Pres. Trump Congratulates NCAA Champions

President Donald Trump poses for photographs with the University of Washington women’s rowing team during an event with NCAA championship teams at the White House, Friday, Nov. 17, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

November 17, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The president hosted more than 15 NCAA teams at a reception at the White House Friday.

President Trump congratulated the college sports champions calling them “great athletes.”

The attendees included members of the Penn State women’s rugby team, the Ohio State men’s volleyball team, and Oklahoma’s women’s gymnastic’s team.

The president had a little fun with the athletes as he posed for photos with the champions.

At one point he got into a wrestling pose, and in another photo he popped a volleyball into the air.

Back in June, President Trump hosted the 2016 national football champion Clemson Tigers at the White House.

  • Bobby Green

    But the SC women’s team wasn’t there. Oh I forgot they’re a black team.

  • Ezra Tank

    I’m glad these athletes had fun unlike the spoiled racist millionaires off the NBA.

  • MadKatFever

    The women’s NCAA basketball winners declined Trump’s invitation.

    • tdf050658

      Their loss and only proved how thin skinned they are.

  • All American

    Very creepy…

  • Mark Heinzen

    Classy teams!

  • Marc S.

    Thank God Trump is president!

  • Derek Dominico

    True Champions ! Respecting the President !
    Not like them A**h**** professionals athletes !

  • USMCDanang1966

    A once in a life time moment. Glad to see these sports people show up, and not listen to the moronic boo-birds.

  • Roy Beane

    In today’s hysterical environment concerning sexual harassment accusations, I wonder how many of this group will accuse Trump of something or other. He better be careful to not touch anybody or there will be hell to pay shortly after.

  • HickoryDoc

    The West Virginia University Rifle Team was there, but I guess they don’t rate a mention in the article since they’ve only won the National Championship about 7 times now…..

    • ThomStride

      How iconic … The MOUNTAINEERS are the best shooters!

      I think their winning percentage in all National Rifle Championships
      rivals any other school in any other sport.

      • HickoryDoc

        Yes, and I believe their win this year set a National Championship record itself.

        • DMAforFreedom

          Great job and you must be proud!

    • TexasDeplorable1134

      Shhh, you might trigger “some” people with the mention that there are actually firearms associated with THEIR campus (e.g. “Who’s Campus, Our Campus” SJW). 😛

    • All American

      That’s Awesome News🇺🇸

    • Dorothy Ray

      Congrats to the WV University Rifle Team! I wish the article listed all of the teams to give them their deserved recognition.

    • Tyrone Jackson

      The article should have listed all the teams that were there.
      Congrats to the WVU Rifle Team!

  • TexasDeplorable1134

    Well, that is one thing the Golden State Warriors can say, they never went and met with the President. Their loss in my opinion.

    • ThomStride

      The South Carolina Girls Basketball team turned their political noses up as well.
      I assume they spent time in the dorm having hissy fits about Reparations
      or playing with their “Rev. Al” look-a-like Ken dolls.

      • DMAforFreedom

        So sad, that coach took their possible one time opportunity in the world to be honored at the White House! They can never gain that back no matter if they go again that tie slot is closed.

        • ThomStride

          Saddest thing is there were certainly individuals on that team that supported Trump or were agnostic to politics that would have loved to go.

    • USMCDanang1966

      They did meet with with little tin god, obama.

    • Derek Dominico

      The Warriors would rather just party with Pelosi than Melania !

    • Marc S.

      Celtics beat the fake warriors

      • All American

        Go Boston🎉

  • …remain calm and return fire


  • No Mas

    The racists in South Carolina womens BB team did us all a favor… keep protesting love for America… in fact LEAVE AMERICA!!!!

  • Lee Vincent

    My president!

    • All American

      Mine too🇺🇸

    • Tyrone Jackson

      Next time a liberal tells me that “Trump is not my president”, I’m going to respond with: “Yeah, well I can say the same thing about Hillary Clinton and only one of us will be right.”

  • FromThe70s

    I notice President Trump keeping both hands to himself in the photo and not Bidening anyone.

    • Anthony Hernandez

      Get over it

    • Scott Henke

      With all the crap that’s happening now! Come on, man! I would’ve requested everybody be kept at arms length.

    • gabriel


    • USMCDanang1966

      Biden only uses his disgusting hands on helpless little girls.

  • Numerical Logic

    It’s nice that our president is getting involved with things like this. 🙂

    • Scott Henke

      It’s nice some teams have the class to show up.

      • GGma

        So excited to see one team is from my home state!! So PrOUd!