New York City’s MTA Replaces ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ Announcements


November 10, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Political correctness is now making its way onto New York City subways as conductors have been told not to use the term “ladies and gentlemen.”

The MTA sent out a message last week that has since gone viral.

It is ordering staff to use a list of gender neutral terms such as passengers, riders, or everyone.

It also directs conductors on newer trains with automated announcements to override them with the new greetings.

The change is part of a nine page memo from the MTA as the agency wants conductors to be more empathetic in their language to avoid offending trans-genders.

However, many are criticizing the move and are calling it another attack on free speech.

  • Will Fish 4 Trout

    Personally I think the announcement should be something like, “Hey all you MF’ers that want on, Get On. All you MF’ers that want off, GET OFF.

    This way you offend everyone equally 😉

  • Mac McPhee

    Well, I have to say that I am taken by our grandchildren. They have their roles down. Caleb (six with Autism) and Mackenzie (five) can and will gladly tell you which sex they are; In the words of Caleb, “I am a real boy.” , while Mackenzie told her father as she saw a movie of her at the crawling stage, “I am not a baby, I am a big girl.” I have to hand it to their elders – Parenting 101: Not Confusing the Children.

  • Letmesay

    If they don’t want them offended by saying man or woman then can I call them freaks, queers and Transqueers.Because in reality that is what they really are all 3% of them.

  • Joe Michael


  • Joe Michael

    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, RISE UP AND RECLAIM YOUR PLACE IN SOCIETY!! Why do you let these things happen??

  • Alaskasbestinterest

    We have to quit given in to the few crazy minority of people bound on destroying america. It is time to push back and tell them idiots to grow up and act like an adult.

  • provguard

    It’s NYC.!!! “Hey idiot!” would be quite appropriate….

  • Matt

    When will the majority have a voice?
    Start looking into whom you are voting into office
    Stop voting the Party Line
    Write-ins make a statement and are not a waste
    Write-in : Anyone But these Career Politicians

  • Bobby Green

    Let’s vote for DeBlasio again? Yea! He’ll make sure whites go to the back of the bus and Muslims will replace all the teachers in NYC. Wonder if he has 3 bathrooms in his house, one for men, one for women and one for the undecided.

  • Faye Supley

    What a waste of time and energy on this PC garbage.

  • erospawn

    There is only male and female. If you are confused then go spend some time figuring it out on your own without involving everyone else. We’re not the ones confused. They are.

  • hobartneck

    There are no more Ladies or Gentlemen.

  • KevinR.

    Now they will simply announce;


  • Gerry C. Cruz

    Whichever the case, they [transgenders] should figure out where they fit in: lady or gentleman. Oh, I forgot, this is New York.

  • …remain calm and return fire

    Be good little commies and follow dear leaders directives, else you will be living in the subway tunnels…

  • intimeforthedime

    Your comment about the muslims is correct. Men go after boys, and then go with each other secretly until they get caught or married.
    Then young girls pretty much get raped if not protected by the family. But that can only go so far in a village mob type society.
    That religion is run like organized crime, and is very good at hiding the truth.

  • RevGregory

    What is it now ? Straights, queens and dysfunctional’s ?

  • James Dandy

    OK how about fruits and vegetables?

  • Scott

    This is Democrat plain to teach the young there is NO difference in sex and having sex identity is transitory and can change that any time you want. Using this 0.3% of population to recondition the young MINDS to feel they are all equal on gender base. Any fool that believes that one is Brainwashed by liberal education. IF you change your gender why not your race so can say your Black today or make up one from outer space. Do know there is gender from outer space that is different that anything we have and NEW name has to be created then people can call them self that. Reality to liberals is all for political ends to make this country Godless, be non Christian or religious but be Marxist is great to them and be World citizens like you can go to N Korea and be with those people. The Liberal Democrat believe in NO borders like in American were Illegals have more benefits then citizens why not think your a N Korea Citizens a go there and live their life. N Korea is a Communist country so all Democrats will fit right in there if they do not get shot first by the Government.

  • Scott Snerd

    oh for fu ck’s sake…what is the world degenerating into? what madness is this?

  • FromThe70s

    How about, “Citizens…”?
    Just kidding, way too offensive.

  • landy fincannon

    You’re trying to think logically

  • landy fincannon

    The tyranny of the 1% continues. How well the serfs in Europe respond god save the ………?

  • dave taylor

    They’re just trying to get our society to accept that and everybody to be like that if you don’t take a stand against it that’s what will happen there will be a day when our children never even knew it was wrong which will also include no Jesus Christ and Bible or they will change that to to make it look like Jesus was gay wake up people

    • landy fincannon

      Second up vote, how about that.

  • Barbara Lynch

    How aobut YO!!!!!

  • Sam

    New York is the STATE of IDIOT! NY subway is DIRTY, SMELLY, full of RATS. Newer on SCHEDULE!!! But make “BIG CHANGES”!

    • All American

      That city has more than their share of filthy cussing graffiti, junkies, hookers, pushers etc all over the streets but yeah let’s cater to the transgender community. Should change their name to “Sick city”

  • Boris the Deplorable

    Yo, youse; we are being held momentarily by the train’s
    dispatcher. The train’s dispatcher is a wicked man who gets a sick
    thrill from toying with your lives like a god. Please be patient.”

  • JCA100

    And so many more important issues with the MTA go neglected.
    Bad management.

    • Localdude

      ..its why institutions do this crap, pure deflection…support the progressives and you are never held accountable.

      • JCA100

        Pres Trump is trying to change these assaults on taxpayers.
        We owe him our support!

        • Localdude


  • Michael Coppenbarger

    Political correctness is spiritual suicide.

    • All American

      True that

  • M Burke

    Maybe MTA can adopt what the State of California wants the conductors on the high-speed rail to use…”Uhh…Dudes!”

  • brandehhh

    Are you serious.

  • Quantum Leap

    The wants of a few outweigh the wants of the many. Only in America

    • Living_The_Dream

      Why did I just start humming the tune, “Living In America” by James Brown, but used the words “Only In America?” Good Times!

    • Living_The_Dream

      Only in America, where the Minority is treated better and given more assistance than the Majority, in pretty much every aspect of life. Most politicians or people in management positions don’t want to even be considered as discriminatory, so they given into every minority class possible to avoid the “discrimination card” being pulled on them. People these days will pull that card faster than you can say, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

      • Living_The_Dream

        . . . so they “give in to” every . . . .

    • All American

      It’s similar to walking stepping into a bucket of manure and ya can’t shake it off! It stinks 😷

  • grandmother5

    How stupid! What are they suppose to say? “you all be careful getting on the subway”, “yo, watch your step”, “be very careful and don’t break you high heel getting on this mean old train”.

  • Ken Knerr

    Around here, we just say, “Folks, we’re coming round to punch your ticket. If ya’ll’ll have them out it would make it a lot faster.”

  • sillystring

    How about “Ladies, Gentlemen and Others”? The article says “…to avoid offending trans-genders.” If a confused genetic male thinks he is a woman, doesn’t “Ladies” apply to him? and if a confused genetic female thinks she’s a man “Gentlemen” might apply to her. Then again, I’m not sure “Ladies and Gentlemen” apply to most of the people in NY anyway, since that implies a greater level of manners than I’ve seen there. I guess I have to retract the whole comment.

    • Hey Blue

      Ah but you’re leaving out the “non binary” group who doesn’t identify with either gender, IOW the truly disturbed.

      • sillystring

        I was going to say that they should use “People”, but that would probably offend someone who identifies as a horse or a house plant 🙂

        • All American

          Or a chia pet

        • William Wooten


    • All American

      Or NaNuNaNu earth to NY

      • Ken Knerr

        Mork calling Orsen, come in Orsen.

        • All American

          Exactly 😂

  • ArbyJay

    What are they going to replace it with? “YO, people!”

  • Michael Hawk

    How about “You All” ….How Pathetic ..

    • Living_The_Dream

      Save time and say, Ya’ll. It works in the south.;)

  • Impaler

    America is the modern day sodom and gamora.

  • Frank Meccia

    Less then 0.3% population describes themselves as transgender.. Why are we making such a big deal out of this. We now have more TV shows with transgender, and Lesbian character’s and they only make up 1.8%. Why are we spending such big money and making so many changes for such a low number.

    • Michael Hawk

      Great Question……Was Wondering that myself.

    • grandmother5


    • Druz Oster

      because they want to normalize it on our eyes…

      • Living_The_Dream

        There is NOTHING normal about transgender. Normal is living with the tools, God gave you at birth.

      • All American

        They don’t care about our eyes only theirs!

      • Joshua LeTrole

        It is NORMAL. Finally, our nation is ending institutional bigotry. We should celebrate every advanced that helps each American feel comfortable in our growing global community.

    • All American

      Saul Alinsky: Divide, Chaos and Propaganda

    • kaiju

      This is just part of a well thought out attack on the Christian foundations of America. It’s supported by non-other than Satan with willing political and media figures on-board the train to hell. They may be deceived into the anti-Christ movement, but they need to be countered just the same.

      America was founded by Christians and has flourished because of it. It’s no wonder that the attack has been a vicious one. Look at the modern Democratic party operation based on fraud, lies, bribery, false accusations, murder, etc. Republicans are definitely involved too, but the Democratic party has truly embodied Satanic techniques to the full.

    • dave taylor

      Frank Meccia… It’s called brainwashing

    • wavesofgrain

      Frank Meccia…I suspect the reason you are seeing most of the TV forcing ‘alternate’ humans and lifestyles, is the partially foreign owned USA Main Networks are in Partnership with the NWO. Their instructions are to eradicate the Traditional lifestyle and replace it with the Loose/immoral/ same-sex lifestyles to curb population growth. If you desensitize our impressionable young and pique their natural curiosity, it may produce more same sex couples or trannies. Most of these will not end up reproducing. This subterfuge of the Media will never be recognized in the majority of the population. One thing to note: No attempt is made to prevent population control in some cults who end up fathering 50 or more children. Not a word…

    • iwontell

      It’s like the Tail wagging the Dog………and the Taxpayers a PAYING.

    • KevinR.

      Marxist tactic to destroy the nation.

  • disqus_P9BzrcAWtz

    How about they just say “hey youz”

    • Sandy W

      haha! I was thinking the same thing. lol

    • kaiju

      Faggots, Dikes, Trannies all aboooaaard next stop Sodom.