OAN Exclusive Interview With Stephen K. Bannon

December 6, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon rallied voters in Alabama in support of U.S. Senate hopeful Roy Moore on Tuesday, just ahead of the state’s hotly-anticipated special election to fill the seat left vacant by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Bannon opened a campaign event for the candidate at Oak Hollow Farm in the city of Fairhope, where he blasted republican Senator Jeff Flake, among other establishment figures, for deterring President Donald Trump’s America first agenda.

The Brietbart News executive chairman reserved his sharpest criticism for former Utah Governor Mitt Romney, who he said lacked integrity over recent comments condemning Moore.

“Judge Roy Moore has more honor and integrity in that pinkie finger than your entire family has in its whole DNA,” Bannon said of the 2012 presidential candidate. “You hid behind your religion. You went to France to be a missionary while guys were dying in rice paddies in Vietnam. Do not talk to me about honor and integrity.”

Moore later took the stage, touting his military service, and promising to uphold the constitution. He went on to blame the establishment for failing to deliver on legislation reflecting President Trump’s agenda such as health care and immigration reform.

One America’s  Trey Yingst caught up with Bannon for an exclusive interview.

  • aldoro

    Bannon, didn’t you mean romney’s FAILED ATTEMPT????

  • zoey

    Alabama people are the ones that should decide as any state should

  • I’d like to make a prediction:
    McCON-nel will be given a vote of “No Confidence” before we remove him from office.

    Now for my wish: That Moore takes the Speakers slot. ( :

  • HelloFromTO

    Go Bannon!

  • C B

    POTUS Trump made a very good move letting Steve Bannon go out into the field and support the Administration Agenda …………………

    • Russ Hardgrove

      But NOT at all characterized as that…. by the MSM. They(said MSM) being the CLUELESS idiots any sentient being will recognize them as. (sorry for the stilted sounding sentence 🙂

    • Frank2525

      That is why Bannon, Karl Rove (though not as sharp as he was for Pres. Bush), Newt Gingrich, Huckabee, Carson all are solid for Trump and his policies. Donald is living up to his policies as stated in all of his books, DVDs, CDs, Articles, Interviews through the years, when he wrote of the Issues, then possible solutions, working with Congress to get them into law, the REPUBLIC way.
      ———– First he had to kill, rescind, remove, the Executive Orders and Executive Memorandums, and those of all the petty tyrants in the Executive Branch. They were killing industry, jobs, economy, and dividing the people, setting all the progression back 50 to 150 years. By working in , or near White House, then moving away, each can now project their thoughts and opinions, as their own.
      ———- When they speak now, no one is saying, “well, that is what Pres. Trump told you to say”.
      And Donald thrives with many different opinions from those he trusts, and who have done it before. He gets a lot of advice and instructions from establishment types, whose diplomacy and drive to increase their bank accounts, have not worked for the country, and for the workers, or tax payers. Much, way too much, hindrance, and damage to Middle Class, and Low Income. Too many there, have moved to lower level, with way too many in Poverty class. Know that is votes for Democrats, and they work for Republicans. but that is not good for them, or the country. Does that make sense to you? It resonates with me, when I temporarily lost $129,000 in value of my home (paid for in full long ago). (was valued at $186,500 in 2006-2008. dropped to $92,000 2009-2010 due to illegals living in my area, and whole metropolitan area being Sanctuary Cities (40 ?) connected. Went back south, when economy tanked around 2007-2010, and Colorado tightened immigration state law in 2006.
      ———When both houses on each side of me sold for $150,000 by 2010, my house regained part of equity, going to $150,000 in January 2015. And in January 2017, thanks to Donald Trump and his improving economy, pot head moving to Colorado for the drugs, and fracking, my house increased to $236,000 . I don’t plan to sell, but at 88, I plan to transfer deed to son through “Beneficiary Deed”. Works just like Payable on death, for bank accounts, or joint tenancy for spouses.
      ——— Only the media see those changes as being fired. Donald will ask for assistance when, and where needed, just as he always has. And he pays well for that. Have seen same kind of management in military by a Major General who came to our center in 1957. He referred to it as “Finished Staff Work”. Worked for me the rest of my life, in supervising or managing others.

  • Liberius Lucanus

    When I was in school you had recite the preamble, know the bill of rights ( the one with the true meaning of the first amendment, not the made up meaning from the early 60’s) and when the constitution was ratified. Sadly they no longer teach this in the public “fool” system.

  • Andy Palmer

    Prior to Trump and Bannon the Republicans in Washington, lead by Ryan and McConnell, were as limp as wet noodles in constant fear of bad press by the liberal main-stream-media. We need fighters like Trump, Bannon, and Roy Moore.

    • PatrickJ

      Absolutely! Bannon isn’t going away.

    • Cbrown

      I really, really, really like Bannon.

  • SlowpokeSA

    Sharp, pointed criticism and as personal as Mr. Romney gets also. Romney deserved it and I can only hope he’s paying attention.

  • Rich Parker

    I hate politics it is getting too ugly these days, then again it probably has been this way for a long time but only we did not have the media outlets we have now to know exactly what is happening.

    • KiefChris

      You have to fight fire with fire. Before firebrands like Bannon, the ugliness was still there, even greater in fact. But there was no-one to challenge them. I do agree that politics is ugly though, that’s why there’s the stigma that every politician is dirty, as that’s the only way they go forward.

    • PatrickJ

      Frank Capra made a movie in 1939 entitled “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” featuring Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur.

      A naive man is appointed to fill a vacancy in the United States Senate. His plans promptly collide with political corruption, but he doesn’t back down.

      Absolutely wonderful movie.

      • Russ Hardgrove

        Loosely remade as “The Distinguished Gentleman” with Eddie Murphy. Don’t care for him as an actor (or comedian for that matter). But… an interesting “twist” (and one.. NOT by M. Night Shyamalan hahaha)

    • brandehhh

      Who needs soap operas when our government is acting like children and pointing fingers?

    • Cbrown

      It’s always been. Did you know that fist fights would break out during colonial times? That one of Dolly Maidison’s great mediations was to have ice cream socials where the politicians accompanied by their wives would be forced to interact politely and respectfully with each other and more agreements were reached during her socials?

    • iwontell

      Thank goodness for TWITTER………Trump tells the PUBLIC direct……..not the TWISTED MEDIA edited version.
      Regan went straight to the Public on TV to do the same thing………Twitter is “by the minute same day” facts without the “F” MEDIA spewing their FAKE NEWS or OPINION.

  • Donald York

    Steve Bannon takes the high road in his support of Judge Moore and i support his efforts.

  • tophat1984

    I, for one, would like to know how many Americans, from either side of the aisle, have actually read and understood the Constitution of the United States of America…and further, how many actually understand the definition of ‘constitution’. 😉

    • Ray

      The answer (sadly): about 10%. They don’t teach it in school anymore so soon it will be 5%.

      • Pinogam

        After it has been rewritten by the demonic left.

    • mbrewer566

      And amazingly, it’s a short read…not like most legislation that is hundreds of pages. I read it at least annually…

    • PatrickJ

      When I was still in high school, we had regular assignments based on The Constitution. I’ll bet you would be hard pressed to find a school in America these days that does that.

      • brandehhh

        College does.

        • iwontell

          Well MAYBE – but how many can “READ”?

        • Yeah, taught by Marxist profs. Is it any wonder why we have the amount of uneducated snowflakes coming out of colleges today?

        • IceColdLogic

          If you take the right class you’ll see it. I fulfilled my core requirements with english, literature, history (world history – we did not review the constitution) and psych classes. No classes dealing with government required for the vast majority of majors.

          • brandehhh

            American Government is still a current class in the college I went to. I gad to choose to take it though.

        • aldoro

          WHAT COLLEGE???????????????????????????

          • brandehhh

            Uh I went to college and took American Government.

    • Cbrown

      Growing up, I was not taught about the Constitution or Bill of Rights. It is not in the liberal school agenda to READ and STUDY each document. But I was educated about the atrocites the evil whiTe slave owners did and wan’t taught much else about history. That seriously is the only thing I remember from my history classes because it was visited again and again. Oh, and Lincoln. He was the only president we learned about.

      • IceColdLogic

        Did they mention Lincoln was a republican and all the people fighting him were democrats?

      • tophat1984

        Lincoln was brave man, but also a stupid man. He did the right thing but said the wrong things and did not have enough foresight to guide the country after he won the ‘war for the world’.

        • Frank2525

          He did not get to live long enough to do much of anything after the war ended. Where are you coming from? And he did not win the war for the world. He led the war to keep the southern states in the Union, even if against their will. Emancipation of the Negros, did not occur until near end of war, when South was about to force them to fight and fill the ranks in the Confederate Army.
          ——-One of my grandfathers fought in both sides of that war. He was IMPRESSED into Confederate Army, when they arrived early in the war near Romney, Kiser, Burlington area (now West Virginia). Imposing man 6 ft. 4 inches, and soon was Corporal. When he realized what the Confederate Army was really like, he went AWOL, returned to home area. and joined the Northern Army as Corporal. At end of war, he was Provost, to control and sign permits for soldiers of both armies, so they could visit family throughout that area, while negotiations for surrender was being ironed out.
          —— With war ended, he became Postmaster in Purgitsville, WVa. West Virginia split off from Virginia, due to the Civil War, and over slavery issue. That was his last name, and town named in his honor. When he died, Kate Purgitt (daughter) became postmistress. Located just south of where Highway 50 and Highway 220 intersect. My father was born at Junction WVa in 1903.

          • tophat1984

            Lol..sure thing buddy 😀