New Zealand Firm Fined For N. Korea Deal

Thee P-750 XSTOL light aircraft, manufactured by Hamilton-based Pacific Aerospace. (Photo / File / NZ Herald)

October 11, 2017
OAN Newsroom

A New Zealand-based aircraft manufacturer pleads guilty to selling spare parts to North Korea.

Pacific Aerospace was first charged earlier this year for violating the decade-old trade ban in what authorities describe as an indirect sale of the parts.

The company’s Chinese joint-venture partner is said to have set-up the initial transaction with Pacific offering to provide both training and tools to the buyers.

The U.N. reportedly caught wind of the sale after one of the company’s aircraft was spotted at a North Korean air show.

The company has yet to comment on the claims, and is now facing a fine up to $71,000.

Since 2006 a total of nine sanctions against North Korea have been put in place in retaliation to their on-going testing of nuclear warheads.

  • Jon Mac

    Good on you. One America News is excellent,

  • Elizabeth A. Parks

    I love that President Trump’s sanctions are real and not just political stunts. #MAGA

  • Pragmattis

    Joint venture with the Chinese. Many American companies have done the same thing but it seems like we the people always come out on the short side.

  • D Shaw

    We should ban some sales to and from NZ also, then maybe NZ and others who try and get around the sanctions would learn.

  • Jon Mac

    Always been my suspicion that NZ is more left-wing than is being reported.

    • William Shaw

      NZ was nearly communist in the 1950s, saw the light and eased up since but yes it’s left leaning

    • Roy Beane

      Seems they have been under the radar for a long time in this, and probably thought no one would notice what they’re up to at present.