Pres.Trump Nominates CEO of AccuWeather to Lead NOAA

AccuWeather CEO Barry Myers received a nomination to fill the lead role of the NOAA by President Trump. (Photo/Twitter/PHL TODAY)

October 12, 2017
OAN Newsroom

President Trump nominates the head of a leading weather forecasting company to run NOAA.

AccuWeather CEO Barry Myers was nominated for the position Tuesday.

The White House has praised Myers for helping grow AccuWeather into one of the world’s leading authorities for weather information.

As under secretary, Myers will lead programs that research the nations weather forecasts to ultimately prepare citizens for natural disasters, including hurricanes.

This nomination comes days after EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced the agency will roll-back former President Obama’s clean power plan, which is a regulation intended to cut down on green house gases.

  • tman

    What does this last paragraph have to do with the article……NOTHING. Another left wing journalist inserting a red herring to distort the report. “This nomination comes days after EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced the agency will roll-back former President Obama’s clean power plan, which is a regulation intended to cut down on green house gases.”

  • Dragon

    This guy is head of a company that embraces global warming and tries to hide that various governments around the world are playing weather maker. Do not expect anything of value from him.

  • Wreckedem

    It has been raining liberal tears for 10 months. The flood gates are really being tested.

  • Disgusted Caucasian

    I’m not so sure about this. Accuweather, a site I visit often, is a man made global warming hot spot. Non sequitur.

  • No Mas

    Maybe he can educate Puerto Rico on preparing for a storm. Change building codes to steel reinforced concrete for public buildings, and tents for those who cant afford steel reinforced concrete.
    If Puerto Rico cannot rebuild on their own, they should sell property to someone or investors who will build properly.

    Im all for cutting the loss and selling Puerto Rico back to Spain.

    • R.L.

      let’s just give it back. No need for compensation.

    • hobartneck

      I had a really great time there back in the ’80’s. Great place to live, but too many Puerto Ricans….

  • Jon Davis

    That’s funny. This guy is outspoken against the broad notion of human-caused global warming. This is definitely a statement by Trump for purposes of de-regulating global warming.

    • Deplorable Jackphatz

      The Left will now say millions will die because of this.

    • Mike Smith

      Please provide a link to Myers being “outspoken against the broad notion of human-caused global warming.”

      • Jon Davis

        Good catch. I was thinking of Joe Bastardi.

  • Pay Trader

    Good to see Trump doing something about the weather.

    I wonder if Barry Myers will help shape public policy in a way that helps differentiate between weather and climate. There is a new “science”, called Attribution Theory that is attempting to link weather events to climate change. I don’t think we know enough yet, I don’t think we’re that smart. Climate change occurs over millennia, weather changes have only been accurately recorded during the last 40 years or so after the satellites were in place. Maybe accurate weather records are still a worthy goal given NOAA’s past squelching of data that tends to disagree with the climate change priesthood.

  • I. Forgot 2

    Great choice!!

  • Ana Garcia

    Roll back on cutting down greenhouse gases–isn’t that part of the NOAAs main focuses as an environmental department??

    • Norma Elaine Simcosky Rafferty

      What does cutting down on green house gases have to do with weather? Nothing. Therefore they should be separate entities.

    • kaiju

      I think that means roll back to something sensible, like to before conman Algore’s carbon scare and Terrorist BHusseinO’s war on American energy.

  • turnipweed

    Is Myers part of the AGW fraud, or is he clean?

    • tedlv

      It’s been a while, but I think I recall reading that he’s clean.

      • I. Forgot 2

        He’s clean. A good choice!

  • Erdnay

    Everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it.

    • turnipweed

      Nerd, meet Obama. Well, he tried, but never succeeded.

      • Beleaguered

        ‘thats a joke son a….joke” Foghorn Leghorn

        • Mountaineer

          Love Foghorn Leghorn!

    • Pay Trader

      I think that’s a classic line from Mark Twain. I love it!