Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Govt. Will Protect Them From Terror Attack

(Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

June 19, 2017

OAN Newsroom

A new poll reveals a majority of Americans are confident the government will protect U.S. citizens from a terror attack.

Monday’s Gallup poll shows 70-percent of those surveyed have a “great deal” or “fair amount” of trust in the government’s ability to defend against future acts of terrorism.

However, it also shows 6-in-10 people believe an attack in the U.S. is either “very” or “somewhat likely” to occur in the near future.

The survey was conducted earlier this month, shortly after two terror attacks hit the U.K.

Gallup says trust in the government remained high following the 9/11 attacks in 2001, but dropped to a record low after the San Bernardino attack 2015.

  • BillVA

    Given what recently happened on a certain baseball field, that opinion is pretty optimistic.

  • Scotty

    They’ll protect us by disarming us and bringing in more Muslims.

  • Rodney

    Well, that would mean a majority of Americans are misguided in their confidence now wouldn’t it?
    It is amazing how much Americans rely on the government to prevent terrorist attacks. I seem to recall how almost all of the prior attacks revealed that the terrorist had been on a watch lists; a person of interest; or interviewed by some government agency…before they killed a bunch of people.
    If you are expecting the government to protect you…your already in danger. They do their best, but they cant be everywhere or do everything.

  • Chris C.

    Better wake up America…. The Government is only interested in protecting themselves, their Jobs and power structure over the population. Who did they Poll? 70% of PC GOV officials that are out of touch with the public? Most likely. With open borders and this PC touchy feely policies that says we must let everyone in is going to bite us in the End.. Look at Europe, it is falling apart with PC good intentions and we all know that the road to hell is paved with those.

    We finally have a President who seems to care about America and Americans. Let him do his job for crying out load and shut the Left wingers down. Then we will be somewhat safe.

  • Sandra Howard-Blanz

    The Government DOES NOT have your best interest in mind. If you haven’t figured this out by now, you never will.

  • Sonny Shaw

    You can believe that all the politicians are protected from a terror attack with armed guards and bullet proof vests.

  • Bobby Green

    Are these the same pole people that stated Clinton was a sure thing?

  • Bill Jr

    Must Be The Same People Who Believe They’d Be Able To Keep Their Plans and Doctors. Maybe The Actual Question Was “Do You Hope The Government Will Protect You From Terrorists and Do You Like Change Back From McDonald’s?”

  • jc Dalia

    I would like to know the polling questions for these never ceasing poll reports.

  • jc Dalia

    I am one of minority on this, apparently.

  • andrew moore

    how can you have the majority saying they think the government can protect you and then have the majority saying they think there will be another terrorist attack…..One comment contradicts the other….if there is another attack then obviously the government couldn’t protect you.

  • Tim Corn

    The majority of Americans are delusional.

  • Donald York

    Obama and Hillary created ISIS .

  • Marinesgt77

    This poll must have been done in LaLa land. How can anyone with a brain trust a government that has allowed our enemies to freely establish their bases on our soil.

  • ELMO

    A majority of Americans believe in ET also.

  • Trumpkin

    Personally, it dropped way,way, down when Obama was elected the second time. Talk about your dumbasses.

  • Opinionsgiven


  • antiliberal00

    How about the world trade center ? How about Boston marathon ? How about 9/11 ? How about Orlando night club?
    The government isn’t capable of protecting squat, open your eyes,
    In fact, thanks to the communist democraps and Obama’s liberal judges, terrorists are flowing across our borders every day. How is that protecting us?
    On top of all of that, Congress and the liberal judges assault our rights pretty much on a daily basis.
    Government reduces our protection, not increases it.
    The judicial system has already ruled that the job of police is to protect society as a whole, not an individual.
    Think on that awhile.

  • All American

    I can sit here, in the back half of my life
    And wonder when the other shoe will fall
    Or I can stand up, point myself home
    And see if I’ve learned anything at all
    Anything at all

  • 2livefree

    Since Jan. you are more likely to be killed or injured by a leftist than a Muslim!

  • Quacker

    The majority of Americans know they are sitting ducks!

  • tedlv

    Who are they polling? What is the wording of the questions?

  • Doski

    Suckers Abound !

  • Scotty

    The majority of Americans BELIEVE our government will protect us. And when someone’s breaking into your house, you call 911. When seconds count, the police are always minutes away. Don’t ever trust your government. At this time in history, we’d be better off fearing our government.

  • American Insurgency

    Oh boy, this news in’t good. We are going to have a lot of unhappy and unbalanced people when something DOES slip through. Government provides a service, but I am not always convinced they are capable of providing consistent service to anyone. Maybe they are in charge, maybe they aren’t. My feeling is that they are trying hard. That’s it.

    • DeplorableMe

      My feeling is that they are trying hard to feather their own personal nests. That’s it.

  • Pezgun

    There is no question of the governments ability to to protect the people of this nation but, their will to do so is however questionable. Can you really blame everyone from the guy at the gas station to your Congressman from weaponing up?

  • sanman99

    It sure is funny how many poll results we get, I have NEVER been asked!!!

  • FatEddy

    Somebody once said (I’m too lazy to look up who) …. “Nobody ever went broke under estimating the intelligence of the American people.” Guess he was at least 70 percent correct.

  • ICE just needs to keep stepping up and getting rid of the illegals and the police need to keep wearing more and more body armor we are in the days of RoboCop the original movie everyone watch that that is whats going on minus the robot part.

  • jane

    Obviously not the people from the Boston marathon, or twin towers, or the club in Florida, Pentagon..etc.

  • DrSheilahere

    If you can’t carry concealed, what protection does a citizen have? Everyone feels out of control. Funny, Congress now wants to carry a gun. Predictable. Their lives are more important than yours.

    • Scotty

      The problem is that every round in your pistol is a potential lawsuit, right or wrong. That needs to change. Nobody should have to have their lives destroyed for legitimately defending themselves.

  • Stvzntz

    Now that we have a real President, I can understand the optimism. That being said, I’ll be handling my own protection.

  • fixento

    It was never the majority of Americans that fought for this country in any conflict. In fact only 20 percent of the colonist wanted to declare independence from England. Only 5 percent actually fought the British on the field and with their sacrifice that won our independence. The majority of people in America or any nation are basically cowards and will not put their life on the line for their country, however, I don’t believe this poll when it comes to defending your family. Using the example of the polls predicting the results of the presidential election says volumes on how the liberal twinkies manipulate the polls. If you are a citizen and law abiding, purchase a firearm, you and if married your wife, go to the range. learn safety how to use it. The NRA had many programs that will assist you but you must practice every year. There’s all kinds of safes available that allows quick access and keeps your weapon from the kids, Only one in a hundred violent acts are prevented by the police and all the remorse of the chief of police and mayor will not replace you or your family. Guns are like air bags in cars, they only go off when you need them. If you don’t take the responsibility to defend your family, then you have to live with it.

  • Hal Slusher

    And if you believe that one you have to be a democrat

  • FreedomFighter

    They must have surveyed mostly snowflakes to get that kind of weak biased poll results.

    • Sane_Person37

      Yea. The Orlando shooter walked around in there for hours, posting facecrap live. Sure the cops will protect me. Or how about the SWAT guys in body armour hiding behind trees while that puke ran around Virginia Tech shooting people.

      The auhorities never stop crime, unless by accident. They investigate it.

  • Arlo

    These poll respondents seem to have no thought that government Open Borders policies INVITE terror attacks.

    • sanman99

      Sanctuary cities, open borders, and POLITICAL CORRECTNESS will doom this Country.Ohh almost forgot the liberals who have become so violent and un checked.

      • All American

        No you didn’t forget the Liberals, you described them perfectly

      • antiliberal00

        The violent liberal scum will not remain unchecked. Their waterloo is coming.
        Then they will understand true violence and it will scare them back to their so called safe places, that won’t be remotely safe.

    • icthelite

      The government has to have a plan that justifies its never ending desire to constantly keep adding more three and four lettered enforcement agencies to oversee everything we do. Most of the 50, 60 or 70 federal agencies are are constantly opening new divisions. These agencies are not for our protect as much as they are there to keep the citizenry under surveillance and in order.

      • Sane_Person37

        And launder money.

  • Clinicaleducator1

    The majority have NO CLUE!!! They also have NO GUNS, NO BRAINS and are snowflakes, cupcakes and fruitcakes. They are liberal, democrats and communists!! The slaughter will be worth watching.

    • Scotty

      The problem is they will kick that off out of sheer stupidity and brainwashed ideology. It appears it’s already beginning.

  • Philip Voida

    Retards, probably city commies. The first target of terrorists as they don’t have the sack to attack the well armed, competent Americans in the country

    • Scotty

      There’s more than they’d have you believe. WE know better, and they’ll ultimately find out the hard way.

  • fatboy46

    Wow!! Trusting, aren’t we? this implies that 70% actually believe our government can PREVENT a terrorist attack from occurring. As long as we IMPORT terrorists- we have no protection.

    • Pezgun

      I believe they can prevent 70% of terrorist attacks from occurring. Ultimately, our personal safety is a matter of probabilities. It never hurts to stack the odds in your favor any way you can.

      • Sonny Shaw

        I agree; so arm yourself!

    • constitutiononly

      I don’t see the “government” grabbing and deporting the 50 million Mexican (and other) illegal aliens embedded in this country. Not a bit. I have NO confidence in any government protection.

  • R A.

    For every American, there are probably at least 20 terrorist
    sympathizers, and a dozen terrorists within a half-mile radius of where
    they live and work.
    Be prepared. If you SEE SOMETHING — DO SOMETHING

    • Scotty

      Well said!

    • PinkFeline

      But if we say something, we’re racists! Many need to grow a backbone and let the name-calling fly.

    • antiliberal00

      Those terrorist sympathizers are called liberals.

      • HarryObrian

        They are also the group with the highest use of legal and illegal drugs, including anti-depressants, drugs that let them hide from reality.



    • Scotty

      It will ultimately come down to us. We CAN’T count on our government to protect us.