Pentagon, FDA to Expedite Battlefield Medical Devices

January 16, 2018
OAN Newsroom

The Department of Defense is working with the FDA to speed up the approval process for military medical devices.

Aerial View of the Pentagon. (Photo/Reuters)

The Pentagon and FDA announced new procedures on Tuesday aimed at accelerating the production and release of medical devices and drugs needed on the battlefield.

A bill Congress passed last year will allow the DOD to prioritize certain products for FDA approval after a failed push to give the Pentagon power to approve products for battlefield use.

This comes after the DOD accused the FDA of slowing down the approval process of certain treatments that could be used to save troops injured in combat.


20 Comments on "Pentagon, FDA to Expedite Battlefield Medical Devices"

  1. “medical devices and drugs needed on the battlefield.” Really?!! Does the FDA want to see the troops slaughtered and mutilated as they protect our freedom. It makes sense that the FDA really doesn’t have safety of the US as their priority.

  2. Cyborgs are coming.

  3. Every war has seen an increase in emergency medical activity. Even the Civil War saw advancement. Korea and the M*A*S*H* units, Viet Nam and heilo-eveac, mast pants, and field surgical centers, and Now Afghanistan and what we are learning there. RIDICULOUS to apply civilian FDA regs to what is happening on the line.

  4. “Pentagon, FDA to Expedite Battlefield Medical Devices…”
    Surely the DEMS are against this…it’ll help soldiers…

  5. Battlefield medical devices like a tourniquet, super glue and morphine?
    Make sure the Medics don’t have too much free access to the drugs… they are not immune from abusing them.

  6. landy fincannon | January 17, 2018 at 6:02 am |

    I’d like to see them expedite the audit of the pentagon and bring
    criminal charges.

  7. The upshots of all that OZero did led to death, destruction, oppression, and/or chaos. He was literally, “a smooth operator” with all of the instincts of a skilled criminal leading a bloc of like minded, lawless monstrosities-the Democrat criminal enterprise. The man is literally repulsive.

  8. andrew moore | January 17, 2018 at 4:32 am |

    Wait, what? Obummers FDA is slowing down needed drugs and medical devices that could save soldiers lives on the battlefield…..No, say it isn’t so…..obozo would never do something like that because he loves this country and our military so much….Not like he ever attended a church where the black preacher preached “god damn the USA” or anything like that……(sarcasm off)

    • Sons of Liberty | January 17, 2018 at 6:40 am |

      The FDA is another corrupt and ponderous beast. Look at all the warnings and side effects that medications come with now. These things are on the market because even paying claims, Big Pharma and the criminal complex in DC knows they make zillions in sales. And donations follow.
      But then they’ll get caught pulling crap like this.

  9. Proof that the former president, Communist in Chief hated our military.

  10. All American | January 16, 2018 at 5:52 pm |

    Who would have known this wasn’t already in force!
    The President of the Democrats was more concerned with how to help terrorist.
    Americas President and his Administration remain focused on the well being of Americans🇺🇸

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