Pres. Trump Condemns Iran For Suppressing People, Causing Unrest

President Donald Trump speaks to reporters before leaving the White House in Washington, Friday, Dec. 15, 2017, for a trip to Quantico, Va., to attend the FBI National Academy graduation ceremony. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

January 1, 2018
OAN Newsroom

President Trump signals he may pull the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal.

In a twitter post earlier this morning, the President said, ‘Iran is failing at every level despite the terrible deal the U.S. made with them under the Obama administration.’

He added the people of Iran are suffering miserably at the hands of the country’s leadership, arguing Iranians are hungry for both food and freedom.

This comes after State television said Monday that ten people were killed overnight in anti-government protest sweeping Iran.

In this photo taken by an individual not employed by the Associated Press and obtained by the AP outside Iran, anti-riot Iranian police prevent university students to join other protesters over Iran weak economy, in Tehran, Iran, Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017. A wave of spontaneous protests over Iran’s weak economy swept into Tehran on Saturday, with college students and others chanting against the government just hours after hard-liners held their own rally in support of the Islamic Republic’s clerical establishment. (AP Photo)

Lawmakers and government officials have praised the President on his approach to the recent protests in the Country.

Meanwhile, the President will have until the end of January, to decide whether to place U.S. sanctions on Iran and pull the U.S. out of the multi-lateral deal.


  • Fed Up !

    President Trump, If you are serious about not suppressing people then legalize marijuana and stop the B.S. from Sessions.

  • JL Ziegler

    It is rediculous. Can they show anyone respect? I am no musl-y but doesn’t the pilgrimage to Mecca teach them anything about equality? Guess they missed the point on that little ‘read between the lines’ message.

  • Roscoe

    Don’t tell me that the Iranian people are getting fed up with their religious zealots that are running the country and the grinding poverty and bad economy that their Shiite expansionism that is causing it? It would be wonderful if a government that looks after the welfare of it’s people were installed in Iran. A government that wants peace in the middle east and stops funding terrorism. A government that works with the world instead of against it. A government that would work to make Iran economically great again instead of being a Pariah State.

  • nfcapitalist

    Americans don’t understand that this kind of government exists, they see it in the movies, swamped with news stories deflecting, muddying the water, and saturating us with so much we just can’t digest it all… and the truth is, We Don’t Think Authoritarian Control can happen to us… that’s just in the movies.

    Read a novel coincidently connected with what explains our News Media, Intelligence Agencies, all three branches of the Federal Government, and our Educational System… “The Charm School,” by Nelson DeMille…. recommend all of you to read this, great story with a fascinating theme.

    • Wanda

      I don’t believe people realize just how close we came to a government like this under Obama and the possibility of a Hillary.

      • Rufus Firefly

        Horse hockey

  • 210’s

    As long as they keep their islmic savagery in their own country I’d be OK with it. We need to ban them all until there is at least a shred of evidence that the muslims who are already in the US are opposed to terrorism. Don’t hold you’re breath.


      I’m of the opinion that Islam will never get along with any other society therefore they should not be allowed to immigrate to the U.S.. Stay in your own sandbox .

  • Scott Henke

    Remember when people were fear mongering that this was the type of government we’d have if Donald Trump was elected?

    • internettoughguy

      A Shiite Islamic dictatorship? No I don’t remember that.

      • Wanda

        Did you ever go and look at all those images of Trump shaking hands with Merkel? Just curious.

      • MJABRTDK

        I remember loud and clear and the DNC is still crying for impeachment and they don’t have squat to impeach with … Go Trump/Pence.

    • Wanda

      We were on the way to that type of government. Thankfully, people woke up and elected Trump. Put the brakes on it, but not out of the woods yet.

  • Dan Taylor

    Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba… The list goes on and on. Dictators/leftists need to be eliminated, should have been long ago…

    • Legion

      Let’s do it already .. let’s start with Antifa

  • Tom Horn

    This uprising in I ran against the most evil regime in the world looks like the real thing. Let’s wish them luck. And remember there is no political process in that country. This will have to be a physical replacement of the evil insane

    • kaiju

      Revolt Iran! You are being held hostage by a small group of muslim fanatics and greedy ego maniacs.