Pentagon Asks for Funds to Upgrade Nuclear Arsenal, Missile Defenses

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 6:38 AM PT — Tues. February 13, 2018

The Pentagon is asking for increased funds in order to modernize its nuclear arsenal and missile defense systems.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, left, speaks, accompanied by Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Paul J. Selva, during a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018 in Washington. Mattis says the administration’s new nuclear strategy pays the right amount of attention to arms control, even as it focuses on strengthening the nuclear force. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The request is part of the Pentagon’s $686 billion budget proposal, released Monday, which comes on the heels of the administration’s nuclear posture review.

The review was released last month, and calls for the modernization of the U.S. nuclear arsenal to act as a deterrent for countries such as Russia and China.

The request calls for $24 billion for nuclear deterrence, and nearly $13 billion for missile defense technology.

The president has called for the modernization of the American arsenal, reiterating his demands during his State of the Union Address.