Open Letter to the RNC to Host the February 26, 2016 Debate

Re-establishing Media Integrity into the GOP Debates

Dear Friends,

The unfair treatment of GOP candidates by liberal media, especially during debates, must end. The debate was an assault not only on the 2016 Presidential Candidates, but also on our Democracy. A heavily biased media is not fair to the candidates nor the American people.

One America News Network is prepared to help. We’ve extended a commitment to replace and fully pay for the February Presidential debate in Houston. One America News is prepared to run COMMERCIAL FREE and provide the LIVE feed to all media outlets to maximize media exposure.

Questions designed to attack candidates or encourage in-fighting will be prohibited. This will be achieved by setting up an independent committee for question preparation. Meaningful questions will make the process fair and provide the candidates the opportunity to appeal to the American people based on the merits of their answers.

We hope to reestablish media integrity into the GOP Debates and on national cable news. We appreciate your support and I welcome your comments.

Charles Herring
Herring Networks, Inc.
Dba One America News Network & AWE
4757 Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 270-6900

  • Best news in months–I miss Tomi and wish she were back.–Been using OANN for months and telling everyone I know how absolutely GREAT the coverage of all factual news has been and even more how wonderful the presentations of US history has been for our children–they certainly don’t get this in school !!!!!!!!ONGRATULATIONS ON WONDERFUL PROGRAMMING.

  • daniel

    this would be a great step forward in the American way, and prolonging the life of the constitution

  • As a Citizen Journalist and a HUGE fan of OANN I have to say that Mr. Herring you are the man!! A true blue Patriot and th man who will make debates what they were before Fox News, CNN & NBC News got their grubby hands on them…

    Maybe OANN would allow me to share commentary from time to time, I might not be the greatest op-ed guy but I am the most willing so to offer an interesting take on things that are happening in America (and that includes elections & debates)…

  • Dean

    Mr. Herring, you are a true Patriot. I am looking forward to seeing a REAL substantive debate on OAN. Only critical substantive questions should be asked about the critical issues our country is facing, and how we are going to correct our country’s course. We are approaching a critical junction in the USA, everyone knows it, especially the silent majority, but nobody in the MSM is willing to talk about it! If we don’t elect a real LEADER in 2016, then the US will be relegated to has-been status on the world stage. Washington leadership has been asleep at the wheel for the last 7 years, and what do we have to show for it? This is what: More debt; More net poverty; More racial discord; Same-sex marriage; A broken space program (we have to rely on Russia to get our astronauts home); An untrustworthy State Department; Disrespected veterans that cant get proper medical care; Bloated, confused Department of Education; The highest incarceration rate in the World; An emboldened Russia, China, and Iran; Broken immigration policy resulting in porous border, and; A totally broken Middle East. I would say its safe to say that the USA is rapidly reaching its tipping point. Are we better off than we were 7 years ago? Are you kidding me?

  • James Beckham


  • Kelly Stewart

    I would love to see the debate covered on OANN.

  • Greg

    Thanks for the information about Amazon Fire TV I just ordered the fire stick 2 days I can watch OAN again and get the real news, plus other shows I have been missing with Comcast, Yes this debate, will be more well put together,. Time to pick on Hillary and the Liberal Trash they bring and give the poor everthing, that Democrat debate they had was a Joke, I want to ask them where is your Money Tree? after that Joke of a debate.

  • Outstanding! Bring out Graham Ledger. This would be epic.

  • chris M.

    How wonderful, fair, insightful, and sincere it would be to have OAN host the debate. America would be so proud, lets make it happen !!

  • LibertyIsEssential

    This sounds great, but The Blaze is also courting them. Either one would be light years ahead of the mainstream media.

  • Warbirdnut

    Now where is Tomi when you need her?! She’d be a great moderator.

  • TheSarge

    It would be a very good thing for OANN to host the debate. There would finally be some adults being used as moderators.

  • Dr. C Alexander Fulghum

    To OANN: All I can express is, I hope it happens. This Republic desperately needs a break from the Goebbels News Conglomerates that position “moderators” to act as propagandists for the very sort of government we are getting.

  • Taking the leadership! Way to go One America News! I think the following individuals would make an honest moderator team, Jason L. Riley, Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, author and journalist, Michelle Malkin, author and political commentator and Tomi Lahren, political commentator for The Blaze.

  • RobNclt

    The left wing will not host a debate fairly for Republicans, there is no need trying. Candy Crowley demonstrated that some time ago and today she appears to be an idiot alongside the president she sided with. Mitt Romney was correct about everything he said and it has been proven Obama and Crowley were both wrong.

  • RobNclt

    One America News Network is the best news channel going in my opinion. I have turned away from Fox to OANN. I enjoy their presenters, more news less hype and rhetoric. This channel is what news should be. You get MORE news and it’s straight. Would love to see you guys host a debate.

  • Connie Condra

    I have heard many good things about One American and have requested that Dish include it in their channel offerings. I would love to see OANN host the GOP debates.

  • Sorry! Meant Herring, I was thinking of a friend

  • OMG ! I would love this for the Debates and to have OANN news to be up front and center on this issue. Graham Ledger, Laura Ingram, Mark Levine!! And thank you Mr Herrington, you are a great american !!!!

  • Wayne L PRWORTH

    Yes, I’d love to see OAN take on this task. I know that OAN would be a great sponsor of the debates.

  • dknaak

    The email address for the RNC is if you wish to support OAN hosting the debate. I think OAN hosting the debate is a great idea. I would love to see them host the DNC debate as well. Lets get some honesty back in the news media.

  • OAN has made a generous and valuable offer to host a debate. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help (I heard one of your TV hosts say to write the GOP about this. The moderator gave an email address, which I failed to write down. I will look for it now).

  • Mark G

    Yesa, count me in on seeing OANN handle the next Presidential debate !!!

  • DanO

    There does seem to be a lot of folks who mentioned coming to OAN after the first debate. Breitbart refuses to clean up their act with their aggressive pop up ads. OAN covers the same news without constantly having to close ads, several a minute at times. It’s like Whack-a-Mole. Thanks OAN. You are a great News organization.

  • Al

    WOW What a breath of fresh air. OAN has really hit a home run. I am SO SO happy to see the American people standing up for OUR country. We NEED ( MUST ) take our country back. The American people have been SAILED down the river by our government and their greed. Donald Trump has hit the Nail on the Head. No mater which party he runs under, I will vote for him. We need to get the job done. We need action, not promises and promises that ALL Politicians provide and NEVER are held accountable for their lies. Year after year NO ONE EVER brings up MAKING the liar Politicians accountable for their endless LIES. Make them accountable OR PAY the price if you LIE to the people, PERIOD. Every one else in this country would not keep a job very long with a track record like our ( so called ) Government. LETS CHANGE THAT. PRODUCE RESULTS OR ” YOUR FIRED ” PERIOD.

  • ets

    Fan of OAN been raving about it to all who will listen. Unfortunately, you are not on the lineup in many areas. I agree you are the best option for the debate since you are fair and able to sift through the mess of mainstream media personalities.

  • Paul MacLoon

    The GOP debates so far have been abysmal and I would wholeheartedly endorse OANN to run the GOP debate.The total hack jobs and complete lack of professionalism exhibited by ALL three networks has me steaming mad. I USED TO BE A FOX REGULAR,but other than an occasional football game I have NOT turned on their network since and refuse to watch their news broadcasts.

    I was referred to OANN by a friend after voicing my displeasure with the moderation of the 1st debate and have been a loyal viewer since.Though I have a favorite candidate I do appreciate the bipartisanship of the network and I really embrace the unbiased delivery of the news and particularly enjoy the Constitutional lessons.

    I will be sending the RNC my personal plea to allow OANN to run a GOP debate and I would also highly encourage others to do the same.

    Send Your Comments To:

    ☆☆☆☆☆Trump for President☆☆☆☆☆

  • ray antoky

    I have Comcast in NJ and Cablevision in NY..No OANN, what to do?

    • Verizon FiOS has it, I know I have FiOS and I watch OANN everyday…

  • Milton

    OAN will be the only one fair,I’m tired of all this networks attacking our candidates and democracy,is time for a independent network that can take care the democracy how supposed to,no one believe in msm.OAN is the only one left on fairness.

  • I fully support OANN sponsoring a Republican debate and a Presidential debate.

  • Brooks Taylor
    OAN is running the offer during the hour news broadcasts, but no mention of the email to the GOP or of the drive to get the GOP to allow OAN to host the debate. So, if you would like the GOP to consider OAN write the them at the above email address.

  • Charles Zonta

    Nobody trust the media these days. OAN is the only one that will guaranty a fair debate. Why should the left direct the debates. REFRESHING. I’m looking forward to watching.

  • Russell

    OANN hosting a GOP debate would be wonderful. The offer to provide live feed with a commercial free format is truly a public service.

  • sensen22

    Glad to see so many comments on your site. I want OANN to host the debates. I also want Reece’s Pieces fired for thinking CNBC’s “promises” were all that was needed to insure fair and relevant questions. Such stupidity is widespread in the Republican party

  • I would love to get OAN but I have Comcast because it is my only choice. But I am very unhappy and am considering buying a new tv although mine are almost new and rotu. Will that work?

    • Jill

      This is an offer the GOP can’t refuse. If they do, their IDIOTS. I have OAN on ROKU and we LOVE THIS CHANNEL!! But apparently many do not know it’s available on Roku. OAN – you should let people know every place they can enjoy your channel.

  • Debi

    I’d love to see Graham Ledger as one of the moderators.

  • Would love to see you host a GOP debate.

  • Robert

    OANN would give a truly enlightened debate where you would get a real sense of the values of these individuals. The fluff, “gotcha garbage,” and leftist agendas would be gone, replaced with some serious ideas and true debate on what is best for the country and potential solutions. This would be worth watching and the individuals who actually use critical thinking skills would learn a lot.

  • Nancy H.

    I would love to see OAN moderate the upcoming debate! It would accomplish what the people want to hear and get away from the circus that we have had to watch in the last two.

  • BRAVO OAN! Now if the dim wits at the RNC will have the common sense to follow through and take advantage of your offer. The offer presents an actual debate.

  • Greg and Les

    That’s why we love OANN!! We vote for you to take the debates!! Finally a place of integrity!!

  • Please sign the petition. WE THE PEOPLE want our own debate!

  • Darlene Honeycutt

    This is so refreshing! Media integrity at last. I hope they take OANN up on their offer!

  • gb

    Agreed, OANN would get my vote for hosting the debate, as well as the Dems debate, too!

  • Susan

    Hurray for OANN. I for one, do not watch any other news channel since OANN was added to my cable lineup by ATT, now Frontier. It is refreshing to have a news network that reports the news without bias. They would do a great service to all Americans by hosting a meaningful GOP debate.

  • pam

    Love your news show and really enjoy The Daily Ledger. Watch out Bill O. Truly hope you can get the debate. That would put class and importance back into the process.

  • Rich

    I’m all for it! They should host a Democratic debate as well.

  • Colette




  • Everyone: the more reason for you Comcast users (probably meaning anyone living in an apartment complex whose property managers signed one of Comcast’s exclusive contracts) to get yourselves Amazon Fire TV systems. In case you don’t know it, Amazon Fire TV carries OANN.

    Comcast’s nasal-amputation-for-face-spite is Verizon’s gain–and Amazon’s.

  • Jan Konetski

    Ever since the first GOP debate, and the Megyn Kelly issue with Trump, I have turned to OANN for my news. I am impressed by your integrity and the quality of your programming. Thank you for stepping into the forefront and voluntarily assuming the costs of the debate.

    • Colette

      I switched to OANN for the same reason. 👍

    • Rich

      I agree. That debate was a disappointment with Kelly looking to make a name for herself and Fox only interested in ratings and not covering a real debate.

    • Judy Van Gundy

      I agree. I stopped watching Fox News after Megyn Kelly mixed it up with Trump. I still listen to Hannity on the radio, but I follow OAN now.

  • P.Jenkins

    I’ ve said OAN should host a debate since Wed. Make sure to put Graham on the panel as one of the moderators. We don’t need anyone from Fox. It would be great if we have Tomi Lahren back.

  • Gil

    Great idea!! For ONCE we will have the opportunity to have a debate that is idea driven, NOT idiot driven!

  • Mark

    Great idea! I would really appreciate a debate that’s relevant.

  • Jerry Schmitz

    I am a long time independent. I vote for the person not the party, however this year I have registered as a Republican so that I can vote in the Primary. I live in Florida and only party members can vote in the primary elections. I like Trump, I will vote for him in the Primary and the general election if he is the republican standard barrer.

    • Debi

      That’s something we should all consider if we want Trump to win the primaries. You must be a Republican to vote for him, because he will not be on other parties’ ballot. So if you need to, change to Republican, you can always change back if you change your mind for the General Election.

    • ray antoky

      You are the man!..let’s kick ass and get a special guy in as our president.

  • Zoila Leite Schmitz

    I am really thrill to watch the Debates on OAN.

  • Yvonne Wagner

    I would enjoy watching a debate moderated by OANN. We would finally have our first real debate.

  • frank gonzalez


  • Debi

    Mr. Herring, you are one of our GREAT AMERICANS. Seeing the need and responding to it shows you are truly in tune to the people. I know that it will be the greatest showing of the Republican candidates ever. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  • Claudia Simpson

    I believe OANN moderating the Houston debate is a fantastic idea!

  • Sue

    I will happy to see debate moderated by OANN rather than other media networks.

  • Su

    I will happy to see debate by OANN.

  • Su

    I will happy to see the debate moderated by NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS and even FOX.

    • Daniel

      DUDE, Really…
      “I will happy to see”, WHAT !!!!!!
      NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS – BIAS MEDIA. Do us all a huge favor, DON’T VOTE !!!

  • bridget

    I would love to see one america news sponsor the GOP debate

  • Pat

    WELL WELL too bad Comcast is too far left to honor the requests of millions of its subscribers and ads OANN to its lineup. Good for OANN! Moderators: Mark Levin, Rush, and Hannity. That would be a debate that will ask and get answers important to the survival of the United States