Polls: Nominees Tied in Georgia’s Special Election

Republican Karen Handel campaigns at a restaurant in Johns Creek, Ga., Friday, June 16, 2017, ahead of runoff election to replace former Rep. Tom Price. Democrat Jon Ossoff is trying for an upset over Handel in the GOP-leaning 6th Congressional District that stretches across greater Atlanta’s northern suburbs. (AP Photo/Alex Sanz)

June 18, 2017

OAN Newsroom

What’s being called the most expensive election in U.S. history is heating up in Georgia.

Republican Karen Handel and 30-year-old Democrat Jon Ossoff have spent a record $40 million on campaign ads.

Recent polls show they are neck-and-neck in the race to fill Health Secretary Tom Price’s old house seat.

Ossoff may have raised more money than Handel, but she has the support of President Trump, as well as Price and Agriculture Secretary and former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue.

Early voting is over, with election day on Tuesday.

  • Virginia Rossi Guanci

    Don’t let another democrap win!! I warn you, since you know they are communist!

  • William Glass

    The “polls” also said Killary would win in a landslide. They are “in bed” with the DemoRats, so they can’t be trusted.

  • George Grana

    If Karen Handel wins they’ll blame it on the Russians.

  • carefulwhatyouwishfor

    Georgians………….please show the same strength that Trump has………….vote AGAINST the left.

    Trump is giving it his all………….and the least we can do, is stand behind his agenda.

    Please, vote.

  • carefulwhatyouwishfor

    How many are afraid to say who they’ll vote for ???

  • Donald York

    Remember Georgians, the likes of Hanoi Jane Fonda, and a lot of other money coming out of California and New York are supporting the Democrat candidate.
    If i lived in Georgia, that would insure my vote for Karen Handel.

  • Lawmadsen

    Nothing to see hear just the DNC/Soros buying seats in office while claiming to be the grassroots little guy.

  • Scalandria

    He doesn’t reside in the district he’s running for.. He is a Dem…Their platform is hate, resistance to MAGA, and nothing an average American would be interested in when it comes to everyday life.. Besides, who trusts any poll…??

  • A.reader

    $40M? And they say the Russians tampered in our election? Check and see how many fraudulent dem votes are counted. Also, in this age, telephone polls should carry a larger margin of error or deemed unreliable. First, many unresponsive cell phones and then those that do respond tend to lean left. Second, data latency effects.

  • Steve

    When the Media and polls claim a tie, it really means that republican’s are up by at least 5 points.

  • Robert Adams

    Neck and neck might be a better description, they are certainly not tied.

  • billnga

    Hollywood money will not elect a”paid for Demorat” in Georgia’s 6th district race. Go Karen! The polls are WRONG again.

  • Scott

    In the old days Democrats use to complain about elections going to the highest spender now they do not care for they are the highest spender. They have to spend lot more because they have NO good ideas so they have create a lot of Propaganda to make Democrats seem like they care. They just keep adapting or changing their message so long as it fits their ideas of power. They stand for nothing good only Marxist ideas to make America like Venezuela. Over 40 million the dead will be voting for that much money. Just think how Democrats are going to recover that much money for it will come from Wall Street theywill pay for it.

  • rgray 317

    Majority of voters in this district are black.

  • rgray 317

    Free stuff gets the votes. Democrats aren’t stupid.

  • Deplorable Patty Cake

    Ossoff should make an ad “why aren’t I 50pts ahead you might ask” … and then insult the voters. Winning formula , just ask Cankles.

  • The “Chef”

    Depends how many dead folks vote…

    • Michael Shepard

      Funny you should mention that….My grampa always voted a straight republican ticket. But, after he died, he started voting democrat. I wonder why.

      • S. Grubbs

        Interesting, how did you manage to hack the voting system to find out 1) that he was still voting and 2) who he voted for. Blatant liars like you are part of whats wrong with America today. And I’m not a Democrat or liberal. I just don’t like left or right wing trolls.

        • William Glass

          Don’t you recognize sarcasm? (based on fact ie: Chicago in 1960 election of Kennedy)

    • George Grana

      I wonder why dead people always vote Democrat.

  • Dorothy Davidson

    Hillary is up by 10 !

  • wylie123

    Which polls? I never tell a pollster the truth.

  • Fed up with CT

    Georgia please don’t let us down. Vote for Handel!

  • Robert Adams

    Tied? What misinfo or fake news has OAN tapped into? according to the release of early poll results, the Dems are 51%, the GOP 44%. Hardly a tie. And why are the early pols being released? Sounds like a DNC effort to influence Tuesday special election. Tell the Dems they’re ahead and more will vote and fewer GOPs will. Same as happened in the FL in the 2000 POTUS election. Talk about voter fraud and tampering.