President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister to Focus on North Korea During Summit in Florida Next Week

April 13, 2018

Washington, D.C.- Emerald Robinson, White House Correspondent

President Trump and Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe will take part in a summit at Mar-a-Lago next week. According to a statement from a senior Trump administration official, the two leaders will focus heavily on the challenge posed by North Korea’s nuclear arms program and will move forward on planning for a summit between the North Korean leader and President Trump.  In addition to a focus on North Korea, the two leaders will discuss improving Indo-Pacific relations as they relate to more affordable energy, freedom of the seas, and a free and open Indo-Pacific region.

During a meeting with top military leaders Monday, President Trump said that the summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un would take place in late May or early June.  The senior administration official said that there had been no changes to that timeline so far.  As part of next week’s summit, President Trump and Prime Minister Abe will participate in  joint press conference on April 19th.