Pres. Trump: Dems Missed Opportunity for Bipartisan DACA Deal

January 13, 2018

OAN Newsroom

President Trump doubles down on his stance for DACA by condemning Democrats, who he said would rather derail his presidency than help the American people.

In a Twitter post Saturday, the president says he doesn’t believe Democrats want a deal on DACA and claims they are “all talk no action.”

He added the Democrats threw away an opportunity to work on a joint deal with Republicans.

A group of bipartisan lawmakers introduced a deal for DACA this week, but the president rejected it because he believed the bill did not align with his administration’s agenda.



  • Roscoe

    On DACA, no deal is a good deal. Deport them all.

  • 🐯 TigerBear 🐻

    The demons will cause an implosion in this country, I fear. The silent majority made themselves heard Nov.8, 2016! Obviously there are those who refuse to hear us…..will we have to go SJW psycho to be heard, as they do? Once the pushes become shoves (as they are now) will we will be forced to rise? We are trying to prevent that by voting and by stating clearly what we want and expect from our representatives of both the house and senate…..and look at the debacle we have today. 😳🙄


  • Trzo9veuha

    Democrat National Socialists crashed and burned on this one. They had the upper hand on negotiation, now they have NOTHING. It must hurt to be so stupid.

  • Frank2525

    I believe Durbin intended to hear something derogatory, to sabotage the others from considering Border Security, (Wall, security, chain migration, and lottery emigration) First. With out that , DACA and nothing else means anything at this time. Democrats did this in 1986, 2013, and again now. They want, what they want, but have no intentions of closing the border or enforcing immigration laws.

  • Frank2525

    Does anyone find it strange that Durbin heard something , that others did not hear Donald Trump say? I don’t. Schumer, Durbin, Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein and others on the Democratic side have told me a lot of stuff in last 10 years, that I do not believe, and did not exist in my life time that I know of. Same as Bernie and Hillary. They tell a lot of TALL stories, of utopian ideas, that just do not fly in REPUBLIC.
    I can see that Donald, just as so many of my peers and I have served in other countries saw ourselves, and that was what Obama, Hillary, Bernie wanted to do to USA. Shame on them.
    ————And I still say that folks who emigrate, LEGALLY, AND COMPLY WITH REQUIREMENTS, become Citizens, and they respect the USA, and Opportunity offered in this country to succeed. Work hard, live up to dreams, and work to best of mental and physical capability, and be successful.

  • hobartneck

    Liberals s**k. That about sums it up.

  • Nick Rose

    “Libya has become a S***t show”- Barack Hussein Obama.

    Where’s the OUTRAGE!?

  • Treeherder

    So the democrat party is more concerned about taking care of illegal immigrants, and people in poor countries, then taking care of hardworking, law abiding, American citizens already here.
    For example, flooding the country with low skilled workers makes it very difficult for young Americans to find jobs. It also causes lower wages for younger working Americans. Also, when immigrants go on welfare, then there is LESS welfare money for law abiding American citizens that need help.
    SO WHY DO THE DEMOCRATS DO THINGS THAT HURT WORKING CLASS PEOPLE? My answer is…..they have no real economic plan. They are just wealthy power hungry elitist lying to the unwashed masses so they can stay in power and direct government money to themselves and their elitist friends.

  • TexanForever

    Trump set the Progs up beautifully by allowing the press access to the discussions. They demonstrated for the world to see just how one-sided they are, wanting everything and giving nothing in return. This will pay off in the Mid Terms.

  • rogleecam

    Trump, the skilled musician, plays the Dems like a Stradivarius. He knows they won’t, under any circumstances, negotiate. he offers them incredible deals that forsake his base, and they just balk. Then he says, “i tried”, and walks away the winner. DACA is DEAD! DREAMers, Better start packing!

  • marko

    where is the morals and ethics, where is common sense .. the democrat constituents allowing their elected officials do do nothing for we the people and pay them to sit there and obstruct and resist.. thats all they do. you think its helping your cause? well its not .. trump whether you like him or not is working for and helping americans there is no denying that,, but your party is affraid of losing their position and their pay checks they will do anything to get back in power and that means ruining our country… God help us

  • Max42

    The President and every Republican knows, or should know, that Democrats are never interested a legitimate bipartisan agreement. It’s not in their vocabulary. Democrats have two objectives as a minority party in Congress. 1. Impeach or otherwise oust President Trump 2. Be as obstructive as possible and play the partisan card every single time. It’s been this way since the Reagan presidency.

  • TwoElks

    NO amnesty, NO deals, NO exceptions. Deport them all or simply hand over the keys to America !

  • ShortSweet

    The Democrats have made it crystal clear they will put their amnesty agenda above the good of our country and legal citizens. If there is a government shutdown, the Dems own it and will pay a high price at the polls.

  • Daryl

    You can’t reason with unreasonable people.

    There will be no deal. Democrats want 100% their way, and will back out of any commitments they make to conservatives. Again. The same ole’ song and dance. They did it to Reagan, and every Republican since.

    Amnesty is dead. DACA will expire. Democrats are failing to help DACA people, and obviously don’t care, from all the childish name calling that continues. They were never serious. Again.

    • ShortSweet

      Well said ….. and 100% true.

  • LB

    Well done Mr President. He reads the Dems absolutely correctly. everything is a ransom ploy with them. The care about power and they use whatever, and whoever to get it.

  • rgeiken

    If you look at the cost of housing, you can see that we really have too many people in this country and we really cannot accept more refugees or immigrants without hurting American citizens. An area where I used to live in California and my wife and I purchased a house in 1966 for $25,000. Our home there was over 1700 square feet in size. Today similar housing in that area are selling of for over $500,000. I saw a listing today on Zillow for a 1000 square foot house for $519,000. What do you suppose raised prices to this level. If you guessed overpopulation, you win the prize. How in the world can ordinary working people supposedly pay these kind of prices for housing. The next 10 to 20 million immigrants and refugees are only go to compound this problem. These 1000 sq ft. houses might start fetching $750,000 or more. That area that I am talking about is Canyon Country California which is about 50 miles north of downtown L.A. 1000 square feet is the size of the house that I lived in in Illinois in the 1940 and 1950s. I had one brother and with 4 people in the house it felt a little crowded. Rent on our first house in this town was about $35 per month, and the cost of the second house that my parents bought was about $12,000. This house was about 25 miles south of the Chicago Loop in a small town there.

  • Ash Williams

    Trump knows that giving into DACA would incourage illegal immigration, and I think he is right to push to get rid of it.

  • rgeiken

    This highlights why Government’s are usually unsuccessful and Business’s are successful. Opposite party representatives are only looking out for what is supposedly good for their party and not what is good for the United States and it’s citizens. In a business everyone is pulling together for the common good of the company and those that can’t are replaced.

  • Javanne

    No doubt, the Democrats and media will blame Trump for the talk’s failure, but I hope he sticks to his guns and tell them all that he is willing to give them all they ask for relative to the DACA immigrants, but ONLY IF he gets his wall fully funded, the elimination of chained immigration, the elimination of the lottery system of selection for immigrants, and the deportation of the DACA parents and relatives of immigrants who were admitted via the chained immigrant policy. They could then work out a new system which does two things: selects vetted immigrants based on what they cvan contribute to the US and streamline the system so that most immigrants are accepted or rejected within thirty days, rather than having to wait years for a decision.

  • nfcapitalist

    Democrats don’t want to let go of this or any potential political talking point… they never fix anything.

    How can the obvious be this hard to understand?

  • Ed L

    Muttonheaded Democrats the potus said the bill must contain a wall Trump didn’t say how much of a wall I bet if they met the president half way He would go for it

  • marcthepig

    Trump simply needs to announce that if there is no deal before DACA ends, deportations will begin the day after it expires.

  • CCTexas

    Here we go. The Socialist/Progressive Cabal’s mission is to destroy the nation of the United States and turn it into some sort of enslaved mecca. However, history shows that this form of over-lording a population simply does not work. Media types and the uneducated entertainment piglets are decidedly on board because they seem to not have read history. Once the destruction has occurred, they will become enemy number one to the Cabal and will be removed. DACA, a systematic approach that offers just another avenue to our destruction must be removed. Those illegals should be sent home immediately and allowed to apply for citizenship just as millions of individuals across the world have done. Is it their fault they are here? Oh yes, oh yes it is. They know they are criminals and they, like all criminals claim innocence. If they had even an ounce of integrity, they would leave on their own and follow the laws of this country. Yet, know, they stay, seeking special treatment, just like all the other criminals who are here illegally. The Cabal should be under investigation and their acts of criminality should be brought to life.

  • marcthepig

    The judge who said Trump couldn’t end Obama’s unconstitutional DACA just gave him a gift. This is a perfect opportunity to roll up all these lawsuits and take them to the SCOTUS for a ruling on who has final say regarding immigration.

    • Twinkle Toes

      These lawsuits take a long time. He needs to use the power of the pen and take care of business.

  • marcthepig

    Dems care about one thing, votes. If the “dreamers” were likely to vote Republican, the Dems would demand they all be deported.

  • Lulu

    Trump watched year after year as politicians totally botched the Wollmans Rink job. Finally he stepped in & put it right within months. He’s trying to do the same for America & he needs all our support.

  • michael

    America First

  • Serge

    People keep missing the point that president made: why do we import migrants from worst countries in the world? And, most importantly, HOW THAT BENEFITS AMERICA?

    • Legion

      It doesn’t benefit America.

      It only benefits the migrant in the short term at the cost of damaging America in the long term.

      • Serge

        It only benefits liberals on their way to tyranny and dictatorship.

        • NarrowPath

          The Democrats only received 37% of the white vote in the 2016 POTUS election. They have a demographic problem where they need low skilled, uneducated, impoverished immigrants to migrate to the USA where their votes can be procured via social programs. Self sufficient, educated, hard working immigrants turn out to be Republicans and are opposed by Dems.

          • Serge

            Do not forget that Indians and Pakistani, even being educated better than average American, still in their majority (76%) vote for liberals. Liberalism is IQ and genetic related phenomenon, not educational or cultural.

    • Lulu

      Exactly. Dems love to focus on trivia like vocabulary. Helps them avoid the substance of the issue.

  • Naes Sen

    Can’t say Trump never tried to work with them, unlike Obama who signed executive order after executive order without so much as even looking at a republican.

  • Tado

    51 vs 48
    Deal on illegal aliens?
    Incarcerate and deport.
    Crime does NOT pay.

  • Mary Hasting

    The Republicans have control of both Houses and the Presidency. Why on earth should they try to “work across the aisle”? When the dems have control, do they ever try to work with Republicans? Not on you life! So, why do Republicans try to “work” with them? DACA is an illegal situation. Send ALL ILLEGALS home. They have not bothered to try to become citizens, they hold up the Mexican Flag and burn the American Flag. We don’t need nor want them in our Country.

  • Tado

    Trump will still be the sitting President.
    …even if McCain drops dead.
    …even if Schumer forgets to breath.
    …even if NoKo Kim nukes Hawaii or California
    No matter the intensity of verbal accusations, insults, name-calling, Trump is unKillable.
    Trump cannot even be impeached because – to the bottom of anyone’s anus, there is no onus to any of anyone’s accusations or manufactured lies.

  • DrMitoFit

    Constitutional scholars and even Obama admit that DACA is unconstitutional. The third branch of government should have blocked it or overturned it. Once again the judicial branch has failed us.

    • PatrickJ

      Seems they do that lot these days.

  • Tim maher

    Ok, if the democrats won’t come
    to the table ready to reach reasonable solutions that include border security, the wall, end of chain migration and end of the lottery, let the dems shut down the government and start deportations of the dreamers. The dems will come crawling back to the table in short order rather than see their voting base deported.

  • meeester

    Trump could say “amnesty for dreamers ” and it could be sweet because the Dems would have to disagree with him and would have to vote against it on some premise. He could play chicken with them on this. They need the division of this issue more than they want anything for ‘dreamers’.
    Credit to Rich Zeoli WPHT Phila 1210am after Rush

  • TYvets

    Anyone else torn on this one?

  • TYvets

    There are easier issues

  • TYvets

    Depends on whether you think they were sincere

  • PatrickJ

    Signing off for the evening. God Bless.

    • Twinkle Toes

      Wow – you are on a roll tonight, good job!

      Patrick, I learned something from you last night that you said to me. Thank you. We all have a lot to learn and you gave me a very valuable message and I got it.

    • tedlv

      Sleep well!

  • PatrickJ

    You know, usually when I make outrageous statements like this, the trolls are all over them in a heartbeat. Makes me nervous. You think they’re sick or something? Actually, that would be a good thing.

    • Tado

      Trump is white, unKillable and, the best for all races.
      White is the purest of all color.

      • Twinkle Toes

        Tado, I don’t agree white is the purest of all colors with respect to the human race. We are all made equal. Hitler, the most evil man on earth was white; today’s dictators of Africa and Haiti are extremely evil and they are black.

        • AskTheChief

          Their learning stopped at Procreation 101, didn’t see the need to tackle anything else.

  • PatrickJ

    I support this man. I will continue to support this man until the cows come home.
    I support this President.

  • PatrickJ

    At this point in time, the Trump Train has too much momentum for them to stop it.
    Quite simply, because it’s working. The things he has put in place are working. The things he has planned going forward will probably work as well.

    People have jobs again. Do you have any idea what that means to the average family? They can pay their light bill. They can buy food. They can get a better car. They can put their children in a better school.

    It is just such a brighter picture for the future of America, than the one the Democrats put out there.

  • PatrickJ

    The Obama presidency was aimed at destroying this country and what it stands for. They didn’t even try to hide it. It was out there. It was blatant. It was in your face. They actually took us right to the precipice, and then something magical happened. Donald Trump appeared on the scene.

    He basically said, “I don’t think I like this.” And then he made History. He ran for the office of the President of These United States. And by being elected, he simply changed everything, from this day going forward.

  • PatrickJ

    Regarding Trump, I find I like the man. I very much like the man. By himself, he changed the direction of both this country’s history and it’s future going forward.

    Go after him all you want. He’ll just spit it back in your face and say, “What else you got?” That’s sort of the way I look at the whole thing, too.
    What else you got?

    In case you haven’t noticed here, the President is running this country while all you are doing is moaning and crying. Stock market at all time highs. Unemployment at all time lows. Major companies bringing jobs back to America.

    A new tax plan that is revolutionary. Ordinary Americans have a chance again.

    Like it or not, this President put us on a new path. He did what he promised he would do. End of story.

    • Lulu

      And all the Dems do is shriek about trivia. Yes, he described failed states in one word – so WHAT?! The UN said this week that 244 MILLION migrants are “on the move” & the west must “welcome them.” So why are millions leaving their countries if they’re not dumps? Trump’s 100% correct – the US needs to limit immigration. The globalists have to STOP trying to shovel all of humanity into the west. Migrants need to stay in their own countries & improve them.

    • Ray

      … and it’s only been a year. Can’t wait to see what he does in the next 3 years (hopefully 7 years).

  • PatrickJ

    Please forgive me, but we have Obama to thank for this. Obama and his minions, actually. Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, just to name a few.

    In his eight years of misery for the rest of us, he made sure of one thing. He made sure that Democrats would never again work with Republicans and vice versa. What better way to destroy America, than to make sure the two parties are taking knives to each other’s throats, so that the government has absolutely no way of working.

    Obama actually did that, with a little help from his friends.

    • PatrickJ

      While it is a fact that he didn’t want the two parties to agree on anything, He didn’t really want the rest of us to agree on anything, either.

      So he put Black against White, Muslim against Christian. Cops against regular citizens. It worked perfectly! Not long after he became president, everyone hated everyone else.

      Even though he has been gone for some time now, his legacy still lingers.
      Blacks still hate Whites and vice versa. Muslims still hate Christians and vice versa. And absolutely everyone out there hates cops, except perhaps you and me.

      • PatrickJ

        He even attempted to achieve the entire idea on a larger stage, working with our enemies to try to diminish our overall importance in the world, and especially in the Middle East.

        • PatrickJ

          I guess in the end, you really have to admire the guy. First Communist President not born here.

          I think he did a real bang-up job, of showing us what we shouldn’t do again.

          • Twinkle Toes

            O is nothing more than a community organizer, constantly stirring the pot and that sums it up with all of the damage he has done.

            I read if you have a problem, go to your boss with a solution. He never promoted peace or reconciliation, it takes 1 to forgive, 2 to reconcile. He had absolutely no intention of reconciling problems in this country, he was only interested in causing trouble and that is exactly what his legacy is and how it will go down in history.

          • meeester

            Easily one of our most successful enemies

          • meeester

            And let’s not forget who pardoned Chelsea Manning after they were found guilty and sentenced to 35 years for releasing government / military secrets

          • Lulu

            With HRC, he destroyed Libya, supported ISIS & donated massively to Iran’s nuclear weapons program. He is profoundly anti-American.

      • Varangian Guard

        His choice for divisiveness was straight out of Alinsky’s playbook. In addition he isn’t gone, in fact his behind the scenes efforts to continue the fundamental changes in the USA have a much better chance of success.
        He is an community organizer with DC street creds, dangerous.

        • Lulu

          He’s working against Brexit, supported the young globalist puppet, Macron, & he’s supporting the creation of the EU super-state which is destroying nations & national identities in an effort to serve globalist interests.

          • Twinkle Toes

            He might be trying but France and Germany talked about wanting to leave the EU. Europeans are sick of their government to.

      • Lulu

        This is possibly the worst aspect of the Dems – they whip up racial division 24/7. Look at the ludicrous Pelosi, openly & enthusiatically attacking people for their skin color.

      • Twinkle Toes


  • C B

    POTUS is Correct ! The Liberal Democrats would rather destroy America and the Trump Administration than do what it right for the People of this Nation ……… To Hell with them !!!!

    • Tado

      There is a new label for them:
      LEFTIST PIGS !!!

      • Vera Orsova

        I don’t like the name. I rather like pigs. They are cute and smart, while lefties are neither. I much prefer to call them SSC, for Slimy Swamp Creatures.

        • Tado

          leftist pigs
          white & black pigs

        • Treeherder

          The problem is…….I think I would like a slimy swamp creature more then most politicians. 🙁 Insulting pigs, and slimy swamp creatures, might not do. However, I am at a lose to articulate my most sincere and ardent disgust of the elitist political class that are “blood sucking parasites” (BCP’s) on the backs of hardworking Americans.

      • marcthepig

        Leave the pigs out of this.

        • Disgusted Caucasian

          ^^^How did I know this comment was coming?^^^

    • HarryObrian

      He’s sort of correct but DACA is open again and accepting applications due to those judges that Barry and Soros put in place with the help of their minions like Pukelosi.
      To cure cancer you have to eradicate every malignant cell without doing damage to the healthy cells; right now we’re nowhere near the cellular level when it comes to removing the traitorous malignant tumors operating in this country.

      • Arteest

        That is why an Article 5 Constutional Convention is necessary. The cancer cells will not remove themselves or make the changes needed to correct their bad behavior.

        • WitchWay

          There is a group nationwide that is trying to get the Article 5 done – it is Term Limits for US Congress. You can find them online or on Facebook and can sign the Petition for your State.

          • mark abby

            Problem is on-line petitions technically are not legal and don’t have to be recognized nor accepted as legitimate.

            Petitions must be hand signed to be legitimate. I’d stay away from any on line petition because most of them are frauds just collecting email addresses

          • FLLoeffler

            First thing they want is your ID, addrerss, and whatever is necessary for them to sell you things you don’t want. A great fishing trip!

          • Sgt.Skee

            They don’t have to be accepted but now are by many entities. I have been with the Article V movement since it started. They have several states now on board and this is the only good permanent solution to the issue. The political slugs in D.C. are scared to death of the movement and are doing all they can to stop it. Term limits, Balanced budget, and Immigration are all a part of the equation. We can and must save our nation. The D.C. swamp won’t do it for us.

          • Arteest

            Don’t forget returning the US Senators election to the state legislatures.

          • Sgt.Skee

            absolutely, one bite at a time mark!

          • merryinfidel

            A Constitutional Convention is a TERRIBLE idea. It would allow the delegates to alter our Constitution in ANY way they like. Our current dis-functional “leaders” in Washington do not have the wisdom necessary to take on such a monumental task and if you think proposed changes would just be limited to term limits, you’re wrong. The Dems would DEMAND compromise and the first casualty would be the 2nd amendment. It would be all downhill from there…

          • Sgt.Skee

            merry infidel…Artice V is NOT a constitutional convention! I repeat NOT. That is what the swamp is spewing. Please look at the information available on the Convention of States web site.

        • merryinfidel

          An article 5 Constitutional Convention would be a DISASTER for this nation!!! It would give the delegates the power to completely re-write the constitution and would fall right into the liberal Democrats hands. You talk about fundamentally changing the United States? Well, this would DO it! There isn’t a single politician in Washington that I trust has the wisdom to do what’s right for this nation. There are too many liberals in Republican’s clothing, who can’t even agree on building a wall to keep out illegal criminals, and you think they could effectively re-write our Constitution?? It would be like giving the keys to the candy store to a 10 year old and trusting that he won’t eat too much.

          • Arteest

            merryinfidel: We no longer have a Constitutional Republic right now. What’s to loose? The Washington politicians don’t get to preside over an Article 5 Convention, the various state legislators do and you have much better access to them and more leverage. The alternative is scary.

          • Roscoe

            There is much to lose! What needs to be done is to appoint conservative judges to the federal bench. That requires NEVER electing another stinking DemoRAT to the presidency. What we need is in the Constitution right now. What has changed it is activist federal judges who ignore the Constitution in their rulings. They judge with their political prejudices first and foremost.

          • Sgt.Skee

            Please merryinfedel, look into the history of what Article V is and why the founders put it in the constitution. You will find it is very limited in scope and must have a great deal of support from the states. It is the only safe method to do what needs to be done.

          • merryinfidel

            I have looked into it. They have the authority, and PRECEDENT, to completely scrap the current version and re-write it to suit their desires! You may have faith in their ability and wisdom, but I don’t and there is nothing “safe” about it!

          • Sgt.Skee

            I am afraid your research is faulty. The authority rests with the states and as far as precedent, there is no precedent other than the constitution. Again you are confusing the Convention of States with a Constitutional convention. The movement is trying to implement one article at a time. It must be worded precisely and they have already held a mock meeting to see how it would work. With remarkable success i might add. The controls are very stringent and 37 of the 50 states must all agree on the exact wording of the amendment. What else or what other way would you propose we use to change the way Business is done in D.C.? I have tried through the legislature and explored all the means. The founders knew what they were doing when they put this article in the constitution. They even wrote papers on why it would be needed in the future. The one thing they feared the most is exactly what has happened.

    • larryjcr

      More accurately, they CHOSE to DELIBERATELY turn their backs on any sort of bipartisan cooperation.

      • WitchWay

        They have done so quite often. I didn’t used to keep track – but they have been doing it for the past year. They say it is because the GOP did it during Obama’s administration. I didn’t see that happening all the time in the past 8 years – most of the GOP voted on bills they didn’t like or added what the Dem’s wanted simply in order to keep the govt. going. The one thing they didn’t play ball with was the ACA – because they knew it was rotten from the start.

      • mark abby

        I think Trump knew this and wanted people to see exactly how the democrats would react. They bought it and took the bait

        • Savatage64 (Always Deplorable)

          That’s exactly how he played it.
          He laid out what he wanted in the discussion and said, “I’ll sign it”
          When the democrats thought that meant, “DACA is saved, but give him a couple million for his wall, he’ll sign it”… Trump pulled the carpet out from under them and said, “Yep, you just don’t listen and tried to take advantage of me.”
          Damn this guy is good!

        • Twinkle Toes

          You know, I hadn’t thought of that but I think you are right. I kept asking myself, what is he doing inviting them ? By golly, you are right!

  • Nick Rose

    The Democratic Party of obstruction never wanted a deal in the first place.

    All else fails make up a racial issue.

  • despo

    Typical l1bt@rds… no surprises here.