Pres. Trump Blasts LaVar Ball After ESPN Comments

In this Nov. 15, 2017, photo, President Donald Trump speaks in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

November 19, 2017

OAN Newsroom

President Trump says the father of UCLA Bruin LiAngelo Ball is unappreciative of what he did for his son.

In a tweet Sunday, the president called out Lavar Ball after he made comments related to the release of his son and two other UCLA basketball players.

President Trump added he should have left the UCLA players in jail.

LaVar Ball spoke to ESPN over the weekend and said quote, “Everyone wants to make it seem like the president helped me out.”

The college players were detained earlier this month in China for shoplifting.

While on his trip to Asia, the commander-in-chief took time to speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping to release the players back to the U.S.

151 Comments on "Pres. Trump Blasts LaVar Ball After ESPN Comments"

  1. Trump isn’t a punching bag. You would have thought by now certain people would realize this.

    Jeb would be in a fetal position and Kasich would be in hiding.

  2. Ingrate, scum, big mouth / little brain!
    many more but just to sum it up, BLACK

  3. David Bagdasarian | November 21, 2017 at 9:01 am |

    Solution, call the Chinese “President” and tell him that this worthless piece of canine fecal matters FATHER IS being sent to server HIS LAWLESS SON’S SENTENCE. Let’s see how “minor” he thinks his thieving sons activities are NOW!

  4. It’s too bad the players weren’t white! They should have been left to face justice in China. Since they are black, leaving them there would provide another opportunity for the media and liberals to distort the real meaning and intent of the president. It would have been exactly the kind of ammunition they need and they wouldn’t have to make it up this time, simple distortion and misunderstanding and that’s what they’re best at. Trump had to get them back or we would have never heard the end of it. Now that he did he’s somewhat less of a racist? Maybe for a few days.

  5. All American | November 20, 2017 at 3:13 pm |

    I stand by my feelings…sorry but I just keep a pic of Otto in the forefront of my mind. Ya he just got sick! Call me crazy!

  6. You can’t teach this kind of stupid. It’s born in the baby bottle, and reinforced every time society and the ‘gubment’ fail to carry that persons weight.

  7. No good deed goes unpunished!

    What is a “LaVar Ball” is that some sort of dance thing?

  9. Maybe Mr. Ball thinks that President Trump should have done what Obama did for Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi when he wound up in a Mexican jail after making a wrong turn near the border of Mexico. Obama wouldn’t even make a phone call to help a US Marine with PTSD.

  10. Martin Arredondo | November 20, 2017 at 9:39 am |

    Look, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they just thought that when you go to another country that everything is free.

    • Good point! Or maybe the father was ungrateful because he thinks his son should have faced justice.

  11. The president did help you out. Do you have a problem with that????
    Rest assured if Hillary was in the WH your son would still be there.

  12. Black lives matter, except to liberals whose policies have wasted them by turning them into mockeries of decent productive Americans by the millions.

  13. Should have left these ball playing felons in China to rot. We have enough terrible influences in American sports already. We don’t need 3 more.

  14. They blame white people for their ignorance. They can’t blame themselves because the jungle has no remorse. I mean, after all; because he is black American, Ball had no chance to make himself a credit to his race.(SIC) So he has an opportunity for a college education FREE, a chance at the NBA to make millions and to have a wonderful life… Yet his father, (one of the few in the hood) teaches him how a criminal thinks… Are all blacks this ungrateful…?????… I WONDER… Oh shoot, I forgot, after the black slave owners in Africa brought ”their” slaves to other countries for some cash and white hookers, it is all da white mans fault… How silly of me…

    • Why aren’t the whining blacks mentioning the blacks that EARNED their freedom and THEN BECAME SLAVE OWENERS THEMSELVES, oh ya baby that’s true history. oh ya that doesn’t fit into the “poor me” agenda

  15. Living_The_Dream | November 20, 2017 at 7:48 am |

    I believe the three players should still be held accountable for being an “embarrassment” to the U.S. of A. Got them out of China, now charge them under federal law. The problem is that our justice system supports the criminal more than the law-abiding citizen. The most likely outcome of this event. These three thieves will move up to bigger and better things to steal, just like countless numbers of their “brothas”.

  16. And that ladies and gentleman is how kids grow up to be shoplifters and worse.

  17. what would the cries have been if trump had done nothing while he was there and let the brats rot in a chinese prison — for a pair of sunglasses

  18. “The college players were detained earlier this month in China for shoplifting. ” — Well, that there says it all.

  19. John Pleiman | November 20, 2017 at 6:45 am |

    Where was the coach and why didn’t he control the situation. Fire the coach. Kick these clowns off the team. Time for someone to take responsibility.

  20. Swampdrainer | November 20, 2017 at 6:29 am |

    Another [former] black “athlete” speaks his mind, to whom theft is not a crime but an entitlement, and showing gratitude simply a “white emotion”.

  21. ...remain calm and return fire | November 20, 2017 at 6:16 am |

    Ball is a stupid ______. (you fill in the blank with the first word that comes to mind)

  22. Now I know why your son shoplifted sunglasses from the Chinese shop, he had you for a dad you ungrateful POC.

  23. That’s kids raised without parents, and that one sure has no parents. What kind of person goes to China and steals?

  24. David Bagdasarian | November 20, 2017 at 5:54 am |

    Here’s a novel thought. Arrest the parents and charge them with the crime their sons committed and the additional charge of aiding and abetting a criminal, then let THEM serve the sentence, IN CHINA!

  25. I support President Trump, but I honestly wish he hadn’t made that statement.

  26. wow.. saved him 10 yrs.. logic and common sense is out the window..
    where are the days of respect for elders and country
    people we need God back front and center or we are going down and out

  27. President Trump send a military pilot to do a fly over at the Dad’s house and draw a finger wave in the sky!

  28. Typical leftist,and a black racist to boot. You would think that father would be grateful.
    Other countries enforce laws such as shoplifting.Hell, some middle eastern countries cut off hands of thieves.

  29. Send Daddy back to China. Let him figurer out how to fix his son’s idiotic behavior.

  30. Trump should, via the back channels, have the Chinese President demand extradition of this shoplifting POS back to China “in light” of new evidence.

  31. The father’s response is indicative of why the son got in trouble in the first place.

  32. As much as I DESPISED bozo I would have thanked him and kept my mouth shut. What an ungrateful bas***d he is. No civility left anymore. Shameful.

    • True. In China shoplifting isn’t a slap on the wrist. If Trump did nothing and the kid spent years in jail the father would have lost millions from the son’s career. Unfortunately the father showed he’s just too damn ignorant to understand that. Having money in America these days does not make you intelligent.

  33. Resist_Tyranny | November 20, 2017 at 4:57 am |

    Send him back.

  34. Gratitude is missing from America these days, its more a gimmie society. The day is fast approaching when the takers will outnumber the givers.

  35. Mr. Ball, should be VERY glad that President Trump pulled those kid’s butt’s out of China after what they did or all three of them would be rotting in a Chinese jail for the rest of their pathetic lives! Beside being all together stupid, these idiots represented America. He should send Mr. Ball’s kid back!

  36. Mr. President, don’t waste your time arguing with ignorant racist blacks

  37. E S P N comments says it all. They are the political wing of the sports world, I had to unfriend them in Facebook due to all the negative Trump comments daily. They know exactly how to stir the pot to get a reaction. They are EVIL.

  38. white President Trump intervenes for knucklehead black Americans and gets them released in days , black President Obama does nothing to help knucklehead white American for years comes home brain dead …just saying

  39. This person raised a “thief” and there is no way around that fact. These colored boys were raised in a way that told them that they could steal things from other people. The Chinese should have kept them in jail for a few months and then, and only then, this father would be begging the president to intervene.

  40. And this ungrateful racist comments by bell will not help the next American idiot that breaks laws in China and will expect their leniency and mercy. A$$hole indeed!

  41. “Unappreciative” means an “Ingrate”.

  42. The American President requested the Chinese President to do something “illegal”.
    To release two American citizens caught shoplifting in China, an offense punishable by death!
    Now, Trump owes Xi Ping an Illegal favor done in behalf an ingrate American father of an American caught stealing in Communist China.
    What’s stupid here?
    Xi Ping outsmarted Trump.

  43. Just three more jungle bunnies who committed crimes and got away with it; except, now they’re bragging about it, too…

  44. If they were taught at home instead of believing it is ok we wouldn’t have been embarrassed in China. Those boys are lucky trump was able to get them home! I knew long before college stealing was illegal!!

  45. Varangian Guard | November 20, 2017 at 2:44 am |

    Did the dad say it from his county jail cell where he sits and leaches from the system after being jailed for shop lifting?
    The apple likely didn’t fall far from the tree.
    His son gets a free education and a chance to travel the world playing ball while skipping classes and daddy dearest hadn’t even taught him stealing isn’t wrong. Send the dad to China to serve the sentence. In LA County the jails are so full, they will only issue citations and field release retail fraud under $1000. Which I’m sure EVERYONE shows up for their court date. I’m also sure China is not as forgiving…..since this is likely not the first time the kid has done something like this (nor his other scholarship receiving esteemed colleagues) their time will come again.

  46. And why is ESPN involved?! Leave Politics out of sports, PERIOD!

    • GeneralMayhem | November 20, 2017 at 4:23 am |

      Wonder why ratings are falling and they are laying off people left and right ? Hmmm…wonder why.

  47. Again, President Trump is right, he should have let them stay in jail. I cannot believe a parent like the Dad…

  48. ...remain calm and return fire | November 20, 2017 at 1:28 am |

    Anyone with half a brain would leverage this opportunity to cosy up to a billionaire. Ball is an idiot.

  49. Should have left those thieves right there in China.

  50. Should have left those thieves right there in China.

  51. Andrew Moore8 | November 19, 2017 at 10:16 pm |

    That is what I said…..The fruit doesn’t fall from the tree..

  52. Andrew Moore8 | November 19, 2017 at 10:15 pm |

    Trump is such a racist for getting these young black men out of trouble in a foreign country…..Who does he think he is??……(sarcasm off)…..TRUMP 2020.

  53. And in China, of all places. That is just plain stupid.

    • David Bagdasarian | November 21, 2017 at 9:03 am |

      Shows their intelligence and their upbringing is our LIBERAL education system since apparently the parents had abdicated their role in parenting a looong time ago.

  54. Deplorable for DJT | November 19, 2017 at 10:03 pm |

    Trump should call Xi and tell him he can have these ingrates. I’m sure there are a few representatives of the Chinese governments in the states that could Shanghai them and get their asses back in China to stand trial. Just Desserts.

  55. tully bascomb | November 19, 2017 at 9:54 pm |

    What else should be expected from a generation that feels they are owed everything in life and have no clue as to expressing consideration when someone helps them.
    Should have left them in China.

  56. And that weak, written, excuse for a “Thank You” those kids were given to read for the news conference was pathetic. The only thing they’ll take away from this is more “I’m entitled.”

  57. Send them back to China and let them enjoy jail time in Chinese Prison.

  58. Well another “F” up MUTANT DNA MORON out there.

  59. Odin Indaway | November 19, 2017 at 8:27 pm |

    He should have given them the option to stay there and experience the Chinese justice system; or quit school and sign up for 2 years with the Marines.

  60. Keep on confirming China’s opinion of your culture, dude.
    In fact, I bet there are lots of other countries who are thinking the exact same thing.

    And all those honest people out there suffer for it, too.

  61. As I’ve said before, a conservative would have the class to thank Obama, merely because it is the right thing to do.

    Progressives see the right thing to do and put it in their rear-view mirrors as quickly as they can.

  62. Maybe he didn’t want his kid back.

  63. LiAngelo will have to GROW IN GREED to become more entitled than his DAD already is.

    Apples don’t fall far from the tree and entitlements in this family are just getting started!

    Sad how some have grown to believe America owes them everything and they owe NOTHING in return!


  64. The dad got mad when he found out this son couldn’t keep the sunglasses.

  65. Just black people goin to China and, well, being black

  66. ...remain calm and return fire | November 19, 2017 at 7:38 pm |

    Hands Up, Don’t Shoplift.

  67. what an ungrateful brat..maybe they shoulld have left his ass in chinese prison for 20 years and see if he wouldnt have been more appreciative.. IDIOT…

  68. Jack Steffen | November 19, 2017 at 7:26 pm |

    The President DID help those basketball players out, and no IMO he should not have secured their release. I knew this would happen. He should have just let them rot in prison. I would have.

  69. Unless you didn’t care about your son spending 10 years in prison, the President did help you out. Obviously you find that hard to understand.

  70. Lavar Ball is a piece of crap. His thieving college boy son with the reading level of a 5th grader, Bruin LiAngelo Ball and his two other buddies should be tossed out of UCLA and banned form any and all universities for life. Any student loans he owes owe should be called in immediately. Lavar Ball should wise up and have a conversation with the parents of Otto Warmbier.

  71. Michael Klevins | November 19, 2017 at 7:13 pm |

    It’s no wonder LaVar’s kid is messed up. What kind of ungrateful, ignorant thinking is that? If It was Obama, LaVar would have put Obama on a pedestal. If I was in the same circumstances, and it was Obama or Hilliary, I would have to genuinely thank them and appreciate what they had done, even though I can’t stand either of them. That’s the way it works LaVar, you ungrateful rickP. Yes, Trump should have left them over there. Snowflakes can’t even commend him when he does something WAY positive!

  72. Dindunuffin

  73. Pres Trump used up some measurable amount of personal capital (which is the US’s) to provide a favor. The ingrate is beyond rude, he’s downright disrespectful of the country. No surprise.

  74. If one listens to what Mr. Ball says, it is obvious that he taught his son that it ok to steel other people’s property. He said it was no big deal, they were just someone else’s sun glasses. The baby daddy taught his son that he is entitled to steel what ever he wants. This is exactly why crime is rampant in black communities and why they have to solve those problems themselves. No one can do it for them. Perhaps we can arrange to have his son extradited back to China to take responsibility for his actions since his father is such an ingrate. Maybe we can send the father too!

  75. Gerry C. Cruz | November 19, 2017 at 6:41 pm |

    These beings are lower than ungrateful dogs; really terribly demonized and perverted.

  76. Risen in the black privilege environment, these people are totally disconnected from the common sense. I agree with the president that he should not vouch for these young perps in the first place.

  77. Great… You do someone a favor, and then get spit on. No doubt we’ll hear from them again in the future.

  78. landy fincannon | November 19, 2017 at 6:01 pm |

    Mr President, this is not worth your time nor your energy. We know what you did, mive on Sir.

  79. He’ll be on a slab before 30

  80. LaVar Ball is a total nothing POS (boycott the LA lakers and UCLA basketcases)

  81. Rob Tomasevic | November 19, 2017 at 5:48 pm |

    Just another ungrateful ” Left Coaster “. President Trump should of left them all in Jail, where they deserve to be. They shoplifted in a foreign country, where it more than a slap on the wrist, as it is here. They would of done hard time, rotting in a Chinese prison. They should thank the Lord for the President’s intervening in their criminal matter.

  82. Roger Porter | November 19, 2017 at 5:44 pm |

    Just save the white ones Mr. President. At least you’ll know you will be appreciated for your effort. Even though the criminals don’t deserve it. Skin color aside I would not have bailed them out. Clinton let that kid that vandalized in Malaysia get caned by the Malaysian government for his crimes. Trump should have let them thugs rot.

  83. Can’t Mr. Trump just ignore some things & let them pass?

  84. Trump should have called President XI, and told him to take them back.

  85. SaidNO2Liberalism | November 19, 2017 at 5:14 pm |

    Lavar Ball should look in the mirror and congratulate himself for having raised a thief.

  86. Yeah, Lavar, you don’t need anyone’s help, do you? You got it all handled.

    Right. The lousy upbringing you provided for your son almost got him thrown into a stinking Chinese prison. Apparently this unfortunate episode didn’t scare you enough. I hate to think what it will take, or what you or you sons will have to endure before you learn a little humility. Quite possibly that will never happen.

  87. ...remain calm and return fire | November 19, 2017 at 5:04 pm |

    the road to h3ll is paved with good intentions….true today, true tomorrow, true always….better to let the arrogant punks rot in a Chinese jail…

  88. Lavar Ball definition of Ignorance ………………….

  89. What an unappreciative ass!

  90. He is so Ghetto he cannot even see the President got him out of jail in China. He did not feel he was in trouble, he was in good room in China. He feelings only contempt to person that got him out of trouble so you know he will get back into trouble he is Black Ghetto attitude NO respect for people that help him and if they are WHITE forget it. He is Democrat Black Ghetto and who do you think made the projects it has been Democrats.

  91. All American | November 19, 2017 at 4:46 pm |

    The son doesn’t need to suffer for the ungrateful father. The son will learn a valuable lesson and that is what not to become…

  92. Planes leave here every day headed for China. Put his are on one tomorrow morning, and let Xi have his butt!

  93. It’s very sad, it seems like president Trump can’t do anything right according to the letfist DemocRATS

  94. Is it asking too much for the man to have a little class and some gratitude?

    • All American | November 19, 2017 at 4:49 pm |

      Lessons learned:
      Think before you act
      Be humble and thankful
      You can be someone better
      Be kind to others

      • Jack Steffen | November 19, 2017 at 7:30 pm |

        I honestly don’t think any lessons were learned here except President Trump learning that he should have just left those ballplayers to rot in prison.

    • No, but guys like this Lavar Ball live in a different world than most of the rest of us.

  95. the kid is still a thief.

  96. I haven’t heard a single media outlet condemn Lavar Ball’s negative remark and dismissing Trump’s efforts to have his son released.

    That African in America doesn’t want some white man to get any credit for getting his BLM looter and shoplifting of a son out of trouble in a foreign country. He says he has SEEN a lot worse from black thugs in America, that got a PASS on their actions. I think it was BOLD of Trump to call the nation’s attention to such an inconsiderate racist like Lavar Ball, since we CANNOT expect the media to.

  97. Apparently LaVar forgot to teach his son it’s not right to shoplift and strong arm.

  98. He should have left them in China. Three less democrat voters and the streets would be safer. It would have been a win-win

  99. Not to worry. It won’t be long until these guys are back in trouble. We’ll see how Daddy takes care of his little Thief when he has no help from Trump.

  100. Dwayne Cantrell | November 19, 2017 at 4:16 pm |

    If Trump wouldn’t have done anything they would be complaining and begging Trump to help them . LaVal is a very ungrateful and no wonder His kid grew up thinking it was OK to commit crimes .

  101. No wonder his kid did what he did with such an idiot for a dad.

  102. If that’s the way he feels he should just send his son back to China and let him take his punishment like a man.

  103. Sadly I fear that all Trump did was delay this individuals interment. One would think a father would fly to Washington and thank Mr. Trump personally. I wonder what this ungrateful arsehole would say if it was Trumps’s son who had shoplifted – this really has nothing to do with race but it is not shocking to see what the results of the disintegration of the black culture has produced.

  104. Phillip Burke | November 19, 2017 at 4:05 pm |

    Sometimes you just cant help people…

  105. BUt at the end of they day..he KNOWS the white President saved his poorly raised, no integrity, entitled snot of a son.

    • All American | November 19, 2017 at 4:52 pm |

      The kid made a mistake. Just kids learning lessons as they grow!
      And Our President is a far cry from racial🇺🇸
      Proud of President Trumps taking the bull by the horns!

      • They are in college.

        I learned the “you do not steal” lesson when I was in elementary school.

        • And even then your lesson was late in coming!

          • I remember being a little kid and buying some cookies from the Lance machine at a gas station.

            I put in my coin, pulled the lever, and the entire supply of Oreo knock-offs came spilling out into the tray. Jackpot!!!

            My dad let me keep one pak and carry the rest inside to give to the manager.

            You are right, I was about 5.

        • All American | November 20, 2017 at 3:15 pm |

          You have a right to your opinion. I merely stated mine🇺🇸
          Lucky we weren’t born in China 🇨🇳

          • Yeh, baby.

            I’m like everyone else…sitting here on my couch, knee-jerk reacting to the actions of people I have never even met.

            Good thing uninformed opinions are not a crime…

          • All American | November 20, 2017 at 4:24 pm |

            I worked at Trump Headquarters and went for the People’s Florida vote baby!

          • THAT must have been interesting.

            I’ve never done anything on the national level, but I am with a very active, very successful Second Amendment rights group in Virginia, and we go to the state capitol every MLK Day when all the representatives are there for an open house…”Lobby Your Legislator Day.” We go around and speak with every single politician who is there.

            As you know, it gives you a different “first person perspective” dong this kind of stuff.

          • All American | November 20, 2017 at 4:34 pm |

            NRA-ILA Yes a very rewarding endeavor🇺🇸Bless you

      • Should have learned that lesson long before. But, they were raised in an entitlement atmosphere where everything that they want should be theirs. Stealing is what liberals do.

    • global citizen | November 19, 2017 at 6:09 pm |

      And Black People are “surprised” why we don’t like ’em. Hope BLM will demonstrate against Lavar Ball and his “spoiled” brat.

      • Varangian Guard | November 20, 2017 at 2:50 am |

        Daddy probably thought the POTUS was going to send him a $25,000 check like he did for the veteran’s family that lost their son. When he found out he wasn’t getting a pay day he became resentful……

    • What a pathetic, ungrateful racist dad they have in America. It’s a sad day for America. Should have left him there in China.

    • Like I said before, you just can’t fix stupid.

    • Well if we send them back it will likely save the Taxpayers money over the 10 years………
      Just guessing but how many times will the NEANDERTHALS be arrested and in jail in the next 10 years?

  106. You did the right thing. Ball is right didn’t help him out you helped his son. What a moron

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