President Trump Touts Roy Moore During Meeting with GOP Senators

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, left, and Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., right, listen as President Donald Trump speaks before hosting a lunch with Senate Republicans in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

December 5, 2017
OAN Newsroom

President Trump praised Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore while meeting with GOP senators at the White House on Tuesday.

The president made the comments while sitting next to retiring Senator Jeff Flake, who has been a vocal critic of Moore amid the allegations against the judge.

President Trump said he has strong confidence in Moore’s campaign, and blasted his liberal rival Doug Jones as a — quote — “shill for establishment Democrats.”

“We don’t want to have a liberal Democrat in Alabama, believe me,” said the president. “We want strong borders, we want stopping crime, we want to have the things that we represent and we certainly don’t want to have a liberal Democrat that’s controlled by Nancy Pelosi and controlled by Chuck Schumer.”

The president’s comments come after he threw his support behind Moore Monday via Twitter and a phone call.

The RNC also changed its stance on Moore Monday, saying they will throw their backing behind the Alabama Senate candidate.

During Tuesdays meeting, the president and the senators discussed also discussed tax reform and renegotiating the NAFTA deal.


    When you elected one sexual predatory as president I don’t see a problem electing a child predator. I can imagine voting for a Democrat has to be much much worse they are the devil incarnate aren’t they??

  • Phil M. Kelley

    Isn’t that Jeff the Flake sitting beside POTUS? Hmmmmm…

  • nfcapitalist

    Jeff Flake writes a $100 check for the Jones candidacy in Alabama… this is a fake constitutional conservative writing a check to the Viet Cong!

    What’s your plan, Jeff… better to rule in hell than serve in America?

  • Javanne

    Ever the pragmatist, Trump correctly points out that it is far better to have Moore, for whom no proof of any of the allegations has yet been seen (or has the American ideal of the “presumption of innocense until proven guilty” been tossed out the door?), in the Senate seat than a liberal Democrat.

  • Steve Maxedon

    Merriam- Webster offers a couple of synonyms for tout – trumpet and ballyhoo. Which one do you think OAN News should have used here and the Ryan story?

    • nfcapitalist

      Not ‘tout’… choosing the lesser of two evils when the third choice doesn’t exist.

  • BootIllegals

    Build wall, boot illegals, anchors, DACAs all.

  • Cheryl the Deplorable

    I wonder why he’s sitting next the Flake the Flake. what a small world. :o)

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  • Dakota

    I live in rural ND. No offense but I get to big cities from time to time for work. How do you folks do it the traffic is killer so many people in one spot.

    • PatrickJ

      Your comment is humorous to say the least. Because anyone who lives out there in the wilderness of America has trouble dealing with the big cities. I’m sort of a mix, but i have trouble dealing with them too.

  • PatrickJ

    Just so you know, I am having a little fight right now with OANN. Seems they don’t like what I post. We’ll see where it goes.

    • Dakota

      Settle down Patrick 🙂

  • Dakota

    I’m going to Change the subject for a minute. Muller team needs to go watching Hannity This is Obama crap that sob really corrupted the government

  • Dakota

    These 40 year old allegations need to stop 30 days before election?

  • Elizabeth A. Parks

    I’m really glad to see President Trump fully supporting Judge Roy Moore. President Trump does so many things that make me want to stand up and clap and cheer.

  • Elizabeth A. Parks

    It says a lot about Judge Roy Moore that he has been faithfully married to his wife for over 30 years.

    • PatrickJ

      Good to have you here this evening, Elizabeth. Your presence here makes a difference. Just wanted you to know that.

      • Elizabeth A. Parks

        How kind, thank you!

  • PatrickJ

    The President continues to do things that most of us approve. Against all the opposition out there, he continues to prove himself a strong leader. Whatever happens from this day forward, we made the right choice for this nation. Let us all continue to support him. To me, he’s everything I thought he would be as President and more.

    • Fangdog

      As a former fighter-pilot, McCain is no hero. The only reason he was a fighter pilot was because of his dad. McCain was a danger to himself and to his fellow aviators. McCains life may have been saved having been shot down. McCain was called “Song Bird” for a reason.

    • Frank2525

      John McCain was as good as the other pilots, but too much was expected of him with Father ad Grandfather both being 4 star Admirals. So in Naval Academy, he pushed the limits, until his father came to visit, and had a frank, father-son talk, of family expectations. John flew dive bombers, and on his mission, he had dropped his bomb without problem, but in pullout his plane was hit by missile and he had to eject over city. Skills as a pilot at that point was not material. broke bones in ejecting out of plane, and coming down in pond in city, he was attacked by people, and shoulder broken by gun butt of Vietnamese soldier. Was drug into Hanoi Hilton, among other pilots, so that story by 2 army POWs of writing of him as “Song Bird” is not true. They would have no connection to the Pilots, since there was 5 other POW camps in Hanoi. Pilots were in Hanoi Hilton, where they were tortured, and without medical care, to obtain information of pilot and plane capability, and info of USA and allies intelligence plans.
      —— I served 26 years 18 days , Military, and fully respect John McCain for his military service, and his early years in politics. He developed much too close cooperation with Teddy Kennedy , who influenced many Republican issues negatively, over the years, but John really seemed to become bitter when he was not elected as President, and Sen. Ted Kennedy died. He still had seniority, and influence in Washington, but appeared to really go off rails, when Donald Trump was elected. Being a farm boy born, I reference that to the “old bulls goring the young bulls” on the farm. Establishment Republicans and Democrats all, seemed to be jumping on Donald Trump when he announced on 15 June 2015. And Media encouraged and amplified that opposition, and out right war (Overt and Covert). PACS and Super PACS opposed him, and they did not believe the grass roots was as strong as it was. Did not believe the crowds that Donald collected at every meeting.
      ———I became aware of Donald Trump and what he was saying long ago, and he was stating in interviews (still on net – UTube) 1980 to present, what my peers and I discussed and what we believed. I waited for over 30 years to vote for him, because his speech, books, DVDs, and Interviews were constant for years. Donald thought John and Mitt would be the person he was looking for, and supporting. Both faded out in debates, to Candy Crowley, and to Meghan Kelley.
      And both dropped in media support, but so did John McCain and Mitt Romney. Both became bitter, negative speakers to Donald Trump Administration, so I lost some of respect I had for both.
      Just as others in political world have. Both were great until they were defeated. Don’t see anything on Candy Crowley now (retired) and Meghan Kelley is not doing well in television now.
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

      • PatrickJ

        Thank you for your service and thank you for your comment. Get a copy of Newsmax magazine’s latest issue. It contains a tribute to McCain written by his long time friend, Joe Lieberman.

        • Frank2525

          I have subscribed to Newsmax ever since Chirrs Ruddy started it. Wore my Newsmax Border Patrol Cap (renewal) when I had 13 Sonora Mexico, (age 20-30) bachelors living next door. They moved out soon after in the night, but house sat vacant a year, sold by lender at fixer-upper price $39,000. Had been appraised at $186,000 in 2006-2008, but by 2010 dropped. Whole neighborhood dropped in value due to open borders, welcome mat out, and Entire Metro Area (Denver) declared Sanctuary Cities, including Aurora and other cities making up Metro area.
          ——-My house, up to code, improved with energy efficient new roof, furnace, doors and windows, front porch added across entire front of house, covered, to be cooler in summer, and warmer in winter, appraised at $186,500 dropped to $92,000 in 2010, back up to $150,000 Jan 2015, and with Fracking for energy, Pot being legal in Colorado, we had influx from coastal states, bringing their voting habits and coddling needs with them , my house appraised Jan 2017 at $236,000 . So much for how Donald Trump was going to depress all markets, and sink our country?????? He has not disappointed me, as other presidents have over past 30-40 years.

      • Redag

        John McCain was pardoned by NIxon and in my books no war hero needs a pardon

  • Michael C. Risinger

    “Snow” Flake needs to melt away

  • JC

    Dang Trump has balls! Never seen that from any republican before, that’s for sure. I sleep better at night knowing he’s President.

    • PatrickJ

      Well JG, while I might not have used that exact description of things as they are, your meaning was clear. This is a good President for sure.

  • SaidNO2Liberalism

    Flake wrote a check to a leftwing lunatic that goes by the name of Doug Jones. Flake needs to be executed for treason.

  • James Madison

    Giving Flake the finger. MAGA.

  • eladtoor

    VP Pence doesn’t get much press, so most don’t realize how very important he is to the Trump administration. This promises to be much more evident in the very near future.
    Having taken note of how desperately The Donald wishes to be compared favorably with Ronald Reagan, Pence has been studying to determine the reasons for Reagans success.

    As a result, Pence has quietly enrolled Melania in Astrology classes. Little by little, as she gains more and more expertise, Melania has been making strong suggestions to Trump for the actions he should take. For example, a couple of weeks ago, when Trump was about to attempt to strangle an FBI agent, Melania noticed that the moon was in opposition to one of the rocks in Saturns rings, and convinced The Donald to set aside his noose and merely have the offending agent transferred to cleaning out the restrooms in his buddy, Vlads, old KGB headquarters.

    Insiders are optimistic that as Melania gains confidence, and expertise, she’ll be able to direct The Trumpster, much as Nancy did Ronnie, and if she can do this before The Donald continues his descent into the final stages of dementia, she may have a good chance of rescuing his administration from the dregs of history, as Nancy did for Ronnie.

    • David Rowley

      Praying for Astrology is like running for a heart attack.

      • eladtoor


    • Frank2525

      You have a vivid imagination. Don’t they call what you wrote, called Parody? In other words, FAKE NEWS. Are you practicing, hoping NYT, WP, on MSNBC will notice you, and offer you a job? Otherwise, I don’t see your connection to this subject, or issue? What and who did you intend to connect with?

      • eladtoor


        • Frank2525

          Is this some grade school code?

      • Cheryl the Deplorable

        I can’t believe I read the whole thing.

  • maurinemwheatley

    things can be fabricated….and if it was consensual it is a different story… point is there is garbage going on both parties and yet it is the Republicans having their feet to the fire! both should be so….. but still innocent until proven guilty!

  • Butthep

    Why Jeff Flakes here?

  • Philo Beddoe

    President Trump rips on the democrat while sitting next to Jeff Flake who donated money to.

  • The only people who’s opinion of whether or not Moore should be in the senate are the people of Alabama. The other republicans don’t have to like him – they just need his vote. That they would rather give his seat to a democrat is arrogance and stupidity.

    It does mean the agenda they ran on means nothing to them. How they look is more important than getting things done.

    • PatrickJ

      Exactly!. People tend to forget that we are a government of states. Each state puts forth it’s own leaders who then go to Washington and deliberate with the leaders from other states to decide on the direction of the country. While we may be the United States of America, the fact remains that we are a country made up of individual states with their own view of what Freedom means.

      Please let us not lose that basic thought.

  • Not_The_ATF

    I wish I could have been there. Im sure the fake Republicans like McCain, Flake, McConnell choked and coughed up some very bitter fluids when Trump mentioned Roy. God it would have been hilarious…I believe McCain was seen running to the restroom to take care of the load in his pants….

  • arthur facteau

    Thinking at this point Moore is a shoe in, so time to start watching for the dead and illegal votes!

    • tedlv

      Yes, but for dead, illegal, and multiple votes, he’s a shoo in. Alabama residents aren’t what the TV watchers who think Honey Boo boo and Mama June think they are. Those idiots think shows like those and Chrisley Knows Best are documentaries.

      • PatrickJ

        Always glad to see you here.

    • The other Donald

      Anyone who hunts down felons to vote will stop at nothing

  • Militant Patriot

    I think he made that statement because the (flake) Flake, was sitting right next to (OUR) PATRIOT! He just loves to torment dissenters.

    • Clearlysane

      Yep! the man-boy had to be sitting there squirming in his shoes.

    • PatrickJ

      I saw that too, Militant Patriot. I thought to myself, what an odd placement of people in such an important meeting. The President and the Flake right next to each other. I’m sorry, but someone did that on purpose. I got a chuckle out of it.

      • All American

        Apparently Flake lives up to his name very well!

      • RevGregory

        Easier to back hand him from that position : )

    • Javanne

      I wonder how Trump got him to do that.

  • maurinemwheatley

    hummmmm what ever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’???? there are those accused of disgusting and more recent allegations and the Dems (Pelosi specifically) praise one of them….he is now backing out thinking he can let his son take his place and he can go away without bearing responsibility!!!! double standards???? Moore says he is innocent…..

    • PatrickJ

      Yeah, I thought about that, maurine. I just guess the Dems don’t see that as a problem.

  • deadandwicked

    With a Rebel Yell…she cried “Moore Moore Moore”

    • TrumpAlways

      We have a real Patriot in the White House. The left hates it. Good. Moore is going to win now almost guaranteed.

      • All American

        Pelosi is melting like the wicked witch of the west! Doom and gloomer who cannot recall what she said yesterday! Time to theow a bucket of water on her😂

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      If I was Trump, I would have made those two traitors clean up the table after the meeting.

    • All American

      Good one🇺🇸