O.J. Simpson Banned From Las Vegas Hotel After Drunken Disturbance

O.J. Simpson. (AP/Photo)

November 10, 2017
OAN Newsroom

O.J. Simpson’s is permanently banned from a Las Vegas hotel after he was kicked out for allegedly causing a drunken disturbance earlier this week.

On Thursday, Simpson’s attorney released a statement saying the former NFL star received a trespass notice from the Cosmopolitan Hotel after he was removed by the hotel’s security team on Wednesday night.

According to hotel staff, Simpson broke a glass and caused a drunken scene at the bar in front of other guests.

Simpson’s attorney denied the allegations, arguing his client was not under the influence and the drug and alcohol test he took that night came back negative.

“All those allegations of breaking glasses, any of that stuff, he adamantly denies it, states it’s categorically false,” Simpson’s Attorney Malcom Lavergne announced. “And he challenges anyone, if you have a video of this incident, of anyone at the Cosmopolitan, he’s very sure of this, put your videos out there, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, put your videos out there and show where he was at any time belligerent, breaking glasses, in any way showing himself being in some kind of altercation with somebody, he says every bit of it’s false.”

The Cosmopolitan Hotel has yet to respond to Simpon’s attorney.

This incident comes after Simpson was released on parole last month due to good behavior after spending nine years behind bars for assault with a deadly weapon.

The former NFL was famously acquitted for his wife’s murder back in 1994.

  • norris

    This guy just wants to be in trouble. Why is he in a bar? Never mind he just got released on parole. Assuming that he is even allowed to be in a bar while on parole, nothing good comes from it. I am tired of phrases like “victim blaming” You cannot get into a bar fight unless your in a bar. Wise up society. Indiscriminate thinking is tearing down our society!

  • jill

    Why the racial slur? No it’s really the corrupt legal system.

  • jill

    This man is scary…He should not be allowed on the street. When people come from prison they sometimes have difficulty adjusting to freedom. With this man’s history is it possible that he could become another TX shooter.

  • disqus_V3KVVbmLVd

    sounds kinda crazy to me……especially with the tests coming back negative. I wonder if someone saw him and decided they were more than decent people who didn’t think his company was okay at the bar? I thought he was going to go to Florida?

  • notearsinheaven

    and who thinks this is going to end well? I would ban him from Florida California and Las Vegas. For starters.

  • Jerilyn Van Winkle

    Always making excuses for this murderer… He should be paying the Goldmans.. He is a no good piece of crap and always was and always will be.. He will mess up again and never appreciated the gift God gave him.. And great opportunity he had in life to succeed and have an awesome life. He lives with the Devil..

  • beerman42

    Why post this crap if this what your into i am gone.

  • mickey2829

    on parole he goes back to prison where he belongs.

  • C B

    Don’t worry Folks , He’ll be an NFL Commentator before you know it sitting side by side with Colin Kaepernick .

  • Michael Coppenbarger

    It sounds it may be just a matter of time before he’s back in prison if he keeps up this kind of behavior.

  • Roscoe

    Do you mean to say that hotel would have the audacity to ban a drunken murderer and armed robber? It must be racism!

  • Linda Griffin

    He should be banned from life.

  • Pat S.

    Once again OJ is totally innocent! He just keeps getting framed for things he would not ever do.
    The lesson here is that once it becomes Shlt it stays that way, Just like our hero.

  • Chris m

    Just a matter of time, another crime by this killer.

  • swifty656

    Sounds like a breach of parole to me. Send him back. Nobody wants him.

  • AtomicFury

    Didn’t take long.

    • Numerical Logic

      Not at all.

  • Commonsense

    He wants to go back to prison

    • swifty656

      That’s where we want him also.

  • Bootus McDoosh

    OJ may possibly be the BIGGEST MORON to have ever lived.

    Is this guy for real ??

    How hard is it to stay OUT of trouble?? It’s really not hard.
    The guy gets a 400K NFL pension / year – STILL. Is that not enough to have a full nightclub in your own private home??
    You can have all the booze and girls you want – but the MORON goes out boozing in public.
    Considering who he is – that’s Fn STOOOOOPID.

    Can’t teach stupid – OJ was born with it.

    • tiredoftaxes31

      He craves attention…no amount of money will buy him the respect he thinks he is due. Remember he’s O.J.

      Same garbage going on with the NFL right now.

  • Sons of Liberty

    An empty barrel.

  • robert white

    he did his time. he should not be attacked any more than anyone else, doing the same mischeif. and anyway, someone probably was brow beating him. people are fast to judge. slow to look in the mirror. just sayin.

    • Visualverbs

      I agree completely. Personally, I believe he did murder Nicole and Ron, but he was acquitted by a system that sometimes gets it wrong. As for the hotel robbery, I have no idea, but he was found guilty, did his time, and was released by the same said system.

      A loud mouth with a snoot full probably did say something stupid to him and that’s probably why he wasn’t arrested this time. If I was him, I would drink at home and stay the hell away from the spotlight. No telling what the next loud mouth with a snoot full is going to do…

    • Pat S.

      Give me a break!

  • willnkc

    I guess he didn’t hate prison so much after all, if he’s going to do things that’ll put him right back there.

  • My Head

    “Police were called, however, Simpson was not arrested following the disturbance.” Did he not commit a crime or did the police of Vegas fail to do their job? Stop letting “minor crimes” go unpunished.

    • willnkc

      When I lived in Vegas in the ’80s, there were at least 3 occurances that would have put me in jail, but they never arrested me. Vegas “metro” are very lax. They don’t like the paper work.

    • swifty656


  • Sandra Howard-Blanz

    Doesn’t sound like good behavior to me.

  • Sandy Figaro Johnston

    Won’t be long before he’s back in the clinker. Fine by me, that’s where he belongs.

  • Angrygenxr

    Prison likely turned this savage beast into an even more hostile degenerate

    • Pat S.

      No it just gave him time to perfect the savagery.

  • TexanForever

    Come on, cut the poor guy some slack. … He’s just frustrated because he still hasen’t been able to find the real killer.

    • Pat S.

      Has he not looked in the mirror?

  • landy fincannon

    OJ is going to be toxic where every he goes, with the exception of Chicago or Watts in LA.

  • Numerical Logic

    Wow. I realize this is in ‘Top News’… why is anyone even giving this man a chance, he’s a murderer and anther example of why some African Americans are frowned upon. He makes me nauseous.

  • Just A Guy

    He should have been executed decades ago.

    • Numerical Logic


  • Swampdrainer

    It’s not his fault. It’s due the concussions he sustained playing in the NFL. If he has a fit, you must acquit. Can anyone say lawsuit?

    • TexanForever

      “If he has a fit, you must acquit.” … nice rap

  • forceofone1

    Isn’t drinking a violation?

    • Swampdrainer

      No, it’s covered under freedom of slurred speech.

      • forceofone1

        Thanks I needed a good laugh.

    • Nick Rose

      No, but destruction of property probably is.

      • baronrae

        Actually it is. If you look up the terms, he isn’t even supposed to be drinking.

      • TexanForever

        (Mafia controlled Vegas)

        “You breaka my glass, It’s outta on your ass.”

  • sanman99

    OHHHHH No, he best head to CA where sanctuary exists for criminals!!!

    • Swampdrainer

      In a white Bronco…..and CNN will provide 24 hour coverage….and have re-runs of the soap opera California lawmakers called a trial.

      • Localdude

        …he needs to start tweeting nasty crap at President Trump everyday, THEN they will protect him, along with hollywoood…that’s what they do. He’s been out of circulation for a while – but he’ll figure out the present game soon…

        • Swampdrainer

          I don’t think he has the intellect to tweet.

          • Localdude

            lol..some outta work millennial lawyer could find opportunity in this. hang out with OJ and show him, so EZ – even an OJ can do it..

      • TexanForever

        … And CNN will cover him in his promised search for the real killer. (which is prolly a racist white guy who voted Republican).

      • tedlv

        “Ip da glub don’t pit, you mussa quit.”

    • Swampdrainer

      In a white Bronco…..and CNN will provide 24 hour coverage….and have re-runs of the soap opera California lawmakers called a trial.

  • Ziggy Swenson

    Come on people it’s OJ most laws don’t apply to a black, ex nfl star,women beating celebrity .He only broke probation ,it;s not like he MURDERED anybody ! OH WAIT, NEVERMIND !!!!

    • sanman99


    • jlsharks1

      Excellent Swenson I could not say it better.


      Will I really would like to see the video of the incident anyway

  • Jennifer Starkey

    I thought NOT drinking was a requirement to maintain his freedom???

    • sanman99

      DNA to Simpson.

  • Doctor B

    He’s like a child: ‘good behavior’ when locked up in his room but becomes a terror when let loose.

    • sanman99

      On the bright side he will eventually end up meeting a Nicole fan!!!!

      • landy fincannon


  • Mountainhiker

    LOL, so much for the good behavior part, unless he gets a grip on his attitude, this will be an on going slide down hill…

    • pixiejean

      It is not a slide down hill. It is who he is, a self entitled murderer who believes that the rules do not apply to him.

  • KennyEee

    Is he on probation? If so I didn’t think they were allowed to have alcohol or a firearm?

    • Parole does not automatically restrict alcohol. .

      • Flagfriend

        How about creating a disturbance and destroying personal property?

        If I were one of the folks who sat on the parole board and had a hand in granting his parole, I think I would be honest with myself and admit that I am not up to the responsibility.

        • Joseph Doliana

          Or…Just say NO!

    • Parole does not automatically restrict alcohol. .