Number of Victims in Havana Sonic Attacks Rises to 21

In this photo taken Aug. 14, 2015, a U.S. flag flies at the U.S. embassy in Havana, Cuba. Two more American diplomats who served in Cuba are affected by health attacks in Cuba, raising the total to 21. (AP Photo/Desmond Boylan)

September 13, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The number of victims in mysterious sonic attacks against the U.S. and Canadian embassies in Cuba rises to 21 as more American diplomats have reported strange symptoms.

The State Department said the latest victims were affected in the same attacks reported previously as no new incidents have happened since late August.

The number of victims could increase further as symptoms are delayed.

The incidents first started to occur in the fall of 2016.

The Union of American Diplomats says the victims suffered a mild traumatic brain injury, which explains the brain swelling, headaches, cognitive disruption, and partial hearing loss.

U.S. officials are in the process of investigating the exact cause and the culprit.

The Cuban government denies all claims of planting sonic devices in or around the homes of U.S. diplomats, and are allegedly conducting their own investigation.

  • Mark Landsbaum

    Trace it to the origin. The US government aided Castro before he came to power, then discovered he was a communist. Then the CIA plotted to invade Cuba to oust him, but JFK got cold feet and refused the air and military support he had promised at the Bay of Pigs. Lots of Cuban patriots were killed and captured on the beach as a result. The US continued through the CIA and anti-Castro Cubans to try to kill Castro but repeatedly failed. In short, we helped put him there and botched repeated attempts to remove him. Wanna blame someone? Look in the mirror.

  • Scotty

    Obama started this. Going to baseball games with Castro. There’s nothing in Cuba for us while Castro runs it. We were fine staying away from Cuba. We should shut down our embassy and put everything right back to where it was before Obama.

  • deplorable jmc

    I like how the author pairs “allegedly” with the Cuban government’s investigation!

  • Kevin Droopy McKee

    Why do we put up with a communist dictator a couple of hundred miles south of Miami?!? How long have we allowed this idiot to abuse the Cuban people, and denied us Cuban cigars?!?

    • Scott

      We put up with this communist dictators because of Democrats supported them back in the 1960’s forward On colleges and in Congress Democrats as unit support Cuba Government. Who changed the rules with Cuba a Democrats President with the support of Democrats for they like that form of government its the dream to make American like that. Democrats have always supported Communist government or revolutionaries just look at the Riots at Berkeley all Democrats. Then look back in the 1980’s when President Reagan wanted to stop Communist movement and how Democrats supporting them. Democrats and Communist go together for there is rich history Communist Democrats leaders. The other title is One World Government supporters. Destroy the Constitution vote Democrats become a Communist country. Bernie Sanders is stated Communist and he was running for President as Democrats.

      • annie chamberlin

        Bernie is no communist,not even a socialist..we don’t support Cuba.We have had an embargo against Cuba for years.They can’t buy or sell with us. Why do you think they drive those old cars? They can’t buy new ones or even parts.

        • postal worker bruce

          You miss the point that the only reason our diplomats are even in Cuba is because of Obama.

          • annie chamberlin

            O.k. got it. But I would rather negotiate than not.

          • Scott

            Negotiate for what we do not need them but they need us for the Government has made the people poor and they want to keep them that way that is how Communist control the people. If they because to wealthy they may ask for rights like having property and to communist that is wrong. Democrat just keep taking one thing at time. To be Democrats is to have lot of feeling to destroy the Constitution and work for the Big Government to tell other what to do. That is what lawyers do and that is why there are so many Democrats that are lawyers they make money off of Big Government until it goes broke.

          • HML

            What’s to negotiate, Castro or his brother wants us there. Until the Cuban people rise up, something like whats happening in Venezuela, we should be ignoring them like we have for the last 50 some odd years…

        • Scott

          Thank you for a nice reply. Yes he is Socialist look where he went for his Honeymoon. What does he want now a single payer Federal healthcare system that is Big government control that is what Marxist countries have NOT free nations. Go back to the 1960’s you find many Democrat Professor Northers Democrats supported Castro all the way up until he announced he was Marxist then for political reasons they had to stop.

          Democrats want to work with him but Voters had real fear of Communist since it was violence he used to take over Cuba and he killed a lot of people because they did not conform to Marxist ideas. Then Castro government took all the property of the people and look what happen being poor became natural. Before Castro people where moving to Cuba after Castro people left Cuba. Even today people want out and health care is bad for the People.

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          Have good day.

        • HML

          Bernie SAYS he’s a socialist….

        • Scott Giblin

          Bernie is total Socialism just watch his campaign for pres.

    • Ruben Alberto

      Because the Cubans or to correct my indoctrination are Soviet Cubans, and have been breeding the highest trained Cuban Spies working in this Federal Government and Venezuela, throughout the world. There are minimal American cars left in Cuba about 200 or less but this government goes there to make the people here believe and take pictures of only old cars, not the millions of Soviet Cuban Cars like LADAS, VOLGA, MOSCOVISH, the Cuban intelligent The DI/G2 and there neighborhood around the clock watch. The government is also combined and protected by Russia, north Korea…

    • Scott Giblin

      That is not our country and the U.S. is not the worlds police.

  • Rosicrucian32

    The Cubans are probably truthfully denying planting anything. They didn’t say anything about allowing the Iranians and Russians to trial THEIR tools of the trade on the embassy residents.