Ousted FBI Director Comey Plans to Write Book Despite Scandal

FILE – FBI Director James Comey is sworn in before testifying at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on the “Oversight of the State Department” in Washington U.S. on July 7, 2016. REUTERS/Gary Cameron/File Photo

July 16, 2017

OAN Newsroom

Fired FBI director James Comey plans to write a memoir about his career, despite his current involvement in numerous scandals.

The book deal, signed with New York publisher Javelin, will reportedly delve into the principles that shaped his career.

It comes after Comey recently made a high-profile appearance in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, where he admitted he leaked memos containing conversations between him and President Trump.

It was later revealed those memos contained private, classified information.

There’s no word yet on when the book will be published.

  • “I’m a Rooster!”

    So important a figure to the U.S. and yet, so scandalous. At least Trump fired him. Many more need to go. I certainly hope President Trump hears our sentiments.

  • Hawk

    The man is so tainted, why would anyone be interested in what he writes?

  • Bobby Green

    Charge him with handing out confidential papers. A sailor went to jail because he took some pictures of his sub because he wanted to show his parents were he worked. While they’re at it Eric Holder has a charge against him, bring in Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Clinton’s (both of them) . All those so called attorneys in Washington and they don’t do anything. Fire them all and make them ambulance chasers.

  • Chris C.

    This is great news… I am running low on TP…

  • Sonny Shaw

    Yes all those scandals and no indictments; wonder why that is?

  • Bill Jr

    Titled: “How To Ruin a Successful Federal Career”
    or “Retiring on a Shoestring Budget Without a 401K”
    or “Public Defender, Demotion, Damn I F@cked Up Big Time!”

  • bucketnutz

    I wonder how many classified documents he will reveal in that book,, without any consequences?

  • barskii

    “Prison Time Writing Courses will be taught by Hillary”
    MSM will have daily Brifings

  • debbiemou

    How can he even write a book about our President when he is supposed to keep silent about FBI Business. Comey needs to be indicted for leaking and sharing confidential information. Someone needs to do something about this ASAP.

    • barskii

      Firing Squad is an option for Traitors.

  • Tango Uniform

    He’d better write it quickly. Convicted felons can’t profit from hooks about their transgressions.

  • Mark Orrib

    I’m more interested in the book he writes from prison. People who are incarcerated tend to discover the truth, more time to recall details.

    • Section Ate

      Prison for what, @Mark Orrib?

  • Mark Orrib

    Traitors still manage to make a living, interesting

    • Section Ate

      Yep. Look at DTrump, @Mark Orrin.

      • FreedomFighter

        Yeah, at least they are making money and not living off the government teat like you princess.
        You dumb gay troll.

  • Mark Orrib

    Expose Hillarys emails and she and many others will hang and they know it, Comey included!

  • Dan

    Why would you write “despite scandal”. The shock would be if he did not write a book. That would never happen.

  • J. Waltam

    That 6′ 8″ coward will get scared and back out. He probably doesn’t know how to write anyway.

  • RMCS Ret.

    Of course he is! Like it or not, it was bound to happen. He may have even been thinking of it along about the time Lynch called him, or thereabouts.

    • HarryObrian

      I wonder if he’ll get his own talk show?

      • RMCS Ret.

        Good chance of it.

      • barskii

        They could name it: “From Behind the Bars”

    • debbiemou

      But how can he write a book about our sitting President when any conversations were supposed to be kept private. If that privacy isn’t kept, how can we even trust the FBI?

      • barskii

        He signed a nondisclosure agreement -?
        (may be lost in the Clinton files)
        He can go to Prison for that Also -?
        The Dimwitt must want to serve time??

  • olson091

    Hey Comey, take my copy and BURN IT!

  • MMCUSN .

    I wonder how many chapters will be leaked before it is published.

  • Can you say QUID PRO QUO?

  • He should be charged with a felony for sedition and treason instead of getting a book deal.

  • River

    Will this be appropriately filed under “Fictional Drama”?

  • debbiemou

    I think I heard it will be titled “How To Leak And How to Lie In Washington”!

    • HarryObrian

      That’s already been written, it’s called the Communist Playbook.

  • Fed up with CT

    Now we are starting to see the real motives.

    • jc Dalia

      Yep! Of course that’s assuming he writes the truth rather fiction, as River mentioned…

  • Robert Adams

    Seems as if scandals offer a means to authorship, a get rich quick scheme. Scandalous.

    • Margaret Keller

      I agree

    • HarryObrian

      More lies from the Clinton Foundation and their supporters. The book will probably be right down there on the worst seller list with Hitlery’s.

    • Mark Orrib

      He must know that Hillarys emails are destroyed, cuz if they are exposed he’ll hang and he knows it

      • barskii

        There are copies – of ALL of Hillary’s emails.
        “That will be the largest book written” of Her & Bills Crimes.
        Maybe they will lose it also??