Online Anti-Human Trafficking Bill One Step Closer to President’s Desk

November 13, 2017
OAN Newsroom

New anti-human trafficking legislation is getting some traction after being approved by the Senate Commerce Committee.

The measure is intended to fix loopholes that allow websites to escape liability for sex-trafficking that happens through ad placement or third party posts on sites.

One America’s Emerald Robinson has more from Washington.

  • tengelbr

    Don’t we already have laws for this. Just enforce them! I mean you can’t sell another human being already in this country dating back to slavery

  • Ed L

    Unfortunately Slavery is alive and well in the World. Maybe if area of the World where slavery Originated was destroyed then slavery would slowly disappear

  • No Mas

    Why do you even need this as a law.. don’t we already have laws about imprisonment, kidnapping,. etc… Congress should be concerned with National Security, and balancing the budget which they should cut in half NOW.

  • Joker

    More oppression, brought to you by the USA.

  • Joker

    Gun manufacturers aren’t held responsible for what happens from the use of their products.

    • a voice of concern

      YES THEY ARE IF THE GUN IS DEFECTIVE OR THEY SOLD IT ILLEGALLY. They are NOT responsible if it is misused or used in a crime just like a car company if someone runs down 12 people on a bicycle trail or someone uses a butcher knife to stab people with! NOT EVEN a logical comparison. If I used a CAR to transport Illegals with a trunk full of drugs across the border I AM RESPONSIBLE and will go to jail. The internet is the car and FACEBOOK IS THE DRIVER of the car.

      • Joker

        That’s not what you said. You said “All other businesses in the USA are held responsible for everything that happens on their property or with the use of their products.” Gun manufacturers are not held responsible for everything that happens with the use of their products. It’s not even true that businesses are held accountable for everything that happens on their property. And they shouldn’t be. You can’t hold people accountable for the actions of others.

  • HarryObrian

    All for it but like any other piece of garbage legislative bill I wonder what else, that is totally unrelated, is inside this bill. Nothing moves quickly in DC unless there is something really deceitful in it.

  • A marcus Young

    We can stop it.

  • jenshadus

    It’s called slavery. So why doesn’t Antifa and BLM help fight this atrocity? I”ve met some of these kids. It’s heartbreaking and terrifying

    • Varangian Guard

      Because the children are too young to vote for the progressive candidates that support them.

  • iwontell

    Has anyone considered how many PIMPS are gonna be on welfare if it passes?
    Suppose they have considered employing a Lobbyist Firm or planning a “protest march”?
    Just a thought but wonder if they’ve considering forming a Union…and thugs?
    Wow this is a major tragedy in the making…………..hee-hee-hee-hee

  • Scott Henke

    Good. I work in a field where I’ve seen teenage victims of sex trafficking, mostly girls. Those animals should be shot on sight.

    • No Mas

      I agree with your animosity but why need additional laws,, just enforce the ones we have.. and stop letting democrat & rino pedophile politicians off the hook