Power Partially Restored in Atlanta Airport, Passengers Allowed to Exit Planes

FILE- This May 9, 2016, file photo, shows an air traffic control tower at their gates at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta. Authorities say a power outage at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has disrupted ingoing and outgoing flights. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart, File)

December 17, 2017

OAN Newsroom


Power is back on in much of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport following a power outage that lasted for several hours.

All flights at the world’s busiest airport were canceled Sunday, leading to thousands of passengers being evacuated.

The city of Atlanta said it will provide passengers with shuttle service and accommodation at the Georgia International Convention Center.

A statement from Georgia Power says the outage may have been caused by a fire which resulted in extensive damage to an underground power facility at the airport.

The outage comes as millions of people are traveling home and abroad for the Christmas holiday.

  • KevinR.

    Yet you are trapped. Why not let them into the terminal, and if someone does want to leave and reschedule, they have that option. If someone wants to go to the train station, they can.

  • KevinR.

    I guess an airport…. which needs power to operate radar and other air traffic control operations… never thought of a generator or two as back up power.

  • KevinR.

    If the headline is accurate, the airlines were guilty of kidnapping. Detaining people against their will.

    If the power is out, and you can not depart, after 2 hours, let the passengers off.

  • Carmen Acosta

    so little info about a major disruption… fire causes failure, what causes fire? hmmmm.

  • Alice

    Just like Las Vegas we will never get the truth.

  • notwar

    All the airport’s contractors are minority owned “companies”. Democrat mayor says so.


      I was actually shocked it took the blacks this long to mess it up.

  • scrumsey

    Back-up Generators should be in place at all Airports to run operations for at least 48 hours after a power failure.

    So I have said it. So it Shall Be Done.

  • BlueBoomPony

    Third world mentalities in charge and diversity hires. This is how America dies.

  • River

    What happened to the multiple redundancy fail-safes? Something doesn’t quite add up here. Wonder if we will ever know?

  • semperfipar

    Poor civil engineering.

  • kenai

    Doesn’t sound as though the affirmative action hires are doing too good and keeping that complicated sheit working.

  • Bill Jr

    and there was a Hit Song ‘The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia,’ The Song Writers Royalty’s Must Be on the Low Side…..’Till Now 🙂

  • Mountainhiker

    Bummer, just on the news in Atlanta, still dark at the airport, no emergency power! Will be effecting flights for most of tomorrow all over the country. Airport should have been pulled out of the control of the city long ago and into a regional authority. Scary that they have zero emergency power any place!

    • Steven Dietrich

      If the airport loses 100% of commercially supplied power they have Uninterruptible Power Systems with batteries that last 8-20 minutes until the very large diesel generators come online. I know this because I sold them to the airports. I never heard of an airport that lost 100% of it’s power.

      • semperfipar

        It will if they put all of the power in the same place and have a fire that destroys all the systems because of their proximity to each other.

      • Mountainhiker

        Well, then this is your first, according to the news, they lost 100% of it power, only the emergency lights came on. Their UPS was damaged in the same fire, guess the lesson there is TRUE separation of power sources.

  • ShemSilber2

    Could it POSSIBLY be an action of some of these jihadi “refugees”?

    • landy fincannon

      Hello , my friend. Trust all is well. MERRY CHRISTMAS

      • ShemSilber2

        Shalom, Brother Landy. We celebrate our Master Yahusha (Lord Jesus), and we celebrate also that, if He had not swung the Maccabees into action to give them the victory over superior forces, the Greeks would have destroyed both the Temple and the Jewish people, but the Master had prophecies to fulfill, so He gave the Maccabees another David-vs-Goliath victory, so that they restored the Temple, and the Jewish people were there as prophesied by whom He entered this world to fulfill what He had promised, to wash us clean of our sins with His blood, and to assure us of everlasting life by His resurrection.

        In other words, without Hanukkah, there wouldn’t even be a Christmas.

        All the praise belongs to our Father and His Son, who will come again soon to give us peace on earth, even as the angels sang, “Peace on earth to men of good will,” in Yahusha’s Name, amein

  • Scott Snerd

    there is something else going on here…..something going on that they needed all those planes on the ground

    • All American

      Like what?

      • Scott Snerd

        like the government covering something and needing that airspace cleared

        • All American

          Ahhh now I get you … conspiracy theory👍🏻

      • Scott Snerd

        Like you just dont have power shut down at a MAJOR air hub and not know the reason and then tell people that it will be restored by a particular time.
        Bullsh it….this is a put up job.

        • Matt

          That’s what got me was the “sometime around midnight”. They always say crews are working and hope to have power restored as quickly as possible or something like that. This is very weird.

          • Scott Snerd

            wonder if they have a LARGE UFO coming in and they dont want it seen too closely

  • Keneke

    You mean to tell me that they are totally reliant on the grid to maintain operation…That’s Unbefluckenlievable…I hope some one quickly calls Elon and orders some Batteries…

    • James Wilford Howard

      More than smoke from an alleged electrical fire smells here.

      • Varangian Guard

        I agree. The root cause information has been none existent. I hadn’t even heard the electrical fire excuse.
        Probes of electrical system by person(s) unknown have been conducted in multiple locations around the USA. Take a portion down, sit back and observe the response. If that is the case this time they got an eyeful

        • J. Waltam

          Good point. Methodically collecting intell on critical national infrastructures, finding the vulnerabilities, developing the targeting strategy, discreetly accumulating and positioning the weaponry, executing the plan. Mueller needs to on top of this immediately – there may be an unemployed community organizer out there that could lend a hand too, I doubt the FBI would be much help – they’re too busy helping the Clinton’s stay out of prison.

    • Indiana Mike

      How? Musk has zero battery capacity. He can’t even supply his own cars with batteries.

      • georgec

        He built a battery to help a section of Australia. Because solar and wind just are not reliable enough. Who knew ??

      • Keneke

        Tesla Gigafactory…

    • notwar

      100 years of Democrat mayors.. Even named the international terminal after one.

  • Kevin Cowlishaw

    Are Bubba and Loretta meeting on the tarmac again?

    • WSWSapphire

      LOL! It’s one of the busiest airports in the U.S. Maybe they were hoping not to get noticed- guess it could work if it occurred after the sun went down.

    • KevinR.

      Either that, and they needed to catch up on their grandchildren…

      Or good Old Bill needed another hair cut which caused almost as much disruption at an airport.