Officials Blame MS-13 For Deaths of 3 Long Island Teens


November 8, 2017
OAN Newsroom

New York authorities say the MS-13 gang is responsible for the deaths of three teenagers in Long Island.

Federal agents made the announcement Tuesday after discovering human remains in the New York suburb back in October.

Each of the male victims was reported missing more than a year ago.

Police say they found the remains following a tip from an informant.

The bodies were located in parks and wooded areas within a few miles of each other.

MS-13 has been linked to more than two dozen murders in Long Island over the past two years.

  • einsteinsbrain

    should send the military after these foreign invaders

  • Scotty

    If they have gang tats, transport them out west to the desert. Dispatch and bury them there. Nobody will miss them.

  • Bobby Green

    Unless we as a society treats crime the same way criminals do treat their victims, we’ll never be able to at least control this. They go to jail for a short time because they have a good lawyer, maybe, and when they come out they do the same thing. Reciprocal punishment should be law. You kill someone and are found guilty you fry. No more 5 life sentences, whatever that means. Get caught stealing, and like some countries, loose you hand. Raping innocent women, men, and children should be rounded up and placed in one prison with the same kind of dirt bags.

  • Varangian Guard

    Send them to Jersey now that the new governor has established his desire to make it a Sanctuary state. Send them all there and pay for their housing. It will work wonders until all the taxpayers leave.

  • ginjit.dw

    If only sessions would go after the clinton foundation (cf13) the same as ms13. cf13 is a criminal organization and needs to be gutted. All they have to do is follow the money in and especially out, but you need an AG with a spine!!

  • Scott Henke

    Issue an order to shoot on sight. These idiots are easily identifiable, as they brazenly tattoo their affiliation on their face.

  • TexanForever

    These are the worst of the worst, every bit as bad as ISIS. My son-in-law, a retired L.A. cop, said he wouldn’t be a cop in today’s L. A. environment because MS-13 has made it too dangerous.

    These thugs must be hunted down and destroyed. … And build the damn wall.

    • scottincary

      Being a pessimistic cynic… I can’t help but think that there are some politicians who look at gangs like MS-13 as an opportunity… a potential de-facto paramilitary wing for a certain political party…. how else to explain the open boarders, and efforts to “ban the box’ and reducing prison terms. After all the Brown Shirts were filled with criminals and thugs….and the Nazis got inspiration for the Brown Shirts from the KKK being the de-facto paramilitary wing of the Democrat party in the South…. And many in the KKK were just common criminal thugs.

  • Chuck Brown

    Liberals and democrats will bring America down.

    • All American

      Just wait until their families fall victim.

      • Ray

        It will be Trump’s fault.

        • All American

          At that point who cares who “they” blame “they” be done

  • Bama Bill

    This is an organized crime gang. And a terrorist group. They should be hunted down and killed, no trial required. Just like ISIS, they can’t be rehabilitated, they only can be killed. They are at war with the USA, when will we get more logical people in charge. Our laws do NOT apply to non citizens, illegals have no rights, except to go back where they came from. Who are the politicians that give them free “Everything”? There are no laws that say are entitled to anything. Those that are “Giving” them anything are stealing from us taxpayers.
    Wake up, stand up, and vote out these thieves! If I see a terrorist, I will shoot to kill. Thank God I can open carry in Alabama!

    • Lora Liddell

      I agree that this is a Terrorist Group and no one should be stopped for these thugs. I hope people are teaching the young children of America, who the MS-13 Gang is, because our LIBERAL teachers sure are not teaching young kids.

      • Bama Bill

        And the lawyers (liars) keep them alive for decades while they make millions appealing the sentence! Lawyers killed cancer insurance policies, gasoline containers, and how cars are made. Just to name a few. What happened to “Swift justice”? Lawyers killed it.

  • Hummer

    These are capital crimes and need dealt with by a military tribunal to protect our nation. These are people you offer no slack to period.

  • All American

    Prayers for the families of the murdered children🙏🏻
    May torment and evil follow the families of those responsible for declaring any American City a Sanctuary.
    They break the laws of our land and then declare these cities gun free zones⬇️
    Who would re-elect such evil??

    • Michael G. Wilson

      Liberals and democrats!

      • All American


  • Sons of Liberty

    If they have a face tattoo or a mask. Shoot on sight.

  • marcthepig

    MS-13. Obama’s gift that keeps on taking.

    • Scott Henke

      I thought that was Obamacare.

  • landy fincannon

    Well, now the families can finally have some closure.

    I couldn’t imagine how hard it must be not knowing where your love one was at and being unable to bury their remains.

    • Sons of Liberty

      Those people werent murdered. They were DESTROYED.

  • Ewingguy

    Stop any and all immigration from Central America, especially El Salvador

  • Ed L

    this group needs to be classified as a terrorist organization and then attach a Federal Agent to a Special Ops Team and go after them. No Prisoners. That might seem a bit harsh to some but for this group to terrorize people is not acceptable

    • Janelle

      I believe they have been classified that way, now. And no, it doesn’t seem harsh to end their existence, Ed!

    • “I’m a Rooster!”

      In other crazy-ass news, here we’ve got another nut-faction killing in the name of their gang.

      • All American

        Everyone living in Sanctuary cities and states should lock and load. The cities that have gun free zones are breaking the law. Whats good for the goose…

    • All American

      DeBlosio declared NYC (which includes Long Island) a Sanctuary City.
      Nearly 30% of illegal immigrant children at border have ties to MS-13 or other gangs.
      55% of DACA children are not in school and MS-13 recruits them. Uneducated children make poor choices and fear may be a factor as well. Also 8.6% Of DACA children are not employed.
      Provision of healthcare, education and welfare benefits, in addition to law enforcement, imposes a net cost on public funds.
      City regulations restrict public officials and police officers from enquiring about immigration status of residents with whom they come into contact.
      Way to go NY re-electing a left wing radical as your Mayor! He has done a crack up job👍🏻

      • Tyrone

        Liberals will argue that the illegals are only committing the crimes that Americans can’t be bothered to commit.

        • All American

          They are consistently in the spin zone

        • Disgusted Caucasian

          Good one.

        • Yolanda Aro

          so TRUE!

    • HarryObrian

      The thing that is sad here is that MS-13 has been on the island for many years now. Their name comes up once or twice a year associated with the crime of the day be it drugs, human trafficking, murders, whatever and even President Trump has mentioned their name with reference to the ‘Crime Dog’ going after them…. and that’s it, nothing is ever done in totality only a few headlines and they grow and grow and grow. Job security is job one in the public sector. If there were less bad guys too much overtime would be lost.

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      The blame for this rests with the corrupt politicians, both parties, in D.C. that REFUSE to enforce existing immigration law and secure our borders. We are a nation committing cultural and financial suicide by allowing savages from all over the world free entry and quarter.

      • Johnny G.

        Personally, this is why I jumped at the chance to elect a conservative like Pres. Trump. I just hope it is not a day too late.

    • Justsayin…….

      People with common sense agree. Wackos would protest on behalf of the “rights” of those who kill mercilessly.

    • FoolIggy

      What our liberal political swamp; rats do not understand is that WAR is NOT pretty nor for the faint of heart. At its basics, war is killed or be killed and mankind has known that from the dawn of ages.

      When gangs declare war on society, they quickly seek to establish their own form of law at the expense of society as a whole. Their simple goal: grow their perverted idea of an empire and expand their sphere of influence or fear overall they rule!

      Eradicating the problem is the solution.

      Society & the gang families already lost control of these individuals many years ago and who have known nothing but violence themselves.

      Regardless of the money liberals throw at social programs and all the ‘free passes’ provided, it only ensures the gangs grow stronger, society will be further harmed and degraded for decent people, and more innocent lives will be lost in the wake of increasing gang activities!

      The ONLY legal gang in America, also needing eradication, is a group of swamp rats known as Congress. These political gang members (regardless of party) are not interested in solving real problems but only in growing their sphere of influence, power, and growing their supply of tax money due to their ineptness!

      Do what is RIGHT FOR AMERICA versus what you think is right for a “party” that doesn’t represent anyone but itself!


    • Varangian Guard

      Unfortunately their agenda doesn’t meet terror criteria. They have no legislative agenda. On the other hand however RICO would be an option as they are a criminal organization that crosses state lines, uses interstate communications via social media and most certainly makes money off of illicit activity. DoJ has an army of operatives fresh outta the DoD at their disposal. I’ll be happy to pay to watch, I’d pay to help in fact

      • Scotty

        None of that matters. We’re under siege. You can talk all you want about our laws. All of that is toast. The civil war has already started. It’s kill them before they kill us. End of story. Don’t want to believe that? Crawl back under your rock.

        • Varangian Guard

          What sets us apart from others is rule of law.
          End of story, this encompasses self defense and prior planning.
          Your emotional state indicates you are rash and would be a risky combatant to your own side.
          Rule of law is not mutually exclusive of fierce and swift execution of an enemy. In fact it highlights the strategic nature of a surgical strike. I suggest you crawl under any rock and read a book before you pick the rock back up and throw it.

          • Scotty

            Well said, but I’m not wrong on this. War is ugly and final. It’s us or them. We didn’t start it, but we will have to finish it.

    • Beachguy53

      Would you favor summary execution?