Pres. Trump Planning 13 State Tour to Promote Tax Reform, GOP Group Releases TV Ads

President Donald Trump reaches out to greet supports on the tarmac upon his arrival at Bismarck Municipal Airport, Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017 in Bismarck, N.D. Trump is in North Dakota to promote his tax overhaul plan. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

September 12, 2017
OAN Newsroom

President Trump is planning a 13 state tour to promote his tax reform plan.

The tour will include several states he won in 2016 as well as locations where Democrat senators are up for re-election in an attempt to seek bi-partisan support for the plan.

The president most recently touted his support of overhauling the tax code in North Dakota,. and Missouri.

The tour is scheduled to take place over the next seven weeks.

Meanwhile, a GOP group launches a $2.5 million ad campaign on tax reform.

The American Action Network launched the ads in 23 congressional districts on Tuesday.

The ads depict a working class family in Wisconsin who says the current U.S. tax code hurts small business owners.

This coincides with President Trump’s efforts to provide the — quote — “biggest tax cut in history.”

The White House is working to roll-out a detailed tax plan.

Check out the ad with the link below:
Too Complicated: Rep. Jim Jordan

  • Mike in Illinois

    Bill, can I ask you an honest question? I mean this sincerely and truly, seeking an honest answer.

    Why is it that people often think that stringing a handful of paragraphs together as nothing more than thoughts in the moment written down is such a big deal? I mean, it is not as if it hard to just write what ya think – is it? Are ya telling me that I am so out of the ordinary…..because I type more than twitter would allow?

    Has it become so uncommon that there is now no middle ground between twitter and published books?

    We are to think now that anything beyond two sentences is uncommon to the extreme and even out of line?

    Just asking.

    Or is it just that flamers have a hard time playing flame game with one liners when someone takes five minutes to write down some substance?

  • Michael Carbone

    Trump will work with dems and hurt the republicans. It’s absolutely genius. The Republicans can’t get out of their own way and refused to give Trump his agenda. If the Republicans don’t wake up their voters are going to vote them out and it’s already showing and Arizona and Alabama

  • Tado

    Imperial Congress ain’t supporting the damn thing.

  • Aldo

    Proud to say: My President Trump – Carry on MAGA !!!! Drain the swamp

  • Kay Crawford

    The middle class is drowning under taxes, and that is all obamacare is too. The most we need is catastrophic healthcare, and the rest is on us personally, buy it or not.. We are paying for all of these students to have healthcare, and they are the healthiest of the population.

  • ken

    I have never figured out why president always waste our money for this stupid crap well I am taking my message to the people around the country to promote my tax plan or any other plan so when do we get to vote on that? oh that’s right we dont or any thing else crooked Washington does now I am all for the tax plan but why waste the money flying all over the country if we don’t have a say so about it. and don’t tell me to write or call my congressman like he gives a damn what I think except when its time for the crook to get relected

  • Ray

    Mr President – FLAT TAX ONLY (please).

  • I love our President Trump!!

    • USA#1

      And I love you

  • Mark

    Now this is what I hired President Trump for – the economy (and immigration reform).

  • REM

    I’ll believe it when Trump signs the bill otherwise Ryan and McConnell will run more time off the clock but they tried so hard but couldn’t get the 60 votes.

  • DJLugoff

    So far nothing has been done that we elected this President to do. #BuildTheWall instead #Congress wants #Amnesty for #DACA which means chain migration. Go to NumbersUSA and read.
    ObamaCare is still in place. The #NeverTrumpers & the liberals are in charge. They have Ivanka & Jarred on their side. Steve Bannon, Sheriff David Clark are not on the inside they are on the outside no one in our corner is still in the White House. They have all been shown the door. I hate to say this but it looks like Trump was swallowed up by the Swamp.

    • Jerry Dodds

      I agree. I really have never in my lifetime seen a middle class tax cut. Repubs give it to rich and corporations we bailed out in 2008. Dems give my tax money to people who have never worked and never will. We pay to bring them into world and keep them fed, provide schools that are jokes to them and us, pay for prisons, pay to bury them. I. Return we are hated by them and Dems. The only good thing about getting older is you know the end is near and if saved you are going to a better place where there won’t be any Dems. I would like to see what Trump and the Rinos ran on passed but we now know Repubs are a joke and liars. Trump has forced them to expose their own corruption. Until we over haul the federal government which I see close to impossible, I see America in a slow decent. But I was shocked at how quickly the US declined in almost all areas under BO. We went back 45 years on race relations under his hatred for white Christian Americans.

  • granddad1

    Agree the tax code is way too complex and need changing. I would support a flat tax with absolutely no deduction and all even welfare recipients required to file/ That being said everywhere he goes on this tour he should be greeted with signs or chants of: Lock Her Up, No DACA – No Amnesty, Repeal Obamacare, Deport all illegal aliens, repeal the 17th Amendment and Amend the 14th if SCOTUS will not rule on the actual meaning of the words “under the jurisdiction of…”

    • Ray

      I’m with you!

  • eladtoor

    Hicks hope that Hope Hicks can improve The Donalds image.
    Which will only be possible if she gets him a new rug, and lets her paint his face and rug some color other than orange.
    She might be the one to do it. She’s known for saying that
    ‘Men are so stupid. Grab their tiny dicks and they’ll do anything you ask’.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Nibbling around the edges with more ebb and flow of the Progressive Tax Code is meaningless. That is doing more of the same that has been done ll along for over a century now. More of the problem is not the solution.

    Destroying once and for all of the Progressive Tax Code (both taxing and spending sides) is the only REAL solution.

    You know what tax I need cut the most, that would benefit me the most? PROPERTY tax. Ask yourselves, when was the last time your PROPERTY tax was CUT…..exactly.

    We must end this false notion that the federal government can say “beause commerce” and then via the tax code take from those with the ability and give to those in need. It is NONSENSE to claim that the Founders indentured marxist communism into our Constitution with but a simple phrase that renders the rest of the Constitution meaningless and without authority. Stop that ridiculous bovine excrement please. No, states are not people and people are not states. Let’s just ADMIT that truth and FIX what is so broken.

    We are bound to pay TAX to have government. Fair point made. However, the Founders taught us that First, it has to be TAX not taxES and Second that it had to be uniform – the SAME for all. Now, this does not mean everyone pay 20 dollars. It means everyone has skin in the same game and as a % is the only way Equality can remain in the face of a different amount. Cmon, lets just admit that.

    The PEOPLE of this country ARE the source of all power. Sometimes it is our vote, sometimes it is our labor, sometimes it is the free expression of our ideas and imagination. The PEOPLE really are the lifeblood of this nation. WE are the POWER, we ARE the LIGHT on that beacon on top of that hill shining so brightly. WE The People are supposed to “control the economy” based on our own free decisions made.Government interference has stifled the very things that made this nation strong.

    Now,I knowthat Donald Trump has openly embraced the progressive tax code. After all, he made his fortune by operating that tax code, right up to and on the line of the letter of the law. It is my hope that Trump sees that only a TINY selected few are even CAPABLE of that success within the progressive system. One can not BE a “populist” and also be for such a constrictive taxation system.

    Trump must abandon support for the Progressive Tax Code. The last 8 years PROVES that all this system does is enrich the tiny few, through redistribution, while augmenting the national debt by 100%. This is RIDICULOUSNESS. Obama Said less debt generation than that was UNPATRIOTIC, remember? Or will Obamabots now admit he was lying when he said THAT too?

    Folks, for America to ever be Great Again, the Progressive Tax Code, both sides of that coin, has to be melted down, smelted, slagged smacked off and repoured into a new mold, a different kind of mold. Then, the people’s own choices would direct the economy of this nation. The best part is, OUR decision making would once again be able to RESTRAIN government spending.

    If we limit government at the federal level to 10%, well, then it can only spend 10% control of the economy! If we want to limits its dollars becauseit is doing something we do not want it to do – we simply STOP BUYING and it HURTS their RECEIPTS with a QUICKNESS. Think Buycott as well. When gubmint is doing things we approveof, we can spend like drunken sailors, demonstrating our good fortune and well being, celebrating our greatness.

    Want the Horn of Plenty attitude back in your own home, instead of the halls of congress? Want America to be GREAT again? Well, there is only one way it can happen now and that is by admonishing and eliminating the institutional and systemic inequality that exists in this wicked, pathetic and foul thing called the Progressive Tax Code.

    No, government is NOT there to pick our lightbulbs FOR usor our toilets or our shower heads or our diet or our health insurance or our beer or our widgets or our phones or our cars or anything else we want to buy – yeah, weed too man. It is OUR choice to contract with fellow Americans freely. It is also our right to kep the fruit of our labor if we so choose. Fair enough, there must be taxation of SOME kind, so we make it truly voluntary, just like our military. We make it consumption side stand alone. So lets say there are these “drug dealers” or ummm Ebayers – you know income tax scofflaws.Well, if ya make all purchases subject to the tax for everyone, WHERE they get their money isn’t even relevant – which makes the 16th and 17th amendments dead ducks. And ending the lives of those leeches will set the money FLOW back to they way it is supposed to be in the first place. From the people UP to government, instead of this From government trickling down to the people format we have now.

    Folks, face it. We did NOT win the Cold War. We did NOT make it to space FIRST, though we di make it there the best. We did NOT put the first MAN in space but we do do space travel, manned and unmanned, the best. We did NOT build and detonate the biggest bomb, thought we clearly built the most, the most effective and the most damaging arsenal in the world, the most accurate too. We even lost the supposed battle for hearts and minds in the propaganda arena. Look around you folks, people in this country have been spoonfed socialism until communism is outright called for – without the fools even realizing it.

    We did crush their economy first, but then did we, really? It seems we did build the biggest and most destructive debt bomb, while they cut their losses early on. Meanwhile, marxism flourished here as the debt ballooned. They just played their propaganda HERE, from within.

    What was the tax I pointed at first off? Oh yeah, PROPERTY tax. FFS man, this is the most communist idea THERE IS here in the Used To Be united states. You can NEVER, EVER ever ever ever own your land free and clear and be done paying. That means you will always have to pay what amounts to RENT to the real owners – the tax man! Who is that actually? The people? The state? The state on behalf of the people? Which is it? Government itself? The corporation that is government? Say WHAAAAAT?

    If government owns all the land, basically only leasing it out for a year at a time then that is straight up central planning in spades! Yet, government doesn’t actually TAKE IT from you, not really, it just facilitates a new lease signer. That’s right, it just pits Americans against Americans (or even non americans cuz we are stupid enough to allow non citizens to own ooopse LEASE property) by baiting WHO will pay the “tax”on the property. Those operating this corrupt system care not if a property has been yours for 1 years. PAY the tax or they will eject you and allow another who WILL pay that rent to move on in. And you don’t even get the taking fair market value!!!!! Talk about a SCAM, a commie scam!

    Why do we put up with this CRAP? Especially when that tax money collected is then so squandered stolen and wasted? Heck, look at schools turning out abject IDIOTS who mirror the rubes in Idiocracy! FFS, now those coming out of school won’t even be able to read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. See, they can’t read CURSIVE…….but they can read SPANISH.

    See it yet? We are not just not great, we are not even at good. We are communist redistribution of wealth goons, pitted at each other’s throats over every issue under the sun while those who pile on layers and layers of taxation live the good life for doing nothing more than raping this country up one side and down the other.

    Wake. Up. America!

    Then, STAND UP.

    Bow no more.

  • badass

    President Trump 2020!

    • USA#1


  • Gnome Sane

    They had a chance to repeal the Roberts/Obamacare tax and failed.

  • Clinicaleducator1

    While I agree with the POTUS on tax reform the biggest problem is RINO’s. WE need hunting licenses. We will have them come November 2018. Hunt them down and get rid of them. We actually need TERM LIMITS. THAT will DRAIN the SEWER BEST!!!!

    • badass

      think about the #1 traitor John McCain……how come the devil is still waiting?…

      • USA#1

        Bad weeds never DIE

    • USA#1


  • SingleCut

    Trump should also encourage everyone to contact their legislators and tell them that this what they voted for and they will be held accountable if they don’t follow Trump’s lead.
    McConnell nd Ryan are snakes. They pretend to want hat’s best for the country but what they really what is the status quo – a continuation of the swamp with business as usual.

    • mark abby

      Thought it was kinda funny myself. The GOP spending on ads for tax cuts, then argue against it like Obamacare. What a joke

      • HarryObrian

        Don’t need tax cuts, don’t need tax reform, need to get rid of the 75,000 pages of tax code and reduce government spending across the board while creating budgets that people’s jobs are accountable for. There are at least a dozen or more government agencies and their spawn created by fake president Barry that can go immediately, along with a few legacy ones. They are starting in the wrong direction.
        So where is that FED audit that President Trump campaigned on?

        • mark abby

          Now you know government spending isn’t going to end any time soon in fact it’s never going to end. And I’m willing to bet both houses will not ever agree on a tax cut for two reasons: 1: they don’t like Trump 2: they won’t be willing to take in less cash

          • USA#1


          • HML

            Money=power, the politicians will never give up either. It must be TAKEN from them…

        • USA#1

          Tax cut is essential

          • HarryObrian

            You want a tax cut, buy a house and rent it out, get a government job, expatriate. Tax cuts don’t work because with tax cuts you get increased taxes in other areas and increased inflation because they think you can afford it now. A tax cut with today’s diseased tax code is like drilling a hole in the bottom of a sinking boat. All Trump is doing is trying to mimic the alleged ‘better’ president(s) of history there is nothing new here, it’s all be done before.
            We need the existing tax code gone and to start over from scratch with a Constitutional amendment that says any tax code cannot be longer than 100 pages, with no links nor references.

        • Rocket Science Isn’t Hard

          Yea, but the real power behind the throne wants those cuts. No real change. Better then the Hilldabeast but all will still head downhill while Nero fiddles.

    • Mike in Illinois

      You know what would REALLY scare the legislators?

      DON’T call, DON’T write. DON’T email. DON’T donate – time OR money. DON’T Complain to them. DON’T say a word to them. Don’t buy your local paper and don’t write letters to the editor. Know why? We have already DONE all those things – for GENERATIONS – only to be ignored. Heck, DON’T even assemble on their door steps of the statehouses. We have tried that for generations as well.

      Instead, don’t even participate int their primaries! They are NOT REAL anyways. No, Primaries are NOT government functions. They are jsut PARTY constructs POSING as government – to FOOL people into thinking there is ONLY the choice between Democrats and Republicans. This is a FALSE construct, the big lie, the ultimate con.

      Wanna drain the swamp?

      Stop FILLING it.

      Vote in EVERY general election and for EVERY office, writing in if ya have to.

      Wash your hands of the rest and REFUSE to vote for ANY (D) or ANY (R). Wipe them away, send them packing, toss them out. Eject them from this game entirely. THAT my friend is how we drain it.

    • Christopher Snittle

      That’s what Reagan did. Got on Tv and told folks to call there congressmen and give him a earful.

      • ken

        yeah like any of those crooks gives a damn what we think or want except at election time