Pres. Trump: MSM’s Coverage is a ‘Stain on America’


December 11, 2017
OAN Newsroom

President Trump called the MSM’s reporting a ‘stain on America.’

In a tweet Sunday, the president said there’s very little discussion about all the purposely false and defamatory stories put out by the Fake News Media.

He added that particular outlets are out of control, saying “correct reporting means nothing to them.”

The president says the mainstream media writes major lies, and is forced to withdraw the stories after they are exposed.

His comments come after a number of journalists reported false stories last week, and were forced to correct themselves.

On Monday morning the president fired back at The New York Times after the paper claimed he watches mainstream media to get fired up for the day.

In another tweet the president said he rarely, if ever, watches CNN or MSNBC, which he considers to be fake news.

His comments comes after the New York Times cited an anonymous source over the weekend, alleging he watches liberal outlets to get himself worked up before he starts tweeting.

Earlier this year, the president said he was forced to watch CNN in the Philippines because there was no other choice.

However, he says he doesn’t get much time to watch television due to his busy schedule.

  • Andrew Moore8

    Oh no….is MY President bullying the poor poor lying libtard press again…..Oh what are we going to do…..MWHAAAAA.

  • Andrew Moore8

    A stain on America……Just like Demoncrapic senator Mcstain from Arizona….

  • AtomicFury

    Give ’em hell, Mr. President.

  • Oh yeah

    You mean people still watch MSM.

    • Freedom

      My in-laws watch it and believe everything they say. Its ridiculous. You can’t say a word to them, its like they are living in another reality.

      • Oh yeah

        Always amazes me how people can think for themselves. Listen to what the man has to say and then make up your own mind. Don’t listen to the commentaries afterward on what they think he said.

  • Bodanker

    President Trump owns the MSM
    He trolls them just to watch them cry.

  • JL Ziegler

    Lies, all lies. The one thing Democrats are natorious for.

  • mrReason1

    Many leaders have erroneous news reports about them and battles
    with the media.

    • Andrew Moore8

      Not like this President has had.

  • PatrickJ

    Instead of them taking advantage of him, he takes advantage of them. Every time they come up against him, they come off looking like fools. He is just such a master at manipulating fools. One of the things I love about him.

  • PatrickJ

    This President has the unique ability to entertain these clowns of the media, and yet still run the country. Amazing that he can do that.

  • Kyle Smith

    Winning!! MAGA

  • Alan Lindquist

    just stop buying there sponsored crap………

  • TYvets

    No argument with that.

  • Aldo

    Who said you can’t fight the press or city hall ??? These mass(hole) media hacks have absolutely NO credibility !!!

  • Aldo

    The olllleeee gray hag should be euthanized !!!!

  • Jim Hatfield

    Let’s put that in correct contexts. The
    President is being nice calling these news sources Fake. What they in
    fact are are socialist indoctrination centers. They’re constantly
    slanting toward there socialist agenda. You tune in at 11:00 for
    local news but always get their socialist slant on the National
    scene. Every second of brainwash adds up!!!!!

  • ShortSweet

    If you watched the White House Press Conference today, you witnessed a degree of disrespect and hostility never seen in that room. Sarah Sanders handled herself like the professional she is but it was uncalled for and disgusting.

  • ShortSweet

    At what point did White House Press Conference rules change? In the past the Press would ask a question and wait for an answer. Today’s press conference was nothing short of an uncivilized attack on Sarah Sanders who is daily being forced into antagonistic debate. As always, she handled it like the professional she is, but it was absolutely infuriating to see such disrespect and unprofessionalism on the part of the White House Press Corps. May I suggest one question per reporter be submitted in writing prior to a weekly press conference. No question with a follow-up question and absolutely no debate. In fact, reporters should be located in an adjoining room to take notes.

    • Letmesay

      And furthermore why do we need a press conference. Most do not even write the REAL news. They decide the news. I do agree reporters should be in an adjoining room taking notes. So at least they can’t complain they were not under the same roof. Besides the questions they ask are stupid and most of the time not important.

      • TooToo

        Totally agree . Phone in your questions . You’ll get answers speedily . No need at all for this disrespectful behaviour . Don’t broadcast any of it.
        The public HATE the “Press” and don’t believe a word anyway !!! What a waste of $$$ !!!!

    • PatrickJ

      The White House Press Conference is nothing but a spectacle. It serves no purpose whatsoever. They could just as easily put all the news on a website and state, “This is what happened this week and this is what the President thinks about it.”

  • HarryObrian

    Not that most wouldn’t agree with President Trump but doesn’t he have anything better to do than to keep running over the fake and useless press? I mean like he’s the president and the press is so much much lower on the scale of things. If he wants to micro-manage something important how about something like say the children they call congress?

    • Kyle Smith

      It is important, because they have weaponized the media. By attacking them relentlessly we is removing that weapon from them. He cannot do anything else if the media is able to attack him with impunity. That is why this must be done.

    • Just A Guy

      Ya reckon the LSM would get called on their insatiable appetite to lie and ultimately have to withdraw, recant or otherwise try to substantiate their stories by telling even more lies if PTrump didn’t regularly call them out? When the LSM spews their lies and fake news, Americans need to know about it. And PTrump puts it in their face. I like that.

      • HarryObrian

        These are the anti-American liberal press, nothing short of hanging them is going to change them. The people that know they are liars know they are liars, the people that don’t never will nor will they ever accept it. So by President Trump scolding them he is at best, wasting his valuable time and at worst playing into their hands. President Trump has people to point out the lies of the left, let them do it.
        This ain’t rocket science.

    • Letmesay

      There are idiots out there that hinge on to everything a liberal and non liberal has to say, even if they voted for President Trump. So for him to keep fake news in the limelight is just fine with me.
      And by the way what do you think he has been doing since day one with the little children in Congress. His speeches and rallies speak volumes about congress and many times he has no problem mentioning NAMES.

      • HarryObrian

        Obviously he isn’t going to change the minds of idiots and he’s not doing much to support the minds of the non-idiots as well……
        And just wtf is the President of the United States doing acting just like those children and calling them out by name. Good grief does no one in this entire mess have any class or skill at real negotiation whatsoever? I realize money can’t buy intelligence nor class but isn’t their someone in the White House with enough gumption to explain to President Trump that his ego may be a tad absurd and that he should leave the angry old woman schtick at the door.

    • TooToo

      Put out a daily statement . No question time . They don’t listen anyway .
      And tear up Acosta’s accreditation .

    • Andrew Moore8

      Well, lets see….he has been running the country and doing a damn fine job of it…..all while making the fake news press look like morons…..i would say he is a master if he can multi task like that.

  • CDG

    The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC all use each other as “sources”. If not, then an “anonymous” source is credited. The days of trusting a reporter or network who is honestly trying to protect an anonymous source ended when ratings and advertisement dollars become more important than the truth. These people have ZERO credibility due to frequent, completely false or slanted reporting and a known political bias.

    • “I’m a Rooster!”

      Never, have I seen so-called “Americans” launch such an attack on a single human being.
      They are a sinister lot.

      • Letmesay

        Not only at a single human being, but the president of the United States. How do they sleep at night, maybe like Hillary probably does, a bottle of what ever and pills.

      • JL Ziegler

        Remember, Soros is paying these people.

        • JB Howard

          What is Obama up to?
          Is he master of ceremony’s?