OAN Invited To Closed-Door Spicer Briefing

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer held a closed-door briefing today and One America News was one of the few selected to attend.

CNN, BBC, The New York Times and Politico were all barred from the briefing.

However, One America’s Trey Yingst did get invited to the event and has this report.


  • John Whittington


  • Don Rittenberry

    Congrats on becoming a wanted news agency by the WH and the people. And for the Fake news agencies we should call them for what they really are….tabloid news.

  • Localdude

    OAN does too many ‘cut & paste’ stories from AP & Reuters. Please, maybe now OAN can hire a few editors to review the bias from those entities releases. Maybe re couch the headline in favor of the citizens, not the typical snide elitist headline that accompanies Rueters & AP globalist agenda outlets (same facts and better pictures of the parties involved)

  • Reserved

    Only when ALL the news is reported, is a news source crediable. And your not getting it here.

  • smallbusinessrocks

    For 32 years the MSM did what it wanted. 95% of reporters are liberals.

    George Bush did Republicans a huge dis-service by never pressing back against these jerks.

    Twenty four years, and now a real cold water shock from the Republicans.All of the Republicans.

    The MSM cost the Democrats at least 200 seats. And will continue to cost, with crazed Obama, Tom Perez, and the loonies Nancy et al.

    Berne and his entire party will never get the 25% super delegate votes. EVER.

    • smallbusinessrocks

      Time to take out, er, shut out the trash.

  • smallbusinessrocks

    Good for America.

  • SingleCut

    Congrat’s OAN! Nice too see that you’re get the respect you deseve.

  • SingleCut

    Finally! Republicans that aren’t afraid to fight the media. How glorious!!!

  • louigi

    I love it when the msm gets slapped around!!

  • A marcus Young

    THIS is why Trump was elected

  • Nathan Makowski

    Tell all of your friends that OAN is Real News! Never Fake! Tell them to demand it from their Cable Providers. This is really good honest news! I have been watching for a few years now! I love OANN!

  • Sane_Person37

    I don’t believe the democrat media know how to do anything else actually. They’ve been telling people what to think for decades with no pushback and now their only strategy is in jeopordy. They don’t know what else to do and don’t want to do anything else.

  • carol lervig

    As long it is the TRUTH….We the People …can handle it! Just DO NOT LIE to us ever!! We are not forgiving!

  • Jimbo

    I am surprised given OAN’s penchant for echoing Reuters leftist reporting.

  • @disabledofficer

    Congratulations @OANN well deserved invite to the White House. @OANN became a truthful source of #RealNews. #Fakenews is outed and the People know it. Thank you.

  • Michael Pryor

    OAN is now my main source for news. Used to watch FOX all the time. Had enough of that drama and hype. Switched to OAN many months ago and never looked back. Love it!

  • Opinionsgiven

    There was no barring – there was limited space as it was in an office area – glad that OANN got one of the spaces. I hope that OANN starts to get recognized and gets rid of a lot of the Reuters crap.

  • America Strong

    Wow it’s so nice to hear the story told the way it was told to the news reporters! WTG OAN!

  • bless us all

    hope he keeps it that way for awhile…the other outlets can report off of the honest outlets…

  • Lawrence Dean

    No loss here, pal. Go vacation in the Middle East or Venezuela. You know, somewhere better. But by all means, piss off.

    Caring what weak, freeloading Europeans think? Nah. Been there, done that.

  • Lawrence Dean

    Good for you guys! OAN is an excellent news site.

  • Ursula Ceisel Zubizarreta

    Congratulations!!! I’ve been touting OAN for months on Trumps facebook page as well as urging some of my lesser informed friends to check out OANN on TV. I know I didn’t have anything to do with this, but it’s good to know that POTUS agrees!

  • chase

    This is very good news OAN is great for truthful reporting

  • Andrew Estes

    Do not drop the BATON! We hope to hear more from your organization.

  • John Wagner

    Congratulations OAN! We watch the OANN everyday and wish that everyone had the same option. Keep up the good work.

  • J. C. Smith

    Excellent! You are the best TV news channel going — I just wish TWC would carry you so I could see your network again.

  • Clinicaleducator1

    Glad to see OANN got invited. Keep fake news out!!! Drain the swamp!!!

  • come and take it

    nothing concerning about executive communications not being open to the entire public, even if that includes libtard media.

    no reason for concern at all…

  • Jed55

    It’s about time!! OAN needs to be heard, but it’s come to my attention that COMCAST doesn’t offer OAN as a channel choice, so there are people that have NO idea that OAN even exists. We were going to switch from FIOS to Comcast so we could add home security, but decided to stay with FIOS and get outside home security to keep OAN. I’m so happy the White House recognized OAN, they need a seat on the plane now & more exposure.

  • Here_we_go_again

    So you have the Trump administration living these events and the media writing their opinion about these events based upon hearsay. Not too hard to figure out whose version is closer to the truth.

  • Pokerman

    “Freedom of the Press” – An overused and meaningless phrase.

    A journalism degree or a press pass does not give you a right to unfettered access anywhere you want to go. They have no more right to attend that briefing than I do unless they were invited. The President and his people have no obligation to grant an audience to anyone and would be foolish to continue to provide one to people who seem incapable or unwilling to report the truth honestly.

    • come and take it

      agreed, we no longer need freedom of the press in this country. the founding fathers certainly did want it…they only saw it as another means of checks and balances.

      completely overrated and meaningless.


      if it comes from the federal government and is fit for any civilians ears, then ALL civilians, you, me, and the libtard media, have the right to have access to it.

  • All American

    Move back to Europe then🤚🏼 Love it or leave it is the old but new American motto🇺🇸

  • All American

    Yes it is quite appropriate to place the bias media to the curb with the trash right where they belong!

  • All American

    Yes, OAN is a perfect example of American Patriotism🇺🇸

  • sofierich

    I came to the site because they were invited to the press briefing. Your news seems accurate and straight forward, I will keep visiting, been looking for real news. We need more independent and free press, thank you for your hard work.

    • All American

      And unbiased

  • bucketnutz

    Want to pissoff the Media even more,, Make all of them use the same Port-o-Potty in the Parking lot.

    • Bob Medvesky

      Regardless of what sex you feel you are aligned with? Love It !!!!

    • J. C. Smith

      and don’t provide TP!

    • Lawrence Dean

      Line up the Port-o-Potties and give each liberal media outlet one for an office.

  • Dens

    The Trump administration, conservatives and even a few liberals want news organizations that truthfully report the news and not twist, produce, direct or otherwise change, ignore, misrepresent or delete facts to fit a particular political or social agenda. We are tired of mostly left wing propaganda being foisted upon us as ‘news’. The television side of OAN gets it and as soon as Reuters is replaced as a source for much of the OAN.com content OAN should become an even more trustworthy source for truthful, unbiased news for all to enjoy.

    • Lawrence Dean

      Didn’t know OAN had a “television side.” How do you access it?

      • KiefChris

        I have it on Verizon Fios in New Jersey, forgot what channel though. It’s on my speed dial on remote. The channel is even better than the website I have to say.

        • Lawrence Dean


  • Jack Green

    I liked the way this was done. One thing I would like to see is ALL politicians, both left and right and in the middle set an example for the press by speaking facts and not exaggeration. Don’t get me wrong, because I do like our more conservative government, but we need to be sure all are speaking facts. Don’t give the press something for them to jump on.

  • bucketnutz

    Turn the Camera’s off in that room and the Hollywood Wannabes would behave themselves and quit auditioning for their Left wing base.

  • Native Born American

    Those who were not invited are no longer considered major media by the public. They are propaganda machines for the radical liberal leftists and of no use to main stream Americans.

  • GP

    OAN is a best kept secret in the media. They actually do news like networks did when I was young. Real news from around the globe, real domestic stories. They have a few personalities in the evenings, but the day is filled w NEWS. I switched from FOX to OAN during the campaign for good coverage of the election.

  • libertybells2

    Agree 10000%.

    • R G

      “There is but one straight course, and that is to seek truth and pursue it steadily.”
      George Washington

      • All American

        Love that🇺🇸

  • libertybells2

    WellI just added OAN to my list of news outlets which so far has been Breitbart, Drudge, CNS and Trunews. I don’t even bother with the major networks or newspapers.

    • GP

      I’ve been waiting for OAN to be recognized as a great source for real news. So glad they got a major nod from the WH. They deserve it. I mean real news, old-school real news.

      • PK

        DirecTV doesn’t carry them at all.

      • PK

        DirecTV doesn’t carry them at all.

    • doree10

      SRN is a good source as well…

      • libertybells2

        Oh good will have to check that out. Appreciate all these input on other conservative sites.

      • J. C. Smith

        Thanks for the tip!

      • bless us all

        what does it stand for –tried it and i get a realty site

    • bless us all

      didn’t know about Truenews-will have to check that one out also.

      • libertybells2


    • Sane_Person37

      Washington Times online does a lot of sane reporting.

      • libertybells2

        Yes you are right. They are with us. I wonder if the WTimes are still owned by the Rev.Moon. They were at one time.

        • Sane_Person37

          That I don’t know.

  • If Pres. Trump sees abortion as a states’ right issue surely he must see the use of an indigenous organic herb as a states’ right issue as well and not a federal law.


      We certainly hope so. MPP has the lobby, and will preserve the progress the states have gained.

    • Lawrence Dean

      Hmm. Complete federalism…

  • bucketnutz

    The Trump Administration wants Journalists not Puppets for the Globalist Agenda.

  • randy smith

    Congratulations OAN for the vote of approval from the White House. Their high opinion brought me here, and I’m very happy it did.

    • bless us all