Pres. Trump Thanks Bannon for Service, Election Victory Against ‘Crooked Hillary’

FILE – In this April 29, 2017, file photo, Steve Bannon, chief White House strategist to President Donald Trump is seen in Harrisburg, Pa. According to a source, Bannon is leaving White House post. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

August 19, 2017

OAN Newsroom

President Trump tweets out a dignified farewell to his long time Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

He thanked the Breitbart news chairman for his service, adding Bannon was a big help during his 2016 run.

Bannon joined the Trump campaign last year as CEO following the departure of former Campaign Chief Paul Manafort.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the administration is grateful for Bannon’s service.

  • ken

    and next up a tell all book from this crook

  • carmen j

    Still waiting for Steve to thank our President back, like everyone else, instead of this press tour about Our administration & trying through manipulation to turn us against the President with his press tour, this man doesnt care about our Pres. Just advancing his company as he was trying to do b4 Ailes passed!

  • …remain calm and return fire

    watch your back Steve, you are antithetical to the left….truth is poison to them…

  • Deny

    Bannon will do a LOT more good for Trump back at Breitbart. At least there his hands won’t be tied like they were at the White House. Let the good times roll.

    • All American

      You’ve got that right. Shake it up🇺🇸👍🏻MAGA MASA

  • Tado

    America first, Mr. Trump.
    Afghanistan is NOT U.S. Territory.
    LEAVE !!!!
    STATUS UPDATE-08/20/2017:
    Today, … inspect the important Pledges That Elected Trump into Office as President:
    1. ACA Repeal – Not repealed
    by Congress.
    2. Border Wall – Stalled in Congress.
    3. Income Tax Cut for Middle Class –
    Stalled in Congress.
    Where should protests be held?
    Congress or WH ????

    • AtomicFury

      Tell your Democrat obstructionists to get off their sore butts and make it happen. Republicans don’t carry the entire government.

    • Localdude

      Where is your list to ‘get to the bottom of’ – who exactly stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders? The Clintons list of dealings with the Russians? The foreign policy list of Barack Obama and the Clinton state department? Why do you guys never look inward and take responsibility for anything? Why is the progressive party obsessed with controlling everybody’s free speech? Your side had the white house and both the congress and senate for 8 years and your tripping on this few months of an administration that has to fight the DEMS and the moron RINO club at the same time as well as the ‘intelligence communities’ YOUR president put in place – who did in fact spy on EVERYBODY. Oh, yeh – its George Bushes fault. Everything……lol!!

      • Tado

        Why distinguish or discriminate one from the other?
        They’re all the same.
        Look to ACA, look what the GOP – Reoublicans did to it.
        They lied.
        They deceived.
        They BETRAYED us.
        And the gall of a Senate President to declate: “Let’s move on”.
        We’re not with them anymore.
        Retribution !

      • Tado

        We are not the leftist dawgs you are addressing.
        Wrong venue.
        We are among the “forgotten men and women” of America who are betrayed and abandoned by Congress and now by the so-called President!

        • Localdude

          Ok. I support that. I will add that your tone reflected an opposition, serious opposition. Thus the presumption and question. Perhaps some moderating would be in order for all sides. I don’t know if that is possible but I will say to you and yours – Trump, his people and a supreme court with one more supporter of constitution (without modern editors) alone will be a huge win. We are almost there. I like minimums or short realistic goals. They are most likely what one ends up with if your lucky in this world – in my humble opinion. Should Trump not have entered the arena, Clinton and the corrupt machine would be president – or worse, Bernie Sanders had he not been thwarted by his own. The RINOs would be opposition free. We are winning, Republic and its ideals are winning – by this scale presently. Yes, the fight to push back 40 years of GOP ‘progressives’, globalists and out and out Godless communist leftists continues.

  • Rollerstop

    Strange thing! — started from last week, I keep receiving google suggested news from CNN and NY times on my mobile — but I never read CNN and NY times on either my mobile or home computer! I watch Alex John’s youtube, wikipolitics on my phone …Does google trying to annoying me?! If google just suggesting news related to Trump, why not any other media source!? — anyone help to explain? (I am no Exp on IT)

    • AtomicFury

      I abandoned Google, Target, and a few others I can’t recall at the moment, over the genderless bathroom issue last year.

    • Jed

      I have been invaded too by the same rags. I surmise It’s a
      Push to bolster Thier numbers.
      I just ignore, don’t open and maybe they go away. Don’t go away mad…just GO AWAY.

  • Judith Carlos

    thank you Mr. Bannon for being part of the victory we had in the Presidential election. Your service will not be forgotten for you were part of that unforgettable change in the Americans political history.

  • taxpayer22

    Americans don’t trust the media, and for good reason

  • Butthep

    We all thank to Mr Bannon too.

    • All American

      Yes, many many thanks for Steve Bannon’s contributions to America 🇺🇸

  • Jed55

    I agree Big Al, I feel like this was his strategy all along. Bannon can do much more at Breitbart than he can in the WH.

  • taxpayer22

    Fox is heading in a squishy, globalist direction as the Murdoch sons assume more power.. Bannon’s chief financial backer, Long Island hedge fund billionaire Bob Mercer, is ready to invest big in what’s coming next, including a huge overseas expansion

  • Big Al

    Bannon will be so effective at Breitbart, it’s almost as if THIS was Trump’s plan all along…

    • Judith Carlos

      sound negative but I believe it was both parties strategy.

    • Tado

      Trump rejected the ideology that catapulted him into power as President.
      Bannon represented that ideology: Nationalism.
      Bannon represented us.
      Trump is no longer the Messenger.
      We are again FORGOTTEN.

    • CapeLady

      Many people do not trust Breitbart as being a credible source anymore… sorry.

      • Big Al

        Yep, many people, libtards, never-trumpers & fake media…..sorry –

    • Localdude

      lol..yep, he will be way more effective outside than in – especially organizing to bag the RINOs who are fighting the Trump agenda as we speak. First stop – Arizona.