Pres. Trump Touts His Negotiation Position Ahead of Talks in Asia

November 5, 2017

OAN Newsroom

President Trump is confident in the strength of his negotiating position for upcoming talks with Asian leaders.

In a tweet Sunday, the president said he is going into the next 12 days of talks with great negotiating strength.

He noted the booming economy as the reason why he will be in a powerful position during negotiations.

On Monday, he’s expected to discuss trade and tensions on the Korean Peninsula with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

He will then head to South Korea to meet with President Moon Jae-in Tuesday.

  • Javanne

    Trump will be right about a strong negotiating position – if his Asian counterparts believe what he says about the economy. Even so, how strong will his position be when he addresses the main reason for going to Asia: getting China to do whatever it takes to stop North Korea? My guess is that there will be a joint communique about how China will exert more pressure on North Korea, Trump will return home crowing about it, and then North Korea continues its nuke and missile research and manufacturing programs.

  • TYvets

    He’s been a better cheerleader than I expected.

  • Tado

    Problemo: Will US Congress add it’s imprimatur to Trump’s deal with Asian Nations?
    Doubtful… just like ACA Repeal failure.
    It’s best for Trump to enjoy the breath-taking junket.
    10 Days is enough to unwind and rewind.

  • danny lemon

    Make America great again!