Pres. Trump Approves Lethal Arms Sales to Ukraine

December 21, 2017
OAN Newsroom

President Trump approves lethal-arms exports to Ukraine, reversing a previous Obama-era decision.

The White House approved the more than $41 million sale of sniper systems, and related equipment to Ukraine Wednesday.

Barrett M107A1. (Photo/ Jim Watson / AFP)

The Trump administration has yet to clear the sales of heavier weapons such as anti-tank Javelin missiles requested by Ukraine.

The country has been fighting a years-long pro-Russian insurgency in its two eastern regions.

The Obama administration previously refused to sell lethal arms to Ukraine, fearing a backlash from Russia.

  • aldoro

    To combat the russians.

  • BRAIN S.

    Those who forgot, the pro-Russian Ukrainian Government was toppled in a coup by an opposition that was supported by America and Europe, only to find that the replacement was more corrupt than the previous one.
    They were again replaced, but neither Russia nor America wants an enemy on their border so, as America builds up the armory of Ukraine, so too will Russia fortify the rebels on their border, until a division will be the only way out.
    Again, if the West did not interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine, the country would not have been in the position that now exists.

    • Rufus Firefly

      In case you don’t remember, the West did not illegally seize any portion of Ukraine. Putin did.

      • BRAIN S.

        I agree, but his actions was in response to the Western toppling of Ukraine’s pro-Russian government. Two wrongs do not make a right, but neither was the threat of a nuclear war by Kennedy when Russia was on its way to Cuba to set up a Base. These nuclear armed countries do as they wish with others, knowing full well that there would/could be little opposition against the.

        • Rufus Firefly

          Putin’s seizure was the result of his desire to restore the Soviet Union. Don’t make excuses for him.

          • BRAIN S.

            I am not making excuses for anyone. These countries do as they wish with the smaller and weaker ones.

  • Jack Steffen

    I thought Trump and Putin were buddies. Looks like the honeymoon’s over LOL

  • Rufus Firefly

    Uncle Putie said it was OK to divert some attention

  • Roscoe

    Screw Russia! Sell them anything that they want including bombers and nukes and ICBM’s and encourage them to use them against Russia. Sell them an ICBM sub and train them to get in close and launch the nukes. Teach Russia a lesson that no one ever forgets. If I eat beans or cabbage then I start Putin.

  • Legion

    I don’t really like or support the Ukrainian’s but I don’t have a problem with them being able to pay use money for weapons. But I would never support any of our soldiers being sent there.

    Honestly I would prefer we just stay out of it altogether and not take either side.

  • Glenn Woodruff

    One that is an Barrett M107A1. Two those are ROTC cadets. Read and look at patches and rank.

    • scott

      Damn, what I wouldn’t do to own one of those weapons.

  • landy fincannon

    Now if they had a Golden Orb too. They’d get all they requested.

    Sorry, I’m still trying to process the image. What was that all about?

  • hoplophile

    he ought give them back their nuclear weapons.

    i can’t believe they were stupid enough to trust the u.s. federal gov’t to protect their sovereign interest in exchange for giving up nukes in the first place.

    if they hadn’t have done that they’d still own the crimean peninsula and the critey pute-ster would be as emboldeed as he’s been in recent years.

  • nfcapitalist

    How will Schumer and Pelosi be instructed to respond to this… Soros scratching his chinny chin chin?

  • No Mas

    Ukraine should be able to purchase weapons to defend its borders from Russia or anyone else..
    Obama was traitor to the free world! Should be hung, but lets just electrocute him instead.

    • Frank

      Mooshell is “hung” better than the Puzzie Oblowme.

    • nfcapitalist

      If we had a Federal Bureau of Investigation perhaps….. naaaa.

      • Frank

        Seth got Rich, and is now living in paradise. (Yeah, that’s the ticket)…

    • Mr. Jones

      Another rabid rightwinger advocating for hanging a black man. No surprise here. You reveal yourself quite nicely with every post.

      Its inhuman piece of crap like you and Klansman Trump that makes America look bad. You drag us down and slow down the progress of all mankind you inbred trailer trash.

      doesn’t know how the laws work. Here in reality:

      The 1.7 billion was to repay Iran for Assets the US unlawfully seized. Some American Fighters they paid for and never received, and of course the interest accumulated. Edit: As stipulated by the International Court.

      It was transported by plane because Iran was kicked out of the Dollar system and the US government would not pay them in Dollars. The only way left was to use different currencies and to deliver in cash since Iran wasn’t in the SWIFT system.

      The BS about paying ransom was just that. BS.

      About Hezbollah and drugs, I don’t know BUT if they were it wouldn’t come close to the US agencies bringing in the H from Afghanistan where US troops are used to guard the plants. Hezbollah is a ally of Iran and thus this is likely an attempt at convincing Americans the need to start a war with Iran. More will be coming.

      As for the Nuclear program. The UN has many monitors and guarantees the Iranians have no nuclear program and have complied with the agreement. Proof that Iran has no nuclear capability will be the US trying to start a war with them. As we all know, the US doesn’t attack those with a major defense/offense capability. North Korea anyone?

      And we have some lovely troll posters following up on that with insane claims of how Obama is some sort of Communist, Muslim, Atheist, Fascist, lizard man who somehow “betrayed America” – despite him following nearly all the same policies of his predecessor, Dubya. The ACA was about the only major exception, and while that was well-intentioned, it didn’t work out as we hoped. Eh, OK – crud happens, but to pretend that Obama is a traitor is beyond laughable.

      Everything you just spewed up there is LIES. Just a regurgitation of conspiracy mongering and “fake news” that not-so-bright conservatives get off on.

      Of course Obama is not a Muslim, communist, or homosexual. Michelle is not a man. I could go point by point and expose all the nonsense holes in your Trumped-up claims. Grow up and develop some real viewpoints rooted in reality that are worthy of debate. Conservatives should be embarrassed to associate themselves with your thinking.

      The nation did just fine under his 8 years, with a recovery from the Great Recession and a roaring stock market. We weren’t all turned into gay Muslims or some nonsense. Honestly, some of the posts around here really leave me questioning the mental health care available in this nation, because to hate Obama as some do is simply devoid of facts or reason.

      There was a mountain of evidence he was born in Hawaii, and no evidence he was born anywhere else. You just ignore because you’d have to accept to cold, hard reality that a black man was President.

      You’re just jealous that a black man led the highest position on Earth for 8 years, while you were sitting in your home working your regular 9-5 job while collecting food stamps and living in poverty.

  • Mr Krabs

    Hold on there Liberals! These arms are to be used against Pro-Russian Ukrainians? I thought Putin was Trump’s master? Everything is clear now… Obama was a good boy and did what Vlad told him. There’s your collusion!

    • Frank

      Obammy was not a “good boy”…He was just Soooo “flexible after the election”.

      • keystonepipe

        Constantly bent over

        • Legion

          Just the way he likes it.

          • Savatage64 (Always Deplorable)

            Are you guys implying that Obama was…. You know…. Into that thing…

          • Frank

            Read Oblowme’s book. He spells it oout quite clearly. He wrote that he liked wrapping his lips around fatties.

        • Roscoe

          His full name was Barack Hussein Ben Dover Obozo!

  • Roy Beane

    The Dimmocrap Russian Collusion Delusion is now officially in a death spiral tail spin…..going down in flames.

    • Ledfether

      Yea but for a lot of Americans its the tree that falls in the woods when no one is there. The vast Leftist run media doesn’t share such truth and reality with the poor uninformed saps that consume their propaganda.

  • Frank

    “Trump approves lethal-arms exports to Ukraine, reversing a previous Obama-era decision”
    But, but, but…Isn’t President Trump Putin’s BFF? Uh oh, best call Maxine Waters for a re-do-do.

  • Living in the Times

    I guess the libs will scream diversion on this one too!