace is only arrived at by the eradication and or subjugation and taxation of those infidels that remain. As long as they renounce their ways and accept Islam, pay their tax and keep their mouth shut they will be allowed to live. This is their definition of peace.
    It is very sad that their citizens are also embroiled in the same posturing when they want what we all want. A good life for our families.
    God will sort it out if we as humans fail to do so. This is the only certain thing, for the USA as citizens it is now become our priority to select those we feel will act in our best interests in DC, not accept those that have the most $$ in their campaign war chest. We have to select those that have that most precious possession, our best interests above their own……

  • A marcus Young

    President Trump would make EVERYONE happier if he were to replace Sessions with Trey Gowdy. Even Sessions would agree.

  • landy fincannon

    This goes to show that we the
    people, the world over all long for freedom , unfettered freedom.

    Will the people prevail, or will it be another Teananmen Square incident.
    May the courage needed be sufficient.

    In many respects it’s time for a new movement for unfettered freedom here, too.

    • NotSure

      Now that the protesters have the support of the U.S. it will be more difficult to become Teananmen Square. I am not saying that will not happen, just that it puts pressure on Iran as now the world is watching.

      • landy fincannon

        I agree but they can close all news outlets overnight

        • NotSure

          They already have closed their limited social media outlets, and the news that is allowed to be viewed is all propaganda anyways. The support of the U.S. will reach the demonstrators, just may take more time and covert measures. Our support is not only helpful and inspirational to the Iranian people, it will also have an impact on its leaders. How it shapes their actions only time will tell. They now know their decisions are going to be more closely scrutinized.

  • All American

    Iranians are the most highly educated immigrant group in the United States. They tend to excel in math and the sciences, fields in which American students typically struggle. Psychological manipulation may be coming to an end for the people in these Middle Eastern tanks of oppression!
    Thank You President for taking a stand for the citizens of Iran🇺🇸

    • James


      • All American


    • A marcus Young

      We must not be too dumb. We live in the greatest country the world has ever seen! [Except for a few periods of disharmony. America is always getting better, and growing stronger despite the efforts of Democrats to shut us down.

    • PatrickJ

      Actually, that title belongs to Indians, but the Iranians are right up there.

      • All American

        Ok so they are #2. I will give that to you but only because I know your sway👍🏻🇺🇸Happy New Year Patrick🎉

  • Xeo

    President Trump is vocalizing support for the protesters, unlike never-again President Obama, who ignored the “Arab Spring.”

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      The only problem with that is that if there is a civil war in Iran, that will create many more “refugee” excuses. The last thing we need is our government having more reasons to import even more muzzies.

      • NotSure

        With any luck, these protests will turn into an uprising that ends well for the Iranian people and ‘refugee support’ be minimal. It does my heart good to once again back the people protesting against their oppressive regimes.

  • CDG

    Best of luck to the people of Iran but it seems unlikely they will ever be free of a theocracy. Iran is the home to minority Shiite Muslims. Iranian Clerics will continue to use fear of Sunni violence (ISIS, etc,…) and the Saudi relationship with the U.S. to push back. Much like Castro and Kim regimes, the Iranian leadership is using the U.S. as a “bogey man” to keep their people in line.

    • All American

      Well said!

      • CDG

        Thank you. Have a safe a fun New Years Eve!

        • All American

          May All Americans have a Blessed, Safe, Happy and Prosperous New Year 2018 here we come🎉

    • A marcus Young

      They are like the Democrats in America. Extremely intolerant of other religions. They hold violent marches against the United States, and disseminate propaganda and hate through a partisan press. They try to shut down and target political opponents with dirty tricks and abuse of government authority. Anyone who gets in their way, suddenly disappears.

      • CDG

        That’s spot on. Good analysis.

  • Rufus Firefly

    Why does Trump not consider protests against HIM?