Pentagon Accuses Russia of Violating Syrian Conflict Agreement

December 22, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Russia is being accused by the Pentagon of deliberately provoking an encounter with U.S. aircraft in the skies over Syria.

According to reports, two U.S. F-22 fighter jets intercepted Russian aircraft, warning them off with flares when the jets wandered over restricted territory.

Two F-22 Raptor fighter jets in a file photo. (Photo/REUTERS)

Last month, both Washington and Moscow agreed to stay on opposite sides of the Euphrates River to prevent such collisions.

Now, U.S. officials are blaming Russia for intentionally violating the agreement.

Russia denies its aircraft violated the airspace, saying the incident happened west of the river.

  • Rexlion

    I hope Trump canceled the FedEx pickup for that Christmas bottle of vodka to Putin…

  • randy

    We’re really on the wrong side of the Syrian conflict. Actually, we should be on NO side. Just pull-out and let the locals decide for themselves.

    • town22

      Ya, the locals Iran, Russians and Hezbollah. And after having enough missiles stack pail…well you should know this movie by now. Unless you’re a?

    • Think 2 Moves Ahead

      The game changed to how the borders shape when the war is over. Failing to limit Iran access the Mediterranean Sea is why we must be involved to the end. I do agree there was no clear side to be on. Interesting is we backed the groups that were killing Christians. When the Syrian government took control of certain areas last year was the first time in years they could celebrate Christmas.

  • Roscoe

    Shoot the Russian planes down. If they crash on the East side of the River they were in violation. If they crash on the West side we should apologize for making a navigation error.

    • Scotty

      Are you crazy? Do you want a war with Russia? What would we do if they shot down OUR planes?

      • Sonny Shaw

        We have been he before with the Russians. Russia likes to poke the tiger in the cage but, when the tiger gets pissed off Russia backs down.

        • Scotty

          You’re not wrong, but it’s like parachutes. We all know they’re safe, but why jump to test one.

      • Roscoe

        I don’t WANT a war with Russia but Russia will never stop pushing till someone pushes back. What good is having a powerful military if you keep yours out of the game while your opponent feels free to use theirs?

        • Scotty

          I hear you, but trump is pushing more and more “excercises” to piss off the fat little putz. I think Trump is using and prepping our military wisely.

      • johannas Kuivenhoven

        Play Simple Sherlock stay on your side of the river kind of like sleeping with your ex wife keep the sheets to yourself

    • Sonny Shaw

      I like how you think.

  • Just A Guy

    And there’s not a single radar in the area that could confirm one way or the other?