North Korea’s Missile Threat

April 19, 2017

New York, NY – Claire Hardwick, OAN Political Correspondent

While President Trump said he is working with China on the North Korean problem, Gordon Chang said the president will have to play a strong hand in order to reverse years of failed foreign policy.

Gordon Chang, author of the book ‘Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World,’ said President Trump was given a very difficult situation when it comes to North Korea.

He said President Obama’s failed policy of strategic patience towards North Korea gave them the space they needed to develop long-range missiles and nuclear weapons.

But President Trump gave the North Koreans a clear signal that his foreign policy would be very different than his predecessor’s.

“I think the North Koreans now understand that our president has a low threshold for using force, because it was not just the missile strike on the Syrian airfield, it was also the use of the mother of all bombs on that underground facility in Afghanistan,” Chang said.

Chang said that President Trump will also have to work with China, because China has deep ties to North Korea.

  • disqus_D87XRi0Gy7

    I still say ship bottled Flint Michigan water to them and give them a couple days and problem solved, they will gladly trade weapons for toilet paper and cheap orange juice.

  • Bill Jr

    North Korea’s Missile Threat, Only Threaten North Korean Towns and Cities. When They Get Good Enough One Of Their Tests Will Hit One Of Them. Of Course They’ll Blame South Korean and/or America and Give Them an Excuse To Retaliate. Then The Weapons That Actually Do Work, Will!

  • gongdark

    Obama is being accused of leading from behind in his 8 miserable years. I am curious though; whose behind was he leading from?

    • Jeff Konersman

      George Soros, that’s whose behind. Scuzbama is so far up his ass it isn’t funny!

  • airstart

    This whole NK problem would be much simpler if someone would take out the little chubby munchkin, even a commie NK general would be preferable to this little psychopathic pervert.

  • CharlieSeattle

    ‘The threat continues to race, hare-like, at an alarming rate’
    Published: 04/24/2016

    ….. the U.S. is aware of the satellites, it is unable to determine their payloads. The federal government hasn’t commented as much on the satellites as it has on North Korea’s ability to launch a missile capable of reaching the U.S.

    W T F??? …………unable to determine their payloads??

  • CharlieSeattle

    Food for thought Trump!

    ICBM’s are passe as a means of a nuclear first strike. Our enemies know we can detect and track a ICBM launch back to its point of origin from space, thus accurate retaliation is assured.

    However, they are testing for soft spots to smuggle nukes across the Mexican border.

    …………….Hm, but where to put them.

    How about in the bottom of Yellowstone lake atop the thin 3 mile thick porous cork over the super volcano.

    If that sucker blows, radioactive ash 10 to 3 foot thick all the way to the Ohio valley.

    All farmland, DEAD. Livestock, DEAD. Rivers, DEAD. Fish, DEAD. Transportation as we know it, DEAD. 200 million, DEAD and dying! 75% of the country DEAD in a month and it will continue to erupt for three months.

    This has a high probability precisely because former President Obama, Holder and Congress would not secure the Mexican border and enforce existing immigration laws. They LOVE illegal’s and weak national security!

    No one makes any money sealing the borders or the ports. So Military Industrial Complex Neo-con’s keep pouring money into ABM related Laser$, Satellites, and Mi$$iles and ignore the obvious.

    The next Pearl Harbor will be delivered in an beat up pickup truck on its way north from Mexico.

    And if the Terrorists have a second nuke, drop it off the western flank of La Palma in the Azores and collapse the side of the volcanic Island that is hanging by a thread. The resulting 20-30 meter Tsunami will take out the entire east coast 10 to 20 km inland. I would not be surprised if the Russians had not already planted a large nuclear mine there already to be set off by an ELF wave at their leisure.

    The combined effect would destroy 90% of the country. Yellowstone itself could start a cascading worldwide civilization ending event. But in the eyes of crazed terrorists on the other side of the world with lots of cash and little remorse…why not?

    However take heart, MAYBE we can knock down a ICBM from North Korea with the new airborne laser if the launch is patterned like the staged marsh mellow tests to date. But the Pacific based Laser cannot target a beat up pickup truck crossing the Mexican border in the dead of night hauling a couple nukes to Yellowstone.

    • Hater

      Get much sleep at night, or do you spend ALL of your time prepping for doomsday Charlie?

      • CharlieSeattle

        Thx for not disagreeing!

  • CharlieSeattle

    Wise Up Trump! …… Let’s make North Korea, China’s problem to solve!

    Revoke China’s MFN (Most Favored Nation) trade status until they disarm North Korea and jail dear dwarf leader. Try that for 3 months.

    China is an unfair trading partner that has manipulated its currency for the last 20 years. MFN created the trade deficit that threatens to bankrupt our nation. In spite of YOU and Congress ignoring it!

    The Korean war ended in a TRUCE after President Truman failed to back up MacArthur and nuke China. All parties are still technically at war. We in effect made China and North Korea what they are today. We fought China on the ground and Russian pilots in the air. That sorta redefines it as a mini WWIII historically now doesn’t it?

    Our country did not trade with Nazi Germany and Japan while we were at war. Ironic that it’s happening with China during the “TRUCE”, yes?

    Yet our patriotic corporations greedily fall all over themselves to use China’s MFN trade status bestowed by our Government to the detriment of our country and our children’s future.

    Bill Clinton’s administration worked to bring China into the newly created World Trade Organization and to put unconditional MFN treatment for China on a permanent basis. This culminated in an agreement of 15 November 1999 to make China a full member of the WTO.

  • CharlieSeattle

    Kim Jong Un’s rockets are getting an important boost — from China

    By Joby Warrick April 13–from-china/2017/04/12/4893b0be-1a43-11e7-bcc2-7d1a0973e7b2_story.html

    When North Korea launched its Kwangmyongsong-4 satellite into space in February last year, officials heralded the event as a birthday gift for dead leader Kim Jong Il. But the day also brought an unexpected prize for the country’s adversaries: priceless intelligence in the form of rocket parts that fell into the Yellow Sea.

    Entire sections of booster rocket were snagged by South Korea’s navy and then scrutinized by international weapons experts for clues about the state of North Korea’s missile program. Along with motor parts and wiring, investigators discerned a pattern. Many key components were foreign-made, acquired from businesses based in China.

    >>> Communist China is a State Sponsor, of another State Sponsor, of international terrorism! <<<

  • CharlieSeattle


    Clinton Gave China Chip Technology For Nuclear Warfare

    Special Report to NewsMax by Charles R. Smith

    September 30, 2003 ~ Note: The Newsmax 2003 archive link has been taken offline.

    But the truth still exists. Go here for the full text.

    Newly declassified documents show that President Bill Clinton personally approved the transfer to China of advanced space technology that can be used for nuclear combat.

    The documents show that in 1996 Clinton approved the export of radiation hardened chip sets to China. The specialized chips are necessary for fighting a nuclear war.

    “Waivers may be granted upon a national interest determination,” states a Commerce Department document titled “U.S. Sanctions on China.”

    “The President has approved a series of satellite related waivers in recent months, most recently in November, 1996 for export of radiation hardened chip sets for a Chinese meteorological satellite,” noted the Commerce Department documents.

    These special computer chips are designed to function while being bombarded by intense radiation. Radiation hardened chips are considered critical for atomic warfare and are required by advanced nuclear tipped missiles.

    Judicial Watch obtained the documents through the Freedom of Information Act, a Washington-based political watchdog group.

    Several documents were withheld from release by the U.S. Commerce Department for commercial and personal privacy exemptions, but none of the documents were withheld for national security reasons. Judicial Watch is expected to appeal the withholdings.

    Decade of Betrayal

    U.S. intelligence sources stated that the newly released documents illustrate the extent to which the Clinton White House placed trade – and trade with China specifically – above national security.

    “In all likelihood we will be glowing in the dark before we discover the true extent of the Clinton decade of betrayal,” stated Rick Fisher, Asian Security Fellow at the Center for Security Policy.

    “If it was indeed intended for a new PRC weather satellite, then it is possible that it was used for their new polar orbit weather satellites. This is significant because the Chinese themselves acknowledge that their polar orbit weather satellites directly contribute to their long-range missile targeting capability. This becomes even more important for their new smaller but more accurate warheads, used on their new DF-31, DF-31A, DF-5 Mod2 and JL-2 missiles. If they encounter significant weather, warhead accuracy degrades, reducing their utility,” stated Fisher.

    “Inasmuch as similar U.S. military weather satellites perform the same missions, the Clinton Administration had to have known they were assisting a PLA strategic military capability,” concluded Fisher.

    In addition, the Chinese military is clearly interested in acquiring advanced radiation hardened computer chips for its strategic nuclear arsenal.

    U.S. Chips for PRC Nukes

    Currently, China has only liquid fueled, long-range missiles, and the majority of them are based inside underground silos. These long-range rockets are reported to be “bore-sighted” – meaning the underground silos are aimed directly at target cities inside the United States.

    The Chinese army is now attempting to shift its strategic nuclear arsenal to a solid-fuel “launch on command” capability. These new missiles are rail- and road-mobile and require sophisticated electronic guidance systems to accurately strike their intended targets.

    As part of this upgrade, the Chinese army is also modifying its nuclear warhead designs to arm new survivable missiles such as the DF-31 and JL-2. Chinese engineers are planning to equip these new missiles with MIRV technology, allowing each missile to carry multiple nuclear warheads.

    Again, the U.S. radiation hardened computer chip technology is a logical addition to the reconfiguration and upgrade of Chinese nuclear weapons.

    Stolen U.S. Chips

    Another critical element of the Clinton-supplied waiver is the fact that it took place during an investigation of Chinese espionage into missing U.S. radiation hardened satellite chips.

    In February 1996, a Chinese Long March rocket carrying a Loral Intelsat satellite failed and crashed on lift-off. The Loral Intelsat payload was badly damaged. The Chinese intended to launch the Loral satellite into deep space as they had been paid to do by Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz.

    However, fate took a twisted path, and so did the Chinese rocket. The Long March rocket failed on launch and crashed into a nearby Chinese village, killing over 200 innocent civilians. The failure of the Long March allowed the U.S. to recover the sealed satellite guidance box, which revealed the control board of radiation-hardened chips was missing.

    The missing board from the Loral Intelsat satellite is no mystery. It quickly became obvious that Chinese engineers removed the special electronics and kept the board for examination. The stolen Loral electronics consist of radiation hardened, encrypted telemetry chips, stored in a secure flight control box similar to those found on airliners. The NSA changed all U.S. satellite codes as a result of the stolen Loral chips, costing American taxpayers millions of dollars.

    1996 Illegal Campaign Donations

    Another factor involved in the November 1996 waiver issued by then-President Clinton is the fact that illegal money entered the U.S. elections from the Chinese army. The money was donated to the DNC from a variety of sources including convicted Chinagate figures John Huang, Charlie “Yah-Lin” Trie and Johnny Chung.

    The 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign readily accepted much of the money from the Chinese army sources without question, and in some cases took these donations in cash. The allegations of Chinese espionage and illegal campaign donations were never investigated properly.

    The successful effort by China to obtain U.S. microchip technology included espionage, sabotage and perhaps bribery. The red intelligence windfall freed the Chinese army to more accurately target American cities with atomic weapons using advanced U.S technology.

    The legacy that President Clinton left for the 21st century is a modern Chinese army equipped for global nuclear war.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    To say North Korea has NOT benefited from Clinton’s TREASON is dangerously naive.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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    Remember, North Korea tested its first nuclear device in W Bush’s 6th year in office and
    …………..W Bush ……….did absolutely ………nothing!

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    The left doesn’ t understand colloquialisms.

    • Wheel of misfortune

      Quite possibly the best comment ever…

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      One Big Ass Mistake, America

  • dale emde

    I would guess that our military has the location of every big gun and missle in N K, And Trump may pull the trigger. DALE

    • Paul Dupre

      It’s going to take a coordinated set of MOAB and Tomahawk strikes against ALL of their bases, especially the ones near the border with S. Korea, and all of Un’s palaces – all at once. That would severely inhibit their ability to respond.

      • Jay

        Oh where oh where is my air craft carrier ,will someone google its location for me I must have misplaced the armada

        • erospawn

          Umm…you need to quit listening to liberal news media..pouncing on every chance to mislead and misrepresent the truth.. The Armada is there now…I wonder how many times Obamalamadingdong didn’t know what was going on either…

          • catluvr

            It’s a leftie, it can’t help it.

    • CharlieSeattle

      NK has had 65 uninterrupted years to put everything of value deep underground.