Niece of Martin Luther King Jr. Praises Pres. Trump For Pro-Life Stance

Alveda King (Photo/Reuters)

July 17, 2017

OAN Newsroom

The niece of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Junior commends President Trump for being a “compassionate” leader when it comes to pro-life issues.

In an interview Sunday, Doctor Alveda King said the president was leading the civil rights charge to protect unborn children.

She went on to say that all people have a right to live “from the womb to the tomb.”

King — who leads a pro-life group of her own — also refuted negative comments made by Democratic Representative John Lewis.

She said the president was knowledgeable about the struggle of African Americans, and has surrounded himself with leaders in the African American community.

  • Manuel Gonzales

    This lady should be lifted up as a role model for all democrats and demo/libs. This lady needs to be listened to. She makes sense to a senseless political party. It’s a shame the demos and libs are listening to and following the wrong paths. I would vote for this woman instead of Hillary. And I am a Conservative.

  • “I’m a Rooster!”

    Ignorance by a small sect of Blacks [does not] include all Blacks. This beautiful woman, Doctor Alveda King sees the goodness in our President. Not once has any of the King family stood front and center and praised Obama, that I can remember. My point is that this man, President Donald Trump [is] a great person, indeed.

  • J Brown

    Trump is being tried by fire. He is prolife and pro America. He has taking the hits, and has keeps on keeping on. Even though he is constantly accused of be prejudice against people of color, he is not. Thank You, for recognizing this fact. He is against immigrants flooding into our country at such a rate that it changes everything value. Freedom, jobs…. Our freedom of speech has alredy been hurt by this imported attitude.