Pres. Trump Meets With Sen. Scott on Race Relations

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., the only African-American Republican serving in the Senate, talks to reporters about his plan to meet with President Donald Trump to discuss race and Trump’s widely criticized response to last month’s protests and racial violence in Charlottesville, Va., at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

September 13, 2017
OAN Newsroom

In an effort to build relations and get a better understanding of African American issues, President Trump meets with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

Scott is currently the only black Republican senator, and the pair discussed race issues in the wake of Charlottesville.

The one-on-one meeting Wednesday at the White House is also an effort by the president to unify the country.

They talked about issues facing African Americans, and how the president can continue to improve the lives of all people in the country.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders commented on the meeting, calling it productive.

  • Beetlejuice?!

  • jlsharks1

    “African American issues”
    To start off by not calling themselves American has already alienated themselves from Americans.
    Secondly they are responsible for their own race issues help on by the main stream media and their actions and blame the world for their disposition.
    The blacks need to stop this BS and Americans need to stop this PC.
    This does not apply to all blacks as their are many respectable and hard working blacks.

  • turnipweed

    14% of the population are African, about 33% are of Mexican descent, and they identify as non-white. So nearly 50% use their race to advantage.

  • redware

    Scott’s got to go along with Miss Lindsey!

  • John P

    It just goes to show the American People that President Trump is NOT RACIST and wants to improve the lives of all Americans. Ultra-Left Media portrays him to be RACIST and that is why you can not listen to main stream media. They have their agenda to destroy this country as we know it. Black Lives Matter however is a Racist and Terrorist group and needs to be defined as such and Scott needs to step up to the plate and denounce it as another person commented.

  • Native Born American

    Nine years ago I was working for the federal government.

    Nine years ago there were people of all colors, races, religion and gender who very successfully worked together. Regardless of personal beliefs and political persuasion there were no conflicts. It was a great indication of people as a whole in our country.

    Then BO was elected. His Chicago minister was a hateful racists who wrongly stood in a church in front of a congregation and spoke of killing innocent white people.

    BO ignored natural disasters when they occurred in cities that were predominately white. Instead he focused on and directed national news toward local issues such as a black professor locked out of his home or a Hispanic man who shot a black youth in Florida. And let’s not forget what happened in Baltimore and St. Louis shall we.

    Once BO pulled the keystone and had a solid plan for pitting Americans against each other over something as outdated as Polio is our country, he moved his focus to gender identity looking smug and hateful while his eyes creepily remained vacant, again he focused the press and America on his next path of destruction such as the couple who owned a bakery and respectively declined to bake a wedding cake for a same sex couple. And by decree made public restrooms a national crisis.

    In between local non news situations that could be elevated to crisis mode, he opened our boarders with welcome arms those who would gleefully empty our coffers, increase the national crime rate and lower public education levels equal to third world countries, while sending millions of taxpayer dollars to countries willing to make weapons that could destroy civilization.

    Now if you still don’t understand BO’s agenda, obviously you never will.

    No one wants race relations to revert back to the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or even 90’s.
    But if we could just get back to the turn of the century that would be progress.

    We also need to lock down our boarders and stop spending taxpayer money on non citizens. Why? Because that money would be better spent helping our citizens living in poverty, improving our schools, and allowing business to create job that pay a living wage to American citizens.

    I can’t understand the brain circuitry and mind set of Democrats, but I don’t understand why sociopaths and psychopaths do the things they do either. Personally I don’t want to.

    It’s past time politicians and the mainstream media stop their relentless sabotaging and started to support President Trump. Take note, don’t forget who voted for him and why, our numbers are increasing every day because politicians and the media insist on living in the past.

  • Jeffrey Waters

    And then Donald asked him to sing a little song & do a little dance – “Yassuh, Massa Trump”…………..

  • SleepersAwake

    “In an effort to build relations and get a better understanding of African American issues, President Trump meets with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.”

    As long as blacks continue identifying themselves with a hyphenated name, they will always have issues and this country will never coalesce into one.

    Black people need only to look into the mirror to see what the problem is. quit blaming others for your shortcomings. Quit tearing down our nation.

    • Aldo


  • Jenn

    So, what person of color can President Trump meet with that will not make someone unhappy? He has reached out to quite a few black entertainers and has met with ‘leaders’ in the black community…..a diverse group of individuals for sure. But it seems no matter who he meets with to try to ‘better relations’ or find out how to ‘help the black community’, you have people bashing whatever he does. If he didn’t reach out to anyone, then he would be bashed that he doesn’t care or he’s not doing enough.

    If you ask my opinion, it is not the President’s job to have to ‘fix’ the black community or race ‘relations’. If all Americans would get back to some sense of morality and pride in this country – a good old fashioned sense of community, family, and helping out your neighbor – all of that would go a long way to setting this country right again (MAGA anyone?)…..not to mention, we need men to stand up and teach young boys how to be good citizens, husbands, and fathers. That starts from the bottom – not the top.

    • …remain calm and return fire

      “it is not the President’s job to have to ‘fix’ the black community or race ‘relations'”, True. Additionally….we need women to raise girls to be good citizens, wives, and mothers. Women are as lost as men.

      • Jenn


  • Mr. Deplorable

    The Alt-Left has a much different definition of
    “Free Speech” than real Americans.

  • Mr. Deplorable

    He’s talking to what blacks consider an Uncle Tom, plus he’s a dyed in the wool #NeverTrumper.

  • C B

    Really ????

  • Sinthrax

    From what all I read on other sites about this.. They are coming up with some policy on hate speech and trying to take more rights away. You know the KKK..any white organization can’t exist or speak. However, BLM and Antifa are fine.

    Nothing good will come of this meeting from what I read. In less of course you want more of your rights taken.

    • tedlv

      If you’re Caucasian, and talk, that’s hate speech, right?

      • Aldo

        DoubleTrouble”Standard” !!! MAGA-WALL-MAGA-GOD-MAGA-WALL-MAGA

    • Scott Henke

      Yeah, there’s some Bill condemning “hate groups”. The problem is it’s very vague in some aspects. Someone will use it against the NRA, Tea Party, or just any group the likes of the Southern Poverty Law Center or a deranged college professor suddenly decides constitutes a hate group. It will backfire on the GOP and conservatives in general. The Thought Police are coming.

  • Ocitman

    There is a breitbart article about this. It not good

    • A REAL American Trump Voter✓

      Lately Breitbart has gone to the Dark Side….. and spend more time beating up on President Trump than they do supporting them. It’s why I’m done going to Breitbart for anything. They don’t get their way on one thing and even if the Truth is not readily available in advance…. they’re already dissing on the President for making to them…. BAD DECISIONS! ……Super Ultra Alt Right Wingers will lose their way and we’ll end up like we did when the Christian Evangelicals tried to run the whole party into the ground over a settle issue with Roe v Wade! ……and I’m Pro life. But at least I get it when things fail to change after 50 yrs of Protesting!!!

      btw… no thanks I’ll stick with One America News. Who aren’t out to SELF DESTRUCT THEIR OWN PARTY…. over not getting their way on everything! ;-P Breitbart is now DEAD to me!!!

  • R A.

    Mr. Tibbs goes to Washington

  • TYvets

    Congrats, Eric Trump

    • All American

      Yes congrats 🎉

  • MIke 54

    Screw political correctness. Racism goes both ways!

  • Butthep

    Dems are racists.

    • Mr. Deplorable

      Considering they founded and still control the KKK, I’d say calling them racist is a vast understatement.

    • All American

      The Democrats use racism to propagate chaos, extremism and division.
      This has not been seriously addressed in many millennia.
      Think of this as an untreated bacterial infection. If treated the infection resolves if ignored the infection spreads and becomes dangerous as the bacteria and their toxins are carried through the bloodstream to your entire body.

  • norris

    Why is Trump meeting with the one black Senator? Scott obviously does not represent the average black man. If he did, there would be more of them in the Senate. How does no one get this!?!

    • albaby2

      How many Senators do you think represent the average person of any color?

      • norris

        I had the same thought as soon as I left this comment. You are 100% correct.

    • A REAL American Trump Voter✓

      Because that’s all there is… is one black conservative Republican Senator in the Senate!!!

      You should maybe listen to him speak sometime. He’s actually brilliant considering he has black skin and probably a higher IQ than YOU FOOLS on here Hated on him for no valid reason other than he’s BLACK!!! ……just admit it?

  • CDG

    In two days we will hear from the Left that Tim Scott is an “Uncle Tom” and a “sell out” for meeting with the evil President. 🙁

    • Aldo

      Right !!!! My sentiments exactly

  • Jenn

    Go, Tim Scott!

  • …remain calm and return fire

    Sen. Scott said ‘give us more moneys’ and Pres. Trump said ‘O.K’. …….it’s always the same dialog….GIVE US MONEY….YOU OWE US….it’s getting old…very old.

    • Jenn

      Ummm, I’d be rather surprised if that is what Tim Scott said. Have you read his Bio and where he stands on issues?

      • …remain calm and return fire

        ummm, No. Let’s see how much tax money Trump coughs up for ‘race relations’. Another trillion? Would that be enough for Scott? At least for starters.

        • luvdoowop

          You read, but you hardly comprehend.

          • …remain calm and return fire

            Washington is only about money. Sooooo, it’s obvious Scott wants money. You’re stuck on appearances….go deeper to find the truth. Trump will probably declare his own ‘Great Society’ program….and throw another trillion down the ‘race relations’ rat hole.

          • All American

            I second that

          • Leroy

            I third it!!

      • A REAL American Trump Voter✓

        These are Alt Right…. HATERS….. and they really are Racist underneath all the Graffiti laced HATE MONGERING!!!

        Tim Scott is probably more conservative than they are. Yet….. they can’t see it…. because of their overt RACISM!!!

    • jlsharks1

      So spot on, it is the same all over the world.

  • humansrus

    I am disappointed in Tim Scott. He hasn’t denounced BLM, says nothing about the New Black Panthers or ANTIFA. Why do we need to constantly look at the needs of the African American community when they do nothing to stop their gang violence or looting? They are over represented in government jobs and already getting preferential treatment with affirmative action. What else do they want or need?

    • …remain calm and return fire

      They need Everything and then some.

    • R A.

      MORE reparations MORE MORE MORE

    • danahan01 .

      Your house and your job!! So they can wreck that too!’

  • Daniela

    Glad he axed him to meet.

    • Wheel of misfortune


  • Roy Beane

    Race relations? Don’t tell me they’re having sex in the halls of Congress and the WH now.

    • albaby2

      That stopped when the Clintons left and the sheets were changed in Lincolns bedroom.

  • Patricio Amenabar

    Scott promised Trump that Blacks will stop their racist agenda against Whites.

    • Multicultralism/tribalism is killing us. We are a nation founded on liberty from tyranny. If we don’t understand it, we shall be ruled by tyrants once again.

    • Is that sarcasm or for real?

      • America built on her citizens

        the Anti Rights are racists

    • Aldo

      Boy THAT was easy !!! Thanks Scott

    • A REAL American Trump Voter✓

      That…. from what I’m reading here from commenters…. is just about as impossible as the Ultra Alt Right Racist will ever STOP….. with their even more ignorant RACISM! ……and I’m as white and country…fied as they come.

      The truth is that by merely acknowledging Racism you are endorsing it. This is why Scott is completely ignoring the overt Racism coming from both sides. We need to figure out a way to change our future. Because changing the past is a non-sequitur argument that’s….. FAILED MISERABLY! ……and tearing down any statues no matter who or what they represent is tantamount to Chairman Mao and ISIS destroying their histories and monuments from a better past!

      When people were more into Making Positive History for their Future….. because they realize the past creates their Best Future!

  • Elrod

    This at the very least proves Trump cares about race relations or he would not even hold such a meeting. If he does not care about something he does not put energy into it.

    • All American

      You’ve got that right. United we stand, divided we fall🇺🇸

    • Aldo

      Versus obamASS meeting with blm & PRAISING their good work !!!


  • Biform25

    Libtards are melting down.


    • Aldo