NFL Players Association calls for moment of silence at Sunday games

FILE PHOTO: NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers
FILE PHOTO: November 5, 2017; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Eli Harold (57) and strong safety Eric Reid (35) kneel during the national anthem before the game against the Arizona Cardinals at Levi's Stadium. Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

November 8, 2017

(Reuters) – The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) on Wednesday unanimously passed a resolution calling on players to honor the Veterans Day Moment of Silence Act during Sunday’s games.

The act, unanimously passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by former President Barack Obama on Oct. 7, 2016, calls for all Americans to observe a two-minute moment of silence on Veterans Day.

Veterans Day this year falls on Saturday, Nov. 11, with a slate of 12 NFL games to be played on Sunday.

NFL players are calling on everyone in the league to observe this moment of silence together before the NFL games this weekend.

The NFLPA did not immediately return calls to clarify whether the resolution included players standing to observe the moment of silence or if they would continue to take a knee in what has been a season-long protest over racial injustice that has polarized Americans.

Each week a number of NFL players have taken to kneeling during the national anthem to protest the killing by police of unarmed black men and boys across the United States, as well as racial disparities in the criminal justice system. More than half of all NFL players are black.

The protests began in 2016 when Colin Kaepernick, then a San Francisco 49ers quarterback, began sitting and later kneeling during the anthem to call attention to these issues.

The sight of players kneeling has infuriated President Donald Trump, who has threatened to use tax laws to penalize NFL team owners for not forcing players to stand.

He also escalated the controversy in September when he suggested owners should fire any “son of a bitch” who refused to stand for the anthem.

(Reporting by Steve Keating in Toronto, editing by G Crosse)

  • conquest915

    The NFL Players Association need to shut up. They are talking their players out of a job.

  • kilimanjaro

    Thanks whiny nfl crybaby players for giving me back my Sunday afternoon nap.

  • Forefathersrule

    If a “moment of silence” occurs and no one is there to watch it—did it really happen?

  • …remain calm and return fire

    Shallow, very very shallow, NFL.

  • Deny

    What a shame that one HALF black idiot was not disciplined ON THE SPOT for kneeling. ALL this crap would never have hapened. But the left wants to keep ruining football. So be it….

    BOYCOTT for Veterans Day in HONOR of our Veterans.

  • intimeforthedime




  • Austrailianterrierlady

    they wont but this Sunday is NFL Boycott Sunday Hopefully most Stadiums will be empty It wil be great if this does work out,

  • bucketnutz

    For Ruining the sport of Football?

  • Brad

    I will not share my moment of silence with these NFL thugs. I will it they stand and place their hand over their heart when our National Anthem is played, then I will stand in silence with them. Just one small problem, I will never know it they stand in respect of our Fallen and our Flag because I am still boycotting NFL.

  • Richard McMeekin

    The multiple television sets in our VFW Post would normally be tuned into the full range of NFL games this coming Sunday. They will remain off this year. Just one of the results of what’s been rampant disrespect for our Flag and National Anthem. Said disrespect has resulted in nationwide
    disgust with the NFL for failing to realize these incidents accomplish nothing but continuing to sew the seeds of hate and discontent. Seeds provided during the entire two terms of the nation’s last president. The latter individual, who came into his position with little or no wealth, is now a millionaire many times over and, as is always the case, lives in a wealthy neighborhood with few like neighbors, if any. My take: the players taking a knee are Actually Furious that day by day the new President and his team are exposing fraud and criminal acts perpetrated during the reign of the last Administration.

  • Ken Jones

    If you feel like I do here are numbers to call that will do the most good.
    Corporate Phone Numbers for NFL Sponsors.

    Let them know if you agree or disagree that players are disrespectful during the playing of our National Anthem.

    Pizza Hut
    Ford motor co.
    PepsiCo 800-433-2562
    Visa 800-847-2911
    Campbell’s Soup 800-257-8443
    FedEx 800-463-3339
    Mars Snackfood 908-850-1753
    Dairy Management Inc. 847-803-2000
    Bridgestone Tire 904-779-8300
    Procter & Gamble 513-983-1100
    Verizon 212-395-1000
    Barclays 212-526-7000
    Papa John’s 513-737-3506 NFL sponsership removed. Keep the pressure on the rest of them!
    Castrol 888-227-8765
    Anheuser-Busch 1-800-342-5283
    USAA 800-531-8722
    Bose 800-999-2673
    Marriot 301-380-3000
    Microsoft 813-281-3900
    Lenovo 866-968-4465
    SAP 610-661-1000
    Zebra Technologies 846-634-6700
    TD Ameritrade 800-237-8692
    Extreme Networks 888-257-3000
    Nationwide Insurance 800-882-2822
    Hyundai 800-633-5151
    Dannon 914-872-8400

    • Uncle R

      PepsiCo. includes Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut…Also known as YUM.

  • Melissa McShane

    Shocked to find out that the US military pays the NFL to do an honor guard at marquee games. As for moment of silence- hollow. I’m sure it will be politicized by them.

  • Wes Hamrick

    Doesn’t matter what they do, none of us will be watching…Knock yourselves out

  • AmericaFirst

    Gotta love how this shmuck Canadian reporter wove in a stab at Trump. Totally false that “Trump, who has threatened to use tax laws to penalize NFL team owners for not forcing players to stand” . The tax law, or tax cut, he wants to eliminate was first proposed by Obama 2 Years ago!! Stop trying to make it look like something it’s not.

  • Old Phil

    To me every game will have about three hours of silence, not just a couple of minutes. After the hate America crowd (called the NFL) shot the country the finger on Sept 26 and 27, they can be silent forever so far as I am concerned.

  • john

    Have not watched an NFL game this year and will not. Also boycotting all their sponsors. Hope the league folds and all these mopes are without a job next year. Let them join the Army.

  • Donald York

    Let these anti american jugheads kneel, they’re only making it worse on themselves.
    There are injustices with your race in Chicago boys, why not tackle that? You don’t want to go there though, do you?

  • Ed L

    I officially dump my NFL package with my cable company

    • Melissa McShane

      Me too! I also took a knee against the NFL. My provider tried to give me the runaround and claimed I missed the window of cancellation. I told them to cancel my entire account. I suddenly ended up with a years worth of free premium channels, refund of NFL Sunday ticket for past two months and a percentage discount off my bill for 2 years. Then the lady told me that over half of their customers have asked to cancel Sunday ticket. In Houston people aren’t wearing their NFL shirts like they used to. It’s working. They can deny it all they want but the boycott against the NFL is working.

      • Scott

        NFL is so liberal for NFL stands for National Felon League now and if a WHITE player and do not agree with the Black protesters you will be hurt in the game. NFL is so anti Flag, Anthem and Fans that are Patriotic now why they are liberal they are Democrats and they are thugs. Look out White players you better knee against your country now or stop playing with them. This is Black racist but Media are liberal and they lie. They do not care about fans they will just think you will come back on your knees that is the attitude by Management liberal, ESPN liberal and owners dumb.

    • Ken Jones

      I canceled Sunday Ticket and the NFL channel also. Saved a pile of money and registered my protest on the “take a knee” jerks.

    • intimeforthedime

      I dumped mine about 2 months ago when this BS started, have not watched since.
      I sen’t my 4 Saint annual tickets back to them cut up with a strong note telling them why.

      My family doesn’t need that BS in their lives!
      There are way too many other things to do besides be a witness to this BS.

      • Tyrone

        Excellent – good for you, more people need to follow your lead…thanks!

  • Tyrone

    At this point, who cares what these clowns do.

    • Ken Jones