Philadelphia Tax Makes Soda More Expensive Than Beer

(REUTERS/Sam Hodgson)

August 8, 2017
OAN Newsroom

A Philadelphia tax on sugary drinks now makes buying soda more expensive than beer.

The city’s beverage tax is at 1.5 cents per ounce on non-alcoholic sugary drinks, which is 24 times higher than the state’s tax rate on beer.

It was originally promoted as a method to raise funding for pre-kindergarten education when it was implemented in January.

However, less than half of the near $40 million collected so far has gone toward pre-k programs.

Tax avoidance has caused revenue to fall below the projected $92 million per year, and that’s not the only numbers coming up short.

Companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are seeing a decline in profit in Philadelphia, and low-come customers are also being weighed down by the additional tax.

  • Pat S.

    Just drive over the Betsy Ross and get it in Morristown.

  • andrew moore

    How long before we hear on the lame stream media about how some cop shot an unarmed black man selling bootleg soda on a street corners somewhere in Philly?

  • Jusgart

    As alcohol is more damaging than a soda, I would like to see a $0.50 tax per oz on all alcoholic beverages

    That will never happen as it mostly affects the politicians as they are the major purchasers of the lions share of alcohol and we know that the “Elites” are above the common people

    And it may slow down the abusers of this drug from over indulgence

  • zeitgeist

    looks to be a great opportunity for black market operations

  • Lucia Shakloplis

    Omg what people stop drinking soda and drink water wow how bad can that be.
    and let pepsi coke leave the major cities. Just make sure to sell your stock before they do.

  • Sandra Howard-Blanz

    WOW, now all will go to beer

  • Dan O

    So, drink the diet pop. Or water. Or BEER.

  • Javanne

    Well, at least traffic cops who need to meet a periodic ticket quota will be happy. More beer being drunk means more tickets.

  • Matt

    It was originally promoted as a method to raise funding for pre-kindergarten education when it was implemented in January.

    Then why don’t they eliminate ALL sweetened and sugared items
    in ALL the Public schools?
    because they make money off it
    so just tax the people
    why don’t we just cut they pay and benefits for all public works and politicians

    STOP voting in these career politicians
    we need citizens and t]people of this nation to run our government
    NOT bought and paid for politicians

  • andrew moore

    Next thing you will hear about in the lame stream media is going to be about some unarmed black man getting shot and killed at the hands of the Philly cops because he was selling soda illegally on the street.

  • andrew moore

    Oh Crap……now the black market Kool-Aid market is going to kick off…..Then the government will have to start a war on Kool-Aid and dump trillions of dollars into fighting to get the illegal sugary Kool-Aid drink off the streets of America…..Sound familiar?

  • OldeGeezer

    Philly needs a Stupid tax …

  • Heremeroor

    Hmm, I don’t think I’d ever heard or read a news article where a driver was arrested for DUI or DWI under soft drinks…are the politicians there in bed with brewers??

  • J. Waltam

    Hey! Bootlegging soda pop – a new business opportunity!

  • R A.

    How much is their heroin tax?

  • DJLugoff

    Anything to get more taxes!

  • D H

    Missing the point. The story should really be focused on two paragraphs:

    It was originally promoted as a method to raise funding for pre-kindergarten education when it was implemented in January.

    However, less than half of the near $40 million collected so far has gone toward pre-k programs.

    • Dan Taylor

      The ONLY thing any politician cares about is more money, and they will use any story to get more. They use the money to help count their votes in the next election. ‘It’s for the children’ has been used for years to steal trillions from taxpayers.

  • Bonnie Caarol

    so… If young people can’t afford a Coca cola or pepsi… they will turn to whats cheaper.. BEER.. .. Yea this one was well thought out huh?

  • Pat Smith

    They’re trying to get people to buy more beer so they can compete with New Orleans. Maybe they will come out with a Mardi grass (marijuana).

  • claymore cluepile

    as usual it all goes to fund the pensions of retired civic bureaucrats

  • MikeM

    Don’t you love it when a Democrat tax plan comes together?

  • wvned

    You like it. We tax it.

    Shut up and pay


    I’ve all but stopped drinking soda.opted to drinking more water. But this is stuupid

    • R A.

      Never cared for soda. but beer is a different story

      • TAPIT DRIvER

        That will be the next tax hike.

        • R A.

          Soon they will have the air tax

          • TAPIT DRIvER

            I mean,why not? There are oxygen bars in Cali,so that would seem “logical.”

  • HopalongCassidy

    PA should just give Philly to NJ. PA would be better off and NJ wouldn’t be any worse off.

  • Ron

    Brought to you by one of the more corrupt city governments on the east coast…..

  • Tado

    Beer cancer is more expensive.

    • Bob Abadajos

      WTF is “beer cancer”?

      • Tado

        Beer causes:
        Diabetes Mellitus – incurable.
        Liver Disease – incurable.
        Weak Lungs – incurable.
        Pancreatic Cancer – incurable.
        Blood poisoning and death – DO NOT RESUSCITATE.
        Are you a beer drinker?
        BEWARE !!!

        • Bob Abadajos

          Oh. I thought you were serious for a minute there…

          • Tado

            I wasn’t.

        • come and take it

          beer causes none of that.

          gluttony does.

          • Tado

            you are no drunkard.

          • Tado

            do not eat raw meat.

          • come and take it


  • Roy Beane

    The DemoFelon Party mantra on taxes: “What’s ours is ours, and what’s yours …… is ours, too”

  • tedlv

    I don’t drink soda, so that would be fine if I lived there! 🙂

    • cusfo

      No compassion for your friends and neighbors. That is so demoncrat of you.

      • tedlv

        It was a joke. Note the symbol at the end. Lighten up.

    • come and take it

      till the next tax came along that did effect you…

      i’ve never understood why any americans are fine with unconstitutional encroachment of government because it didn’t immediately effect them.

      • andrew moore

        Come on CATI…….it is why America is in the shape it is today….You can’t go to the airport without getting searched without a warrant….Hell, I work there and they illegally search me going in AND coming out…..and I have had the in depth security check done on me….meanwhile I look over and the passengers are receiving a “screening”….I finally had had enough… now I speak out about it when they try to search me and my back pack.

        • Jusgart

          HeII, you cannot leave Walmart without an illegal search if their “alarm” goes off

          I refuse to stop and be searched

          • andrew moore

            I do the same….I just keep walking….if they want to search my bags they are going to have to get a warrant and wait on the cops to show up….then they are going to be facing a huge lawsuit for illegally detaining me……My receipt is my best weapon.

  • gaillowerybriggs

    Liberal heritage : “Do as I say not as I do . All money belongs to me “

  • bugballou

    Alcohol, tobacco, soda pop, and firearms. Just another way to fleece the impoverished.

    • DJLugoff

      Exactly now they are pushing pot for revenue yet anything legal is taxed beyond belief the money never goes where they claim it will used. Even so it is not right to use taxes to punish us.

  • R A.

    HA HA HAAAHHHH!!!!!!

  • Barry Soetoro-Chin

    If I were Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola, I’d pull ALL of our soft-drinks out of Philadelphia, then consider pulling ALL of my products out of the state.

    Screw with my bottom line and you will pay the price.

    • Matt

      better get them out of Chicago too
      1cent per ounce tax on sugared and sweetened drinks

      • Tony Anthony

        Give Chicago a year, they will raise it also, considering people will buy some place else

      • Barry Soetoro-Chin

        OK with me…

      • Shirlee Clark Rogers

        How about liquor? They’ve added big tax above reg for it here. One thing about soda…be like we were in the 70s…drive across state line to buy your goods. Mess with their bottom line.

        • Matt

          they didn’t raise liquor but the tax is effecting mixed drink price
          the didn’t raise alcohol because
          the Witrz Family that owns the Blackhawks Hockey team is the Largest liquor distributor in the area,
          and would hurt his business and thus hurt the kick backs to the politicians

  • Kyle Smith

    Soda is more expensive than beer in Germany. I knid of like that.

  • rgeiken

    Liberal Democrats in Action once again!!!