Oasis star Liam Gallagher lends voice to Christmas climate change campaign

FILE PHOTO: Musician Gallagher poses for a portrait while promoting his solo album
FILE PHOTO: Musician Liam Gallagher poses for a portrait while promoting his solo album "As You Were" in Santa Monica, California, U.S., July 25, 2017. Picture taken July 25. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni/File Photo

December 14, 2017

LONDON (Reuters) – Former Oasis front man Liam Gallagher has lent his distinctive voice to a Christmas-themed video produced by an activist group highlighting climate change.

The video, “The Very Hot Snowman,” shows a cartoon snowman, melting under the heat of the sun, while Gallagher’s narration warns “Our earth is too ‘ot, and it’s getting even ‘otter,” and urges people to get involved in a campaign to raise awareness of climate change.

It was produced by director and photographer Rankin, on behalf of The Climate Coalition, an umbrella group of 130 British organizations including the National Trust and Oxfam, advocating for political action on the environment.

Gallagher had a string of hits with Oasis in the late 1990s and early 2000s, including “Live Forever” and “Wonderwall”, before the band split in 2009.

His first album as a solo artist, “As You Were,” was released in October 2017, and topped the U.K. album charts.

(Writing by Mark Hanrahan in London Editing by Jeremy Gaunt)

  • Red Feather

    CO2 is the latest “silver bullet”. The climate is effected by a myriad of factors, yet controlling CO2 emissions will fix everything. Adding insult to injury, the climate change “scientists” can’t predict the weather 10 days out, yet they can predict what the climate will be like decades/centuries in the future. The icing on the cake is that these same people have been making dire predictions for the last 30 years and none of them have come to pass. Their basic powers of observation and reason are non existent. For them, climate change is a scientific fact. If it isn’t, we’ll adjust the temperature data so it is.

    “Climate change” is not the problem. The problem is the “climate change herd mentality”.

  • semper liber

    Typical liberal news cycle.. Global warming, blame guns, attack Republicans, repeat.

  • Widl Man

    Another TV liberal voicing an opinion he has no knowledge about other than knowing it will bring him media attention. DUMBASS!

  • off the hook

    He must be telling the truth, his 1st album topped the U K Album Charts in October 2017, Right ?

  • HML

    That could be true, but in THIS case the growing season would be getting LONGER so would not apply….The elites want a world government and another bureaucracy to skim money, mostly from the USA.

  • Trzo9veuha

    Global warming — PROVE IT!

    • FromThe70s

      I have my eyes on The Maldives.
      Waiting for it to sink beneath the waves. Waiting….

  • Eric

    *Sigh* In the absence of scientific “Proof”, there is always the option to draw attention with a “Celebrity”.
    Sorry, not interested. I am sure that his fleet of cars, his Jet, and many homes are in no way even slightly contributing to the alleged global warming (that isn’t actually happening).

  • youareok100

    More of the new age religion. The Church of Climate Change. I wonder how these crazy people actually do what they want the rest of the world to do. You can bet none of them use any less electricity or quite using their private jets. Its all Communist based crap.

    • Trzo9veuha

      Notice that the press is calling this year’s storms as “violent climate weather” and other such nonsense?

      • FromThe70s

        Hurricane Irma was a real hate storm in my book.

        • I. Forgot 3

          I agree but the fake global warming had nothing to do with it.

          • FromThe70s

            True. Bitcoin had as much influence as burning coal did on it.

          • I. Forgot 3


      • youareok100

        So is Gov Snow Flake Jerry Brown, He said all the fires are the result of me using electricity made by coal, Too bad its really cause by homeless the snow flakes let sleep in the forest instead of really helping them. More Libertard lip service instead of real compassion. The best this we could have is a tsunami wipe out the first 100 miles of the left coast line. A cleansing this county really needs