Netflix cuts ties with Kevin Spacey after sexual misconduct allegations

FILE PHOTO: Cast member Spacey poses at the premiere for the second season of the television series
FILE PHOTO: Cast member Kevin Spacey poses at the premiere for the second season of the television series "House of Cards" at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles, California February 13, 2014. . REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni/File Photo

November 4, 2017

By Alex Dobuzinskis

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Netflix Inc severed ties on Friday with Kevin Spacey, one of its biggest stars and the lead in its popular drama “House of Cards,” after a number of allegations of sexual misconduct against the Oscar-winning actor.

The streaming company suspended production earlier this week of the upcoming sixth and final season of the political intrigue drama, in which Spacey plays U.S. president Frank Underwood.

“Netflix will not be involved with any further production of ‘House of Cards’ that includes Kevin Spacey,” the company said in a statement late on Friday.

Spacey’s publicist cut ties with him on Thursday and it was not known who currently represents him.

His departure may not mean the end of the show, however.

“While we continue the ongoing investigation into the serious allegations concerning Kevin Spacey’s behavior on the set of ‘House of Cards,’ he has been suspended, effective immediately,” Media Rights Capital, the company that produces the show, said in a statement.

“MRC, in partnership with Netflix, will continue to evaluate a creative path forward for the program during the hiatus,” it said.

The Netflix statement also said the company will work with MRC to determine the show’s future.

Spacey, who has had a successful career in film, television and theater, is one of several big names in the entertainment business to be accused of sexual misconduct by people coming forward in the wake of allegations against movie producer Harvey


Spacey apologized last weekend to actor Anthony Rapp, who had accused him of trying to seduce him in 1986 when Rapp was 14. CNN reported on Thursday that eight current and former employees of “House of Cards,” who were not identified, alleged sexual misconduct against Spacey.

Reuters was unable to independently confirm any of the accusations.

Spacey, as part of his apology to Rapp, announced he was gay, which angered many in the LGBT community and beyond who saw his announcement as an effort to divert attention from the accusation by Rapp.

Spacey has sought evaluation and treatment, his representatives said in a statement on Wednesday, without providing details on the nature of the treatment.

The announcement that he would seek treatment followed harassment allegations against him this week by Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos, who worked in the London theater where Spacey was artistic director from 2004-2015, and U.S. filmmaker Tony Montana.

MRC said in a statement on Thursday it had handled one incident in 2012 in which a crew member it did not identify “shared a complaint about a specific remark and gesture made by Kevin Spacey” and that immediate action had been taken and the issue was resolved.

It said Spacey had “willingly participated in a training process” and that it was not aware of any complaints since then involving the actor.

Netflix’s move to cut ties with Spacey went beyond “House of Cards.”

The company will not release the film “Gore,” which was in post-production and was produced by Spacey, its statement said. Spacey plays the late writer Gore Vidal.

(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis; Additional reporting by Lisa Richwine in Los Angeles; Editing by Mary Milliken and Paul Tait)

  • Justsayin…….

    “Sexual Misconduct” sounds so innocuous. Like stealing the towels from the hotel. Why not call it what it is? Perverted practices by those who believe themselves to be superior to regular people.

  • Tado

    In the Court of Public Opinion, Kevin S is already damned.
    But in any Court of Law, Kevin S is INNOCENT unless proven guilty “beyond reasonable doubt”.
    His legal defense? Consensual Anal Intercourse.
    Reference: Harvey W

  • Jerry Jeffra

    “Everybody is working for the weekend.
    Everybody is going off the deep end.”

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    Americans are perverts when it comes to Sex.
    One watering hole is not enough.

  • Tado

    The penis of a sexual predator should be chained and locked to a gps.

  • Linda Rader

    He may be wealthy and all that but I am so glad tonight that I am not Kevin Spacey

  • JaySands1234

    Hollyweird is eating itself!

  • Ed L

    Well this shows that even preverts can be good actors

    • Bud

      While it may not be quite as true today as in the past, one reason so many past actors were gay was that gays grew up having to act every day of their lives–pretending to be someone they were not, in order to please their parents and/or society.

  • LaMan

    Lock him up.

    • Bud

      No due process first? Wow, you sound just like Obama’s Department of Education.

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    I wonder if the tide will change for Bill Clinton? What about all the paid $$$$ for his speeches after knowing of $850000 settlement with Paula Jones

    • Janelle

      Pretty sure it was $850,000, Plumb!

  • bill

    If we can shut down one TV series over sexual misconduct, then all of Hollywood should be shut down. Kevin Spacey is not the exception, he’s the rule.