OAN Sits Down With Sean Spicer

From juggling reporter’s questions… to late night TV portrayals, it takes a lot to be the face of the White House. One America’s Trey Yingst sat down with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for an exclusive interview.

  • mynorthernteam

    Super interview. Great job Sean. We support you. Please also try to take the offense against the libs by citing examples to the American people how they are working to hurt our heritage and country. BTW – SNL is just a mean show now. Not comedy. My family and I don’t watch them anymore.

  • bucketnutz

    The WH will impress me when they rotate the seating arrangements in the Press briefing room. The smarter questions come from the people standing in the back of the room not from the cheap seats in the front of the room.

    • mynorthernteam

      agree. real news like OAN and Fox (I’d like to see Breitbart too) up front.

      • bucketnutz

        Sean Hannity in the NBC seat

  • Marc S.

    Quite a difference from the earnest Josh.

  • JJCaro

    Absolutely delightful interview from both perspectives. Trey did a great job and Sean Spicer has proven to be a real pro at dealing with perhaps the ugliest people on the planet. He is calm, firm, well informed, and in complete control of a group of people who would quite obviously just love to take his head off if they could. He is a great representative of the president and he really knows his stuff. We’ve been watching the videos of his press briefings and we ARE impressed. He was another great Trump appointee. We do love our president and we also are growing fond of Sean Spicer… As for Trey Yingst… We couldn’t be prouder of this young man who is really going to go far as a real journalist. Thank you OANN