Obama Derailed Anti-Hezbollah Operation to Secure Deal with Iran

December 21, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Public outrage mounts over a report of the Obama administration letting the Islamic terror group Hezbollah get away with large-scale international crimes.

This comes as the Obama White House was yearning for a nuclear deal with Iran.

One America’s Kristian Rouz has more on the controversy.

  • jlsharks1

    Obama, period will be known as the anti American era in History. With all going on today I wonder if he did win the election or was it rigged.

  • No Mas

    Just something else to give Commie Obama a pass on,.,.. the murders of American children from drug overdose etc etc etc… Obamas war on Caucasion Middle Class America exposed …. AGAIN!!!!

  • grandmother5

    Now I see the reason Obama signed the life time Secret Service protection for him and all the living ex presidents. “On January 10, 2013, President Barack Obama signed the Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012, reinstating lifetime Secret Service protection for his predecessor George W. Bush, himself, and all subsequent presidents”. Protection was for ten years until January 10 2013. Was he afraid what would happen when all of the corrupt stuff came out. Bill and Hillary are covered for life.

  • Pat S.

    Thank God he and the “ape in heels” are gone!! Too bad there still living off the taxpayers, once a taker always a taker.

  • Jess Greer

    Why are these people not tried and jailed. If they’re above the law, stop bringing this crap up. Such corruption this world has never seen. I’m sick of this media circus just for rating bate. No one’s going to be punished and if not, may as well be back under the Kings of old. Above the law? Yes, always has and always will. Just sad.

  • florida dude

    several acts of treason have occurred over the last 8 years and no one expected them to see the light of day, then Trump got elected and their world got turned upside down

    • SkipBreakfast

      Yep and thankfully this rubbish is coming to light.

  • florida dude

    just one question—-WHERE DID THE first stimulus package of 761 billion dollars go. Nancy may just explained it.

  • Rick Williams

    Opiate epidemic- thanks Obama.

  • PatriotInk

    Obama derailed Hezbollah operation and used the so called “Iran deal” to give aid to Iran that finances terror, and spread his allegiance to Allah, his god. And, of course, Hezbollah continued stronger with unmarked monies given to them from Iran. The mOslem pretending to be POTUS knew precisely what he was doing.

  • R Honaker

    While i agree with all the accolades of the above posters you are
    also correct to, in the fashion of our founders, come back to the FACT
    that we need to be vigilant and also focus on the war while rejoicing in
    a battle won!
    The Obama forces have apparently trained around
    100,000 street fighters so far through their training classes with
    obama’s PAC – Organize for Action.
    I would be willing to bet that
    they are going to have between a 1/4 million and 1/2 a million actual
    trained street fighters and organizers by next summer going into the
    mid-term election.
    They are going to try to literally bring down the House.
    And the next Presidential election cycle (2 years) is going to be H on earth if we do not stop them.
    – In the 60s with only a hand full of trained organizers and street
    fighters they burned down communities and came a within a couple of
    blocks from burning down the White House.

    You are 100% correct
    that even though we need to revel and cheer at victorious battles won –
    We also NEED to continue to focus on the overall war –
    Between the globalists and the Islamists –
    They are coming like locust after a wheat field.

  • Politically Incorrect

    I’d pay to see Obama hang for his crimes against America.

    • Brad

      If we charged 5 bucks a head to watch, this country would be out of debt and we’d owe it all to obummer.

  • Santiago 1314

    Ho Humm.!?!?!?..Barak Hussein O. did something to Sympathize and “Cover Up” Muslim Terrorism activities…Bengahzi, Fort Hood, Closing Gitmo, withdraw from Iraq, ISIS JV, Red Line in Syria, Apology Speech in Egypt, Bergdahl Trade, Cash Pallets to Iranian Mullahs, Iran Nuke Deal…etc…etc…etc…Now letting Hezbullah Kill Americans with Drugs.!!!…Nothing New here…”Move along,,,These are NOT the Droids, We are Looking for..”..Jedi Media Mind Tricks will erase thus Too…

  • seawulf

    Obama did as much as was humanly possible to support terrorism in the world while he was president. This should not be a surprise to anyone. The true criminal investigation should include why Dems continually protected him and supported his terrorist activities.

  • All American

    The Dirty, Rotten Entire Obama Administration will be prosecuted and Judged for crimes against America and all of Her People!
    The Obama ERROR ⬇️To include Biden who stood by and did NOTHING,
    Hildabeast who raped America and was the cause of so many American deaths, Kerry who colluded with terrorist enemy states, Obama who pulled all of the strings!

  • Joaquin Quinones

    I wonder how many Are in bed with the Obama’DrugDealer pharmacist? How come no one is Tracking the opiods back to the local Pharmacy and the pharmacist so eager to Comply and why Are so many of them foreigners behind the Counter of Middle Eastern Descent?🙄

  • intimeforthedime

    Although I do not think anyone believes it was possible, but Obama will go down in HISTORY as a president worse than Jimmy Carter. If anyone even remembers that idiot.
    Obama will be remembered as a clown. And as history plays out we will learn more of the clownish things he did behind our backs as he tried to sell himself as the most transparent president.

    Nothing but a propped up Clown.

  • Mierscourt


    • I’m Proud

      I just can’t figure out how stupid these democraps are to allow the destruction of our country… A$$wipes DemoCrap
      Thank god we have a great president. Drain that smelly swamp.

      • Mierscourt

        yes , thank god we have an america loving president!!!! i fail to see anyone being a true american, that is against making america great. demorats have screwed us over and over , yet they are against a tax cut???? who do they think pays their salaries????

  • DrMitoFit

    Question is how many knew? Obama, Holder, Brennan, Clapper, Jarrett, Hillary, Cary, Mueller, and Biden at a least. Don’t think ditsy Harf was in the loop.

    • 2EdgedSword

      Didn’t the Catholic Pope also support Hezbollah? Doesn’t Breitbart’s pro-Catholics also support Hezbollah? Where is the condemnation of the Muslim Brotherhood in America? The condemnation of CAIR?

      • DrMitoFit

        The Pope had no power to interdict drug shipments or freeze Hebollah financial assets. Obama’s administration could have but gave Hezbollah a pass.

  • Stan d

    Huh? Obama screwed something up?…. no! really?!!!….

  • rt

    if it weren’t for the leftist media and a compromised congress he would be in prison. same for the clinton gang. it seriously repels us whenever they show this crooked face in media.

  • Judge Dolittle

    Obama wanted his people on drugs so he could control them. Shameful!!

  • nfcapitalist

    Tucker Carlson exposed the actual crime statistics of illegal aliens in America and while Americans are committing 7% of murders the immigrants are committing 22% of the murders…. the statistics on other crimes are off the charts.

    Next time a Democrat says illegal immigrants are less likely to commit crimes in America than citizens… know they are flat out lying… hell, they’re lying about everything!

  • a voice of concern

    Obama conspiracy to murder US citizens went on for 8 years

    • nfcapitalist

      Hillary said what Democrats believe… that half the country are irredeemable deplorables… they hate the constitution.

      The obvious became too easy to understand but they misjudged their timing… and were exposed.

  • Aldo

    Off with his damn head !!!!

  • Joaquin Quinones

    He should be hunted like a wolf end of story, one thing I see & read is a whole bunch of talk and proof but no Balls…..back in the wild wild west crap like this was handled now it has has turned into a circus solely for the leftist elite & libtards pleasure pursuit to insanity. No more Heroes just the legions of Doom.

  • nfcapitalist

    Christopher Wray has a decision… to come clean or become a traitor.

  • nfcapitalist

    Anyone know Barry Obama in college… anyone?

  • bigcrawfish

    We should bomb anything having to do with illegal drugs in the mideast – where we can. Why did Obama let the Afghans continue the opium trade for 8 years knowing the money was going to the taliban who were killing our soldiers? We’ve finally just started hitting their process facilities. Hit them all, every one.

  • Charles Slavis

    I can make rope too……

  • Charles Slavis

    Instead of veggies……I’m eating grass………H-m-m……

  • Charles Slavis

    Everything else went up……..including the House vacation…….

  • Charles Slavis

    Obama care raised my health care so much that My Social Security increase vanished…….

  • Charles Slavis

    H-m-m….all we got was tax cuts……….

  • Charles Slavis

    The Obama solution…..Guns to Mexican Cartels……Import drugs from the Middle East……and opioids for everybody at Quanza……..

  • hobartneck

    You are just catching on to this now?

  • Sonny Shaw

    Oh how cunning Obama though he was; his polices will haunt him for the rest of his life. What Obama and Kerry did with Iran only delayed the enevidiable war.

  • Virginia Panko

    If ever anything needed an Investigation, this does. American Lives were lost because of this. Every parent who has a child hooked on Coaine should demand answers. It doesn’t surprise me. Obama and Hillary Armed and Funded ISIS. More than 500,000 lives were lost in Iraq and Syria. Hillary and Obama should be Charged with War Crimes.

    • nfcapitalist

      Who can America trust to investigate America?

      The FBI is scratching their chins wondering who is going to win, the communists or constitutional conservatives… they were wrong and invested in the left on the last presidential election.

  • notwar

    Obama is a Hezbolla supporter.

  • JustmJustm

    Hmmm why i am not even upset?

    • J. Waltam

      You are insulting the communists. The dude is a hajji radical.

  • DrMitoFit

    I predict indictments for Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Jarrett, Rhodes, Hillary, Cary, and Mueller. All of them had to know. This conspiracy supported the worst and most extensive terrorist network in the world.

    • nfcapitalist

      Predicting what should happen if Justice were actually blind to opportunists and traitors.

  • Justin McCarthy


    • Brad

      Yup, obummer isn’t as “colorful” as many thought.

  • DrMitoFit

    Hezbollah was behind the Beirut bombing that killed 241 US marines. Hezbollah IED’s and rockets have killed and maimed US soldiers in their armored personnel carriers. Hezbollah’s drug running supplied a worldwide drug overdose epidemic. Yet Obama gave them a pass to secure what Trump calls the worst deal in history with Iran. Obama’s legacy will be that he allowed ISIS and Hezbollah grow under his watch for his own political gain. Like Trump said, Obama is the worst president in US history.

  • jfbtx

    Obama commented Treason.

  • a voice of concern

    IRAN = OBAMA = HATRED for all of America and all Christians. This is only ONE of the absolute crimes against this country committed by this planted non citizen who attempted to rape and murder the soul of this country.
    If ever there was a valid target that should be treated with extreme vengeance ….

  • brad m

    It appears that Iran is the biggest enemy on the block, if Obama and his people are giving them favors

  • Javanne

    This, more than anything else that’s come up, has the potential to bring down the alt-left and even the Democratic party if only the GOP has the will to use it, and Trump – finally – gets the DOJ to fully address it. A lot of high-falutin folks would be locked up.

  • Joe King

    Obama is an unconvicted criminal.

    • Brad

      I think the color orange would agree with his complexion.

  • Wanda

    I suspect we will never know the depth of corruption that Obama represented. He is the perfect example of what can happen when we stop caring.

    • nfcapitalist

      The Federal Bureau of Bulls#it knows… treason throughout.

  • Jim himself

    I do not believe Obama was corrupt. Obama believe himself to be smarter than everyone in the room. He was not. The failed Liberal policy he imposed only failed, yet opened our eyes to see what works and does not work.

  • Jim himself

    Hezbollah got their wish from the UN Vote. It seems the UN is more concerned with Hezbollah than Israel and the USA

  • 2EdgedSword

    Still how far we are from hanging traitors that have been presidents. No use to have a Constitution if it is not used to implement the most basic responses to treason.

    • nfcapitalist

      No use to have a constitution?

      The greatest nation ever on the planet is being deconstructed purposely… read the Declaration of Independence…

  • True Conservative Texan

    What a freaking POS the former president is and was for this country!

    • HML

      What concerns me is he got elected……….twice…MSM is not our friend, that Forth Estate is supposed to have our back and actually vet presidents, nowadays they have to be APPROVED by them, and they have to be progressive. The Forth Estate has to be torn down……

  • PatriotInk

    The more that is dribbled out about OZero, the more we realize that the extent of his treachery knows no eventuality. Our Founders would NEVER have put up with OZero’s betrayals. He would have been shot, hung, and/or tarred, and feathered for the criminal that he is.

  • PatriotInk

    “A wrong election can be the misfortune of all of mankind.”
    -Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Papers

  • Midstaterick

    Obumma received a Nobel Peace Prize for his Treasonous actions in the Middle East. It should be stripped from him, ASAP!!!!

  • C B

    Worst President of the most Corrupt Political Party in the History of the United States !!!

  • nancy

    This is far deeper than Obama wanting a deal with Iran. Obama wanted Iran to become a powerful nation and he wanted Israel taken down. Obama hates America and everything we stand for and he hates Israel.. His actions always speak much louder than his words. This BS about Chicago asking the UN to come keep the peace. This is Obama at work. He has always wanted to create so much violence in our streets that the UN would move in and take over. Obama and his regime need to be investigated from top to bottom. Once all the dots are connected he will be in Federal Prison for treason!

    • Vera Orsova

      I fully agree. Once the UN moves in, they will taker care of those pesky American patriots who refuse to give up their guns. The BS about helping with the violence in Chicago is nothing else but a very thinly veiled attempt of a coup d’etat.

    • cincyjs

      Someone should have told Obama that giving bullets to the enemy is a bad idea!

      • J. Waltam

        They are not HIS enemies. The U.S. is his enemy.

    • PatriotInk

      BRAVO!!! Well put!

    • Larry

      When did they stop hanging traitors for treason?

  • Gray Bryson

    isn’t that globalist puppet for soros and muslim brotherhood the guy who said he had no SCANDALS ? That;s because the anti american media covered for him every step of the way and the people of america bought their lies

    • Trzo9veuha

      Not everyone bought the lies.

      • nancy

        There are many of us that saw through him early on. His actions always speak louder that his words.

  • Roscoe

    Obozo was a Muslim and he loved Muslims and the call to prayers early in the morning. He said it was the most beautiful sound that he ever heard. Shoot it may be true if you are stoned enough. Hezbollah is Iranian trained terrorists used to topple countries governments from within like Lebanon and Yemen. Obozo loved Muslims!

    • Sheriff Bart

      I don’t know man. I think EARTH , WIND & FIRE sounded better than a bunch of guys on their knees, sniffing their crotches , then rising to exhale in disgust.

      • Roscoe

        Sheriff Bart, you have always been a hero mine as soon as you threatened to whip it out and in the end it was tweu. I always thought that fat asses in the air were bicycle racks to stick the front wheel of your bike in. I did not know that they were Gorps who sniffed pharts.

        • Sheriff Bart

          harrumph harrumph

    • iwontell

      what I’d like to know is what would it take for him to “never hear that beautiful sound” again?
      Guess we all know WHAT………….

      • Roscoe

        I always thought that unstoppable parasitic worms eating him alive from the inside would be nice!

  • Dell Wilber

    So, in other words, he broke the law, his oath and undernined Americans’ trust…

    • nfcapitalist

      Who vetted Obama… serious question?

      Pot smoking offspring of an unmarried communist mother and european hating father with zero creds to slavery… no connection to any past… nothing?!

  • deadandwicked

    Why am I not surprised ? His Failed term in office keeps getting more and more uncovered every day.

    • kaiju

      He didn’t fail. His intention was to do as much damage to America as he could get away with. He was highly successful.

      • georgia dawg


  • Skinznut63

    I’m afraid we may pay dearly for his policies, especially those that involved Iran.

    • mark abby

      We are. Drug overdoses have tripled since obama was elected. This so called “ war on drugs” is a farce by the government to extract even more money from taxpayers. The government obviously isn’t serious about stopping drugs into the US

      • nancy

        I don’t think people understand just how corrupt Obama is.This was well planned and meant to addict as many Americans as possible. First they had to create the pain and they did this through flu vaccines and Tetanus vaccines, etc. that triggered inflammation responses in most people. Once this happened many people developed things like fibromyalgia and lupus and these triggered pain. All of a sudden pain clinics started popping up all over America. Then people started becoming addicted to opioids and sought out street drugs when they couldn’t get relief for their pain and addictions and then Hezbollah started making billions selling heroin! A very well thought out plan that worked! This is why Obama wanted open borders so Hezbollah could supply America with heroin through the Mexican drug cartels. Obama went from a pauper to a very wealthy man in 8 short years. And he helped Hezbollah and made Iran a stronger Nation while destroying Americans in the process.

        • Butch

          nicely put, Obama will be remembered for flooding the U.S. with drugs and crime.

          • Varangian Guard

            Easier to control a society if they are addicted to dope and only want the next fix. Those kind of people don’t care what the gub does. Those are the gub’s favorite voters. Then they can rely on the productive citizens to foot the bill in taxes (They prefer no pay to workers. Just vouchers for supplies and housing).

          • Localdude

            …..or as a founding father of the ‘new order’ – by those who eventually do bring down the flag as we know it…it aint over…

          • Localdude

            ‘Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same’. Ronald Reagan

        • USAagainstGlobalists

          Replace the word ‘Obama’ and pronouns, then insert ‘the CIA’. They installed the Nabob.

        • Joaquin Quinones

          wonder how many Are in bed with the Obama’DrugDealer pharmacist? How come no one is Tracking the opiods back to the local Pharmacy and the pharmacist so eager to Comply and why Are so many of them foreigners behind the Counter of Middle Eastern Descent?🙄

      • Varangian Guard

        It was another way to cause division. Economic, gender, religion, race, education, immigration as well as positions on addiction and the legalization of drugs were all lines laid out in Alinsky’s playbook to break down the society and make them more susceptible to socialist empty promises. Make everyone fight over their differences rather than talk. Take their spirituality or at least make it offensive to discuss publically, indiscriminate sexual behavior, drug abuse, and STD’s are all wrapped neatly into the package.
        Then…..promises by the government to help it all “I feel your pain” I believe was Slick Willy’s quote. It was all part of HRC’s interpretation of Alinsky’s direct teaching. She believed she could bring the revolution from inside the gub, we are fortunate she is now drowning in Chardonnay and hawking her excuses for losing.
        The fight isn’t over, it has just hit some speed bumps

      • florida dude

        when one doesn’t stop visible evil you have to wonder if they are being rewarded some how $$$$$.

        • mark abby

          Notice how the US government has never burned the huge poppy fields in Afghanistan? Their fields are one of the biggest suppliers of heroin.

          So, how’s that alleged “war on drugs” doing lately?

          • Virginia Panko

            They had our men guarding those Poppy Fields so the Harvest could be Shipped to Americans in Diplomatic Pouches that are never checked. Follow George Webb on YouTube. He did a full Investigation on the Ratlines that the Military Complex, CIA and FBI have been running since Vietnam.

    • Trzo9veuha

      Remember, according to obie-won’s treaty with Iran, the US is required to come to Iran’s aid if Iran is attacked.

    • Scott Henke

      Yeah, look how well Clinton’s North Korea deal turned out.

  • “I’m a Rooster!”

    We will continue to learn about Obama’s travesty’s for many years to come.

    • Roy Beane

      Absolutely. The more that comes out from here on out, the more damning it becomes that Obama IS the worst President EVER. None of those preceding him are even in his league of corruption and underhandedness. Altho Slick Willie does come close. Obama is probably STILL apologizing to every group he gives a speech to even now.

      • nancy

        Obama was far more than just a bad president. He was and continues to be a diabolical despot that hates America and Israel. He wants to see both destroyed and will do anything to make that happen.

        • Varangian Guard

          Amen Nancy, he is more dangerous now out of office and behind the scenes than he was when people could keep an eye on him. Even then he was a one man wrecking crew

          • Scott Henke

            Now he’s off globe-trotting, trying to community organize on a worldwide scale. I always thought he’d be more dangerous out of office than in.

          • iwontell

            What if the “ground crews” forget to “refuel” his airborne “thingy”………….

          • Virginia Panko

            His Goal is to be the Leader of the One World Order.

        • iwontell

          Well the cure is to “turn the tables”……………..that “last sentence” is the clue……
          Where are the Vigilantes when we need them?
          A Public Hanging in the Square is an “option”……..

    • Scott Henke

      Yep. I love it when I hear/read about how scandal-free and transparent his administration was. A lot of dirty laundry is getting aired now. I just laugh.