Pres. Trump Wants More Tariffs on China

A container is loaded onto a cargo ship at the Tianjin port in China onAug. 5, 2010. (Andy Wong / AP)

August 28, 2017
OAN Newsroom

President Trump is intending to impose import tariffs on Chinese-made goods in his most recent push against the globalist economic agenda.

Sources say the president made a command during an oval office meeting with his Chief of Staff John Kelly, former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, and Economic Adviser Gary Cohn.

President Trump reportedly said the tariffs on the Chinese imports are necessary, because China is taking advantage of the U.S. domestic market.

The president called some members of his team “globalists” for their failure to carry out his “America first” agenda.

The Chinese government strongly opposes the proposed tariffs.

President Trump’s request to slap tariffs on China arrived in the immediate aftermath of an investigation into China’s trade abuse of intellectual property rights.

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  4. As an engineering scientist starting in the 60’s I have watched in astonishment as our engineering design, manufacturing infrastructure has been exported by lawyers, judges, political MOB, One World Bank, GLOBALISTS have attacked our countries valuable resources 200 years + in development. DECIMINATING OUR EDUCATIONAL ASSETS destroying the concept > A Fair Days work for a Fair Days Pay < by sending near 30,000,000 industrial jobs out of country, Spin Off Jobs accounted for another 60,000,000 middle class jobs.

    The new jobs hawked by the treason government whose senators get 1.6 million EACH, a year in kickbacks for enacting BIG GLOBAL BUSINESS special interest LOBBIE Wrottten statutes THAT CONTINUE TO CREATE THE NEW AMERICAN FREE TRADE JOBS where walmarts,7,000,000 +++ jobs pay less THAN $10.00 an hour for a 26 hour week without benefits,in accord with the NEW LAWS and refuse to negotiate any semblance of a union, ALL IN ACCORD with Wallys, SAMs, cOstco LOBBIE inspired wrotten COMMERCIAL LAWS enforced by cloutish JUDGES in the Neu UNITIS ESTATIS des americanos of INDOCHINA.

    Unless Trump begans the road back to an independent America starting out with a 35% import tax that creates revenue to supply our treasuries with funds to maintain our infrastructure by resurrecting our engineering design manufacturing infrastructure that will restore our FAIR DAYS PAY NATION leading the world to a better place in time. I fear that our youth, Armed with actual Truth will change the way our government Is, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. Combined with the Gross Stupidity of the ruling class upper caste lawyers, judges, bank employees, administrators Anarchy will likely break out maki,g our nation vulnerable to survival with a 3rd world armed with nuclear technology and however primative military ganging up together against an underfunded military If and When The MOB remove our choices in government and return to a ballot box with a couple of PRECHOSEN PUPPETERS like its been for near 50 years.

    Fe people,are left alive to remember when we made in America the things we consume under ALEXANDER HAMILTONS FAIR TRADE SYSTEM that insured treasury revenue with accrued taxation from mines, wells, farms, mills, manufacturers, resellers to the consumer
    Overseen by FAIR CUSTOMS AND DUTY that made importers pay their fair share of our infrastructure, insuring a vibrant economy making things we consume while trading freely with the world.

    The significant element that keep commercial criminals SLAVERS at bay is fair trade, difficult it is to steal offshore profits from slave made goods with fair customs and duty. However being a persistent ONE world bank Led Gang of OLIGOPOLISTS over time BIG MONEY FROM A CENTRAL BANK printing up money from thin air, collecting whatever interest they want controlling currency values eventually empowered the powerful congress by political donations in return for more and ever more money after elections IF they enact laws designed to,further empower their financiers.

    Thus our new special family dynasties FOREVER IN POWER BY VIRTUE of control over lawmakers a,d news media reporting NOTHING BUT THE FACTS according to their respective administration who do,as told otherwise it's off into the great HAVE NOTHING COMPON AMERICA where credit reporting schemes forbid any hope of success unless your willing to PAY THE all powerful Bank Cartel everything you make until they forclose or,force you to sell to,their brethren the good friend people always at the ready to help out a poor fellow mysteriously aware of your bank demise.

    These special people haven't a clue about anything but their delusional lives, assuming everything THEY NEED CAN be BOUGHT, living in the same culture as modern man~~~ just not in the same place.

    History tells the tales of all great cultures, led by kings and their gathering of good friends. The ruins fill our earth. Common man seem to always resort to ANARCHY in a never ending scenario of tactics eventually eliminating the master classes.

    The longest living monarchy's still around other than the way we now are is INDOCHINA where coolies still slave for pennies on the dollar kept away from indormation that allow them to,witness any other option to survival for their POOR unclean castes that support the extremely wealthy MASTERS of death. Over the last decades our earth has arisen the working slave once more as 2.2 billion jobs pay less than $2.00 dollars a day. 1.2 billion jobs pay less than $1.25 a day. These poor victimized people of,extreme,cruelty are best explained in the only slave culture who publish the very wealthy UPPER CASTE in India, home to 56 of the world's top 100 billionaires ALL INDUSTRIALISTS. Indias upper caste winners of long forgotten tribal wars are actually taught this is the way their Hindu gods Intended it to be. The so-called UNCLEAN CASTES ate forever forbidden anything more than a live of extreme poverty. This country even makes laws that allow a few people to pass into the servant upper castes, engineers, programmers can earn up to several hundred a month rising as inflation executed by THEIR central bank FED arrange currencies to,buy ever less. Upper caste point to specific cases where UNCLEAN people have actually become wealth Beyond eir wildest dreams a few hundred a month.

    The squalor of India is witness to the upper low castes seeking refuge in America, willing to work for less than Americans immigrated in untold millions by bushes, Clinton's. Obama's simultaneously deporting Hispanics by the millions reporting their effort to stem the tide of immigration into America as our bedbug motels, dated food,supply convience stores, watered down gasoline waysides awaiting the passing tourists and unwary teens, filling our nation with India doctors where it cost a few thou a year at the few actual medical teaching centers, and a thousand a year at medical schools who study to pass the American medical immigration tests where other Indians have acquired valuable positions.

    We working class American without jobs, denied social services reserved for 73% of all immigrants, POOR victimized BLM's NAACPeers. CAIRees, etc, legal-illegal Who, ,Cares so long as you vote Barty Turdbznder and friends whose appointees, hirees fill valuable government positions entitled for life with access to federal, state,,county, city, inventories of BIG CITY COMMUNIY ORGANIZATIONS.

    Tell me it's gonna Continue on and on…..That white Crackers, native indianos, Hispanics, and other indigenous American real citizens are gonna walk off into the night, watching their friends, families, children suffer extreme poverty shoved into the NOT ENTITLED TO NOTHING crowd of majority Americans all in the last few decades where a good job is a barista or a walmart greeters ASSociations cringing in the dark bus pickup lanes.

    Do the politically connected correct lawyers, judges,,banksters actually believe America are going to continue to be jerked around by around.

    We did elect Trump, in spite of overwhelming odds, who now faces down these monsters still under the opinion we are whatever we see read hear in their venues of information thinking their Internet status QOU Chinese junk,salesmen from.san Jose are filling our minds with their gif online,,,INSTEAD,,,we are organizing in an online sort of path that will restore our infrastructure so we can get back,to what we do best, designing, building our way into a,future void of poverty in a nation of people working for a fair days pay into a better modern world continually elevating our qualities of life acquiring access to the variables that make it so.

    Once again leading our world to a better point in time

    Like,we were,before the BANKSTER cartel and their brethern took us in

  5. first of all that’s just going to raise the price of all the china made junk we buy now and second almost all things you buy with a American company name on is made in china its very few china companys selling any thing its American companys that’s looking at the bottom line MONEY and that’s all they care about, the greedy unions has caused this

  6. John Darlington | August 28, 2017 at 7:32 pm |

    Make it expensive enough just might want to make it here? Why let things like OSHA, EPA, and taxes stand in the way of free trade!!

  7. marginal value | August 28, 2017 at 1:34 pm |

    Trump dont just say it do it, and if your people wont help you…fire them.

  8. Blacksheep The Deplorable | August 28, 2017 at 10:58 am |

    Pres. Trump is starting to wall off trade with China, a bit at a time, and more power to him. This improves our economy, stifles China’s aggressive military and border expansions and puts pressure on them to quell their puppet North Korea.

    • Opetrenko Maigo | August 28, 2017 at 12:07 pm |

      If Trump actually levies tariffs… just remember:
      And have fun owning your own stupidity after Congress muzzles Trump from doing further damage.

  9. China will simply eat the extra cost brought on by the tariffs..they are not about to let anyone derail their quest to become the dominate (may I say only) manufacturing entity in the world. IMO one way to deter their ambitions would be to require a certain percentage of components of their items for sale in the U.S. be required to have been made in America. I hate to back “big government” intrusion into “free trade” but the result of not doing so needs to be considered.

  10. Get Trump the tariff package he needs NOW–or get out.

  11. More tariffs will probably start a trade war once it starts other nation will get involved, sorry to say the American consumer who is at the bottom of the food chain will get stuck with higher prices

    • Very true, but then the manufacturing jobs come back. Won’t happen simultaneously and there will be squealing from short term leftists, but we’re spoiled and need to go through this to get our jobs/Social Security/Social programs funded.

      • there will be no jobs coming back cause of this the extra tarffs it will just be passed on to us to pay it. the unions aren’t going to give up any thing and that will keep jobs from coming back why do you think almost all companys in America have there stuff built in china now and this wont change a thing

  12. Janice Raxter | August 28, 2017 at 8:29 am |

    This is an absolute MUST!

  13. Vladimir Kunin | August 28, 2017 at 7:55 am |

    It’s already past due!!!
    Time to stop killing American manufacturing!!!

    • Billy Bones | August 28, 2017 at 9:01 am |

      Already gone. To bring it back and make a profit would take decades. Tariffs will be passed down to the consumer. Not going to help.

      • In instances where you can get the same item American made it will make a difference. People buy cheap made in China crap because it is cheap. If it quits being cheaper than U.S. made products people will no longer buy it.

        • Billy Bones | August 28, 2017 at 10:45 am |

          True. But there isn’t much made here. It would take a lot of time and money to restart. Maybe huge tax breaks and loans for start ups. Don’t forget the engineering. Most good engineers in manufacturing are overseas as well. Aerospace is a perfect example. All weapons and electronic systems are made with overseas made parts. Quality issues are huge. Not saying it can’t be done just not overnite.

          • Blacksheep The Deplorable | August 28, 2017 at 10:55 am |

            That’s a total lie. American manufacturing is increasing DAILY, the rise in the Chinese economy resulted in increased costs all around, resulting in increased prices for ersatz, poorly made crap. Our economy is on the rise. Go back under your rock.

          • so said odummy

          • Preetttts

          • It needs to be cheaper to manufacture here than to import. When that happens they will come back. Before NAFTA there was quite a bit of manufacturing here. Afterwards those same countries took the manufacturing to Mexico as there were no repercussions to doing so then moved to China. There is still more manufacturing here than you think but it is hard to find made in US goods. I do try to buy them when I can.

          • Bugleshiuet

          • A REAL American Trump Voter✓ | August 29, 2017 at 6:44 am |

            If we do nothing we’ll never recover and we’ll even India and Brazil surpass us with China, South Korea and Japan. The German managed to turn losing manufacturing to China. How did they do it? They built a Tariff and Corporate Tax Structure to punish and reward German Companies that kept product production in their country!

            The South Koreans did the same thing as the Japanese and only America allowed their Biggest Corporations to Benefit from our growing economy and not the American Workers. Again that’s because of stupid Americans not seeing Corporate America was pulling the Wool over their eyes like Japanese Corporate Machines had been doing in Japan. It wasn’t Nationalism that turned Japan around, but rather Corporations that were more loyal to the Japanese People than American Companies have ever been here!

            Corporations in Japan had baseball teams made up of workers that played baseball as part of their work day. They provided everything for their workers including health care, recreation and assurance their job was secure. Which created not only Brand loyalty within the own company but for the Japanese made products in general. They took pride in their work and not just collecting a paycheck. The Japanese took that same model and brought it here to make their products here using the same type loyalty to workers. Now these foreign Brands are considered more American than our own American Brands that still have everything made in China!!!!

        • Buklship

      • Blacksheep The Deplorable | August 28, 2017 at 10:53 am |

        TROLL. Known troll, always says negative crap, always lies, always spreads doom and gloom. Don’t feed this brown stain.

      • A REAL American Trump Voter✓ | August 29, 2017 at 6:26 am |

        Oh? What about when we were having so much go to Japan in technology and we helped build their industrial machine back up during 50’s. Their economy grew even then. If it hadn’t there would not have been a market for goods from Japan here. Next thing we knew the Japanese economy was doing so good…. but unlike us the Japanese made sure they bought ‘Made in Japan’. They then began to buy up American companies and build factories here because it was cheaper to do that than ship them in from their HOMELAND! WHY???

        Tariffs Worked to do what they are supposed to do in Japan and it proved that the Japanese were smart savers and understood International Commerce. Which is not GLOBALISM….. like some want today. Good Trade Partners reciprocate and work to balance trade, China does NOT do this nor does Mexico or even Canada. For all of them TRADE ONLY GOES ONE WAY!

        Now take South Korea…. prior to the 90’s it was getting much better for them, but that was hard to tell, because they were near the poorest country in the World. Then we and the entire World helped them help themselves to turn their country around. That was the Miracle on Han (river) in Seoul, ROK. But South Korean learned some things from Japan the Japanese didn’t teach them. they learned with their huge Corporate Chaebols could benefit both foreign and domestic markets by building production in those foreign markets they could avoid tarriffs and make the World a better place at the same time. Today Hyundai/Kia, LG, Samsung and ohters are leading the World doing just that!!!

        Therefore we now know there is a good reason for Japan, South Korea’s and now China’s success. Because now it’s the Chinese that will begin investing and building in America and that has nothing to do with any American Company only operating to serve themselves…. because of one thing. American Corporate Greed in the absence of smart tariffs and trade deals by our government! …..we still are giving our best technologies away to foreign powers all to promote too great of profits for elitists few. Capitalism didn’t fail us….. We FAILED US!

        Because we got so caught up with keeping up with the Jones individually we lost our way and the kind of Nationalism and pride as Americans. American Culture that every country in the World strived to replicate in their own countries. It’s Time to Wake Up and Work, Love, Be Americans with pride again. Time to understand that we are the World’s Leaders….. and not our 6 largest Corporate Monopolies!!! …..and it’s time to Take Them Apart….. because unlike South Korean Conglomerates they’ve never learned anything from being GREEDY Power Mongering Elitists…. We Allowed Them to Become! ……it was stupid for us to break up IBM and our Government Not to Move to Protect America’s Businesses…. especially mom and pop operations….. against our own Globalist Corporations that only started as American Companies and we let their GREED and POWER MONGERING GET THE BEST OF US…… because of that and the fact we no longer protect our borders…… and American Workers with the Best Trade Deals and Tariffs used properly even on our own supposed companies and now only those countries that utilize Tariffs and Proper Competitive Taxation are doing Better!

        Time to Wake Up We Need to Balance Our Trade with countries like China and Mexico for American’s Best Interests rather than Wall Street Globalists and ‘American Companies in Name Only’ (ACINO) and that may mean some if not all 6 Globalist Corporations who no longer put Americans or their own people first to get broken up or better regulated. The swamp must be DRAINED and the Rampant GREED and POWER MONGERING HAS TO END!!! …..if Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, HP, GM… etc… want to sell their goods and services here….. they better damn well start acting like it and make them here too!

        Look at India as a recent prime example of an emerging economy. How are they doing it? They are doing it by being Nationalistic and applying tariffs and making the best deals for their own people’s Best Interests! …….Apple is now finding out that India isn’t China or South Korea or Japan. They aren’t so interested in keeping up with the Jones and seem to be following and finding their own way in the World and they aren’t letting Apple just bring their old junk in to be recycled by new users buying their products cheaper than Indian made Products with proper Tariffs to Balance Trade so both sides benefit and that’s what we have to do too! ……and it will come back on it’s own from there!!!

    • tell that to the unions and the way over payed ceos

  14. Trump while you may or may not agree is correct. China will continue whatever it has planned as long as the US is the payment beast for this. The ability to destroy the US abilities to make anything is quite clear. What is made in the US anymore anyway.

    • Multi-state long duration corporate treason is being made in America as I type. Nobody wants to listen to the founding fathers about it though.

    • global citizen | August 28, 2017 at 10:38 am |

      China only cares about getting stronger. Their silence goal is to be #1. They give a sh** about the rest of the world and whatever weakens the US they are in favor. Of course with a big smile on their face. China can NOT be trusted! Trump knows, our politicians don’t.

      • Opetrenko Maigo | August 28, 2017 at 12:05 pm |

        If Trump actually does this… just remember these words when the economic consequences hit.

        • marginal value | August 28, 2017 at 1:37 pm |

          How old are you? 10? 12? and you talk about idiots.

        • A REAL American Trump Voter✓ | August 29, 2017 at 7:04 am |

          The Economic Consequences from Electing Trump as our President are apparently already being felt by most Americans. Wall Street and the Stock Market are responding with overwhelming SUCCESS!!! lol…. making democrats without even a plan to bring back jobs….. just ship more to China, India and now the new emerging labor market in Mexico and Brazil!

          Proving once and for all that Democrats are the party of IDIOTS and with one American Company with the most iDIOTS being the most loyal Orwellian Proles Loving their Wall Street Masters more than they love being American! ……bet you have an iPhone no doubt as one of their MOST BRAINWASHED IDIOTIC PROLES WHO PRIDES HIMSELF ON TURNING JAPANESE WITH GREEN APPLE ENVY!!!!

          Just admit you’re a Dolt…. a Troll…. a Liberal Applewellian Prole wanting Apple to run this country instead of President Trump. Only because Apple and other Globalist American Companies are telling YOU to…. like George Soros you morons love so much!

          A Billionaire that unlike Trump….. doesn’t have anybody but his own best interest in his non-existent Globalist Heart! … remember Follow the Leader and for sure try to keep up with the Jones on Wall Street and not other dumb liberals like yourselves! Orwell had you iDIOTS pegged in his book ‘1984’ that’s for sure! …..not a single brain cell of your own in your whole body. Where BMM is means Blank Minds Matter only to Liberals, Socialists, Communists and Fascists Corporate Leaders!!! ;-P

    • HarryObrian | August 28, 2017 at 11:22 am |

      He may expose more of China if he audits the FED while increasing tariffs.

      • A REAL American Trump Voter✓ | August 29, 2017 at 7:26 am |

        That’s is something Trump mentioned in the election he was interested in doing. But….. wow…. can you imagine the stench released when they make them public. Then we’d find out who the DEEP STATE Really is and something tells me it’d smell like Banker’s GLOBALIST GREED!!!

        It’s a disease and they all have it on Wall Street It’s like gambling but worse and it always means the Rich Get Richer and the Poor therefore have to get poorer to bring out the fact it’s destroying the middle class. The results will be that these same Elitists making all the money for doing nothing end up without buyers for their products due to their own Power Mongering Greed and Stupidity! ……if they are no longer having products made here, they are killing their own future markets for their own products!!!

        Foreign Corporations get it and we apparently don’t. Like Samsung that moves manufacturing (not just outsourcing everything like Apple, Microsoft, CISCO, HP, Google, etc to China) into prospective markets like they did here, in China and India and everywhere their products are sold! ……they discovered the Secret Apple failed to learn till now being forced to by Tariffs in the Indian Market. You want to sell Apple in India? You better get your products made here too!!!

        We have to do the same thing like India. Use tariffs/taxes to both reward and penalize companies for making more products here to balance trade! …..right now Mexico has a near $80 Billion Dollar Trade Advantage and growing. It’s time to stop letting American Corporations Run Our Economy and Government! KICK THE BUMS OUT OF WASHINGTON DC…. and start governing for the benefit of the people. Those corporations that help Americans by giving them jobs in order to buy their products in the first place can give us a Win/Win Future!

    • Opetrenko Maigo | August 28, 2017 at 12:02 pm |

      You are all fools if you think tariffs will be anything BUT a catastrophe for both us and China…
      What do you THINK is going to happen if the price of steel and other raw materials? That businesses will just say “ok we have that money lying around”?

      The fortunate reality is that (despite Trump/MAGA stupidity) the markets will be hit so hard and so negatively that Congress will be forced to intervene… and to guarantee Trump won’t cause further trade issues Congress will likely permanently take back control of taxes/tariffs from the executive branch (Constitution explicitly grants those powers to congress which they have delegated to the executive branch through legislation passed in 1930 and revised further in 1974).

      • marginal value | August 28, 2017 at 1:40 pm |

        Hey brain China tariffs the US and steals intellectual property. The US will continue to decline as long as we let this continue. But that prolly makes you smile doesnt it?

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