Pranksters Post Signs in Calif. Declaring it a Sanctuary State

January 3, 2018

OAN Newsroom

An anonymous prankster takes matters into his own hands after California officially becomes the nation’s first sanctuary state.

The California Department of Transportation confirmed at least five official-looking signs have been found that poke-fun at the state’s immigration policy.

California Highway’s Sanctuary State signs pop up for the New Year. (Photo/Twitter)

The signs welcome felons, illegal immigrants, and MS13 members to the Golden State, adding ‘”Democrats need the votes.”

One of the signs posted near the California-Nevada border on Interstate-15 has been taken down.

A Caltrans spokesman said they have not identified the party responsible, and did not confirm whether law enforcement would investigate any further.

  • Horus

    I’m surprised the Dems didn’t just leave them up.

  • Juanita Elrod Reed


  • Erin Garvia

    Why aren’t the votes there in CA? I mean, there are multi billion dollar corporations over there?

  • James R. Hague

    Welcome to California….WHERE ONLY CRIMINALS are free to roam.

    California political swamp rats will ensure these criminals are ‘protected’ AS LONG as the criminal stays away from the swamp rats security guards, fenced property, and ensures their regular financial donations to the California Criminal Empire or CCE are deposited monthly!

    As far as law abiding citizens, you are NOT welcome in California except for paying your high taxes.

    In the event any law abiding state resident or their family fall victim to the CCE enterprise, please accept the political swamp rats ‘sound bites’ that it is with great regret that NOTHING can or will be done to bring the offending party to justice.

    California has decided the criminal (wolf) is more important to the CCE system than the victim (sheep) and the sheep are easily replaceable by allowing in more criminals!

    Watch for the CCE’s new fall show: California overtakes Mexico in criminal activity and gross revenues!

  • brad m

    I’m surprised California isn’t keeping them up with pride! That is their mode of operation

  • Tom Hanlon

    It’s just collusion and collusion is not a crime

  • Scott Henke

    Gold. Pure gold. President Trump needs to find out who did this and present them with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  • Mike

    Now THAT is clever! And it looks so…so “official” until you fully read it…wait…it is ”official”- in truth isn’t it! Good job oh persons of great mystery!

  • My Sharoner

    Do ehen does California lose its federal funding?

  • Wanda

    That’s funny and sad at the same time.

  • fasteddie1257

    nicely done.. looks legit to me.

  • J. Waltam

    So sad. CA was once a neat place to visit and retire – but that was many, many years ago. CA will probably end up like France – a third world oversized hovel.

    • Pat S.

      Already there.

    • Scott Henke

      A weird story. When my Dad’s uncles moved from Missouri to California they were strong Democrats; when they began living in California, they became staunch conservative Republicans.

  • Pat S.

    Who ever did this should be awarded a large cash prize!

  • likwyd

    No damage done here. Just making use of the empty real estate with facts. No other signs were harmed in the making of this red pill.

  • intimeforthedime

    Now THAT is some funny stuff!

  • Daniel Salvatori

    It’s the truth. CA was already bad before it was a sanctuary state. Put the illegals to live in the houses and backyards of those who voted Democrat.

  • PatrickJ

    Those of us who live in Arizona want the border wall built as soon as possible. No, not that one. I’m talking about the border wall between California and Arizona. 🙂

    • Roy Beane

      Good one!

  • PatrickJ

    Mueller needs to look into this. This smells like something Trump would do. Putin probably gave him the idea.

    • Pat S.

      It’s Bush & Cheney – The vast right wing at work!

      • PatrickJ

        Maybe Bush, but I always liked Cheney. I thought he would have made a strong president. Something on the model of Reagan. But that’s just me.

        • Pat S.

          No, many of us thought so.

  • nfcapitalist

    A California congressman said the other day there are more republicans in California than democrats… anyone have any idea where he got that?

    • PatrickJ

      Just the FACTS
      California Voter and Party Profiles

      Our surveys indicate that 46% of those we consider most likely to vote are Democrats, 29% are Republicans, and 21% are independents.

  • Mark

    Looks like the seal of California on the left.

    • PatrickJ

      It is. They did a good job. Democratic donkey on the right.

  • Ja Ja

    I need one of those signs for my city.

  • Jim Hatfield

    Commieforians should be calling the Comrade representing them to demand that not only these be left up but that like signs be put up at all entrences to the State!!!!!

  • PatrickJ

    Friend of mine said it best. Watching the gradual disintegration of California is like watching a once beautiful woman die of cancer.

  • nfcapitalist

    The FBI will be on it… Diane Feinstein will see to that!!

    • PatrickJ

      I hope they wiped their fingerprints. Next thing Jerry Brown will do is install hidden cameras focused on all the road signs. Shouldn’t cost more than a few million.

      No, wait! I’ve got it. All they have to do is copy the sign except for the two bottom lines and then print some more.

      • Pat S.

        Moon Beam will go after these people before the illegal criminal scum.

  • PatrickJ

    Pretty cool!

    • PWe72

      (Patrick, reply/add to your great comment below:)
      ……or of AIDS.

  • Lovingit

    Those signs are FUNNY, because it’s the TRUTH.

  • LeaderOfTheBanned

    Law enforcement investigating? Investigating what? What charge? Telling the truth?

    This was not “one prankster”. The fact that the signs went up overnight and were so far apart means more than one person is involved. As well as these were made, this isn’t some kid in his garage.

    • nfcapitalist

      FBI LAB will be getting DNA swabs soon… let the investigation begin…LOL!!!!

  • James Gatto

    The truth hurts doesn’t it Mr. Brown you unAmerican dirtbag!

    • Tom Hanlon

      Scumbag pos is more like it

  • Scotty

    Put the sign on the Nevada side of the border and the Cali’s can’t take it down. This”prank” is telling the absolute truth.

  • Tyrone

    Whoever did this just made my day, I love America and the American people.
    We get it just like this person.
    If the government authorities catch whoever did this, he/she/they will have my support both in spirit and financially.

    • Living in the Times

      Agreed!! See my post’s below.

    • intimeforthedime

      That guy needs to run for President! After Trump’s 2 terms of course.

  • Rick

    What a total tragedy California is. So sad they’ve lost all sense of reality.

    • Living in the Times

      Yes. Truly sad. I feel for the good people living there who cannot afford to “escape”.

  • I’m Proud

    Too funny. Loser state

  • Joe samo

    Sometimes the truth hurts.

    • Living in the Times

      ..and sometimes it is just flat out funny! Hats off to this guy. He is obviously frustrated and expressing that frustration in a creative way. Just hope he doesn’t get into trouble for it. Any descent person living there should just flee CA for the US, LOL

      • LeaderOfTheBanned

        I lived in CA my entire life but moved back to America three years ago!

        • Living in the Times

          Welcome back!!!!! Glad you survived! What prompted your move? Or do I even need to ask?

          • LeaderOfTheBanned

            California prompted my move: illegals overrunning the state, suffocating taxes, high housing prices, insane traffic, oppressive gun laws, choking pollution – essentially everything you expect from a democrat controlled gulag. I lived in SoCal – once a paradise, now a sewer. I describe California to my new neighbors as “pushing and shoving”. You don’t realize just how bad that craphole is until you leave.

          • Living in the Times

            Well, I am glad you are happy in your new home. You are smarter than most to get out while the getting is good. It is only going to get worse there going forward. Especially now that they are an official sanctuary state. The influx of illegals will be crippling for the surviving Californians.

          • nfcapitalist

            Reminded of the last straw when going in and getting the car smogged… took more time to get there, wait in line after making an appointment, then five minutes and swarthy grins from Paki telling me it was fine, $Money please!!

            RICO ACT??

          • LeaderOfTheBanned

            Yes, I was weary that at least HALF of the people I encountered every day did not speak English as a first language – and I was in Orange County.

            I’ll tell you this, the women where I am now all look 10-15 years younger then they are. I suspect that is because the air and water are MUCH cleaner here and the stress levels are much lower. Also noteworthy, CA does NOT have the most beautiful women. Those women are all wearing too much makeup with their fake boobs and disgusting greedy “how much $$$ do you make” attitudes. Where I am, women wear very little makeup and are absolutely beautiful and friendly and down to earth. California is a lie and a trap – nothing but a big beautiful expensive… toilet.

          • nfcapitalist

            Michael Caine and Sally Fields movie, “Surrender,” where this author is visiting his attorney on the 2nd floor and he’s looking down at men and women hustling about on the sidewalk below and he says to his attorney,

            “You know what I see when I look down there? I don’t see people… I see animals sniffing each other to see how much they’re worth.”

          • LeaderOfTheBanned

            LOL! Exactly!

          • Tom Hanlon

            I concur

          • PatrickJ

            My sentiments exactly!

          • Tom Hanlon

            Whole heartedly agree with your assessment.

        • nfcapitalist

          18 years ago… and feel so clean… that is the closest, I hope, America gets to seeing that authoritarian state the communist dream of… but then there’s that bakery in Oregon… someone who know the ropes should gofundme that family.

          • PatrickJ

            12 years ago. When I go back for a visit, I don’t even recognize it. It’s like an alien planet. They don’t ever paint the buildings in downtown L. A. anymore. They just let the Mexican graffiti artists do it.

          • Living in the Times

            That is sad. CA is on it’s way out for sure. I have never been there and you couldn’t pay me enough money to go.

          • LILIBETH

            Californians just moved up the coast….

    • nfcapitalist

      In California there very little truth to hurt… remember the Lottery being championed by California’s government as being for schools… then silently swept it ALL into the General Fund?

      • PatrickJ

        True fact.

      • Tom Hanlon

        Yes, always for the kids is what they would say. Lying scumbags, the whole lot of politicians.

  • Living in the Times

    L-O-V-E IT!!! We should start a Go Fund Me page for this guy to make more signs to hang. This is how you protest!!!! I am sure the State of CA will prosecute to the fullest. Heaven forbid an American have a voice in that state!

    • “A Caltrans spokesman said they have not identified the party responsible, and did not confirm whether law enforcement would investigate any further.”

      Sounds like law enforcement is a bit reluctant to find whoever. ;ob

      • Living in the Times

        Good for them! I am sure the policeman/policewomen there are sick to death of the bizarre CA legal system.

  • Shane Norkus

    Leave the signs up because whoever put them up is telling the truth and the truth is, obviously, not allowed in Mexifornia.

  • “I’m a Rooster!”

    What a wonderful sign for our freeways! My hats’ off to the fine people that did this!

  • gbrooks

    This isn’t a prank, it is someone telling the truth.

    • Vera Orsova

      And since telling the truth is a no-no in any Democrat controlled state, the signs are being taken down. Some freedom of expression right, libturds?

      • Living in the Times

        Where did you see that the signs were being removed? There is not an update here but I figured they would be taken down eventually. I would like to read that story.

        • nfcapitalist

          Fourth sentence of the story says one sign was taken down and by now those “Wellcome to Hell,” signs have all been visited.

          • Living in the Times

            Yes, I see that now. Thanks. I should have actually read the article…too busy laughing at the sign.

      • nfcapitalist

        Taking down Christian Crosses on hillsides in view of traffic was ACLU… this something they will defend or prosecute… silly question?

        • Living in the Times

          Not a silly question. Most of CA could care less about God, Christ or faith so I am sure it was encouraged and will not be prosecuted. In my opinion, which doesn’t mean much on the grand scale of things, only special interest groups are protected by law in the foreign country known as California!!!!

          • Tom Hanlon

            Mexifornia to all us former citizens that left there

    • Roy Beane

      Dam rite they are, and that’s why the Caly political elitists are all upset. They just can’t handle the truth, nor can they handle the general public finding out what crookedness they are up to.

    • kaiju

      What makes a joke funny is the truth behind it.

    • Tango Uniform

      Yeah, looks official to me.