Pres. Trump Addresses ‘March for Life’

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UPDATED 10:23 AM PT — Fri. January 19, 2018

President Trump became the first president to address the ‘March for Life’ in Washington D.C.

President Donald Trump pauses during his address to the March of Life participants from the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, Friday, Jan. 19, 2018. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

He spoke via satellite from the Rose Garden Friday morning after an introduction by Vice President Mike Pence.

The president emphasized his commitment to protecting religious freedom rights for doctors and nurses, and taking Medicaid funding away from abortion clinics that break the law.

The annual event is the largest pro-life rally in the country, and this years theme is “Love Saves Lives.”

Participants will march from the capital to the Supreme Court in protest of Roe v. Wade.

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  1. Thank you President Trump and VP Pence!

  2. End the genocide of the unborn!

  3. cool! seriously cool

  4. If I were a doctor, I will refuse to kill an child in the womb also. We have a President in office who has courage and determination. May God bless him. May he rule US for ever.

  5. Mr.President, I am proud of you. Thank you for standing up for this country and the freedom. I speak this as a naturalized citizen.

  6. Andrew Estes | January 19, 2018 at 6:45 pm |

    Mr. President: “May God hold in his arms and protect you and your family from all Harm”

  7. People have babies from making love, they should love the baby as well. Unless we no longer know what love really is.

    Maybe, like the word racism, we have worn out the word love as well?

    • Yes, I saw an interview with her a few months ago and she went through some real emotional trauma. She went through a depression and felt responsible for the deaths of million of lives. She said she would not do it again if she had the choice. I don’t know why she is not part of march. How impactful would her testimony be. Wonder if she doesn’t want backlash from the left?

  8. It’s great to finally have a president to speak up for those who have no voice; the preborn child. However, after 45 years of marches, and over 60 million deaths, it’s time that children in the womb are treated with the same respect as those outside. If we really believe in equal protection under the law, criminal charges should apply to those responsible who take the life of little boys and girls in the womb? Whatever punishment would be meted out for someone who kills a born person should also apply to those who are preborn. If we as a nation enforced these laws abortion would plummet.

  9. landy fincannon | January 19, 2018 at 4:15 pm |

    It’s too bad Donald didn’t nominate a just with a proven prolife record.
    Realistic though, I’m not naive enough that a true prolife judge will be confirmed.

  10. Deplorable Phytomorphogenesis | January 19, 2018 at 4:14 pm |

    We truly love PRESIDENT TRUMP! ^-^
    MAGA all the way! Love Saves Lives!

    PS: A government shutdown, at this point, will NOT affect essential services. Talks about military personnel not going to get their pay-checks are also NOT accurate. The balls are now in the dimms’ court. They know they are losing voters and will be slaughtered in the mid-terms. They are desperate for media’s attention, and of course, the leftists will claim “faults of Republicans and President Trump”. Wrong. Please don’t push the panic button yet. President Trump and the GOP are STILL in control. Don’t allow the corrupt msm to mud our senses.
    OANN is a GREAT news network.

  11. God Bless President Trump! God bless those who choose life for their unborn child, and send them all the help they need. And God enable many, many more to step up and help those who need that assistance. We can all pitch in! I see commercials all the time for helping to save this or that animal…and those are all worthy charities. But a human life is more valuable. Adopt your local Christian pregnancy center and help save a life.
    God bless those who do!

    • Well said !!

      ” So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27

  12. All American | January 19, 2018 at 3:24 pm |

    Breathe Life🌺

  13. Indread Cold | January 19, 2018 at 2:11 pm |

    How about you get one? Like spider man says. But after you kill your ( and some guy who has zero say in this) child, you sacrifice your right to reproduce and have your tubes tied. Next issue please

  14. DCBlueBlood | January 19, 2018 at 1:32 pm |

    Still nothing on the Shut Down? According to Trump, TRUMP Gets the Shutdown Blame!

    He can’t pass the buck!

    Well here – I’ll Share back in 2013 Trump Said this …

    Then they cut to Fox and Friends:

    “Who is going to take the blame? In the board room here, who’s getting fired? Who is going to bear the brunt of the responsibility if indeed there’s a shutdown of our government?”

    Trump said, “If you say who gets fired, it always has to be the top. Problems start from the top and they have to get solved from the top and the president is the leader and he’s got to get everybody in a room and he’s got to lead.”

    He continued, “The interesting thing is, in 25 years, 50 years, 100 years from now, when they talk about the government shutdown, they’re going to be talking about the president of the United States. Who was the president at that time? They’re not going to be talking who the head of the House was, the head of the Senate. who’s running things in Washington. So I really think the pressure is on the president.”

    • Pressure is on the dimms who want to put illegals before the United States. When obammie started this B.S., he knew and stated what he was doing with his pen was against the U.S. Constitution!

    • Not so fast there my friend, Shumer is meeting with President Trump. If he can’t meet him on some kind of compromise, then let the fire and fury begin. Obviously politics is the only thing the dems care about and not working together for the betterment of the country. Let the memos be released. Love to be a fly on the wall with those two. I’m sure we can count on Shumer to at least use decent language.

    • Get lost

  15. Finally a President with backbone who understands that it’s not a choice it’s a baby and women do not have the right to murder their unborn children any more than they have the right to murder their born children.

  16. a voice of concern | January 19, 2018 at 1:19 pm |

    How about some new legislation to protect ALL life in this country,
    how about requiring Congress to fund a program to eradicate all of the ticks and mosquitos East of the Mississippi that the CDC says is causing more disease and permanent loss of brain functions, muscle control and loss of work that any other single item.

    The Lyme disease and pregnancy related stuff must be stopped and it if takes blasting every square inch of every state with insecticide then so be it!

    • And kill more people from the insecticide.

      • How many people die from pesticides? And don’t say it causes cancer either that doesn’t count.

        • All American | January 19, 2018 at 3:42 pm |

          Monsanto GMO seeds used to grow soy, corn and other foods, we have been told are toxic to humans and animals.
          Buy non GMO and free range foods.

  17. So how about we stop and ask the question, if we make abortions illegal who is going to raise all the kids? Bet A dollar it won’t be the protesters since there seems to be lots of kids now that are not being adopted by all these holy people saying shame shame. Sign your paychecks over to the children’s homes if you really care. If not shut the F… up.

  18. Abortion: Another cause that has promoted immigration that would never have been needed not just here but in Europe. And most abortions are convenience abortions-birth control- and no the majority are not poor and the numbers of abortions yearly alone prove that.

    • Actually yes they are. Why do you want more people on welfare and dependent on the government? So you can talk to God with a clear conscience?

      • I don’t want people to be dependent on government. But if not raised by Godly people; it would be better than death.

    • Swampdrainer | January 19, 2018 at 2:55 pm |

      Any taxpayer subsidized birth or abortion must include sterization. If you can’t afford to pay for it yourself, you can’t afford any more. Rape and incest excluded.

  19. landy fincannon | January 19, 2018 at 12:57 pm |

    I’m sorry, but a man that attends a pro homosexual, pro abortion, pro climate control , and pro gun control church. Has questionable conservative credentials in my opinion.
    That would be Neil Gorsuch if you have put it together.

    • What Church would that be? Pro abortion? I doubt it. If so, it would have been front page news during his hearings. Sounds like, wait for it . . .. . . .”fake news.”

      • landy fincannon | January 19, 2018 at 1:32 pm |

        You are the reason I posted that. Just so I could inform you.
        Truth is my only agenda, here.
        Yes, I’ve been called a troll, liberal, soros stooge or worse.
        St John’s Epicopalian, in Boulder Colorado.
        Susan Springer, the rector led the pro pinkhat protests in Denver

        BTW, just to be fair. Would reply after you’ve let your fingers do the walking across your keyboard. Please.

      • landy fincannon | January 19, 2018 at 2:29 pm |

        Fake news?
        Front page news during the hearings?
        Okay, does this make you question the notion that the MSM is out to derail Donald’s presidency?

        Did they tell you that Neil Gorsuch and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are council on foreign relations members too?

  20. Most women having abortions live poverty. Dependent on the government, part of the generational welfare lifestyle. Forcing them to have babies that are unwanted is just going to cause more abused and dead babies, as if we don’t have enough every day. We should be pushing sex education for adults and birth control if we don’t want women aborting babies.


    Mainstream media OUTRAGED that Trump used the words “Doggy Doo” in a private meeting, while referring to Nancy Pelosi’s “Doggy Doo” comment.

    CNN Acosta “I can’t believe that bastard uses such foul language!”

  22. Shut down news? You can’t just pretend it’s not happening.

    • I remember the last time they shut down the Govt. The Deadliest Catch Captains couldn’t get Permits to fish … which are issued seasonally because of catch limits.

      This all over again. Fun to watch Republicons – huh YEAH!

      RING RING — Mortgage Co — I’ll be paying late this month.
      RING RING — GMAC — I’ll be paying late this month.
      RING RING — CREDIT CARDS – I’ll be late this month.
      ELECTRIC & GAS — I’ll be late this month … BBbbrrrrr
      SON/DAUGHTER — We eat hot dogs and PBJ till this is over.

      (There goes my 769 FICO Score) Thanks Trump!

      MOM & DAD Republicans need to get their act Together!

      Mitch Needs 60 Votes — Ain’t Happening.

      MAGA – Mueller Ain’t Going Away!

      • That’s a lot of sensationalizing and all caps there. Maybe take it easy on the schadenfreude; we aren’t watching a football game, everyone is on the same team.

        • OANN is watching Football? And the opposing team is who? No wonder they’re laying down on the Shut Down story.

      • blame the dems, or better yet, blame yourself for your low fico score.

        • The FICO is an Example … I’d never show you what I really have.

          Google or YouTube Trump Talks About Govt Shutdown Sept 30, 2013 — He states that nobody cares that the Republicans Have The Congress they’ll only Remember the LEADER of THE COUNTRY – OBAMA.

          Guess it’s TRUMP’s turn at bat!

        • You can blame the dems for a lot of things, and I do. I can’t take credit for this one but……their best accomplishment is PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP! If nothing else Hillary is gone. That in itself is enough for me to PRAISE GOD!

  23. That’s Nice — Cons are always pro life till you need to go to war then daddy get a gun!

    What about the Shut Down?

    Trump on Sept 30th, 2013 Discussing The Shutdown Under Obama –

    FOX News Has a YouTube — Watch It!

    Trump Says It Doesn’t Matter that the Republicans Have Control – They will blame the Head of the Country – They will Blame Obama.

    Hmmm … Guess it’s TRUMP’S Turn To Be Blamed! GOT IT !

    • Im pro American life, You can off yourself anytime and America will be better off.

      • Would you be pro life if your Father raped your Daughter and got her pregnant?

        You’d say it’s a blessing huh?

        Me – I’d be the first one to take the girl and pay for the Heathen/Devil’s child to be sucked out – What would you do?

        • First off, your example is disturbing one, and probably reflects your soul… There will always be a day after solution for rape victims… Diprod… you don’t need an abortion for Day after solution.
          Go get help and learn American values and I welcome you back.

          • Note that morning after pills are often restricted by the same people who push to make abortion illegal.

          • There are restrictions, but the restrictions are put on the waiting time after Inter***ce; it is available at hospitals and can be given to rape victims on request.

          • The pill only works before conception, any wait time is too much. You can imagine scenarios where women will not want to go to hospitals after getting raped.

          • That is my understanding as well; We need to empower woman and men to report and to speak up immediately after any type of crime. Thanks for responding. God Bless!

          • No, it works after. There’s a set amount of hours after

          • It works before implantation (when the fertilized egg attached to the uterine wall). Technically that’s after conception, but we don’t call ectopic pregnancies miscarriages so it would be inconsistent to call morning after pills abortion pills.

          • Not my soul – but I did date a girl in Collage that used to be raped by her Deacon Baptist Father at home. She was in Collage too. That was weird – we went apart after that was told to me. She was still living at home with daddy and we used to have sex in her dads bed. Incest happens. It was in Charleston, SC. Redneckistan like I said!

          • As long as you wish to share stories… I was in the Army and 5 African American men used to brag about gang banging caucasion woman til she soiled herself… then they said it was justified as reparations for abusing white chicks.
            True story.

          • Black babies are aborted more than any other race. The founder of a woman’s right to do so, solely did it for that purpose. Where is the out cry of racism on that?

            Interesting story there. I bet these gentlemen voted for Hillary. Thanks for your service! Take Care May God Bless!

          • Financially Speaking —

            $700-$1500 for an abortion
            $350,000 To raise a child from birth to age 18.

            Pay people more. Better than living wages then. I love sex and my wife too. She uses Birth Control.

            Paul Ryan wants more tax payers — Baby Boomers are going to die soon.

            SOLUTION: PAY PEOPLE MORE! Daycare is like $450/Week.

          • Maybe instead of taking advantage of the girl’s confused sexual compass, you should have tried instead to get her some emotional help. I guess in the end it was just all about you.

          • Actually his point is true. Recently a father raped his 11 year old daughter enough to the point where her step mother took her to get two abortions.
            An 11 month old little girl was raped to death.
            It happens every. single. day. and nothing is done to protect them or stop it from happening to more. Just because OANN doesn’t report it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

          • Really, a stepmother takes her 11 year old to get 2 abortions and it was reported in the press but not to law enforcement. Well, now that I know an 11 year old has the choice to end 2 unwanted pregnancies and not burden her family with another mouth to feed, I feel so much better. Why would you want something like that made illegal?

          • It was reported. They got 6 months probation

          • Nice to know there’s still justice in the world. Thanks for your response and God Bless!

          • I was shocked they didn’t get a harsher punishment :/

          • It’s something, I’m sure they will get some kind of counseling. My daughter works for Children’s Hospital in their child protective services. She provides resources and family assistance for these types of situations. She’s blessed to have a career that helps people. Not a lot of people respond and I appreciate you taking the time. Take Care and God Bless!

          • You too! 🙂

        • i always wondered what i would do if I’d been raped and got pregnant. i made up my mind then that i’d have the baby and adopt him or her out. the child’s like if still valuable. it is not his or her fault for having an evil father.

          • What if it was your father, or uncle or a brother? I’d suck it out and I’m buying!

          • It’s not what you would do, it’s what the government should allow you to do. Not everyone is going to make that same decision. In your scenario, you got to choose and many women would like to have that ability.

    • So let me make sure I got this right. You are equating aboration and war? Is that right?

      • Wow – you got that all by yourself?

        Pro-Life in the womb Pro-War KIA out! Exactly!

        • Wow, you are a messed up puppy. You clearly have never served your country. And my guess is you also have never had a child. So as usual you are discussing things you are very ignorant about.

          • No I lost people Grandfather in WWII, had brothers that did though. AF US – ARMY.

            It’s called Freedom of Choice only 2% Serve.

          • Actually 7% of the current population have served. I am one of them. And the likes of you are what caused this country to head in a very bad direction. Luckily, despite the best efforst of some very evil people, it appears we may be able to get out of it. But idiots like you do not help any. Freedom is not free btw. But I can tell you take it for granted. Your welcome.

          • DCBlueBlood | January 19, 2018 at 1:01 pm |

            So I guess we’re the 93%ers. 2% Serving Currently are Active Duty.

            Dad worked on the Manhattan Project – We all serve just not in the same ways as everyone else. Don’t ever question my patriotism.

          • I do not have to question it. Your lack of it is on display for all to see by your anti American and anti-life comments. And they are not really even compelling in anyway. And btw, you do not get credit for what your father did. Although, I doubt he really worked on the Manhattan project. That is a very easy thing to look up you know? Stolen valor is for losers.

      • I almost want to unblock DCBlueBlood just so I can read his stupidity.

    • obummer did nothing but damage this country. All i give him credit for was approving taking out osama bin laden.

  24. Grow Americans instead of importing anti americans?! Now we must cleanse the education system from communists indoctrinating false and radical information to children!

    • That should be priority one!

    • Rose Ribitzki | January 19, 2018 at 5:37 pm |

      Let’s just pray on a daily basis that the new person in charge of education (ooop, sorry, her name slips my mind at the moment… senior moment! ) will clean our schools of muslime & communistic, liberal teachings !! … Dear God, please save our children !!

  25. First Planed Parenthood is going bankrupt, and now this. I see good things for the future of this country.

    To all those who stand up and speak for those who can’t stand and speak for themselves, the unborn, I salute you. When I was in college, I stood against many, in debate, who would have these unborn children killed. It is good to see others doing the same and being backed by our president, my president.

    • I didn’t know planned parenthood was going bankrupt, but I certainly hope so. Next question is how did they manage to go bankrupt when they’ve been receiving funding from our government?

    • What about the kids that are already here?

  26. Robert E. Lee ca. | January 19, 2018 at 11:19 am |

    The end of the,” abortion culture” is in sight. Legalized murder, will be a thing of the past. MAGA!! God be praised.

    • I’m skeptical that “legalized” murder might end, but I’m hopeful. However, illegal abortions will never end. Too much money in the practice, and too much evil in the practitioners.

      “And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.” Romans 1:28.

    • But regular murder of babies and kids will continue. Bet a two or three year is being beaten to death right now in the USA

      • LostHorizon | January 19, 2018 at 3:07 pm |

        “Regular” murder?? As opposed to having limbs ripped apart while being violently sucked from the womb? Yep, that’s way better than a vicious beating.

      • Robert E. Lee ca. | January 19, 2018 at 5:03 pm |

        So, what does your comment, have to do the subject of abortion? You live in a VERY dark world, don’t you! Maybe you should see a shrink. Hope you get better.

        • Because the kids that that are alive and here today are ignored. Yet everyones worried about fetuses.

  27. tiredoftaxes31 | January 19, 2018 at 11:06 am |



    • You will not get an argument from me on what you state. I have seen Trump pull this country out of the Obama quagmire by the boot straps in-spite of the LSM, the corrupted DNC/RNC parties, racist ranting and massive voter fraud.
      I Now have a bonus, a pay raise and a tax cut to show as proof and my 401k retirement fund regaining what it has lost the last 8 years. So again, NO ARGUMENT here with the facts you have so well stated.

    • Rose Ribitzki | January 19, 2018 at 5:22 pm |

      A big AMEN to that !!

  28. God=Life; Abortion=Death. It’s not a choice for woman. It’s only a choice for the devil.

  29. President Trump uses the power we, the people gave him for good. Democrats take their power and use it for evil.

    • … like the paycheck they’re still going to receive if they shut the government down.

      • Oh look…a demoncrap troll. Hey Diane…I think your grandma called and she has your basement ready with a fresh supply of crayons and color pages. and maybe if you are really good a stuffed puppy to cuddle.

        • You may want to reread my post because I think you misunderstood something. I was speaking to Patriotink’s statement that ‘Democrats take their power and use it for evil”, like the paycheck they’ll get even when they are responsible for shutting down the government. I’m not a troll, and I’m certainly not a dem. .. and I don’t need, never have needed, puppies to cuddle and coloring books.

    • The Left = corruption and evil policies. Selfish, anti-life, promoters of depravity. Pray for all these lost souls and pray they turn back to God.

    • Rose Ribitzki | January 19, 2018 at 5:23 pm |

      truer words never spoken !!

    • You are so right. If only the rest of the country understood this, there would be no more party of death, slavery, Jim crow, KKK, segregation and now the “Culture of Death”, all of which came from the Democratic Party evil agenda throughout history.

  30. The president still has to keep keep his promise to lobby congress to revoke the Lyndon B. Johnson 1952 gag order keeping the clergy in America silent from the pulpit on the issues of abortion on demand and the rest of the facets of the culture of death. It is the evil Democratic Party who with its evil anti-life agenda defends the killing of both the unborn and the elderly. Our clergy must be given the same freedom of speech right that is guaranteed by the constitution. They should not be harassed by the IRS for speaking our moral truths from the pulpit. The clergy should be free to admonish and instruct the faithful from the pulpit by telling them clearly not to support any politician who has come out publicly for abortion on demand or any other facet of the culture of death.

    • No. They don’t pay taxes. But they’re allowed to donate to politics. There’s a problem there.

      • We the people who make up The Church pays taxes and the govt has no right to ( 1st Amendment ) to tell our pastors what they can or can not say, that should be in the hands of their church … the Federal govt needs to butt out.

        • Probably would if they paid taxes.

        • BTW who is killing the elderly? The nursing home workers?

          • The elderly are being killed by the “death panel” mentality written into the OBAMACARE law. The elderly, per Obamacare, are given 10 days to get well in a hospital. If the elderly get well in those 10 days, they get to go home. If they need further hospital care it is now denied them and they are forced into care facilities that are not equipped to care for the seriously ill, the result: euthanasia. I know, both of my parents suffered at the hands of Obamacare and both died as a result in the last 2 years. So, the Dems are killing people (Soilent Green) on both sides of the human spectrum: the unborn and the elderly. Why would any sane, moral person vote for democrats?

          • Sounds like the doctors who swore an oath to cause no harm are actually killing people.

        • RIGHT ON!!

    • All American | January 19, 2018 at 3:26 pm |


  31. This has been a historic President. He’s had many firsts and stands on the side of Christian values.

    • 45th President addresses 45th March for Life – the first president to do so!

      • And shameful he is the first!

      • Rose Ribitzki | January 19, 2018 at 5:31 pm |

        He IS the first President to do so many things for the good of American citizens & the USA !! … He will be the “FIRST” ever greatest President of the USA !! … God love him & bless him !!!!!!

  32. A marcus Young | January 19, 2018 at 10:39 am |

    It starts with a few people who plant a seed of liberty. The tree of life will grow once again. Join the revolution to support the right of children to be born.

    • Living in the Times | January 19, 2018 at 10:41 am |

      I support that revolution!

    • tiredoftaxes31 | January 19, 2018 at 11:07 am |


      • My friend, you are rather good at what you say and how you say it. However, can you shift to using the capitals less often. Otherwise we all think that your “screaming” at us all the time. I agree with you 100%% about President Trump. He is a great man, and a role model for our children.

  33. Yeah baby. Love it

  34. Living in the Times | January 19, 2018 at 10:34 am |

    “Love Saves Lives”…that says it all! Giving our unborn children a fighting chance. Thank you Mr. President!!!! AMIGA

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